Look! I added photos to two already cute canvases and made them cuter — I LOVE cuter.


I also LOVE, where I can quickly upload and order prints in a variety of great sizes. I'm particularly fond of the 2" x 2" size, as when you order one, you automatically get two!

When I order 2" x 2" prints for a project (like this one) I end up with duplicate prints to drop into my Square-punch Picture Drawers (one of the extras in my book Photo Freedom.) These drawers tend to fill up with older prints that you've had in your system for a while or even those that at some point you've relegated to cold storage and reintroduced with your square-punch. It's nice from time to time to also add these little square prints from Scrapbook Pictures and know you've got some "fresher" faces in the mix.

My hope is that Lauren can use these canvases to decorate her dorm room at school.


I had Lauren select the photos, ordered them and then simply adhered them randomly to the design of the canvas. I painted a thin layer of Mod Podge over the  photos and rub-on words …


I added some ribbon and a bow.


Notice that each canvas has only one white square. For a more pleasing design, I flipped one canvas over so these white squares would sit on a different visual plane. I mounted the only color photo on one white square and added words to the other. I then stepped back and had that feeling that I needed just a little bit more … that's when I added the daisy.





NOTE: You can click on any of these images to see them larger.

PS. Scrapbook Pictures is having a sale on MANY of their great print sizes. See if you can dream up a page or project that calls for something special.


  1. That is way cute Stacy! I may have to drop by target and see if I can find one for myself. I think it would look particularly cute with some of the paper from Close To My Heart’s Tinkerin’ kit and some of their other new embellishments to make a boy themed one! And thanks for the heads up on the picture place, I may have to try them out! I’ve been doing lots of squares lately and my pictures don’t always crop down to the size I want right.

  2. Oh Man! I had a pink/purple one of these in my hand last week when I was in Target and thought there must be something crafty I can do with this… But at the time I was uninspired, so I put it back. I’ll bet they are all gone now.
    TOO CUTE! and I know she will love it.

  3. Stacy, these really are too cute!

  4. LOVE IT!!! So very clever – just curious — did you paint a medium over it, like mod podge or something similar??

  5. Cute + = Cuter!
    Great idea Stacy! Delaney would LOVE this in her room. Do you happen to remember what section of Target you found these canvases?

  6. I love it! Thanks for sharing such a great idea…
    Dancingly, Denise

  7. This is gorgeous- I love it, as I’m sure Lauren will. TFS!

  8. Melony Wells says:

    Just checked out and loved what I saw. Aflat shipping rate of $2 is awesome too :) Thanks for the tip and what a beautiful gift you put together for Lauren.

  9. Love these! Looked at Target for these canvases, but they didn’t have any. Did manage to scrounge up a few other cute things in the dollar spot to use on my pages and projects. Can’t wait! Finding inexpensive treasures makes me giddy!

  10. Yes, Molly … I do remember. These were (believe it or not) in the dollar section. Two bucks — not bad, eh?

  11. Yep — Mod Podge.

  12. Bad? That’s fab! Thanks for the info.

  13. So cute ! I love the pics ! I want those canvas too :-D

  14. I absolutely love these!!

  15. What a sweet and adorable gift. Fabulous idea! Love it!

  16. i love the canvases too — great idea

  17. Lisa T.K. says:

    I saw those at Target & thought “I bet Stacy Julian will do something awesome with these…” You never disappoint. :)

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