Today … (from yesterday!)

I started writing this post yesterday at 9:00 am. I wrapped it up at 9:00 pm, but it couldn't get Typepad to post. Weird. It's a NEW day and everything seems to be working now.

Today … I took an early morning walk with my good friend Kerry. We "caught up" with our lives and it was so good for my soul.

Today …
I helped arrange shipment of class kits to Japan! I'm getting really
excited to visit Osaka. I just received the latest issue of CK/Simple
in Japanese and my Finish Line Scrapbooking article is in it.
It's so crazy to see your pictures and not be able to read what the
article says — it's OK, I'll be working with Nicky Bywaki a wonderful, seasoned
translator and I'm sure she won't let me get lost!



All this got me thinking. If I can send these adorable Postcard
Highlights kits all the way to Japan, so I can go teach, then why
couldn't I teach this fun project online and send kits out to
individual students.

What do you say? Who'd be interested in getting a great little custom kit all wrapped up in the price of a self-paced projects class … leave me a comment if you're interested.

Today …
I followed up on and corrected an unknown download charge on my
AT&T bill (things like this drain my energy, so I am particularly
proud of myself.)

Today … I also extended the AppleCare protection plan on my iPhone. That's two painful tasks in one day — WOW.

Today …
I spent an hour in Target with my kiddos. We purchased birthday and
wedding gifts a few BINGO related items (craft project, puzzle, game,
etc.) my very most favorite nut mixes and some fun canvas blocks in the
dollar section (I have an idea of course — let's see if I follow
through.) We bought cool plaid shorts (on sale) for Trey and Taft, and 4 new summer dresses for Addie because that is all she will wear. 

Today … Geof had a meeting after work, so I took the kids, except Clark who was cliff-diving with friends (heaven help me) to Pizza Hut for dinner. Haven't eaten at Pizza Hut in years. It was YUMMY and we had FUN.

Today … We
attended a fun wedding reception for Trey's 4th grade teacher. She was
Mrs. Childress and now she is Mrs. Hurst and we are so excited for her
because we feel a special connection. She has four boys! She
experienced an unhappy divorce, but she is now married to another
teacher and he is a wonderful, wonderful man and they make an adorable
family. Some of the students in Mrs. Childress' class had penpals in
Mr. Hurst's class this past year (at a different school) and tonight
all the students were invited to a special party where they got to eat cake and watch the wedding video — how cool is that?!

Today … I felt productive and back in the swing.


  1. No Way! Am I first? I love the kit attached to online class. I took the Cocoa Daisy and Stacy class, and only regretted that the October Afternoon paper is so stinkin hard to find. We are heading out to see Harry Potter again!

  2. The class sounds good to me, and a kit to boot!

  3. CarrieH says:

    Wow! Any class taught by you will be fun (I am a two-time LOM’er). I just completed another mini-album inspired by my library, featuring the stories of my 3 kids and their treasured dolly/bear/moose that they have each had since they were babies. Love your ideas!

  4. Melanie says:

    Right now I am interested in photography. I am signed up for Karen Russell’s photography class and it starts in January. I am so excited.

  5. Scrappy Angel says:

    Would definitely be interested in the class and kit! And I can totally relate to Addie only wearing dresses. My DS went through the same stage around that age and it was a little challenging! Happy Day to you!

  6. Everything you do is so cool and creative. Who wouldn’t want a postcard kit.

  7. I would like to get a kit and a class along with. My problem is that I get the kit and then let it sit — SAD but true.
    Also, my little girl is 5 and she wears dresses 90% of the time. Sometimes we force her to wear shorts/pants depending on what we are doing that day.

  8. Marianne says:

    Absolutely! Would love a class from you anytime!

  9. says:

    I think that is a totally great idea, I would so pay for that!!!

  10. I would love that class and kit combination…I think it would inspire me further to complete the project—it would all be painlessly right there in front of me. Call them BPS Kits…Built Perfectly Simply!

