Ahh, September …

I LOVE September. 

I LOVE the cooler, darker mornings (really.)

I LOVE that I need to light my candle in the morning (see above.)

I LOVE the smell in the air.

I LOVE the mums on my porch.

I LOVE the urge to clean and organize and make projects I've been wanting to make. NOTE: please don't assume I am cleaning, organizing and projecting. My kids just went back to school and for now I'm just loving the urge to do those things. I am making soup tonight and that is a step in the direction of fall!


I am especially LOVING the chance to look back on last year. Last September, my Have More FUN students and I made something lovely. We made a big, FAT 12×12 album appropriately titled, 30 Days Hath September. This is my second month-long, totally intense daily scrapbook. I did a May Everyday album in 2005. I have to say that I LOVE looking back through albums like these …
They are so FULL of little details that you simply cannot remember. If you took Have More FUN with me, don't forget to pull out your September album and browse through it — even if it's NOT all the way done!

September also reminds me that it's almost OCTOBER. If YOU participated with me in the Give Yourself a Present one year ago, then it's time to pull out your little mini book and look at it again. Put it in your purse or bag and carry it with you for a week or so. Look at everyday and even multiple times a day. Look at each page and think about how life has changed or is changing …  I'll be back soon with more instructions.


Today is 9.09.09 and it's a wonderful September day for Amy Krouse Rosenthal and a 200 person team she has invited to help her create a feature film, called the Beckoning of Lovely. If you've not heard of this entirely delightful project, I encourage you to visit the beckoningoflovely.com — it's quirky, but it makes you think about the collective good people can do. It also makes you appreciate the creative risks that people (like Amy and her friends) take to more fully engage with life.

If you invited perfect strangers to a park near your home and you promised to carry a yellow umbrella, what would you do when people showed up?


  1. Stacy,
    I took Have More Fun last year, and it is even MORE fun to look at it this September and see what I was doing then. Several changes have taken place this year so I should really do another one!

  2. I would love to do an album with you…I’m up forFUN and productivity! Right now I’m into Me: TAV with Cathy Z at The Big Picture. Really good stuff, no disappointments. Talking about FUN things, did you ever decide what you were going to do when you did your last FUN post a few weeks ago? I left a comment, but hadn’t seen what was in store! BTW-Miss you and the Simple Scrapbooks gals…but am following them on their blogs, at Ella Publishing and Write.Click.Scrapbook. I’ve only been scrapping 2 years, but love every minute. And it’s fun to see how I’ve evolved in that short period of time.

  3. Stacy, is there anywhere that I could see MORE pictures of this album… it looks so interesting- I would LOVE to do a project like this one…

  4. thanks for the note – channeling my inner stacy now!

  5. (i have magazine type people here taking my picture (& i’m kind of nervous) – i’ll fill you in on all the details soon – its scrapbooking related)

  6. Oh my goodness — I can’t wait!

  7. LOVE my september album from last year1 I did mine in a three-up format so it’s quick and simple – a page a day – a great little book of insight as we were adjusting to being empty -nesters. THanks [again!] for the class!

  8. Off to look through my 30 Days album. My girls just love it. I’m sure that Me the Abridged Version will rank right up there also.

  9. September IS a great month! One of these months I should put together a month-long album. I did a year long ‘Joy’ album last year and I love looking back at it from time to time.

  10. I still have my “Give Yourself a Present” mini album sitting on my desk. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since you asked me to do that!

  11. I would take a photo and probably give them all popcicles — I give them to the neighborhood kids all the time — why not umbrella people?
    How did the photo scrapbooking go this past weekend?

  12. I must say… I’ve been LOVING looking through my Give Yourself a Present mini throughout the year. Though I call mine, “Treasure Each Day.” I was going through a VERY hard time then. I was simply miserable. So it’s so nice to go back and look at it… realizing that I’m SO much happier today. :D

  13. I am planning on doing a week in my life in october. I will note all the things I do, how many times and where.
    Thank you for the inspiring post

  14. I loved the HMF class, that was the BOMB!

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