Don’t miss this! (chance to win)


all photos by Elisha Snow.

Today at 5:00 pm (pacific standard time) there will be a limited number of seats available in a BRAND NEW photography class at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Unlike any other class currently available, our new Get Great Photos with Any Camera has been developed to help those with point and shoot digital cameras—at an affordable price. You get four weeks of expert guidance and interaction for just $49!


If I had a title at BPS (besides founder) I think it would be creative director. It's up to me to envision what our growing community of scrapbook enthusiasts need — I listen to feedback and then I try to imagine classrooms where the passion and expertise of a teacher is mingled with the skills and readiness of an independent learner. I search out opportunities for meeting needs that aren't being adequately met — I try to see beyond general observations, like "better pictures make better scrapbooks" (duh.) to discover WHY fundamental skills matter in our lives and in our scrapbooking. For me, it's about magnifying the chances we have to engage with and appreciate life on a deeper level. And while I didn't set out this morning to wax philosophical on you … I do want you to know that I'm THRILLED to bring you Elisha Snow.


Elisha says that when she looks through the lens of her camera she is able to see the soul of her subject and that this ability drives her desire to get better and better at capturing light and shadow that create depth and emotion in images of people, places and even things she loves.

I met Elisha when we hired her to write and work at Simple Scrapbooks magazine. One of her very first assignments was to fly to Spokane and help me organize the content for a special issue we did on color. I've known Elisha for a long time and I've watched her discover and develop her gift and passion for photography. If we treat her right, I'm hopeful that she will be around for a long time to share her excitement and knowledge with the BPS family — and you should know that Get Great Photos with Any Camera is the first workshop in a three-part series designed to teach and transform people with cameras into photographers with new eyes.

If you're one who wishes she could have a "fancy" camera so you could take better pictures, then …
Leave me a comment and tell me …

children or

which photo is your favorite and YOU could win a spot in Elisha's class. 

I'll close the comments and post a winner at precisely 4:00 pm.


  1. Love them all but the Cookies is my favorite.

  2. Children! I have a 3 year old and would love to be able to take interesting, fun and original photos of him with my camera. Thanks for the opportunity to win a place on this Elisha Snow class.

  3. My favorite photo are children. You can capture the pure joy and innocence of childhood throught their eyes.

  4. Children, because I have to wonderful boys, Puppies, because we just got a new 9 week old puppy, and cookies, who doesn’t love cookies.
    Three-way tie.

  5. Valarie Dennis says:

    I have an emotional responce to all of them, but I want to learn how to do the skills required to shoot the cookies and milk shot. My heart, though, loves the puppy shot. I want to reach out and cuddle that doggie!

  6. Puppies! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. COOKIES :)

  8. Puppies! :D

  9. Definitely cookies =D especially with the milk. Thanks!

  10. Cookies all the way!

  11. I’m all about the kids! Although those cookies do look good…

  12. Cookies is my favorite – I love the definition! I am so excited for this class – I just hope to get a spot!

  13. Better photos of children, but I love the puppy shot best.

  14. I love cookies, but I love my daughter more, and want to learn to capture her in the best way possible. I’d love to win this class!

  15. My favorite is definitely the ‘puppies’ photo… that is just so precious! :-)

  16. Normally I would say Puppies, but that photo of the little girl with the great big magnifying glass is just too precious!

  17. My pregnant belly is telling me that the best photo is the cookies one. . .mmmm. . .

  18. Love the shot with the cookies. I have a similar one as my avatar on Twitter.

  19. Why, cookies of course!!

  20. I have to say children. How can you not love their honest and funny expressions?

  21. The puppy is adorably, heart-meltingly cute, but I have to choose the picture of the adorable child — I’m a total sucker for the curiosity and those cheeks!
    Crossing every finger on both hands!!!!!

  22. Cookies!

  23. Cookies all the way!

  24. puppy! i’m a sucker for puppies (esp. because i’m allergic and can only enjoy from afar or in limited doses!)

  25. I have to go with Cookies!!! :D

  26. I’m hungry right now, so I’ve got to go with the cookies!

  27. Debbie McIntyre says:

    Cookies! Could just reach into the computer and grab one right now.

  28. Children! Oh to capture those precious moments when they are little and full of wonder!

  29. I have to go with the puppy on this one….we have a new doggy at our house so we are always trying to get good pictures of our dog.

  30. Children!! But cookies are so yummy!!

  31. First instinct is the puppies picture just cause its so cute. At second look I love the composition of the cookies one.

  32. gotta go with puppies!

  33. The mom in me says children, but the busy homeschool teacher in me who still hasn’t had her breakfast screams COOKIES!