  11. Where do I sign up and where do I send the check??? YES!!!

  12. Christy Pair says:

    I would love to win! I just purchased Milestones this morning!

  13. I love classes with kits. I would definitely be interested in this one.

  14. I love those postcards and would love to do the class :)

  15. Christine says:

    I love classes with kits that I can do at my own pace….I’m so slow and am just stressed when I take classes at crops.
    I am also drained by those calling trees, multiple transfers and can’t I just get a human being?? Good job tackling those chores.

  16. Would love to do a online class with Kit involved!!! Love the idea!

  17. Sign me up!!! I would love to do a by-mail class with you :)

  18. The class and kit is a great idea – I would so love to do that! Also, I can totally relate to Addie only wearing dresses when my now 8 year old daughter was 5 and 6 she wore nothing but dresses and skirts now however we’re in a total shorts phase (unfortunately the shorter the better, sigh…)

  19. Love the photos of the kits. The colors are so bright and inspirational.

  20. oh! yes! i love the idea of a kit from you :) woohoo for feeling back in the swing – very happy :)

  21. I really like the idea of the class kit/self-passed class!

  22. wow…intrested? that’s and understatement…would LOVE to get one. Thank you for the opportunity!

  23. I would love to take a class. I’ve taken a couple at BPS and really loved them.

  24. Me – I always love to get fun little things in the mail, other than bills.

  25. Custom kit and a class? I’m definitely interested.
    I’m so very impressed that you had a whole hour at Target… your kids are fantastic to shop with mom for that long!

  26. Stephanie B says:

    I would love a class with a custom kit.

  27. WOWIE.. talk about a PRZIE!! the kit looks great i hope you have a GREAT time in Japan – thanks for the chance!!!

  28. Would LOVE a surprise from Stacy in my mailbox!!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  29. oh that sounds like a GREAT idea!!! to receive a nice little kit in the mail to use through the class? terrific!
    I’m so loving the self-paced classes – they totally work for my schedule … er I mean my lifestyle … I can’t seem to keep a schedule organized enough to use it – ha!

  30. I would love to open a package of goodies that went along with on of your classes!!

  31. I love your kit idea, and would love to take a class like that.
    My 2 year old daughter likes to wear skirts or dresses most of the time, too. I’ve convinced her to sometimes wear pants or jeans under them (especially in winter) so she can play on the slide without burning her legs or getting stuck (friction is NOT good on a slide). It’s worked so far.

  32. I would love a class kit!! I think that is a GREAT idea and would likely sign the deal for me!

  33. A brightly colored self-paced kit/class in a box…sign me up!

  34. I want to win this! Pick me.

  35. I would love to have one of your kits! I have had a pretty traumatizing experience with an injury to my daughter recently. Luckily she will be just fine (my heart has finally slowed down!) so a little gift like this would be just what I need right now! Thanks for the chance!

  36. Scrapycandy says:

    I’m glad today is going well. But I’m barely surviving the heat here in Seattle. The kit sounds wonderful! Does it come with air conditioning?

  37. Would love a class like that!!

  38. I love the idea of a kit and being able to do it at home, with online guidance.
    Often I can’t travel to the places where classes are held, so this works really well for me!
    Thanks for the idea, Stacy!

  39. A cute little kit like that to go with an online class, who wouldn’t want in on that!
    hope you do it Stacy!

  40. Kathleen S. says:

    Great idea for a self-paced class! I thoroughly enjoyed your latest freebie self-pacer, for which thank you very much! Hope I can look forward to seeing this one posted on BPS.

  41. Angel S. says:

    Great idea. I love the idea of being able to have everything I need ready. Thanks!

  42. what a super great idea, kit and class. No searching for supplies or letting the kit sit because of lack of inspiration. LOVE IT!

  43. I like to colors in your kit and I would love a self paced class. Very interested!!!

  44. Shelby Austin says:

    I would love to try an online kit class. I’ve never used a kit before, but always look at them.

