I’m just CURIOUS …


What are you doing for FUN today? Tell me and you might win something fun.


  1. We met friends for breakfast this morning, then I cleaned up my craft area (not really fun but necessary!). Tonight we are having a bbq for my birthday (which is Monday) with family.

  2. Middle school orientation, soccer coach training, back to school BBQ, car washing, housewarming party. Wow! I’m tried just thinking about it.
    Laura :)

  3. Since I am on bedrest, the only fun thing I have planned for today is watching a marathon of Alias, which my DH went to borrow from the library.

  4. I’m going to church and I’ll be teaching at the kids’ service- super fun!

  5. rebecca k says:

    We took the kids into the pool early this morning well before we hit the 100 degree mark–lots of fun and hopefully we tired them out enough that they will nap this afternoon!

  6. does folding laundry count for fun? :) planning to do a bit of scrapbooking,sewing and cooking too though so that will be fun. hope you have a great Saturday.

  7. I cooked a yummy breakfast of french toast stuffed with bananas and brownie cookies (no we did not eat both for breakfast!) My 2 year old is dressing up at the moment and dancing through the family room. This afternoon we are meeting up with my husband’s cousin who is in town from WA.
    I hope you are doing something fun too this weekend :)

  8. Kathy in Minnesota says:

    Just did it-DH and I were laying on the floor with the grr-animals, giving them lots and lots of love. I love it when we do that!

  9. quietangelsb says:

    I’m going to the beach and taking lots of pictures!

  10. Katherine says:

    I am going with my sister-in-law and her two girls to see G-Force at the movies. Can’t wait! Last night they all came over for our first dinner party (my and I have only been married 2 months). It was fun too. I guess Sunday will be a little less fun- church and chores. Not too bad.

  11. Not fun: One kid to baseball practice, one to football carwash, one to shop for new uniform shirts, cleaning house, mother-in-law coming
    Fun: New car being delivered (looooong awaited – yeah!), date with hubby and free babysitting (the fun part of MIL coming!)

  12. Jane Thorpe says:

    We’ve made a giant slip and slide out of a roll of plastic from Home Depot – covered it in dish soap and have it on our sledding hill with the hose on it!! I plan to race the kids on it again today in the hope that it will rid me of the aches and pains I got from going on the silly thing yesterday!!!! ;)

  13. annie bellamy says:

    I got up at 5am, woke the kids up and took them to see the 6am mass balloon ascent here in Bristol UK as part of the International Balloon Fiesta! It was a brilliant site and definitely a fun and surprising thing to do on a saturday morning!
    Annie B

  14. Celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary with an ice cream cake our 7 year old got for us. She found a coupon, got her money and told us to drive her to Baskin-Robbins. She had even written out what she wanted them to write on the top. So cute and so grown-up. Couldn’t think of anyone better to celebrate with than her, her dad and her little sister. Some years are just like that. : ) Plus who doesn’t love ice cream cake!

  15. We are preparing our house for the arrival of our new cat tomorrow… my son’s first pet and he is over the moon!

  16. We are hanging out at the pool and barbequing hot dogs for the kids with family and friends. :)

  17. I’m going to see Julie & Julia with my sister.

  18. I’m going to work! :) Yes, this is fun. I have a part time job at a kids clothing store that I really only work once every few months or so. It’s my ‘me time,’ 4 hours with adults after a busy week of staying home!

  19. Malia in Seattle says:

    Taking the kids on a bike ride at the park across the street from th house I grew up in, then to the Children’s Bookstore.

  20. Sleeping in and cleaning out some stuff (not fun) and then looking forward to reading a good book in this rainy day!

  21. I’m actually scrapbooking! And enjoying my first Saturday at home in over a month!

  22. We are going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then DH and I are going to work on a puzzle.

  23. Signed up for Me: The Abridged Version AND Yesterday and Today; talked with my mom on the phone, taking the kids out for breakfast, then my son to guitar lessons, and my daughter to the mall to pick out sunglasses. She has been wearing eye glasses for 10 yrs and just got contacts last night. She is so excited to wear real sunglasses :)

  24. I am working on acquiring donations for a charity crop that I am holding in February – the 3rd Annual care to crop in orlando, FL!

  25. Making renovation choices. It’s fun because I’ve been waiting years to do this! It’s also overwhelming and mind boggling.

  26. I was able to get a quick layout done this morning and filled my girls little pool so they could go swimming. They had a great time!

  27. I am enjoying my last free weekend before I go back to school. Made my husband his new towels for football this year, figuring out how to use my embroidery machine on a t-shirt and making uniform shirts for the football managers and then I hope to work on my scrapbooking. Want to do some powerlayouts or make kits so that I don’t have to take as much stuff next weekend with me.

  28. My husband and I over our stake’s pioneer trek – we were doing some reconnaissance to figure out the trail that we’ll use. Very fun!

  29. I am scrapping some of our summer fun and enjoying a quiet house while my dh is out with the boys :)

  30. well, I got a haircut this morning. That was fun!
    And tonight I’m going to a surprise bridal shower for a girl in my ward who used to babysit my kids!

  31. OH my. Recovering from our wild & crazy summer… taking my dh to the airport (NOT fun) and starting to get ready to take my ds to college! (NOT fun)
    FUN? Hm. If my pictures arrive I will scrap the night away! :-)

  32. My family and I are going to my sister’s for a birthday dinner for my dad. I think it will definitely be fun!

  33. Well, right now I’m doing a puzzle – I think that’s lots of fun (as long as the puzzle isn’t too hard). Then later we’re going to a city carnival with bounce houses and funnel cakes and music – pretty fun day!

  34. Beverly Boelter says:

    Making a couple fun and funky journals for my BBF’s twins for their 17th birthday, and a little bit of scrapbooking. What kind of FUN are you doing today? Ü

  35. I ran 9 miles this morning:) This afternoon, we’re hosting a party with my husband’s co-workers (high school football coaches) and their families, to celebrate the beginning of the season.

  36. Today we will be at my MIL for a BBQ…. tomorrow we might go to the pool if the weather co-operates.

  37. We are having a Luau. Complete with banana leave roasted pork, tiki drinks, and my daughter in grass skirt & coconut top.

  38. I am going to a pig roast with my family! I have never been to one before. Hope you are having fun today!

  39. I just took my boys to a pool party for a friend’s birthday. While we were there I got to walk around and take some really FUN pictures of the neighborhood pool!
    I don’t know if any changes have been made to this pool since the 70s. The inside of the wooden fence is painted, and it’s starting to fade making the pictures so adorable. There is also a resident squirrel that runs around the pool area, and I took some really FUN pictures of him!!!!

  40. We are celebrating my father’s 65th birthday. :)

  41. Not sure how “fun” it is but I’ve just finished painting our family room! Why I waited til the hottest day in Chicago this summer is beyond me but at least I’m done now. Now the real FUN, redecorating the room once the paint dries!!!

  42. alison russell says:

    I ran the provo canyon trail half marathon today and it was actually very fun.

  43. well – I played a little play doh and then just finished a layout! You can see it here:

  44. Going to a horse pulling competition at the county fair. Yee haw!

  45. We are going school shopping today! School starts on Thursday for my 7 year old. This afternoon we will be filling out the birthday party invitations for my soon-to-be 3 year old’s birthday party.

  46. Our little family of five just fulfilled our youngest’s birthday wish with a trip to Noodle Noggin N Bean (a parent-child playplace). He was beyond thrilled to have all of our undivided attention playing for two and a half hours! Fun, fun, fun!! Hope you’re doing something fun today. . .

  47. I’m cleaning!
    No – that’s not fun…
    OK—I’m cleaning because friends from our OLD town are coming to visit us here in our NEW town! We haven’t seen them in more than a year…so THAT will be fun!