  34. PUPPIES!!!!

  35. Cookies!
    I love how the focus is on the cookies, and how everything in the background is all blurry. I have always thought you couldn’t do that with a regular point and shoot. If this is the results of taking her class, then I want in!
    Thanks Stacy for always coming up with ways to enhance our projects, pictures and for the inspiration in this wonderful hobby of ours.

  36. Puppies! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. kristy Chuhaloff says:

    The puppie picture is a great shot….very creative!

  38. Children…although they are all awesome!

  39. Love them all but I have to go with the cookies! I struggle with all the fancy settings my camera has trying to blur out backgrounds like that.

  40. A favorite other than all of them? =)
    Since I’m hungry… I have to go with the cookies. I would love to take this class!!!

  41. I think I’ll go with cookies :-)

  42. Love all the photos…my favorite is the cookies!
    ~ Kathy C.

  43. Puppies! They have such great eyes! Thanks!!

  44. Cookies. Most definitely the cookies.

  45. I go with the cookies. I wish I could get that shallow depth of field on my point-and-shoot. The depth of field is the reason I dream for the fancy camera.

  46. cookies
    (oreos are my fave)

  47. I love the puppy photo but I am a sucker for a cute puppy face :). I would love to take this class!!!

  48. I love the child photo! Super cute, tells a story!

  49. My favorite is the cookies – I want to learn how to capture the soul a non-breathing thing in photographs! :) Such a fabulous photo!

  50. I love the cookies and milk shot, not that the other 2 aren’t cute but that the snack is actually worthy of being remembered as a part of everyday blessings and/or routine.

  51. I love the puppy picture! I’d love to learn to take better pictures. Sometimes I blame the fact that I don’t scrapbook on the fact that my pictures are never very good. It would be good to lose the excuse! :)

  52. Melony Wells says:

    After reading about Angie Lucas’s dog, Ruby, my heart went straight to the puppy pic.
    BTW – You do an incredible job at BPS of putting together relevant & exciting classes and the teachers you’ve managed to wrangle are the reason BPS is so amazing.

  53. oh wow, I love them all…if I had to pick one, I’d pick children cause I love seeing the world through my kids eyes and that photo just speaks to me in that way. I would love to win the seat, thanks for the chance :)

  54. They are all fabulous photos, and I choose the one of the little girl. Her soul is there for all to see, even when you can’t see her eyes.

  55. I love photos of kids when they are not paying attention. I look over my kids photos again and again just because I want to see how they changed.

  56. Okay, all of the photos are great, but I really loved the cookies & milk shot. Its a good reminder to take pics of the everyday. Can hardly wait to take Elisha’s class!

  57. The cookies. But then, I skipped breakfast so I may be completely biased.

  58. Melaney McKellar says:

    You have totally summed me up….I so much would love to have a better camera to take better pictures…but I know if I take better pictures with the camera I have…when I am able to get a better camera my photos will be over the top! I am going to Ireland in Nov and would lover to be able to bring back home great photos to show everyone! Thanks for giving me an opportunity! By the way….the cookies! It is all about the food! :)

  59. Although I love the child photo and dream of taking better photos of my first grandchild, it is the cookie photo I like best. It dramatically documents the ordinary, everyday things in life. I have the fancy camera but rely on the automatic features. I would love to learn how to get better photos beginning with using the auto features and growing into choosing my settings.

  60. I’m not a big fan of animals, but I love the composition on the puppies shot. Besides, I’m trying to eat healthier, so I can’t even look at the oreos. ;)

  61. Puppies. Absolutely. This is a wonderful class idea. Thanks, Stacey!

  62. Love all three, but puppies is my favourite.

  63. I’m a photography lover, but I would love for my mom to take this class! She gets discouraged when her P&S pictures don’t turn out like mine. Her birthday is next month, so this would be a perfect treat. Speaking of treats, my favorite picture is the Oreo shot. 5 months pregnant and growing, I’d love to sit down with a stack of Oreos and glass of milk right about now.

  64. Cookies. I’d love to win.

  65. I love the cookies photo. So simple yet it speaks volumes. Sounds like a great class.

  66. I never thought of taking pictures of cookies so I will go with that one! Yum…

  67. Puppy!!! Who could resist that face

  68. cookies i love taking pictures of the details of everyday momoents

  69. puppies for me – I I don’t have a little puppy in my life for me to practice taking such a gorgeous photo of. Who could resist the total innocence of that sweet face and those eyes??