  45. what a list of accomplishments!
    the postcard kit is adorable. i love postcards. kinda related question- have you ever read the The Jolly Pocket Postman, by Allan Ahlberg? It’s a delightful children’s book and I know you’d enjoy it.

  46. ps. very interested in class (forgot to mention that!)

  47. Heather Jarrett says:

    would love to try the kit class!

  48. says:

    I would be interested in the class.

  49. I would never say no to a SJ class esp. if it came with materials to match. I know you sometimes have BPS classes with kits at, but it is a little different to have the price all wrapped up, as you said, and to get mail (that we can at least pretend) is directly from SJ herself…

  50. Yes! VERY interested! :)

  51. oh my goodness gracious, I would be ALL over it!! Don’t have to ask that twice!! love that you’re offering! Happy Wednesday to you.

  52. Marta Valdes says:

    I would be all over that in a heart beat. I love to take a class which comes with supplies. Absolutely would love to take your class, Stacy. I would do every class, and I am not kidding. :)

  53. I guess I don’t understand for sure. But, yes I would be interested in taking the class. And, if this is a giveaway, I would be interested in that too! LOL!

  54. Tiffany N says:

    I am very interested in the kit and class. I am a library of memories alum and enjoy your classes. I hope you do this one.

  55. A kit AND a class? That sounds like I might actually get something done! Woo Hoo! I would definitely take the class.

  56. YES!!

  57. Jennifer A says:

    I would definitely be interested. With 3 boys even digging through my supplies to work on something can be draining. Everything at my fingertips would be heaven!

  58. Laurie T says:

    I would like it depending on what class it is and what the price would be (trying to watch my budget!)

  59. I think a class sounds great! I’ll look forward to hearing more!

  60. Sounds like fun, I would be interested!

  61. csuzanne says:

    sounds like fun!

  62. that sounds like a great idea!

  63. I would be interested!!

  64. Stacy-any class you do is amazing and yes-your idea sounds wonderful. I would take a class in physics if you taught it (and normally that would sound like torture.)

  65. Add me to those totally interested in this concept. Actually, while I was reading your post and checking out those photos, I was hoping at some point you would offer them for sale here. Thanks for reading my mind! :-)

  66. I would love the kit ! My daughter just came back from China and she had lots to write about. What an experience for her ! Lonely for me 17 days without her :(

  67. Sure, I’m interested! I LOVED taking the LOM class with you and would love to do something else you have had your creative little fingers in! :) Thanks for offering!

  68. Premade kits and classes – two scrapbooking things I love.

  69. Marygail says:

    I’d LOVE a kit! I haven’t been able to scrapbook much while since I’m in a middle of a move. So a kit like that would make my day!

  70. I would love to take your kit class. I enjoyed the LOM class you taught and all the other BPS classes I have taken.

  71. I’d love a kit class as long as the products came in under the customs level here in Germany – they are pretty strict round here!
    But in principle, sounds great!

  72. I’d love a kit! Look forward to hearing more about it!! :-)

  73. star kennedy says:

    Totally interested!!I love the classes that I have taken at BPS, but one of the things that stops me from taking some classes at Big Picture is the absence of class kits. A very good addition if you ask me!!

  74. I’d be VERY interested in a self paced class that included the arrival of some mail that didn’t have a payment due date on it!

  75. Stacy, I look forward to reading your blog every day. Even though I don’t know you personally, I feel like you are a dear friend whom I can relax, sit for a spell, and enjoy a cup of tea with. I especially enjoyed your post today, as I am in the same predicament with my photos, and am having a hard time giving way to the chronological nightmare, that is my photo box. Thanks as always for all the tips, and suggestions. I would love the free giveaway. Amy B.

  76. KristiGilbert says:

    I’d JUMP at the chance to take the class you’re talking about!!

  77. i would love it, i think its a great idea

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  79. I am SO there! Where do I sign up….