  48. well, i’ll be spending most of the day cleaning cabins at our resort, and serving meals to our guests. not a lot of room for fun of my own on saturdays here! but we did have a guest who showed us her gorgeous quilting projects that she worked on while she stayed in one of our cabins for the week, so that was fun!! :)

  49. The best thing that will make this day fun is not having to work. My oldest daughter and I are having fun because she is helping me with dinner. Also the trip to the library will be fun. The not fun part will be the cleaning in-between all of the fun stuff. At least once the cleaning is done I can have fun crafting later in the weekend.

  50. I’m going to sushi making class with the hunkster hubby for a date! YES!!

  51. Just blogged some recent scrapbooking and Finally got photos up. Tonight its a BBQ with my son who’s back from HighAdventure and watching a movie or playing games – whichever he wants.

  52. Briana N. says:

    We took our 2 year-old son to A Day Out with Thomas (the Train). His face when he saw a life-sized Thomas was priceless! We had a lot of fun!

  53. I had fun scrapbooking a layout for So Sketchy’s August Challenge! Check it out :)

  54. Playing with 2-year-old son outside. It’s finally hot enough to play with the water table!

  55. I cleaned my house yesterday so today for fun I can sit, breathe in and out, read, relax, blog, call a friend…whatever I choose!

  56. Just got back from a fun play that was the culmination of a week-long drama camp for my eight year-old.

  57. Celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary. Think we’re doing a steak movie and a movie sans kids. We’ve only seen 2 movies without kids since sometime last year.

  58. It’s kind of sickening, but my fun today is getting a homework station in order before school starts! I’ve painted the new organizers and am about to go clear the counter, and redo it all!!! And yeah, I think it’s fun!!!! (and if I get it done today, I can scrap on Monday when they are at school!)

  59. WE are having a very fun day. Took my parents to the findley market/farmer’s market. Afternoon swimming with my 11 month old. We’re are ending the evening with people over to play fun party games with lots of good snacks.

  60. Shannon Avard says:

    We’re celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday this evening and hanging with my husband’s family is always FUN!

  61. Laura Rich says:

    Boy Scout planning meeting. Soccer striker clinic. Picked up bibs for the Portland Bridge Pedal tomorrow. Straightening up the house. Scrapbooking!!!!!!

  62. My 3 year old daughter is sick, so I ma tryig to find fun things to do so that she does not feel too bad that her big sister is swimming at the pool — we just made our own “build a bear” and we will be painting or play dough after nap…

  63. Waiting for my daughter to get home from Trek so we can spoil her with dinner and cookies :D

  64. I’m just enjoying a day with my kids … bliss after a week of working hard!

  65. Swimming!

  66. I am making my first ever scrapbook page about our new baby kitty, Chanel. We’ve just had her a week and I had completely forgotten how much young kitties play. My daughter is going to be beside me doing a page about our sweet 8 year old kitty (who is a little out of sorts with the new one!) Stacy, your comment the other day, about grabbing a couple of pictures and creating a page and then doing another page and so on has finally convinced me to stop being so afraid and just start . . . somewhere. Just start. So that is my fun for the day.

  67. KristiGilbert says:

    My husband and I are playing with our 2.5 year old daughter for fun…like we always do! But then tonight my parents are sitting so we can have a date night, which is much appreciated. Adult conversation without interruption!! WOOHOO!!

  68. we went for coffee and to look at wedding dresses for my niece! So much fun!

  69. connibrett@airadv.net says:

    For fun? listening to it rain, which it hasn’t done in over 3 weeks. I think my garden is even having fun today!!!

  70. We went to Philadelphia to see the Rocky statue at the Museum of Art…it was a perfect day to spend with the family!

  71. 1. Did a mini book inspired by Elizabeth’s project on the Summer Fun BPS free class (pictures of my book on my blog). 2. Having a family reunion – and I’m going to have everyone fill out questionnaires (similar to the ones you do in Libary of Memories). 3. AND!!! I actually saw a real live shark while we were taking the family on a boat ride around the bay. (Going to print the questionnaires now.

  72. I am relaxing with my daughter after I ran a half-marathon this morning. Now where did I put the Advil?

  73. a saturday with nothing much to do. i am re-organizing my scrap space (again… checking in with my GOBI notebook.)and maybe we will go out to dinner – all 4 of us. it’s strange to have all 4 of us home with no plans to g in different directions. OH! I get to listen to “my” music today. That is fun for a change. Thanks, Kids!

  74. 2 yr old ds and dh and i will play at home today – FUN! then family lunch at my parents – FUN!, and adding a few finishes touches in my current layouts – FUN!
    thanks for making me think of my day in terms of FUN -think i’ll appreciate it more now, ta :>

  75. We went to the beach and had a blast. Tonight it’s date night!!!

  76. Vacuuming out the truck with my kids. Probably not fun in the traditional sense, but it’s all I’ve got for you today. Oh, and we did have a blast!

  77. Made pizza and homemade ice cream for family night and are watching a movie together. Fun times!

  78. My husband put our blow-up pool together and we sat outside watching our 2 year old splash and play. And I’m putting the finishing touches on a simple baby doll she asked me to make yesterday. Hope you’re having a fun day too!

  79. Had lunch with a very good friend. Love that we have been friends for over 30 years and every time we get together we fall back into our fun, laughing, story telling stride. Having a good friend makes life good!

  80. Took my dogs swimming this morning, and, since my husband’s out of town for the weekend, looking forward to an evening of old movies, popcorn, and puppy snuggles. Ahhh……now that’s my idea of fun!

  81. we just bought the cutest green electrolux vacuum! :) Yep, it’s said when you think buying a new vacuum is FUN. But it is the coolest shade of lime green and THAT is fun!

  82. i cleaned out my closet to give to a girl who’s less fortunate.

  83. I went to my first stamp club meeting and am about to leave for a wedding. Fun day!!!

  84. I am baking cookies with my daughters-getting ready for a basketball team party tonight

  85. I registered for Ali’s class and I’m getting my photos ready!

  86. Lee Cockrum says:

    Nothing exciting! Hanging out with my hubby, and making a nice seafood dinner at home!

  87. For fun…well shopping for backpacks for my two girls!! Maybe hitting the scrapbook store…teehee, and then making some match games with my stamps!! I’d like to think that I have fun doing everything in my day!!!!

  88. Scrapycandy says:

    Fun today? Filling out school forms, answering email, cleaning, cooking, shopping for B-day gifts, and laundry. But hey, I might get inspired and make cookies, make a B-day card, and pick out “the” picture for my HS Senior from his portfolio of Senior pictures. Sound familiar? LOL!

  89. I took my 4 year old triplets and my one year to their first yard sales. They had a lot of fun finding treasures. I spent $12 on fun stuff for them and got a dozen ears of sweet corn and a couple of “old” kiddie books to scrap with. Then they jumped in our pool. It’s been a good fun Saturday.

  90. Jo-Ellen says:

    My family of seven had a sleepover with my sister’s family of five. We stayed up way too late and slept in this morning. The kids just played and played. They are great friends.

  91. Someone’s been shopping Target clearance… ;)
    I’m packing today. It’s only fun if you consider it means we’re that much closer to living in a bigger house with more than one bathroom!
    My hubby and I are going to watch a movie tonight. I guess that’s fun!

  92. Organizing my scrap stuff for a crop tonight!!! Can’t wait to complete my Disneyland mini album I started last week!

  93. I took my daughter shopping/errand running with me and then we stopped off for Jamba Juice before returning home to all of our boys! :o)

  94. Playing with my grandson’s….what could be more fun! I love getting on the floor and and playing with them. What imaginations they have.

  95. Making tutu’s and barrettes!

  96. Made some vanilla bean ice cream this morning. Spent the afternoon peeling and chopping tomatoes for my homemade spaghetti sauce, there should be enough to freeze for several meals.

  97. Spending the day with my family…took them out for donuts and then to a mammoth dig. Very fun day so far!

  98. Jamie Madderra says:

    We’re blowing up the kiddie pool in the backyard and grillin some dogs. It’s hot in Texas!

  99. It’s 100 degrees outside, so the five of us decided to try something new – we went bowling. Fabulous, silly fun, and everybody got at least one strike. Thank goodness for bumpers!