  70. I’m torn between your Children and Cookies pictures you posted – but think I’ll stick with Children! Very interesting angle and depth of focus chosen to share the wonder of exploration WITH the child. I’m SO psyched to see this class coming! My note-to-self is posted to be ON the computer at 5p PDT to register! You’re such a wizard at creating a “rush” and it’s been seriously needed at BPS, I’m certain it’ll sell out in moments! So – I’ll stop, drop, and register. The world can stand still for 5 min for that to happen, right? ;-) Thanks for the photography series! Really looking forward to it – and thanks for the non-SLR approach! Yippeeee!

  71. To take photos of, children because they have such an exuberance for life and a simpler way of looking at things that makes me take time to remember… I don’t want to take pictures of cookies I want to eat them! Especially a double chocolate chip…ummm…hmmm..maybe I’ll have to go bake a batch! Thanks for the chance to win.

  72. Cookies, and you’re making me hungry :)

  73. puppies!

  74. I love them all, but I guess I’ll go with COOKIES… Love the way that photo was taken!!

  75. Children – so cute, innocent – discovering the world.

  76. Children. What is going through the little girl’s head as she is exploring our beautiful world!

  77. I would have to say the little girl photo…reminds me of my little one. But the puppy one is cute too!

  78. Wow, the puppy is adorable, but I’m starving so I choose the cookies. I could really use this class, thanks for the great giveaway. Love BPS!

  79. for me it’s the children. so much wonder captured getting down on their level.

  80. Hannah Wilde says:

    it’s a a toss up, I love the undyeing devotion that you can capture with puppies, the spontanaity of children and the absolute gratification of cookies, but I am going to have to go with…………
    geesh, I am so on the fence here…… and the winner is….PUPPIES

  81. The little girl. It so caputures the moment.

  82. I love this puppy photo in particular, but normally gravitate towards photos of children, especially spontaneous ones! :)

  83. I am torn between puppies & children. Both really are as open, true and real as you can get. The picture of the puppy just makes me feel warm. The look on its face shows just how content & secure it feels. With the child, you’re capturing a moment that just may reflect a lifelong interest!

  84. I have to say the puppy. It doesn’t help that I am in puppy gettin’ mode :)

  85. Three of my favorite things – hmmm how can you decide. How ’bout a child with a cookie in hand and a puppie snatching it of it’s fingers??

  86. My personal favorite is the cookies because it’s most like the photos I need to learn how to take of my products. (I have an online jewelry business.)
    However, the photo of the puppy captures so much emotion behind those eyes I just melt. I would LOVE to learn how to photograph like that.

  87. Cookies. It’s lunch time and I haven’t eaten yet.

  88. Children is my pick, especially when you have that one moment to take a picture when they are not posed, realy life taking place, all the wonder in the world taking place in one photo :)

  89. children!! I love taking pic’s of my kids but also of their friends so that I can “story tell” there surroundings, happenings, every day occurances.

  90. I *love* the puppy shot, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, LOL. Can I please, please learn how to do this?

  91. I’m going to go with the cookies. Evil, amazing cookies. :o)

  92. I like all three of the pics for different reasons- they are all pretty cool! :-) Thanks for creating a class for those of us without fancy cameras- yeaaa! :-)

  93. I like the little girl photo best. My son doesn’t like his picture taken often but he is so creative and I want to document that. It would be nice to learn techniques to capture different qualities in my children without having that formal, posed look.

  94. Robin Powell says:

    I’d have to say puppies, with cookies a close second. Not that I don’t like kids, it’s just I don’t have any, so I don’t take a lot of kid photos. I think my dog is the hardest “person” to take photos of because she’s solid black and always moving. If I do get her to hold still my photos turn out like a big black blob with no features. I’d LOVE to be able to take this class!!

  95. I love the picture of the puppy. I can just feel the softness of his/her fur, and he’s/she’s so cuddly.

  96. Not sure if international entries are accepted…. For me it would be children… Capturing the moments of pure innocence and wonder, the fun and joy of being little.(and I have the cutest little nephew now)

  97. Puppies!!! So Cute!

  98. I’m not a huge dog person, but there is something in the eyes of that puppy that gets me. I would really enjoy this class.

  99. puppies :)

  100. Leora Henkin says:

    Normally, I would say children, but I LOVE that picture of the cookies. I finally went digital this year and have the typical point and shoot digital camera. I would SO LOVE to take this class.
    Thanks for the chance,

  101. I would have to go with Puppies .. I don’t have children but do have a dog and I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of her.. it’s a little obnoxious LOL :)

  102. I am not a huge dog person but something in that puppy’s eyes got to me. I would love to take this class. As the poor wife of a medical intern my scrapbooking budget has become nonexistent:)

  103. I love the puppy picture! I think the writing on the shirt is what really caught my attention!!

  104. Puppies. So many things work in this picture. Is it possible to get expression from a dog? His sweet personality sure seems to show through! I would LOVE to learn to take this kind of photo. Can you imagine the talent to make even a picture of Oreos, Art?? amazing.

