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Friday, my cousin Melissa (Missy) and her husband Chris and their kids, Bayley, Kaitlyn and Josh drove over for the weekend. They moved to Seattle this spring and so we wanted to be the first to introduce them to the Inland Northwest. We so enjoyed their visit …

We headed to Coeur d' Alene on Friday night and ate at Hudson's Hamburgers which has been a favorite for a full century (that's 100 years) they don't do anything but hamburgers and don't ask for a straw either. We love to take visitors to Hudson's. After we ate, we just hung out on the beach and Clark took a few brave souls to Tubb's Hill to jump off really BIG rocks.


Our first stop Saturday morning was the BIG red wagon and alphabet blocks at Riverfront Park. Both make for great photos.


 Tickets to ride the rides are a bit pricey these days, but we bought a punch card that allowed everyone to pick ONE ride. Some of us opted for the Ferris Wheel.


At 44, I'm still delighted by the fact that the same people who start out in front of you end up riding your tail.


This is me shooting UP.


And this is me shooting DOWN. 

And this is my MOST FAVORITE photo of the weekend …


I set my camera to action mode and got lucky!

We played a great game of kick game on Saturday afternoon — Chris was dealing with a painful back, so we gave him a break on the pyramid.


Seriously so much FUN. Thanks Bissendens — we LOVE you!!

After a BBQ that night, the big girls all stayed up to work on an upcoming BPS project for me. I get to be a guest designer for Kolette's Life Well Crafted class in November and I'm really excited! If you haven't signed up for the FREE audio version of this inspiring class, click on the link above and get registered. From there you can join in month to month and enjoy ALL of the goodness that the yearlong students have been enjoying ALL year long.

Today … I slept in (til 6:30) cause I was exhausted. I'm learning to cut myself some slack on Mondays. Our summer weekends have been pretty full and so I've unofficially instigated slow-mo Monday mornings and no make-up Mondays. I've decided to allow myself a slower start with time to calendar the week, shop and run errands. I try to be done around 1:00 so I can get organized at work too, but … it's OK if I don't make it.

Today … I walked around Pier One. This is good for my creativity. I'm anxious to spend some time and energy on corners of my house that have been ignored for the last several months. I can feel that fall "get organized" buzz coming on. I bought a small/tall table for my dining room (on sale) and some little gifts I needed.

Today … I had a really good talk with one of my sisters and my mom. I thought how lucky we are that we can connect so easily these days. I can drive and shop and talk and I LOVE that.

Today … I went to Costco hungry. This is NOT a good idea. I mostly bought good stuff, but I did splurge here and there.

Today … I FINALLY stopped at the fabric store and bought fabric to cover my new kitchen chairs. I'm very excited for this project, so it will be number one on my list this coming weekend. I've got three more kids to do school shopping with. 

Today … I came home to a cute box tied with polka dot ribbon and stuffed full of homemade brownies. Thanks Kiley!

Today … in fact RIGHT NOW, we are driving to the elementary school to see the class lists. So exciting!

Tonight … We are having a going away party/family home evening for Lauren (at her mom's house.) We are really going to miss her, but we're excited to get to know Jennifer. I'll introduce you to her later this week.

Be Happy.


  1. I have a picture of my sister and I and then my girls, years later in the Big Red Wagon! And on the Loff Carasouel.
    Fall is like the nesting stage of pregnancy.
    First day of school here today in Northern Alberta…grades 3 & 1.

  2. simple living

    Photo by David M*. I received a couple of emails asking me what I meant by simple living and the reasons I named my blog the way I did. I meant to write this post for a while, I just needed some time to think it over. First thing first, I will tell you…

  3. Shelby Austin says:

    We LOVE Hudsons Hamburgers. I grew up in Spokane and now live in southern Alberta (funny that your two comments are from Albertans) and we always time our drives so that its lunch time in Cda.

  4. I also have a cool picture from that wagon! When I was teaching at Great Falls High School, I always chaperoned the choir tours because one of my best friends was the director… we went to WA a few times as she was originally from the Tacoma area. They had some performances in Spokane and we got a shot with the entire choir in/around the wagon. Fun!

  5. DRATS. That was me, not Tina, that had the wagon story. I was logged in as her doing some last-minute preparations for the new Write.Click.Scrapbook. gallery tomorrow!
    : )
    Elizabeth, not Tina

  6. Kristen Card says:

    Slo-mo Mondays … I love it! I hope you don’t mind if I adopt your concept, Stacy — and kudos to you for giving yourself a little grace! :)

  7. What a fun weekend! No wonder you have to have Slo=Mo Mondays. I get tired just reading about your weekend. LOL Love the big wagon and the building block photos. What a fun place!

  8. Elizabeth (and Tina)
    I’m so behind on my WCS assignments. YIKES. I will get my September page done and I am hoping when I do, you’ll give me a tardy slip and pass to class?!
    p.s. The gallery looks so great!

  9. Tracy,
    The Carousel celebrates 100 years this year. It was built in 1909. You should definitely come for another visit!

  10. Melissa Bissenden says:

    Love the pictures. We had a fabulous time!! We love you guys and can’t wait until our next adventure :)

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