  100. I am working on my assigment/challenge for week one of May’s Recipes class. Super fun to look at her recipes and samples and see how I can “me them up”.

  101. Heather Diane says:

    Bowling at BYU with the tots. It was so funny to see how excited the kids were. They didn’t care how much we scored, they cheered anyways!

  102. My daughters and I are going to work in our art journals together and after dinner we’re making smores and watching a DVD.

  103. Scrappin’ with my favorite girlie and havin’ some fun!!!

  104. carol in seattle :) says:

    Today’s fun? Having a mid-afternoon nap and cleaning up my art studio!

  105. I played the Mexican Choo Choo game with my kids. We have it had for over a year and have never found time to play it but we did today!!!

  106. We went to the Railroad Museum–they were doing the Railroading Merit Badge so score for our new Boy Scout! And the littler kids and I went and played on the trains and went for rides, etc. We packed a nice picnic–ate in the breezy shade, and laughed like crazy over something that happened with our youngest! If you check out my blog I wrote about that–too good not to share!

  107. Judy Pilcher says:

    We played miniature golf with our grandchildren..now that was FUN!!!!

  108. My husband has been working a lot lately, for a big tournament at work, again today. So, I’m going to clean the house and cook him a nice meal. I’m thinking blackened salmon, stuffed mushrooms and a little bit of blanched green beans and mashed potatoes…I’ll have wine waiting when he gets home!

  109. Sherry Coleman says:

    Taking the time to work on knitting the socks for my husband I started too long ago and never allow myself to work on…

  110. jennifer says:

    taking pictures of my nieces playing in my sister and brother-in-law’s new house! =)

  111. Sara-Jane Griffin says:

    We kayaked to the beach and had a great time. Tonight it’s dinner out and then some mini golf. Life is good at Cape Cod!!!

  112. Digging out my scrap room…does that count as fun?

  113. Katherine says:

    We have shopped at Costco, celebrated the first birthday of my nephew, rented movies, and now are off to enjoy the evening as a family. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  114. We’re going to a wedding recepion for my best friend’s brother who lives in Germany and recently got married. They’ll have the reception as my friend’s house (she called it an estate which makes it sound so much more special!)…I can’t wait to see them all – I grew up with that family! :)

  115. Sitting out by the pool
    Enjoying the beautiful weather
    Hubby is preparing dinner. Yes !!

  116. We pickled peppers from our garden.

  117. I’m gardening….it is sooooooooooooooooo Fun!

  118. Well…MY FUN day started off my 1-sleeping in, 2-cupcake from cupcakery, 3-lunch at bbq joint w/ family, 4-looked at rv’s worth more than a house (just for fun!), 5-treat at dairy qeen….and future fun for the day is to take a nap & scrapbook!

  119. Rhonda H says:

    Got my hair cut and highlighted, which I haven’t done in months. Then took a FUN nap. Well, I do feel more fun NOW.

  120. Having the grandkids over to spend the night! It will be FUN. Wishing it was better weather so we could do sidewalk paint!

  121. what was fun today — deciding which socks to order from little miss matched!! love ‘em!

  122. Shopping with my girls. So fun to see them fall in love with things that are so similar to what I loved as a kid! It’s so true that fashion goes in cycles.

  123. The kids are having a few of their friends over and we are going to stretch a large piece of spandex outside and watch a movie!!

  124. My fiancé and I went to my parents’ country house to have some fun at their swimming-pool, and we did!!!!

  125. Looked for treasures to alter (thanks to the inspiration of Jenni Bowlin’s class at BPS)at a flea market and found a wonderful ledger with ledger paper in great condition. The wheels are turning. Now I’m thinking about a nap and scrapping later.

  126. went to a scrapbook store i found about 20min. from home, so excited

  127. Angel S. says:

    I am reconnecting with my son who just got back from an awesome Christ in Youth conference. Great stories and glad to see him refreshed and renewed!

  128. Re arranging furniture.. I know it does not seem fun. But after a year of “not being able to lift or do much in recovery mode” I acctually CAN move the furniture & it is fun!

  129. Relaxing on the couch with my honey… getting ready for pizza and movie night. :)

  130. Where I am it is too hot to be outside so in between loads of laundry and stuff around the house I am getting in some play time with my boys – watching old movies of the family – and making cupcakes and the day isn’t over yet so I’m sure more fun things are in store for us all :-)

  131. I painted my small downstairs powder room for fun. I ended up with a bit of a Cruella de Ville hairdo after leaning down to get the bottom of a wall and that was funny!

  132. So far, the most fun I have had is doing lace-ups with my adorable daughter! :) The day is young with lots more fun to be had!!!

  133. Marianne says:

    I have successfully canned forty three quarts of tomatoes! I love the summer time, and being able to preserve that summer smell in a jar–priceless!

  134. Took my oldest son to get a few clothes for kindergarten. Kindergarten???…Where did the time go? Then we grabbed lunch at On the Border, his favorite place to eat due to the endless chips and salsa and the white cheese dip. It was a fun day because it is rare that I get a lot of one on one time with just him. Got a self portrait of he and I to commerate the day. FUN!

  135. I took my mother-in-law out for a late breakfast and spent the rest of the day playing with paper & ink in my studio … doesn’t get much better than that.

  136. Kristyn G says:

    My hubby, son, and I went shopping this morning and everyone loaded up on some great deals!

  137. Katie W. says:

    Changing kids rooms around…not exactly ‘fun’ other than seeing their excitement and getting a few new things to get them more organized!

  138. I had four of my friends come to my house and bring their favorite halloween supplies, we all stamped and shared each other supplies.We had a great time coloring, stamping and cutting out projects for halloween.

  139. Today? I got to hang out with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in over a year. Time went by way too fast!

  140. I went to a stamping convention in my area! Now I get to play with all the fun stuff that I bought!

  141. Scrapping tons for the first time this year! Also knitting and needle punching. Hubby is gone for the day and I am playing !!!

  142. I am spending time with family. We went out to lunch and to a speciality grocery store today. I may make a trip to my LSS if they are still open.

  143. My husband and I took our three teenage daughters, plus an additional three teens, to the Philadelphia Zoo today. The teens did well, the Lemurs definitely won the most entertaining award.

  144. I went to my friends house to help make a scrapbook of the cruise her family took this summer!

  145. I went to the movies today . . . all by myself!!! (Julie/Julia — Loved it!).

  146. Taking it easy waiting for my honey to return from climbing MT Rainier–so to fill the time I will learn about photoshop brushes with Jessica Sprague!

  147. Karen Hobbs says:

    Had to spend most of the day at a training for Girl Scouts but it is fun to spend time with others who believe in Scouting!!! Now I am headed to the sis in laws for a dinner i don’t have to cook to spend time with family! That is FUN!

  148. Well, I had to work today until 4:00 so for fun right now I’m just chilling out. I read the ads from the Sunday paper which arrive on Saturday (love it) and just finished ironing my daughter’s fuse bead projects. Not doing much and at the moment, that’s as much fun as I need.

  149. We went to the zoo!

  150. I am participating in my first marathon. It is just a 2 mile fun run but I am going to do it. Been training for a 5k and this is a perfect step in the right direction.
    Yay me!

  151. It wasn’t really ‘fun’ but we celebrated the life of my best friend’s dad. We’ve been friends since high school and lived together at university. Her dad was the first person I knew that was passionate about photography and he passed that on to us.

  152. we just got home from our local Street of Dreams! Lots of FUN seeing what’s new. Tonight? BBQ hamburgers and just hanging around.

  153. Liane Donovan says:

    For fun today I played with my doggies! They make life all better no matter what is going on in my crazy life. I love them. I am finding in my 365 Scrapbook I have pictures of my kids, pets and flowers…. things I love the most…. Heheheheheheh My DH and I seem to take 2nd to all of those things. =)

  154. 3 things: 1. hung out with my kiddos – always guarenteed smiles there 2. saw my best friend – she lives 8 hours away 3. ran 11 miles with a pal. What a great way to start my day, watching the sun rise as I am plodding along. Beautiful!

