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So, I'm here with friendly reminder that August is already half over and you need to spend a few minutes exploring the FREE Summer classroom at Big Picture Scrapbooking. This is a promotion that we do every year and this year Lisa Damrosch, one of our featured teachers shares a source of personal inspiration in the work of photographer Chase Jarvis. Lisa introduced me to Chase several months ago and I've really enjoyed popping onto his blog and following along from time to time, so I thought I'd give you a few additional chances to get to know his work better.

First up is a teaser video that posted on YouTube to promote a talk Chase gave this past June in Denver, CO.

Careful: It has a surprise ending!

Because I love to run (at least on most days) I am very fond of this video that Chase produced for Laura.  Laura (who I do not know) lives and runs in Seattle. Some of the footage is shot at Gas Works Park, which sits directly across Lake Union from the city. The kids and I were just there a week ago (with the Lambsons) In fact, I finished a scrapbook page Wednesday morning with pictures that Taft took at Gas Works. I dropped my layouts off with Angie Lucas yesterday and she and Ella are going to do something very FUN with them, but I digress … back to Laura.

If you have time, WATCH this last video. This is the talk that Chase gave at the Art Director's Club of Denver. It's long, but I LOVE listening to stuff like this while I scrapbook.

Chase Jarvis CURRENT: The Consequences of Creativity from Chase Jarvis on Vimeo.

I'm just exceptionally grateful for inspiring people and for the Internet that allows me free access to their inspiration.

Geoff and I are in Utah this weekend, with his best friend (collage roommate) Nolan and his wife. This will be our third year, meeting up with them at BYU for Education Week. I'll be soaking up inspiration ALL Day.


  1. Hi Stacy :) 1. I’m up early today – one of my goals that I’m committed to accomplishing this year is waking up at 5 am – and I usually think to myself – if Stacy Julian can get up this early then so can I. 2. I’m excited about your Ella project with Lain! Can’t wait to see! 3. You’ve got a typo up there but DO NOT worry about it! (I had a law office client call yesterday & say that I used “effect” when I should have used “affect” in my welcome letter and that just bugged me – and I’m NOT changing it – even though I looked it up and technically she’s right). 4. Thank you for the Free August BPS class – very wonderful :) 5. Ok, the reason I’m leaving a comment – your little link within thing has pictures of brightly colored seatbelts – I have a purse made from brightly colored seatbelts that yes I have scrapbooked about and I brought it to CHA and none other than Carol Duval said she liked it. I bought it at a little store on St. Pete Beach called Simply Perfect that carries all sorts of cutie pie stuff like Little Miss Matched socks and Sticks furniture etc. Here’s a link to the seatbelt purse: ok, hold on – I’ll put it in another comment. :) Katie. AND P.S. – I did get my overpriced perfect brownie pans – finally! – and it actually does make perfect brownies – I am in love (but you can get one for much less money than I spent by calling the 1-800 number at the craft store with a coupon).

  2. Link to the seat belt purse: http://www.highhillgifts.com/Pictures/Brown-Large-Seat-Belt-Purse.jpg.
    Link to my scrapbooking page about the seatbelt purse (which was coincidentally made for a challenge you had going on the old Simple blog): http://kissandtellscrapbooking.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/08/stacys-challeng.html

  3. Dixie Lee says:

    I miss Gasworks Park + kite-flying.

  4. Kary in Colorado says:

    Oh, Education Week! I’m so jealous! Our school district always starts school the same week as Education Week, so until the last chick is out of the nest, I’ll just have to be content with BYU TV replays of some of the classes. Sigh. And I even have a BYU freshman this year!! I hope you had a wonderful week!

  5. Linda Mann says:

    Oh, I would love to be at Education Week. I use to go every other year with my parents until my dad died in 2006. I miss being there. Enjoy.

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