Winner announced in Pocatello, ID

We made it — at least this far. We've gone swimming and are now nestled in our beds (watching three different TVs) The kids are in heaven. Photo note: Contrary to visual evidence suggesting otherwise, Chase was having a really good time!

Highlight of the trip thus far: Miss Addie kept her pull-ups dry most of the drive. We only had one wet diaper. I brought our little toilet topper along and she is becoming a rest-stop pro.

In other news, Clark saw Harry Potter at midnight on Tuesday, so he stayed home with Addie last night and the rest of us went. I probably should have kept packing rather than blowing several hours at the theater because I didn't do a handful of things I really wanted to do before leaving (Oh Well, I really enjoyed the movie) and now, I get to announce the WINNER of my little camera strap contest from the lovely town of Pocatello, Idaho.

kismet art said…

Stacy, I have taken a few classes at BPS and really love the new look,
you really have made it easier to move around your site. I'm signed up
and looking forward to your new class!

Thank you, Kim


  1. Looks like a good start to your vacation.

  2. I’ve been having a hard time opening your blog, it closes down on me a lot the past several months. Is anyone else having issues?

  3. Laura (vanmama from 2Peas) says:

    I just can’t get over how grown up your boys are! It seems we’ve watched them grow up through the years but you don’t realize just how many years that’s been!!!

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