  155. We win parents of the year award for taking our kids to a totally inappropriate and stupid movie-Year One-this afternoon, but we came home and played Apples to Apples together as a family!

  156. Stephanie Stach says:

    My husband took the boys to the airplane park to watch all of the helicopters & little airplanes come and go, while I went to the scrapbook store with a friend!

  157. We had a great morning going to the farmer’s market and buying orchids, then on to a place with great pottery garden items for some gorgeous garden pots.

  158. We had a successful garage sale & are going to pay off a credit card! As a reward we went out for Mexican & had a milkshake from Chick-fil-a. FUN! (and yummy!)

  159. I spent the day setting up my classroom for a new crop of first graders. It is always fun and exciting to start a new school year (and a little bit exhausting too!)

  160. Watching my 20 year old daughter and my 15 year old son chase each other around the house, laughing and having fun. That’s fun for me.

  161. I made a layout and several cards and took a dip in the pool.

  162. Veronica says:

    Latin style birthday party for cousins! Jumpy house, great food, good friends (and family…) and …FUN! vb

  163. I played an easy version of Monopoly with my 5yo. When else can you buy a house for $10?!

  164. Just returned from a Hot Rod show with the family and a camera card full of cool hood ornaments of cars from 1918 to 1960′s. Something I decided today that I would love a collection of. I hear a mini album calling my name or a cool layout to frame for hubby’s garage.

  165. Hanging out with my college roommate. That would be from college 23 years ago.

  166. I am sorting through photos from the last five years trying to find my son and his friend from school because she is moving to a new school—-oh, it was supposed to be fun!!! If I had my LOM done it would be QUICK and fun. laughing and grinning, really I am….
    At least they are digital not stacks and stacks!

  167. tchrtiff says:

    Today I worked on tagging photos in iPhoto (fun for me) and went on a family bike ride (they’re so much more fun now that daughter can ride w/o training wheels). Hope you’re having a fun weekend!

  168. justdelms says:

    Why, checking out your blog of course!! lol I went to the scrapbook expo and checked out all kinds of good things, then hit two scrapbook stores on my way home. Am I tired!!

  169. Today I tested for my red belt for TaeKwonDo and passed. I got to watch two of my kids who are high ranking black belts at 10 and 12 years old help judge at testing. Awesome day – many memories to scrapbook.

  170. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    I took my 4 year old daughter ice skating for the first time. She love it!

  171. Took the kids to Grandfather Mountain, NC. Crossed the mile high swinging bridge and went through the nature preserve. LOVED the bears. Squeezing in a last minute one day – vacay before school starts back. Got lots of pics to scrap!!

  172. sitting on the couch with my honey watching a movie and reading scrapping blogs!

  173. We were going to go to a balloon festival this morning…but the weather had other plans. My kids went to a primary church activity, and I went shopping. Lots of fun!

  174. I made “bundles of love” to send to Iraq per this request, http://ibol.wordpress.com/ for sewing materials from a Marine. We went through old quilting material from my grandma and laughed, laughed and reminisced. LOTs of fun and photos as I plan on scrapping it.

  175. Debbie Dow says:

    Today i went to a baby shower, saw so many newborns including twin boys! that were about 5lbs each,took a trivia quiz that the most anyone got right out of 19 questions was ten, i got a mere 7 correct.
    Then off to watch some cool ju jitsu at a exibition that my son participated in!

  176. My nephew came over for a couple hours. We did every fun thing we could think of! He likes to ride his bike while I walk. That way, on an especially hot day, he can wait for me to catch up…in the shady spots!

  177. I’m editing photos from our cross-country roadtrip this summer. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I’m reliving it through photos. It really is FUN!

  178. We went to Total Beverage for wine tasting this afternoon and are hanging out watching movies since it’s so hot.

  179. We went to the Tball game of our 5 year old! Super cute to see a bunch of 4, 5 & 6 year old kids playing ball!

  180. Penelope Stoddard says:

    FUN you ask? Listening to my three boys play together is fun! And making a super yummy dinner is also fun!

  181. Just came back from a BBQ at a friend’s house … next on the schedule – vegging out in front of the TV with the hubby.

  182. enggirl lorraine says:

    I took a nap with my son. We both enjoyed it immensely!

  183. My husband and I are watching the kids set up card games for us, better log off so I can play and have FUN!

  184. Fun today included swimming with the kids at Nana’s and Papa’s pool…AND learning to upload my photos to flickr for a challenge on Write.Click.Scrapbook. It’s a “recipe” mini-album I did about our summertime. We started school here in East TN this past Monday, so I guess summer is officially over for us, but we’re still having lots of fun. How about you?

  185. Fun is dangling my feet in our pool after a long day at work and watching my son pretend to be a shark.

  186. Today the kids and I drove home from a FUN roadtrip to see our friends, and old neighbors, in Rhode Island. Daddy was super duper busy at work and our friends’ daddy was out of town, so it was Mommy and kid party week in RI. On the way home we stopped at the outlets to get a bit of back to school shopping done. F.U.N!

  187. Finishing up some CKC class projects and procastinating doing the laundry. Now which sounds like more fun to you?!

  188. I taught my grandson to walk up our legs to do a somersault – and then I listened to him LAUGH his biggest laugh! And I laughed with him. So much fun.

  189. becky Jones says:

    I am organizing my house (we just moved in last weekend) and refinishing some nightstands (an awesome Craiglist find)for our room. I am so fun aren’t I?!? LOL!

  190. cleaning my hubby’s upholstry shop…he’s retired but still sometimes does something…but it appears cleaning is not something he stilll does…

  191. Bananagrams…the game! It’s like Scrabble but you can play with kids and adults alike. And, you don’t have to wait and wait for them to do their turn. We all love it. I am adding it to their summer bingo list for this week as “Play Bananagrams with someone!”

  192. I made and canned homemade cherry syrup with my stepdaughter. We sat around and played a board game while we waited for the sound of the lids popping–each time we heard a pop! We got a piece of candy. It was a day with lots of hard work and lots of rewarding salt water taffy.

  193. Ashley J says:

    i just spent an entire day at a family reunion where we had the “Amazing Race.” A lot of really great, fun challenges. We had those over 40 chugging root beer, bow and arrow shooting, pulling a lot of weight around and lots of other fun challenges.

  194. Cynthia B. says:

    Today was a travel day…coming back home from a FABulous family reunion! So it was a little sad, but my family of 4 passed the day together, playing Battleship in the car on the way to the airport, playing Uno on the plane, and we’re just now watching the show Wipeout on our DVR – our family favorite!

  195. We celebrated our daughter’s 7th birthday by meeting her Uncle Bryon and his family at a cottage right on Lake Michigan. (Uncle Bryon flew in from Colorado). We had birthday cake shaped like an ice cream cone, with amazing buttercream frosting and M&Ms decorating the “ice cream”, and we frolicked in Lake Michigan and on the beach. Family FUN times.

  196. Jenny McGee says:

    Well my fun for the day was my son’s 8th birthday party. WE had relative’s over and he had fun and opened presents and ate tacos and had an overall exciting day. Thanks for a chance to win.

  197. We had a pajama day here, just relaxing with lots of books, videos and of course, snacks! XX’s

  198. My hubby & I purchased kitchen cabinets to finish a basement kitchen we’ve been wanting to finish for 20 years! AND my 13 year old and I purchased two electric guitars! We are learning to play together! :0) That is FUN!

  199. I made my nephew, who just joined the Coast Guard and is temporarily stationed near enough to us for me to pick him up on the weekends, a traditional meal for dinner. He LOVED it. It was fun making the meal. Everyone got involved and pitched in. And it turned out very tasty.

  200. WE had some guests for lunch it was fun and the babies could be together playing

  201. Christine Cleary says:

    I just went out for brunch with my parents as they are about to go on a 4 week holiday overseas, now we are going to take the dog out so he can stretch his legs.