  80. kimberq says:

    Thank you for the opportunity Stacy.Would love to see what the winner would do with their kit.Personally, after going through the kit and touching everything..I’d grab a stack of summer photos from our recent vacation….and get dow to the selfpaced class….Thank you Stacy!!!

  81. I would be interested in signing up for this class and having the kit mailed to me. I love everything you do and it inspired me to tell my stories.

  82. says:

    A BPS class taught by you with a kit?! Of course I would be interested!!

  83. Lynn Hamm says:

    I would love to join in.
    Is there an english website I can go to for more information about CKU in Japan? I live in Yokohama and all the links I have found are in japanese.

  84. Kris B. in Rochester, NY says:

    I would love taking a BPS class which would include the postcard kit! I LOVE cute postcards! It would be FUN (brings to mind how much FUN I had last year in your HAVE MORE FUN class)… I’ll keep watching the BPS website to see if it materializes! This would add a new and different element to online scrapbooking classes. (And I’ll keep checking out your blog, which I’m sure will have info about it, too!)

  85. I so love prepackaged projects. So simple when the Mojo is not there. Thanks for a chance.

  86. Count me in on any class or project that you are associated with :)
    Stacy L.

  87. Heather says:

    Oooh fun. A kit and a self-paced class. Love it. Sign me up!

  88. Dondalee says:

    I would love to get a free postcard kit and sign up for a self paced class.

  89. rachel in Cali. says:

    Um YA!! I’d totally be in for that. It’s like a mini kit with a “how to”… exactly what I need!! :0)

  90. Aileen Sadler says:

    Would love to be a part of your kit class!

  91. A kit and a class bundled together would be fantastic. I loved the one you had with Ali and Cocoa Daisy did the kit, but having it at BPS all in one would make it that much easier.

  92. What a fun kit! Looks like a cool project. I’ll be crossing my fingers extra tight :-)

  93. Stacy, a kit class sounds like a fun idea!

  94. Love the idea of a class tied with a kit!

  95. This would be one of the best things. I would sign up for the class with the kit. Both kits look really interesting.

  96. Would love to work on the project

  97. Karen C. says:

    count me in, i would totally love a kit class. super fun! :O)

  98. Sounds like a great idea, count me in. Also, I would love if Darci would consider doing another Bakers Dozen class, that was so much fun. Thanks

  99. Marina013 says:

    I love that idea. Count me in if it goes ahead.

  100. SueLynn says:

    I love the idea of a class with a kit!

  101. This postcard class sounds intriguing and fun…I’d love to participate! =)

  102. fun!

  103. A class AND a kit…now I’d be in for that !!

  104. A self paced class seems perfect for this fast paced summer!

  105. christina says:

    Ohhh! I hope I am not too late! I would love to take the class!!!

  106. Sounds great!
    Hugs, Christine

  107. Great idea for a class with a kit, would be very interested (depending on shipping costs to UK)

  108. Denise H. says:

    I would love a kit! It makes life just a little bit easier and who couldn’t use that!
    Thank you!

  109. Christy B says:

    I always love to learn something new!

  110. beverly says:

    vERy intereted

  111. Sara Mangan says:

    I would be very interested in a class kit. I LOVE your style and ideas.

  112. Diane Anthony says:

    You are always so inspiring, Stacy! Who wouldn’t love to be the recipient of a kit from you! Thanks for the opportunity and all of you inspiration.

  113. Absoutely I would love to have kit from Stacy Julian—any topic any time!!!!

  114. Fun kits! Fun class!

  115. Laura B says:

    Class sounds great!

  116. Tammy Perkins says:

    I would love a kit – never won anything – this would be too cool!

  117. Susanne N. says:

    self-paced sounds goods. i guess it would depend on the price, but i love everything you do!

  118. C Trimble says:

    Class sounds wonderful!

  119. Stephanie says:

    love, Love, LOVE this idea!!! self paced, wrapped up, ready to go = fun!!

  120. good question Lynn, I’ll find out for you and post the answer here.

