Hello … (+ goodbye)

can it possibly be Monday afternoon again?

I must be caught in some kind of time warp, because if I'm not mistaken my kids go back to school in just two weeks and I'M NOT READY! We Washingtonians tend to go back to school quite late too, so this means kids in your home or town might have already returned — YIKES! We are scrapbookers; we know time flies, but this is ridiculous. We've enjoyed such a crazy, fun-filled summer jam-packed with the planned and the unplanned — and once again, I'm reminded how very quickly it all fades into fall with a brand-new school year and the ever-present growth and change in my kids. Sometimes don't you just want to shout out "Stop the ride. I want to get OFF!"


The calendar does not lie, so I woke up this morning and decided to begin the process of accepting and preparing. This means we went to Walmart and purchased school supplies. This means said school supplies are now spread out on the kitchen table waiting to be labeled and packed up. This means I've not got four school shopping days scheduled in the next fourteen days and very sad …


this means we are losing our sweet Lauren. This is Lauren, who doesn't just make cookies. She makes Martha-esque beach ball cookies and cupcakes and brownies and ….


This is Lauren that does everything with an extra bit of flair and has never once complained about the often unpredictable nature of her hours and her job. Summer means our nanny transitions from ONE child to FIVE, who come and go and play BINGO and demand attention and food and taxi service and anything else that seems remotely possible, like assistance with foam sandcastle kits where the instructions on the back make the process look deceptively easy, but I digress …


This is Lauren that has kept up with our schedule and our laundry and exceeded our expectations.


This is Lauren, that has won a place in this little girl's heart …


in all of our hearts. We LOVE Lauren. We will miss YOU!!


NOTE: Friday is Lauren's last day, but tomorrow, I'll show you what I'm making (from these super-cute and colorful canvases that I purchased in the dollar section of Target) — stay tuned.


  1. Ah…school starts here next Wednesday. It is so bittersweet as I have a Freshman and a Senior…I have several projects I want to get done for my Senior…and you know the time will fly! I need to get started!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with the canvases!
    I have been making Maine’s Forgotten Fairies this summer…not scrapbooking, but still VERY fun!
    Goodluck on all your transitions…
    Dancingly, Denise
    Home of Maine’s Forgotten Fairies…watch me as I declutter, knit and scrapbook my way through 2009 at

  2. every busy Mom deserves a Lauren :o) Stacy, please tell me about the “lazy susan” on your table…I have a thing for “lazy susans”!

  3. Can’t imagine what you’re making but also can’t wait to see it! Gotta love Target’s dollar bins!
    You are very fortunate to have Lauren and I sure wish I’d had a ‘Lauren’ when my kids were growing up.

  4. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to create! I am a school teacher in Canada and while I’m on maternity leave right now, my collegues were back at it yesterday and kids are back this Thursday! An early start to the year to accomodate the World Skills Competition being held in our city.

  5. We have a Lauren at our house, Becky. I can’t imagine life without her. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they become part of your family? We all adore Becky. Good luck on your transition!

  6. love the pic of the school supplies!!!

  7. stacy,
    your comment, “Sometimes don’t you just want to shout out “Stop the ride. I want to get OFF!””
    reminds me of one of my favourite John Mayer songs, “Stop This Train”
    have a listen on iTunes, I’m sure you’ll love it!

  8. Paulette,
    My lazy susan is from “Sticks” — check it out at sticks.com
    I purchased it at the Fireworks store in Bellevue, WA. and I LOVE it.

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