  202. Well…I signed up for Ali’s class which will be a ton of fun in the future! Also, hung out school shopping with my almost fifth grader. He was happy, silly and did not have the middle school mood swing going on…so that was very big FUN.

  203. Reading all my favorite scrapbooking blogs and watching “chick flicks” with my 3 girls while my husband and son are away on a fishing trip!

  204. Sherrie M. says:

    Made smores for the first time over an open fire…yum!

  205. Ginny from AZ says:

    I went with my two daughters for a pedicure and then did some shopping for my almost two year old granddaughter’s birthday(8/15). We were walking a lot in hopes of starting my one daughter into labor as she is almost due with a boy, our third grandson. We always have fun together!

  206. Having fun at our block party. Kids love running around in the street. Fun to visit with all the neighbors. Building memories and relationships. Doesn’t get much better than this! Hope you are having fun too! Blessings!

  207. Today, my 3 year old son, 6 year old daughter and I went ‘school clothes and supply’ shopping. We had a great time trying on clothes and finding the perfect backpack, folder, lunch box etc. :) then we came home and went through their rooms and got rid of the stuff that didn’t fit anymore. Of course my son got some new shoes so he didn’t feel left out. He’s been running around the house all day saying how “cool” his new shoes are and how much faster they make him run. LOL I love it!

  208. Napping :) I’ve got a 10 week old and a just turned 3 year old who have taken a chunk out of my beauty rest lately.

  209. I realize the day is almost over, but for today my boys and I (lucky husband got to be at work…) helped host a garage sale at my sisters, so the 8 cousins got to play together, took care of two people’s three dogs, found fabric for a new quilt top and fabric for the back of an almost finished quilt top, my boys helped my husband change the mower oil and then went to my parents to mow lawns and pick up pine cones. I think I am about ready for bed :)

  210. I reconnected with an old friend. Went school shopping and hosted a pool party for my son’s 5th grade football team.

  211. Remembering the wonderful dinner my hubby and daughter made for me tonight–Steak Diane, potatoes au gratin, and grilled asparagus…Yum! In other fun news, I spent the day cropping with my Mom and pals at our LSS!

  212. we went to a little neighborhood festival called “Old Fashioned Days” to eat “fair” food. So there we all were eating between us a sausage sandwich, a gyro, a corn dog and a piece of pizza, under a big tree because it was raining. Then we walked around, got a piece of grilled corn from the boy scouts, looked at some old cars, all the while it was still raining. Thought it was a great lesson for the kids, things don’t always have to be “perfect” to be fun!

  213. Went paintballing for my sisters birthday and took my kids to the public where we had the pool to ourselves and had a great fun time!!!

  214. Michele Rosner says:

    Giggled with my daughter. Oh, that carefree joy of a three-year-old is so contagious.

  215. We had our 3 year olds party, with a rocket cake, balloons, games, too much food and pressies. It was a FANTASTIC fun time.

  216. Donna Bell says:

    I am playing games on the computer!!

  217. Shelby Austin says:

    I’m hosting a mom and kids weekend at my house…4 moms, 7 kids (6 and under) and 1 black lab.

  218. Small family reunion at my house today: my parents, two brothers and me, with spouses and lots of kids. Awesome! This happens just a few times a year, because we live in different states. These are my favorite people in the world!

  219. Nicky from Canada says:

    Taking a 7 hour road trip from the cabin in Nakusp to home. Road trips are always amazing adventures and full of fun!!

  220. Swimming in the pool with my kids!

  221. For fun? Looking at my sweet grandbaby…not watching him…but just staring at him…he’s so fun and you can’t help but be happy when you see his sweet face!

  222. Laura Sexton says:

    Why, reading blogs, of course!

  223. I’m watching a movie with my 15 year old son and so happy that he still wants to spend time with me.

  224. I rode a bicycle around Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC with my husband and 10 year old son. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time (not to mention SO much easier than when I ran the same 10K loop yesterday by myself!). We had so much FUN!

  225. I went and had breakfast with one of my great friends from college. We had a great time!

  226. Well, I finished decorating my artroom, check it out:

  227. Going to the top of the Rockies…Trail Ridge road is calling for some photos, so off we go with muffins and coffee in the car. Blue sky and tall peaks, and even a bit of snow. Always a treat.

  228. family took a bike ride

  229. Dug up my backyard while listening to a book on tape.

  230. I am redecorating my daughter’s room while she is away. Changing it from a little girls room to a teenager’s room. She will be really surprised. I will still have to do some more painting of the furniture and wall decorations…but it is coming together nicely.

  231. Sharon Worley says:

    Fun for me today meant sitting at the baseball field watching my teenage son play ball – doesn’t get any better than that. AND he hit his first high school home run today!!!

  232. We played miniature golf and my daughter and I opened a new package of pastels and drew. . .

  233. mandy jamison says:

    celebrating my son’s 6th birthday!

  234. stampinwithbeth says:

    We (my parents, husband, sister and I) took my nephews to see Ice Age 3 and then to the YMCA to swim!

  235. Michael-Ann says:

    I just shoot a beautiful beach wedding tonight. It was gorgeous and it was my beautiful cousin getting married. A perfect evening.

  236. Staying up late and creating with friends!

  237. Heather L. says:

    I made a banner in Flash for a graduate education course I am taking. And it was fun! Who would have thought.

  238. kimberly says:

    I’m going to the beach before work :)

  239. today we hiked mt. tam and point reyes. :)

  240. No Fun here today , i have three kids with swine flu! so its cleaning and being mum for me :)

  241. Jennifer M says:

    I took pictures of our Old Timer’s game at the high school. It was lots of fun seeing guys I graduated with getting in there and playing flag football!

  242. Took my little sister to Sea World and we got to feed the dolphins… it was magical!

  243. I spent the day creating a two “shadow boxes” on foam core with thin strips of wood. Each has 6 sections. In the sections are pictures and embellishments representing 12 of the things our Women’s Ministries group at church does each year. I think it turned out pretty good and it was lots of fun. You can see it at http://deb-anintentionallife.blogspot.com.

  244. Not alot of fun today for me…. finishing up building a new bedroom for my son. Fun will start tomorrow when we start to paint!
    Jenn in Vancouver

  245. Hi Stacey. Well for fun today I baked and decorated gingerbread men with my 7yo son. I normally really dislike cooking with children as I just want to get it done and get out, but today was different. We took our time and chatted ( 2 teenagers were absent )and enjoyed each others company. The icing on the cake for me (no pun intended) was when he told everyone at the dinnertable that the best part of his day was, not baking, but talking with Mummy. Perhaps this is a huge wake up call to me to wake up and take time with spending time. Have a great day

  246. My girls and I drove to a nearby town to see Aladin at a dinner theatre. So fun! The best time was the bonding going on between the girls and I. Just love these kind of days.

  247. Our family fun today was demolishing our kitchen! We let the boys take a hammer to the wall we are ripping out and they helped tear out the old dry wall. I wasn’t looking forward to this, but making it a family project and keeping everyone involved was FUN!

  248. i’m booking accommodation for our road trip to Australia in November and it’s so much fun checking out where we may stay!!!!

  249. We went to the parade and then to our little hometown fair today! Lots of FUN!!!
    Then we came home and had cousins over for brownies and mint ice cream-YUUUMMMMM!!!

  250. tammy Thomas says:

    we went to a minor league baseball game tonight, and the whole family was able to go! Unusual for us with 2 teenagers with jobs.
    great times

  251. christina says:

    We just finished playing lots of games and swimming at a family reunion! Loads of fun!!!

  252. Ali Wilkinson says:

    well you know, it’s winter in New Zealand and so for fun today we went skiing. perfect blue skies, perfect powder snow, and happy children. makes you feel good to be alive. Ali

  253. I’m going to see an exhibition of 15th century books and attend a lecture about book printing in those days! I’m really exited and need to go off line now to catch my train ;-)

  254. I went rasberry picking on the field and then made about 7 glass jars of homemade rasberry jam out of them. Delicious and so much fun

  255. Margaret C says:

    I am finishing an altered clipboard to hold my daily achievements for when I go back to school. Y’know, it doesn’t sound so fun, but it excites me as I hope it’s the start of a healthier, happier and more fulfilled me !! I adapted one of your checklists for it, Stacy, thanks so much !!

