Friday FIVE for August 28th (edited)

Summer is winding down and September is just around the corner, so my Friday FIVE is dedicated to some fun back-to-schoolish items and opportunities. Enjoy!


ONE. Make good ole PB&J with just one handy utensil. Cool, eh? I only wish it could come with a NO sticky-jam mess guarantee — my sweet Chase leaves a jam trail. Learn more about the Peanut Butter and Jelly spreader, here.

Sonic Limeade

TWO. My next pick is not a product, but an opportunity. It's called Limeades For Learning and I think it's cool. Sonic (as in the fast food chain) will donate up to half a million dollars to teachers'  projects. All we have to do is order any drink and vote for the project you believe in. I take each of my boys out for a day of school shopping (started yesterday with Clark) and one or more of them invariably chooses Sonic for lunch.


THREE. Found these very fun and unique pencil sharpeners in the September issue of Parents Magazine. I cannot wait to explore MORE, the Green Heart store online — very cool stuff.


FOUR.  Number four is another opportunity. The core of creativity and effectual learning is curiosity. Generally we know this, but it's not often that we really act on it …

George with Books 

I happen to LOVE Curious George, because for me he is so full of curiosity. Sometime ago, on the Curious George website I found a printable PDF that says "I'm Curious About …" I HOPE you'll print this file ( Download George_curiosity ) and give one to your children (or grandchildren) or to a group of friends and let them fill it out. YOU need to fill one out too! When you take the opportunity to recognize your current curiosities and commit to them by writing them down, all kinds of good things start to churn in your sub-conscious. Besides that, you end up with a record of where you are in your personal quest for learning. Curiosity unleashes creativity  and we all need more of that!


image via wikipedia

FIVE. Kids aren't the only people who can ramp up for September, get organized and figure out ways to manage things better. My last pick is the new THINGS software for Mac. I installed Things just under a week ago and I am working on implementing it into my life. I will undoubtedly still use my physical notebooks, but I think I've finally found a way to help me stay on top of more "things" more of the time.

With Evernote helping me capture and organize and Things helping me prioritize and accomplish, I'll soon be left without excuses.

NOTE: There is also a THINGS iPhone app that will sync with your Things program and allow you to work on and track your productivity on the go.


  1. What is #4?

  2. Oops! Now I see it. Sorry!

  3. Stacy – THINGS is also an App for your iPhone ($9.99). Since you have a Mac it’ll sync your Mac & iPhone THINGS lists to make you even more efficient!
    Though I don’t have a Mac, I’ve been using THINGS for my iPhone for the last week – it is terrific (and worth every penny).

  4. How awesome are you?!?!? Hubby is SO getting that PB&J spreader for Christmas (St. Nicholas’ Day, really…)
    And I LOVE that Things! WOW! I promptly downloaded it and watched the tutorial. :D Thank you SO much for sharing some wonderful “things” with us. ;-) HA! I’m a dork… :-p

  5. Sorry Cheryl,
    I had this post drafted in two parts and forgot to combine them. I’ve fixed my list and it now includes a #4 — thanks for reading my blog!

  6. Molly,
    I should have said something about the iPhone app — I’ve got it and LOVE it too!

  7. I LOVE Things! I spend five minutes updating my to-do list each morning and it makes me so much more productive during the day.

  8. Those pencil sharpeners are awesome – might have to get those :). And I have been using & LOVING Things too – great program.

  9. Love those! I printed the Curious George worksheet. We are started our fifth year of homeschooling Tuesday and I think I will give this to my daughter and tell her to make a big list of all the things she’s curious about and we’ll try to cover them all in class this year. Thanks for the idea!

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