Block Party + Trey’s BINGO movie

Please enjoy these scenes from our first annual Mill River Lane Salmon Fry on Wednesday night. We have new neighbors, Chad + Stephanie Walters, who we absolutely adore. Chad loves to fish (Salmon), Stephanie doesn't like fish (problem.) We decided to host a street wide fish fry and build friendships in our neighborhood (solution.)

I can't believe I didn't get a pic of Chad frying the fish. One more reason to continue this new tradition. I did get a pic of the inflatable water slide that dominated my front lawn for about 4 hours! Needless to say, ALL of our children were happy and busy!


Cute girls eating on the sidewalk — remember when you did that?


LOVE it. The sun is setting and people are sitting around enjoying each other. NOTE: Since I'll be sending out four missionaries in the not-too-distant future, we always try to feed our local missionaries when we have large amounts of food. I'm going to believe that someone, somewhere will be nice to my boys too.


We're still doing summer BINGO at our house, although I'm having to urge my boys a bit more. "make a movie using mom's Flip camera" was one of the bingo squares for Trey and Taft this week. I was duly impressed with Trey's effort. There was no direction from me whatsoever.

Young boys in the 8 to 11 year range will clearly enjoy this the most, but it's worth a minute and 52 seconds of your time.

I'm so delighted to be home and unscheduled today.
Yay for Saturday!


  1. Loved Trey’s little video. It’s such a boy way to do it!

  2. I could totally see one of my boys making that! XX’s

  3. Did he say “I wish had a few more lays” as in potato chips? funny video.

  4. loved it!!
    and as a mom of a LEGO lover (we are entering the massive sorting project right now)
    did you guys paint the “board” he was playing on? That was awesome!
    If you bought it I would love to know where!

  5. I especially liked the documentary accent- too funny!!

  6. Karen Greenfield says:

    Excellent narration–I felt I was right there in the midst of it!! Especially loved the horse falling off the edge of the earth and the fish out of water. I hope he won extra points. Karen

  7. hahahahahaha!! That was funny! Tell Trey that was pretty entertaining :>

  8. My boys ages 5 and 7, loved this movies. They want to tell your boys “Thank You, it was sweet.”

  9. ROFL… When our kids (in Australia) play act like that they use American voices, I always wondered what kids in the US did. Too good…he’s got a big future!

  10. amy Johnson says:

    I have laughed that hard only a few times. Lays, fish out of water, silly accent. I LOVE it all. What a great bingo activity!

  11. that was so stinkin cute! It reminds me of how I used to play like that (voice and all) with my brothers. I just cracked up.the random Lay’s comment and ‘there’s even a fish out of wata..”.
    Hysterically cute. I’m so glad you shared this!

  12. I have three boys, ages 7,5 and 2. They heard Trey’s video playing while I was reading your blog and we have now just finished watching Trey’s video about 10 times!!! They were laughing hysterically and imitating the voices, especially the part about the fish out of water. So, thanks, Trey, for making my sons’ day!

  13. wow – great entry thanks. we dont have things like block parties in New Zealand. So it was fun to see them!
    pass on to Trey that i thought his video effort was fantastic and what a great idea – an earthquake – so he got to knock things down! CLEVER!
    did he make the impressive table himself or was that something you already had?
    cheers julie

  14. Ok. I am so going to have my daughter make her own movie this week for Bingo. Hilarious and totally inspiring. Too fun!

  15. Oh my goodness – so funny! Sounded just like my son! LOL

  16. Tell Trey how much his video has been enjoyed…he did an excellent job! I laughed all the way through and will show it to my 3 boys who are currently obsessed with watching Lego videos on youtube! I have to agree with others, my favorite part was the “there’s even a fish out of water”…great job Trey!
    Your fish fry looked wonderful…sounds like you have great neighbors!

  17. My 12 year old boy and I enjoyed Trey’s video. Maybe it will inspire him to do something creative today!:)

  18. awesome video. inspiring as I’m writing up week 3′s bingo cards (major computer issues stopped us cold in week 2!)…

  19. Great movie Trey! My 8yr old is all about making movies this summer!

  20. My 12 y/o son and I enjoyed it too! He thought it was funny. Love the accent. I now see the gears in my son’s head thinking of what Flip movie he can make….

  21. That is so cool. Love his accent!!!

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