  256. Francisca, in the Netherlands says:

    I am writing down all my memories from
    my past in my journaling software,
    using the LOM system to organize these memories. It is amazing to see that the
    more I write down the more memories come back to me.

  257. We headed to the library to pick up a HUGE stack of books. There are never enough hours in the day to read.

  258. my allergies were soooo bad that i didn’t want to leave the house. so we vegged out…and I pulled out papers and color pencils with my 4&5yr olds and we drew pictures. They were quite impressed with mommy’s drawing skills…hehehe…but I am happy to have spent time with them using their artistic skills.

  259. Michele M says:

    Fun is watching the the kids in the neighborhood play so well together. The parents can visit or scrapbook, and everyone is having a great time enjoying summer!!

  260. Shopping for fabric to make blankets for my grandbaby that will be here in the spring! I am so excited!

  261. Kathy Jo Camacho says:

    Went for a 10 mile run along the Chicago lake front.

  262. Chris Cross says:

    Can I sign up even if I am not doing anything fun today?!? My mother passed away in April, and my siblings and I are working at her house. Not fun, but oh so necessary.

  263. Hoping to get a little time in to stamp some cards and then will go swimming at our local pool. Our daughter is a lifeguard there, so love going when she is working.

  264. Melanie C says:

    Taking DS back to school shopping…any time we spend together is FUN!

  265. Dixie Lee says:

    Fun omn Saturday? Took the family to Cerro San Cristobal for a view of the moutains, the city and the famous statue of Mary. Bought lollipops and sugared almonds. It was a great quick getaway!!

  266. I am spending time at the beach with good friends. Lots of laughs and easy summer living.

  267. I got to have the best fun of all!!! I spent the day with my Nephews (there are no neices)!!! One of the little cuties turned 3 today!!!
    There was cake, lollies, a GIANT chipmunk and lots of playing to be had!!
    Does not get any more FUN then that!!!

  268. Cindy McDannold says:

    Spent time preparing our travel trailer for a few days a the State Park just 30 minutes from us. We enjoy the planning and preparing together. We will leave on Sunday afternoon and arrive when most everyone else has left! Ah, peace and quiet!

  269. Having lunch with my sister!

  270. Taking my daughter to see “The Lion King” at the Jubilee.

  271. Terri Emmons says:

    Well Fun to me is sewing.. I am also learning to quilt so I love doing that. When my hubby is home we love to play cribbage and backgammon at night together. makes us happy and together.
    thank you..
    Terri E

  272. i’m sewing a new apron. it’s so fun! i use old curtains. maybe i’ll print photos of me, my mother and my grandmother to iron on. i´m not sure yet.

  273. Believe it or not I’m finally finishing up Getting Organized. My room is 90% organized and I’m having so much fun!!!!

  274. I am going to take pack up the kids, go to my brother’s and hang out with my family at the ocean.

  275. Going to have a movie marathon and eat yummy snack foods with the hubby today!

  276. Reading a book

  277. We had ice cream or fruit sorbet for lunch, as a starter so everyone was cool enough to think of eating :)

  278. Ann Mabee says:

    For fun, I helped my son get his classroom ready to start school on Monday! Brings back sweet memories.

  279. went to the Home show here in the west side of the Phoenix valley; got a new 32 oz container for my Vitamix!! Yum!! Easier to make smoothies for single me.

  280. Sara Mangan says:

    Swimming with my girls, celebrating my brother’s BD with a cake made by my dad, & holding my sister’s new baby boy as much as I can. Life is Good!

  281. Allison S. says:

    Tonght I’m going to watch my 14 yr. old daughter play in her Rock Band Camp finale show. She plays drums and bass guitar and is one rockin’ chick!

  282. Kristen Butler says:

    School shopping for my three kids. :)

  283. Trying to get out the door to start our family vacation. Camping in Zion for us and looking forword to showing the kids an area of the country they haven’t seen yet.

  284. Creating with my 6 year old daughter.
    She likes to “create” just like her Mom.
    Right now we have been making things out of felt. Yesterday we made a Hello Kitty and today she wants to make Wow Wow Wubbzy.

  285. hanging at home with my two girls having lots of fun and adventures !!

  286. it’s a me day! So sleeping in and finding something *I* want to do. It may even be painting the spare room!

  287. I am heading out for a fun filled girlfriends only day of scrapbook shopping and lunch. What more could a girl want ha!

  288. Well today will be a typical day for me. Grocery store, and shopping at my favorite store, Target. Then a family bike ride later today would be our family fun!

  289. Marcy Grant says:

    I’m going to the gym (not so fun :) and then I’m going to scrap. Later my twins will be home and we’ll celebrate their 21st birthday.

  290. peg risley says:

    I am watching my son wash the mud off of his bike! I am really enjoying my summer off with him!

  291. I’m getting ready for a cross country move in a few weeks, so it’s mostly work right now, but last night I had lots of fun at our neighbors house. They hosted a wonderful going away party for us. I’m also taking moments out of the day to create a photo slideshow of all of the neighbor kids at Smilebox.com. I’ll burn these onto DVDs and give them to our neighbors before we move.

  292. Looking forward to spending some quality time with my college age daughter before she heads back to NYC for school and work. Shopping for back to school stuff seems to be the order of the day!

  293. I’m going to see JULIE & JULIA and then I’m going to play with my grandson Peter in the cool of my central air conditioning!

  294. Riding along in a combine as it picks the tiny bit of cotton we were able to grow in our desperately dry fields after lunch with the inlaws!! FUN!

  295. I’m going for a run and making a yummy meatloaf!

  296. Kayaking with my kids!

  297. tbscrapper says:

    I am house hunting

  298. Playing with my new D SLR camera. The dog may get tired of posing…

  299. It’s pouring rain here today and my kids have asked it I would go out and jump on the trampoline and play in the pool with them in the rain. Sounds like fun to me!
    Love it when my kids ask me to be a kid again!

  300. We’re planning a spontaneous ice cream social

  301. Our family fun on Saturday was going to Heritage Days – a wonderful small town celebration. In the afternoon, we went to the annual Pig Roast where we have great BBQ with great friends, laughing and enjoing wonderful music. The kids went swimming after until evening! Great, fun day with family!

  302. birthday party for my 2 and 4 year old sons…sprinklers here we come!

  303. I am going to Spouting Horn, Wailua Falls, on to Brick Oven Pizza for lunch, then to Waimea Canyon, and NOT worrying about Hurricane Felicia!

  304. Staci Miserlian says:

    I’m going to my scrapbook club (that I lead). I LOVE scrapbooking and it’s super fun for me to share that love and help others scrap their precious memories!!

  305. I just love those colorful letters!
    I didn’t check your blog yesterday because I was too busy having FUN camping with my family! We went to Silver Falls State Park (in Oregon) and yesterday for FUN we hiked almost 6 miles along the Trail of Ten Falls–and saw 8 waterfalls! It was the longest family hike we’ve ever done (4 kids ages 4 to 7) and they did GREAT! It was beautiful, it was great exercise, and it was a great memory for us all!

  306. Reading in an airconditioned house while the men in my life went to the pool. Too hot for me!

  307. This is so Stacy Julian, but I added whipped cream and sprinkles to the banana smoothies for my boys’ “desserts” for lunch!!

  308. Our family went to church, and we just had ice cream for dessert. Looking forward to some fun family time this afternoon!

  309. Kimberly Ann says:

    My fun activity today is moving my scrap space! We’re renovating the current scrap room, so a temporary move is the perfect opportunity to look through my supplies and get inspired to create in the new space.

