my brother the bike lover.

This is Cougar. He loves mountain biking.


This is the bike park that Cougar dreamed up, and built.


This is the video that Cougar loves to watch. He says, "mad skills" over and over as he watches it.

If I were you, I'd grab someone (anyone) and ask them if they want to see something inspiring. Then sit and invest 5 and half minutes in mind-expanding appreciation of what people can do when they work hard.

I love that everyone has a passion. I love that we live in a world when passionate people can learn and watch and be inspired by other passionate people.

so cool.


  1. Absolutely amazing. I would never have imagined someone could do that with a bicycle.
    How many bones has he broken?!

  2. Tanya K. says:

    That was incredible!

  3. What an awesome looking park! Great job, Cougar!

  4. Wow! Plus I’m happy to see he is wearing a helmet.

  5. Amazing clip. I can’t wait for my son to get home to show it to him. If you’d like to see what a young lady can do with a bicycle, it’s not as daring, but it’s beautiful, here’s a link to a YouTube video: if the link doesn’t work, then search on Bicycle Ballerina.

  6. Wow! That was amazing! I’m so glad he had on a helmet!!
    Hugs, Christine

  7. “Everyone has a passion.” Have you seen “Julie and Julia”? Great movie about deciding to be gazelle intense and pursue something.
    Made me think of you and LOM. How it inspires us to say “YES” and change the way we do things and feel a sense of completion!!

  8. Yeah! And go over and check out Ali Edwards’ blog…”The Wedding Dance.” More inspiration and FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! I mean it. Go look!

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