Today …

Today, my sweet baby BIG girl …

is THREE years old.
How did this happen?

Addie started a FUN Summer Camp yesterday at Scribbles Preschool, with Miss Carol and Miss Jane.
She will go every Tuesday and Wednesday in July and August. Since today is her birthday, we can bring a treat for her friends. I hadn't done anything and was feeling bad about that, BUT … I got an idea on my morning jog. Trey helped me and we put 10 gummy bears in these pretty little bags (which I've had for a good long time.) I then added a slip of paper with a THREE letter word on it.


My hope is that Addie and her friends can sit in a circle and talk about or make a sound or action for each word and enjoy some interaction with their sugar!

CUTE girl and CUTE idea — huh?

Today, the July round of inspiration is up at Write. Click. Scrapbook. Be sure to stop by.


Here are some sneak peeks of my layout …


The theme is The Love of COLOR and I LOVE it when I get to scrapbook in a colorful way.


Today, Cathy Zielske's NEW workshop opens for registrations. In fact … registration opens in about FIVE minutes and the first 50 people to sign up will receive a special package of Happy Mail

Later today … I'll be back with a WINNER for Jenni Bowlin's 4Experts workshop.


  1. Happy Birthday Addie – I am patiently waiting to register for the class – 3 more minutes.

  2. TracyBzz says:

    Happy Birthday Addie! My baby girls just turned 6…it goes to fast :(
    All registered up for Cathy’s class. Only 2 months until it starts!
    Your colorful layout is great. I would have thought this would have been really easy for you, Stacy.

  3. Yeah for sweet Addie! Just showed this post to the kids. They want to send Addie a big birthday hug from Collin and Delaney!!

  4. and YES cute Tracy, the book I am reading on color, is the wonderful book you gifted me. Thank YOU.

  5. Right back at ya Collin and Delaney!

  6. Ann,
    You won’t be disappointed. This is going to be another amazing workshop!

  7. My sweet baby boy turned one yesterday, so I’m feeling a little stunned right along with you. :)
    Happy birthday, Addie!

  8. Happy Birthday Addie!!!! She is so cute. It’s hard to believe she is 3. Time flies so fast.

  9. Happy Birthday Addie! Three years old!
    I remember very well your post about meeting her at the airport… time flies

  10. Happy birthday to Addie! I have a July 1st baby (ack TWEEN . . . when did that happen?) too. Therefore, one of my favorite days!
    What a great idea on a cute little gift to take with her.
    And love that picture. She is too, too cute!

  11. Wow, Happy Birthday to Addie!! My little guy just turned 4. Three is always one of my favorite years! ENJOY!!

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