  310. Tobi-Lynn says:

    well – I’m a day late reading the blog, so for FUN yesterday —- we had a GIRL day while my husband son were out doing MANLY stuff. Their weekend was a spiritual ceremonial type of one wherein my son and other teen boys were busy marking the passage to manhood as they were KNIGHTED as they are entering high school this year.
    Anyway, the GIRL fun included mani’s and pedi’s, shopping at a fabric store for supplies to make cute memo board since PB Teen is too pricey and not a perfect match like picking our own fabric is, visiting with some cousins, eating Pei Wei and going to see Julie and Julia. What a blast my girl and I have had!

  311. I’m going to go for a drive with my husband- our kiddos are with the grandparents!

  312. Today was a fabulous worship, it was Music Sunday at our church today and it was so much FUN!

  313. Heather Jarrett says:

    going to a church cookout

  314. After church we grabbed bagels and drinks at Panera, and walked over to our town’s annual art festival- “Art in Your Eye”- in Batavia, IL. HOT today, but such fun! Our family (dh and 4 kids and I) enjoyed making a metal leaf for the “Communitree” art sculpture, painting with acrylics and rubbing alcohol, making masks and butterflies….fun to play with mixed media, and then browse the gallery tents!

  315. Already worked at church, attended, went to lunch and now I am going to take a nap. For FUN, I may do some scrapbooking.

  316. I just purchased some colorful bins the other day and I plan to sort all my scrapbooking goodies into them. I love sorting scrapbooking supplies! I will admit that sounds a bit strange, but I do! Then I plan to scrapbook some new pages I’ve been excited to try from one of my BPS classes.

  317. I bought some clear boxes to spice up with bright colored papers for my desk in my classroom and some card/scrapbook books to read – one 50% off and one 75% off!

  318. We spent some money at a flea market! My favorite item was a chair with a pull down step that looks just like one my Grandma and Grandpa had in their kitchen. Love it!

  319. We are heading out to a local outdoor music festival called Muskfest. It’s the last day of the ten day festival which spreads out across downtown Bethlehem, Pa and has over a hundred bands from around the globe!

  320. Went to church this morning where the worship was fabulous. Then back home for burgers on the grill, veggies on the grill and fresh corn on the cob! Played bananagrams (we’re totally addicted to this game) while we waited for the food to cook. Now I’m scrapping some older pics of my grown kids – such fun!

  321. While the kids are out with their grandparents, I am taking a big bubble bath, enjoying the rare quiet, and reading a wonderful book. Heaven! Kathy

  322. We went to go see UP-what a great movie!!

  323. Just returned from my scrap retreat. Unpacking and feeling creative.

  324. Fun today is enjoying my 21mo old granddaughter who is here visiting for a week. She lives 8 hours away so we don’t get to see her often enough so this is so FUN just to enjoy her every minute!!!

  325. A day full of family. We’ll start with church, lunch and then a family birthday party for my niece and nephew. No better day can one have!

  326. fUn ToDaY… is hanging with my daughter today before she STARTS 7th grade tomorrow…!

  327. I helped my Dad in his woodshop. Since his heart surgery and mini strokes he doesn’t get down there often. It was fun to work together building with Cedar. Really made my day!

  328. Our ‘fun’ was being at the fair all last week with animals to show and rides and friends and the rodeo and fair food and more… Today’s fun is a nap and laundry and putting away everything we took to the fair.

  329. running my first 5k! Yeah!

  330. Chilling at home with my husband and BFF who is visiting & being totally lazy

  331. Hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls!

  332. stamphappy2001 says:

    Participating in a fantasy football draft with my husband. He has ben in fantasy footall league for many years now. Three years ago he convinced me to join a wife’s league in order to participate in something he loves to do. It actually has been fun and I do love spending time with my dear husband.

  333. Hannah Wilde says:

    what am i doing for fun today? hmmmm – i am playing with photoshop elements and trying to create some cool pictures

  334. C Trimble says:

    I am fixing dinner and going to visit with me dad!

  335. I going to visit my baby sister, who just got home from having her new baby girl, Ella. Ya me!
    Hugs, Christine

  336. Anna Vollmer says:

    I am going haome and Scrapbooking tonight!

  337. Jenny In Illlinois says:

    the situation we are in isn’t fun… but we are certainly making out to be. We are at the hospital walking my my to her eternal home. In the midst of this we are telling stories and looking through boxes of old pictures. There has been laughter all day.

  338. A ‘high tea’ party, for 25 at home, to celebrate our daughters’ 21st birthday. She’s all grown up now but still my little girl.

  339. I am reading the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh to my four year old daughter and baking cookies. Fun!

  340. I probably wouldn’t call it fun if I heard someone else say it BUT I am crossing off a bunch of those pesky little things that never seem to get done around here: I slept in, picked the dead heads off the flowers, brushed the dogs, put away my gardening stuff, made chocolate chip cookies and watched some movies. A great day!

  341. Not so fun during…but I’m attacking my bedroom, took apart the entire bed and washed everything, even lifted the boxsprings (with help…) and vacuumed under there and moved the dresser and nightstands. Yeah…not so fun, but I’m looking forward to the feeling when it’s all done :)

  342. cleaning off the waxy buildup on my laminate floors that were not supposed to be waxed!!!!

  343. packing for our beach vacation!

  344. Family fun at the community pool. It’s finally hot here!

  345. Learning new crochet stitches. :D

  346. Taking a few minutes of time out of paying bills and dealing with insurance stuff to play legos and lincoln logs with my 4 year old!

  347. Vickie Jones says:

    Gave DD a mani pedi, made her super happy and we had fun giggling as I tickled her to get the old polish off!

  348. Saw Julie & Julia with two of my best girl friends and love, love, loved it! It was inspiring, unexpectedly romantic, and an all around great movie.

  349. learning to use photoshop after years of wanting to!

  350. Cindy Tolbert says:

    Dinner out at our favorite Tex-Mex place, then ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s with some house hunting in between. Our house isn’t for sale, and we aren’t looking to move any time soon. But we love to house hunt. Just for kicks:-]

  351. Well I believe the fun started when I arrived at your blog and watched the lego earthquake – love that cheeseball mountain and fish out of water! Later I might make a cake with chocolate topping and M&Ms – I love days at home with my dd! Love your blog!

  352. Andrea C. in IL says:

    My birthday + angel food cake and strawberries + happy birthday sung to me by my 3 kids and my 8 nieces and nephews = FUN

  353. Lynnette says:

    A little Texas BBQ for dinner and then attending a concert as part of the “Music on the Mountain” series going on this summer in my area. :D

  354. Shannon McPheeters says:

    We are turning our basement into a family fun center, complete with scrapbook section play room for the girls, and a place for my hubby to “chill”!

  355. Kathy Wafer says:

    Had fun listening to my co-workers talk about farm town on facebook…sounds very addicting to me.

  356. For fun today, we took our family photos in front of a waterfall downtown….With 5 boys and 1 husband, you never know HOW they are going to turn out. We love to send the crazy ones in our Christmas cards.

  357. My 4 year old daughter, her friend and I went to see a puppet show. It was so fun watching them enjoy the show.

  358. Hope I’m not too late…I had fun today making oatmeal cookies with my oldest daughter (who’s 10).

  359. I just bought a new (to me) camera!

  360. I spent the day on the beach with my family for our annual trip to the Outer Banks of NC. A little slice of heaven. Couldn’t have asked for a better day and better memories with my boys.

  361. well, I figured while I did the unfun stuff of yard work my daughter and I could play in the back yard together, which then turned into a picnic lunch – VERY fun!!

  362. spent the day in the hospital with my dad. TOnight, I’m checking my favorite blogs for fun.

  363. Doing our weekly budget meeting right now. Yes, it’s fun for me :)

  364. Shannon H says:

    my husband I just returned from a couples weekend up north. jet skiing, dining out, playing games and mini golf. this was our first weekend away together from our three children – almost seven years! had LOTS of fun, but am glad to be home again.

  365. shellbell78 says:

    Hoping I am not too late to join. :)
    Today I went to church and heard a wonderful lesson on the orginazation of the Relief Society. Then came home for lunch and naps. Sunday naps = Pure bliss!

