Adornit kit WINNERS

The following THREE blog readers will be receiving the very fun summer Adornit Kit that I used for my blog hop page. Please email me your address (put Adornit KIT in the subject line) and Georgana will send you your kit.

Thanks for taking some time to enjoy the blog hop and be inspired by so many talented scrapbookers.

#1. Rachel (who posted August 1st at 1:47pm)

at what others have achieved and created has made me realise that the
idea for an amazing creation does not need to be magnificent – each
little idea is enough to start a work of art, a gift, a memory, a

#2. Susan Kopp (who posted August 1st at 4:40am)

3 hours of blog hopping ( what else is one to do when waking at 4:44 in
the a.m.) I found several to add to my regular blog visit list. I loved
Tammy Andersens fish, they would look cute in the bath, Emma Hicks
technique of turning chipboard frames into journaling spots, Lisa
Archers popsicle book, Tere using fishing line to make her own fishing
embellishments but I really loved the Summer in a jar, to showcase
those big bulky memories we all bring home in our luggage. Thanks for
the added benefit of giving me something to do so early in the morn!

#3. Heather (who posted July 31st at 12:43pm)

Loving the butterflies. Love Janelle Jones- Scrap with Style- use of two tags for journaling and the title summer. I am so scraplifting that idea! Love- Mary Ann Jenkins- I rock paper scissors- the vintage pictures
with the modern paper and the simple, but stylish childhood layout.
very inspiring. Love- Wendy's photo topiary. Great for a birthday, reunion or graduation party. Love- Ally Scraps- Maya Road dino album. Must have.

More later, but kiddo woke up from nap. 

Long day. I'm off to bed!


  1. Susan Kopp says:

    Whooo Hooo!!! Thanks Stacy I emailed you and if you get more than one e-mail from me, it was a huge problem on my end that my computer geek of a hubby had to fix ( took him an hour and a few pale blue words), so I apologize if you received too many.
    Thanks again,

  2. Wahoo! Yeah! Totally exciting. I was so inspired by the Adornit Blog Hop for both my own layouts and to truly start blogging. What a great experience and I have several new blogs to follow as well.
    Thanks so much Stacy! Have a great week!

  3. Stacy, I don’t tweet but I saw your tweet about the song on the 37 frames site. It’s called Smile by McFly. I used my Shazam app on my iPhone to tag it! If you have an iPhone you’ve got to get Shazam. It’s free! It’s great when you hear a song on the radio or in a movie or tv show that you just have to have but don’t know what it is.

  4. Hi Stacy – just wanted to tell you about my “Present – Presence – October 08 mini album” Instead of putting it in my purse, I put it in a little break room I have at my office. This week we are in the process of turning that little break room into my office scrapbooking room! So that little book has a new home in a very cool IKEA kitchen island (with 12 drawers!) that I’m using as my scrap desk. I saw the little book this morning and thought of how many things have changed since I made it! So cool! Thank you for that challenge – I’m so glad I took a 1/2 or whatever short amount of time it was to make it!

  5. Shannon,
    Guess what? I tweeted because my Shazam couldn’t tag the song. I tried twice — wierd huh?
    I LOVE Shazam though — so fun! Thanks for taking the time to tell me.

  6. Katie,
    I’m so happy to hear this. My little album sits right by my desk/computer and I glance through it every so often. I’m looking forward to October when we ALL get to revisit this.
    Please send me a photo of your office scrapbooking center — I wonder how many attorneys have a satellite studio for creating??

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