  121. Kelly Rell says:

    class looks fun Stacy, would love to participate! kelly r.

  122. Anita C. says:

    We have a small world connection :) I am Angela’s funny friend that she texted when she saw you at Target. Of course, I’m a little embarrassed about my text back, but here I was stuck in my office and she was having fun and star-sightings at Target:)
    The kit is adorable…it would be fun to have one!

  123. Viki Powell says:

    You’re right Stacy…who would’nt want to get a bright and cheerful kit in the mail from bright and cheery Stacy:) Sounds and looks like fun. As always, thanks for all the inspiration you give from this blog. Much appreciated.

  124. Just enjoyed reading up on your family reunion. What a fun time! I do think that I would really enjoy that bright and cheery kit you mentioned. I think I could use a little of that in my life! Thanks for being you!

  125. Leora Henkin says:

    Hi Stacy. I would LOVE to come to your class in Japan. Short of that, I would love to have one of these kits full of TLC in my own little old hands… Leora

  126. I would love any self-paced class coming from you Stacy! Awesome!

  127. Firstly, how do you find time to do it all? Kudos to you. I only have 3 kids, don’t work outside the home, scrapbook, do photography for fun, cook lots of good stuff…but feel crazed sometimes. I feel guilty about spending time cruising the internet, or scrapping, or whatever while the two youngest nap, and here you are doing it all. Please tell me you have some professional household help to keep you sane.
    I have one of your books and love it, but still basically scrap chrono, but am so much better about telling the story now and not just using photos of an event to tell the story. It would be awesome to try the kit.
    I’ve taken several of your free classes at Big Picture, and am signed on for Cathy Zielske’s class and so excited to be learning some digital stuff. Thanks for the inspiration.

  128. I have your two books, Photo Freedom and The Big Picture. I am very interested in scrapbooking using photo albums instead of bigger 12X12 albums. Will you do a class on this? I never could find a copy of the special edition Simple Scrapbooks did using photo albums. I love all of your work. You make everything so “simple”.

  129. April G says:

    I would love to do a class with a kit. I would also love it if BPS offerd some additional kit/class or workshop type classes. I wouldnt mind paying extra for a workshop that includes a kit.

  130. Theresa says:

    OMG–I would love one–I never win anything!!

  131. SchoolMommy says:

    Love the idea of a BPS class with a kit!

  132. I’m playing catch up on blog reading, but I wanted to let you know I would love a kit and self-paced class. Great idea! Can’t wait to hear what you decide and how you implement it. Brilliant!

  133. A little late, but add me to the list of those interested in purchasing a class kit! :)

  134. I would love a kit with a self-paced class!

  135. Sign me up for any BPS…class, always fun, always inspiring!
    I can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking up! In the meantime, I’d love to see the little postcard kit!

  136. I’m interested in the kit/self paced class too, hope I’m not too late to get in on this/find out more!

  137. You always come up with such great ideas. I would love a kit with a self-paced class!

  138. How fun..sign me up!

  139. sounds fun, fun fun

  140. Oh please, oh please! Make this a BPS class! Sounds like too much fun. Wish I could run to Japan with you! You have fun for all of us.

  141. Kary in Colorado says:

    Sounds like fun to me too!

  142. I would love to do an online class with a kit you create. I love the idea of the highlight postcard. It keeps me inspired. I will be waiting for the class…..

  143. Okay, I am new to this blogging thing and am now confused by typepad, twitter etc. However, I was reading your page the other day and your BINGO thing caught me attention. Of course, my kids caught my my attention next and all was lost. Your BINGO idea sounds great. Could you please tell me more about it.

  144. Sounds like a great class to work on in my almost reorganized scrapbook room – after being packed for a year after we moved. Would be very interested in this project.

  145. I think this sounds great. I love all your classes.

  146. I’m late in the game but i would be very interested in a class like this. I actually took your Penny for Your thoughts class and loved it and the kit! Both kits/classes look inspiring. Count me in

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