  366. Stamping!!!!

  367. We’re on vacation in Michigan! Yay!

  368. Totally enjoying the joy of having a 3 1/2 grandson spend the weekend with us, while his mama and daddy bless this world with another little one. Love the laughter, love the questions, love, love the conversations–totally just enjoying this moment in time!!

  369. Thanks for asking? Today, I am just returning from a FUN family vacation to the Midwest. It involved baseball, football training camps, science museums, water parks and more. Much fun was had by all. Only bummer is that we returned home to the realization that we left the fridge not quite closed. YUCH!. But hey, we have a totally clean fridge now.
    Hope the rest of your summer is loads of fun, too!

  370. For Fun? We went to the movies as a family today, something we do not do often enough!

  371. Debbie House says:

    I am currently in Ohio welcoming my 3rd grandbaby!! And playing gramma with the other two!! Pure DELIGHT and FUN!!
    What greater fun is there than this!!

  372. went to a political rally…so cool!

  373. I didn’t feel good today so my fun for today was letting a 15 year old YW in our branch (who has her driving permit) drive us home from church. Not much fun today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

  374. Today I helped my three boys on the tennis court.

  375. Hrrrm, I have a sick 6 month old and a sick 3.5 year old. Fun, will be trying to convice both of them to sleep without me, neither is good at that when sick.

  376. today was re-paint a room day in my house – we got 2 rooms painted and it was super fun! What did you do this weekend??

  377. IrishSooner says:


  378. cdpeck@hotmail.com says:

    Getting on the floor and playing with my Girlies with their Little People toys.

  379. Cheryl Ann says:

    Spent the whole day reading a good book! Family gone for a few days so when not at work reading is a favorite pastime.

  380. Lynette C says:

    We just came back from a 3 weeks vacation and are all jet-lagged. So here we are waking up at 12:00 midnight having slept since 4:00pm this afternoon and now surfing the web for a 24 hour MacDonalds to get dinner/super. This is FUN.

  381. Susan Kopp says:

    Creating tags for my photos in Picasa. I am partway through with the 2700+ photos in 55 catagories (so far) and I am being very general in descriptions. So for 8 hours today I have spent it organizing…it’s time to create a little.

  382. Angie Kyle says:

    I cleaned out my scraproom. Nothing like feeling freshly organized! Ah!

  383. Being a sahm for a week instead of a working mum and I am loving it! So much fun to spend time with my son instead of running around everywhere!

  384. Tammy Perkins says:

    Planning a winter trip to Canada to see a wonderful wildlife park – i just get giddy thinking about all the photo ops!

  385. We are heading to the beach!!!! To play in the sand and surf!!

  386. I’m taking my girls to our knitting group at the coffeeshop. That and looking for a job…not fun..but sort of exciting to be getting back to work in a way.

  387. Scrappy Angel says:

    We spent the afternoon in the backyard running through the sprinkler, swinging through the sprinkler and throwing water balloons!!! :-)

  388. For “fun” I had to get a stray lizard that had found it’s way into our home into a bucket to take back outside – my 5 year old twin girls were THRILLED about having it in the house.
    Wheee. :)

  389. I’m working.
    It will be fun.
    I swear.
    I promise.
    I hope.
    PLEASE make my day and send me a surprise!!!

  390. Diane Anthony says:

    Stamping and scrapping with my sister!

  391. We were at the beach…relishing the last few days of “freedom” before school starts!

  392. Laura Bruynell says:

    We took a nice ride with some family and went for all you can eat crabs for dinner.

  393. A family bike ride in the park!


  395. I’m sewing a baby quilt for a friend. Any time spent at my sewing machine is fun!

  396. I am planning out an arts and crafts birthday party for my girl who will be 4 in September!!!

  397. I make a point to have fun every day. Today my fun list includes adding entrys to my tag book for the upcoming “me; the abridged verion” class and grocery shopping. (Yes, I think grocery shopping is fun!)

  398. Natasha Smith says:

    taking lunch to the pool! swimming with the kids!

  399. For fun today I am taking the kids for a Slurpee!

  400. I’m working on some card swaps with my new CTMH products! I’m going to be bold and try some new techniques, and then I’m going to work on a couple of my BPS cards from 52 Pick Up that I plan on finishing this summer! Nothing like a year later. ;-)

  401. lenea86406@yahoo.com says:

    I was at an all day crop that a group of us do each month, Girlfriends Ice Cream and scrappin, Wahoo that is FUN!

  402. Took my boys to a pet store. They loved it.

  403. In between freezing zucchini (from the neighbors) and beans (from more neighbors, I am doing some scrapping! That’s always FUN!.

  404. eating jelly beans…but only my favourite colours!!

  405. Clean up and reclaim my studio! That in and of itself isn’t so fun I guess, but the resulting fun I will be able to have in there will more than make up for the work involved up front!!

  406. you know what? i’ve just comehome from a week in Nevada and Utah – i attended the last CKU – and it was great!

  407. Debbie J. says:

    Sending happy mail to the GrandLittles!! I LOVE going to the mailbox and finding something bright and happy (rather than the usual bills) …… so I’m spreading that fun!

  408. I’m going to watch the DVD of my son performing in his college production of “Beauty and the Beast.” Fun!

  409. We had a neighborhood Children’s Art Show. each child could bring 3 pieces. We hung up pictures on a laundry line. Took a photo of each kid in front of their work and a group shot. There were juice and cookies. So much FUN!

  410. Sitting in the yard and reading in the peace and quiet as the sun goes down. Aaaahhh….

  411. Planning a big trip for my family, totally in secret. I can never keep anything from my husband, and so far, he has no idea on this one!! It has been so much fun. Yet, I can’t wait to tell them, then we’ll all be in for tons of fun!!

  412. Lea (Birmingham, UK) says:

    Cooking a romantic meal for my fiancée as a surprise for when he comes home from work. I don’t think there is anything more fun than surprising the people you love. Lea. X

  413. Today we will be helping our son celebrate his 17th birthday…I so love him! It will be fun!

  414. I am meeting up with 2 of my amazing friends!!

  415. Heading to our favorite beach on Lake Michigan!! Complete with sand, seagulls, waves and a cool stream!

  416. Amanda P. says:

    We went to Seven Peaks Waterpark and had SNOWCONES!!! My favorite!

  417. Today I let my mom take my kids to the fair and I had fun at Target by myself and at home by myself – 2 places I rarely get to be by myself!

  418. I am making homemade blueberry popsicles today…from Martha Stewart recipe on her site…yum!

  419. Today, just for fun, I’m waiting for the perfect moment to “pay it forward” after having my Subway lunch bought for me by a stranger yesterday that was in front of me in line. And no I didn’t get to thank them, because they were gone in a blur. So I’m going to do the same kind of hidden fun thing for somebody! I’m excited!!
    Lori P.

  420. Sue in Grapevine says:

    having lunch w/ my DD’s best friend from high school. Now that they are busy college girls, we only get to see her a couple times a year.

  421. Took my kids to a park for a playdate today, our first of many I’m sure. Went to Michaels for a mini album I want to make from a gift card tin that says Happy birthday. I want to use it for my son’s past birthday. That’s my fun!

  422. Since it is a rainy, cool day, we made chocolate chip cookies. They are the best fresh out of the oven with a glass of cold milk.

  423. Well I am still hoping to have some fun today (school shopping has to be done). I would love to get to the bookstore as there is a number of new books I want to get. But first there was laundry, dishes and lunches to make and then off to work which includes the volunteer stuff which at moment means I have to help create question to find replacement principal for my daughters’ school. First day of school is August 31st. Yikes. I need a new book to destress with.

  424. Celebrating my son’s b-day. He turned 15. When did I get old enough to be a mom to a 15 year old? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was changing his diaper?

  425. I actually got to go out by myself today, and had a little time on my own with no one talking to me, other than the sweet waitress offering me more diet Coke! :-) Such a treat–we have six children and my guy travels a lot for work, so this was much-needed.
    …and then I came home to three sick children, with fevers and vomiting…sigh…glad I got some time out!

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