this post was brought to you by the number 7.

I guess I'm on a bit of a YouTube kick, but I'm in a the mood for a Friday Flashback. When's the last time you saw The Alligator King and his 7 sons?

I bought a Sesame Street DVD to play in the van several months ago and this little diddy has emerged as a favorite.

Trey + Taft both has every word memorized.
Anyway, have a listen and see if it doesn't make you SMILE.
Happy Friday (and have a wonderful weekend!)


  1. Thanks for the video–I like the one who brought perfume that smelled like cheap cigars!

  2. I am a 40 year old woman, an *I* still know all of the words to that one from when I was a kid!! We’ve got the same video clip in a Sesame Street computer game, and my children laugh at me because I can still sing along (to it, and many others!) Sesame Street ROCKS!

  3. I had forgotten about this one – thanks for the clip! I love Sesame Street – still:)

  4. My girls and I spent some time on You Tube one day watching clips of Sesame Street. It’s still on tv, but it’s not the same as it was when I was little.

  5. Boy, I had forgotten this one! I can see two little boys sitting in front of the tv soaking it all in.

  6. Wow…there’s a flashback..LOVE IT!

  7. I know that was one of my favorites from watching when I was a kid! Thanks for the memories!

  8. ALWAYS one of my favorites! Now I want to hear Ladybug Picnic… :)

  9. Love that one!

  10. yipee love it happy friday to you too..

  11. I have the same DVD for my 3 year old girlie and she always looks at me strange when I sing along to this song, and a few other “oldie-but-goodies.”

  12. I actually don’t remember that one at all, but I would say that Sesame Street should definitely be one of the 7 wonders of our age. Thanks for the smile!

  13. I don’t recall that one, but have to say that Sesame Street is one of the seven wonders of our age. Thanks for the smile!

  14. the alligator king was always one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Totally agree!!!! I have always loved that one!!! Thanks for the memories!
    Hugs, Monica in St. Louis

  16. What a great pick-me-up! It was such a “blast from the past” to hear that again! Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. This one always brings a smile. I also enjoy the ladybug picnic and while not countimg, Jelly Man Kelly with James Taylor is another favorite!

  18. Lisa Flanagan says:

    thank you so much for bringing a piece of my childhood back to me!

  19. wow, that WAS a blast from the past- I used to love this one almost as much as the one with the space aliens and the clock!!

  20. That’s DH’s all time favorite Sesame Street song. Our 13yo sang it for her school talent show in 1st grade.

  21. Loved it!! I’m 38 and still remeber this one :) Thanks for the memory!

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