back in the saddle …

only I'm really glad it's not a saddle.

We got home on Saturday at 9:30 pm and I got up early Sunday to finish preparing my Relief Society lesson. Needless to say, I to took full advantage of Sabbath restfulness after church (nice long nap) and then hung out with my little ones.

The very dirty laundry is almost done. Groceries are purchased and put away, dinner is prepped and I'm now in my studio trying to remember what it is I do. NOTE: I haven't yet mustered the courage to open my email. There is no doubt that the hardest part of unplugging is plugging back in. I've got a day and a half before Geoff and I leave again and much to do, so I'm thinking I will be far more productive if my space is tidied up. 

Quickie Q&A

I had a recent email question about my favorite square punch.


Here it is. It is an EK Success Paper Shaper 2" square and I LOVE it. I also have the 1 3/8" square and find the combination of both just about perfect for "loving" older photos and photos that I've relegated to cold storage and would like to reintroduce into my Library of Memories system via my Square-punch Picture Drawers (extra no.9 in the book Photo Freedom)

Dinner btw, is my first attempt Crock-Pot ribs. Trey loves ribs and has been asking me to learn how to make them at home. After witnessing firsthand my 19 year-old crock pot, several friends got together and purchased me a brand new one and I'm rather excited. Good smells are beginning to waft downstairs. Click on the word "Crock-Pot" to visit the site where I got the recipe (love the Internet.)

Hope you're having a good Monday.


  1. I have a wonderful rip recipe if you want something differant! I would be happy to share with you, just let me know.

  2. I love my crock pots! I have 5 quart and 2 quart sizes. I have worn two others out in my almost 36-year marriage! Enjoy your yummy meal and one of these days I’ll send you a link to a website with tons of crock pot meals.

  3. Best ribs EVAHHH:
    Begin at 10 pm. Cut each rack in 1/2, rub each with your DRY B-B-Q seasoning. wrap each in foil/ Find largest oven container and pile ribs all in. Turn oven on to 200 degrees and place in oven.
    When you wake in the morning, you will think “what is that weird smell?” and then you will remember-the ribs! Take out of oven and let cool. Ideal for the working family- place them in the fridge before walking out the door. When home from work, unwrap and back in pan. Cover liberaly with your favorite B-B-Q sauce-we like Bullseye. Heat and eat-get ready-they are super tender and dee-lish!!

  4. The only way I cook ribs is in my trusty crock-pot which gets high use more in the winter. After testing a recipe or with all our favorites I will make a double batch for a future no-hassle supper via my freezer. Enjoy the ribs!

  5. Juel,
    Bring it on! I’d love to try your recipe. You can email me (

  6. Oh Stacy, I made Crock Pot Beef Short ribs the other night for dinner and OMG they fell off the bone they were so tender and yummy. And I got the recipe from the mailer from BJ’s wholesale club (in the east it is like Costco) for those unfamiliar with them. Enjoy!!

  7. love my crock-pots! [Yes, I have three] We have waht we call ‘winter soup nights’ monthly during hte winter and fill our crockpots with lots of yummy soup – have bread and butter on the side and invite frineds to stop by for a minute or stay for the evening [whatever fits their schedules] – good times! ~ J

  8. EXCUSE the typos – PLEASE!!!

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