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I am inspired by creative women who take a risk and start a blog or business or any kind of public forum that invites other people–anybody in the world–to appreciate and praise or disagree with and criticize what they do. This takes guts and I like women with guts.

Here’s my growing list (in alphabetical order.) If you want to be added, email me at

NOTE: This list is available everyday on my blog (see my left sidebar.) Come by often and click to find oodles of creativity at your fingertips!

Allyson Bright Meyer

Amanda Ellaboudy

Anna Aspnes

April Peebles

Amy Sorenson

Angie Lucas

Ann Grounds

Beth Opel

Beth Proudfoot

Candice Palmer

Cathy Sanders

Celeste Smith

Celine Navarro

Carol Wingert

Cheryl Overton

Claudine Hellmuth

Debby Schuh

Elisha Snow

Elizabeth Kartchner

Emilie Ahern

Emily Falconbridge

Heidi Grace

Jacki Janse van Rensburg

Jen Mohler

Jenni Bowlin

Jennifer McGuire

Jennifer Wozab

Jessica Kopp

Jessica Sprague

Jessica Turner

Jodie Kuhn Allen

Kate Carpenter

Katie Scott

Kimberly Garofolo

Lain Ehmann

Lara Cousins

Laurie Turk

Lisa Dickinson

KahMei Smith

Kal Barteski

Kelli Crowe

Keri Smith

Kolette Hall

Lain Ehmann

Leah Fung

Lisa Bearnson

Lisa Cohen

Lisa Day

Mandy Douglass

Margaret Scarbrough

Margie Aslett-Romney

Marnie Flores

Marsha Hamilton

May Flaum

Megan Powell

Melanie Louette

Melissa Kaiserman


Molly Irwin

ef=”” target=”_blank” title=”Without Filters”>Monica McNeill

Nic Howard

Nicky Biwaki

Noell Hyman

Rachel Gainer

Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca Sower

Renee Pearson

Robin Johnson

Rose Carrigan

Sarah Champion

Shannon Tidwell

Stacey Curry

Stephanie Ackerman

Sunny Schlenger

Susan Opel

Tami Morrison

Tara Whitney

Tena Sprenger

Tia Bennett

Tiffany Coogan

Tina Cockburn

Vickie Kipp


  1. where’s cathy z????????

  2. Thank you for sharing this list!!

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