one day in Seattle. (edited)

Today is what I like to call a Seattle celebration.

IMG_5169I've shared this photo once before, but it's worth repeating. This is Clark standing in front of Ivars on the Seattle waterfront, where the seagulls sweep down and scoop up French fries that you hold in your hand.

Chase, Trey, Taft, Addie and I drove here from Spokane yesterday and we are celebrating Seattle for one day with our dear friends, the Lambsons. Don was Lisa Bearnson's founding partner at Creating Keepsakes magazine and I have known and worked with them for over a decade. I used to travel with Deanna (Don's wife) to film segments on the PBS show, More than Memories — she is the one that introduced me to filming. Then when I was editor at Simple Scrapbooks, I would haul my kids to Utah every summer for two weeks for strategy and planning meetings and we would all stay at the Lambson's home. We have had so much FUN over the years. The Lambsons have never been to Seattle before, so they asked if we could drive over and meet them. We could only manage one day this week (I'll explain that later) but hey, one day is one day and I'm tickled that we get to be together and do some catching up. 

I'm going to try some remote posting, so stay tuned — and have a wonderful Monday.

(photo highlights posted Tuesday, August 11th)


My inspiration shot.


My funny shot.


My best seagull eating French fry shot.


My cutest person eating French fry shot.


The "I'm so glad someone else has a camera" shot.


The Lambsons shot. We LOVE you guys — thanks for the FUN day.


  1. Have a great day in Seattle!!! I’m sorry it isn’t one of those “bluest skys you’ve ever seen are in Seattle” day, but it will be nice for “touring”. A fun thing is taking the “Duck” it’s a FUN way to experience all that Seattle has to offer.
    Have FUN

  2. Karen Hobbs says:

    I love that photo, I remember it from before too! Have an amazing day on this side of the mountains! Typical Seattle weather just for you and your friends today.

  3. Hi Stacy! I was just looking as some VERY old CK mags the other day and wondered what happened to Deanna Lambson. When I was on maternity leave with my first child I used to watch you two on More than Memories every week. I always loved Deanna’s work! Does she still scrapbook? If so, please link us to her blog so we can admire her creativity again. Thanks.

  4. Dixie Lee says:

    That photo brings back memories of walking from my dorm at u-dub to have fish and chips outside on the lake…or if I was really splurging salmon and chips.

  5. My favorite place SEATTLE!! Ok I live here :) Enjoy the cool weather!

  6. I just have to tell you that I had an “aha” moment today. Today my oldest son turned ten and I quickly put together a small photo album scrapbook for his party. I grabbed around 24 photos that show random memories from the past ten years. A few weeks ago I had taken a picture of him trimming with the weed whacker (one of his favorite jobs – go figure). Then this past weekend as I was going through photo albums of him at his second birthday, I found a picture of him with his favorite gift that year – a toy weed whacker. I knew right then that those two pictures belonged together. Thank you for writing Photo Freedom – it has enabled me to organize my memory keeping and give my family memories of the details of our life. Plus, it has freed me to scrap what’s meaningful like how in a flash my first baby is now ten. My simple little photo book album brought tears to those who looked at it tonight. Thanks for all you do to inspire all of us. Dawn Finley

  7. Dawn,
    Wow. Thank you for taking the time to leave this comment. I LOVE hearing about moments like these. It takes a TON of work to get the Library of Memories system up and running, but it’s worth it.
    I’d love to see a photo or two of the photo album you made?!

  8. This was one of my favorite places at the waterfront when we lived there! We always came for the chowder and the fried oysters.

  9. Karen,
    Deanna still loves scrapbooking. She is not doing as much as she used to, but she made a really cool DVD for her graduating senior this past Christmas. She prints MOST of her photos and slips them in storage binders (photo albums) so that her family can enjoy the pictures they take. She generally prints doubles or has duplicate shots, so when she feels inspired to scrapbook, she just pulls pictures from her photo albums.
    She doesn’t have a blog.
    It was so fun to spend time with her!

  10. The DUCK tours look so fun. The Lambsons might be doing this today!

  11. Oh Stacy! You made me homesick! I love Seattle and wish we didn’t have to move away. We have been gone for a year and I crave Ivars chowder and Starbucks! What a beautiful city to enjoy time with your friends.

  12. too bad it was yucky weather this week…but glad it wasnt 106 like last week. This weeks weather is probably more of what they expected to see in Seattle though.

  13. Stacy,
    Love your blog! You always make me smile. Thanks for that! I just thought I would let you know to keep your eye out for my son. He just arrived in the Spokane WA mission on the 27th of July, he is serving in Hayden ID for his first area but you never know he just might end up in your ward. It is that small of a world in the church you know! Lol!! His name is Elder Kolby Peterson, he is very adorable and loved and missed alot by his Mom! ME :) If you happen to see him give him a hug for me, okay?! Thanks Stacy!

  14. Keri,
    I most definitely will keep an eye out for Elder Peterson. Geoff is our ward mission leader and I am a ward missionary, so we work closely with missionaries in our ward.
    You never know!

  15. Yum! So making me miss home. I love IVARS!!

  16. Dixie Lee says:

    Lake Union picture of your family at Ivar’s…love it.

  17. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Love the group shot with the Space Needle in the background.

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