  105. I have to say the cookie picture, only because it’s something I would never think to do. I love taking pictures of my kids and dogs, but never think to take pictures of things like this. Awesome.

  106. kids….that’s what I shoot most :)

  107. The puppy is stinking cute :)

  108. Cookies and milk. I love to take pictures of special and not so special meals! Looks like a good class!

  109. I like the little girl with the magnifying glass. I love tcapturing their view of the world at that moment. My fancy camera broke, so I just have my little P&S for now and would love to learn more about it.

  110. Cookies and milk! Oreos are my favorite so they grabbed me right away.

  111. Sarah (SEB) says:

    The puppy definitely – how could you not love that face? :-)

  112. Hard to decide which picture. I think the girl with the puppy. It is the most in focus of all of the shots, and that puppy is just adorable. Wish me luck!

  113. I love the picture of the little girl! I want a spot in this class soooooooo bad! I love photography and would love to one day have a SLR camera. I have my alarm on my cell phone set for 10 minutes before it is time to sign up. I don’t want to miss this! Thank you so much for this awesome class!

  114. Children. First off. But then that puppy, but more than the puppy it was the words on the t-shirt that captured my attention and drew me into the photo. I wanted to be able to read it all….

  115. Cookies, definitely!
    This class is an answer to my scrapbooking prayers!

  116. Nancy Barnes says:

    I love them all but I would have to pick the cookies. Oreos are my grandmother’s favorite and one of her “daily essentials”. She’ll be 87 on Halloween and that photo reminds me of her.

  117. I love the puppy picture. You can just feel how happy he is and how much he is loved. Would love to win as I was trying to figure out how I could afford to take this class :)

  118. Holli Careswell says:

    I love the pic of the little girl!

  119. They’re all cute!! But I really like the cookies photo b/c I really want to take this type of photo. I’m dying to get in the class! Thanks for this chance!

  120. I almost said puppies – but the cookies make no mess – unless you count the amount of time you need to workout at the gym to burn the calories!

  121. Cookies for sure! My kids LOVE oreo and it makes me think of them.

  122. I say puppies, well simply because it’s not mine to take care of! Thanks.

  123. I like the puppy picture! That dog is adorable! But I also love the child picture! It’s so hard to get a perfect picture of little ones since they are always on the move! It’s nice when you can get a timeless picture1

  124. Ooooh the oreos…I like all three but the oreos made me hungry! Yummy!

  125. I am so NOT a dog person… and yet that puppy photo just portrays volumes of emotion to me. LOVE it! Would love to learn how to do that with my point & shoot.

  126. I like the perspective on the cookies. Makes me stop and look.

  127. Kids!!!
    Hope I get the chance to take this class either by winning or signing up. I’m ready to learn!

  128. Cookies–hands down. Don’t know quite if I’m hitting the ‘almost-lunchtime sugar low’ or what, but those cookies are looking REALLY good. I feel like I take plenty of pictures of the kids, and as long as they’ll hold still for 2 seconds I can get a decent shot–or crop or tweak it to make it good. But its the objects that I can’t seem to do–is it b/c they don’t have a soul??? Or if they do I’m just not seeing that? Like right now there’s a stack of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books that ds has been reading thru on top of the mantle–but every time i try to take a picture of that, b/c it would make a great LO–it turns out DUMB looking. same with food i’m trying to photograph–my cooking looks scary in pictures.

  129. Since I just gave up sugar, I’ve got to say the COOKIES!! It literally made my tummy growl.

  130. carol in seattle :) says:

    KIDS! Today I woke up feeling extra squishy about my kids. I love seeing them explore this wonderful world! Thanks Stacy! (and Elisha!)

  131. Janet MacKay says:

    My personal fav is “puppies”. I can never seem to get enough of animal pictures. On vacation DH was laughing about me taking pictures of the rooster at a riding stable we visited.

  132. I love the picture of the child! It’s just filled with wonder and innocence. This sounds like it will be another amazing class!

  133. Children!

  134. Definitely the puppies. I love dogs so much!

  135. Cookies!! I love oreos, especially with milk!
    I would love a spot in this class!

  136. Puppies!!!
    I’m at my budget limit for this year on classes to take (I just love BPS’ classes!) but I would so love to check out this class! I’m excited that it’s the first in a set of 3!!

  137. Madeline St Onge says:

    Puppy :)

  138. Cookies of course. Oreo cookies always remind me of my grandpa. They are his favorite and he always had them in the house when I was little. Now my kids are learning that they are Great Grandpa’s favorite too. I love that they get to know him like I did.
    AndI would love to win a spot in this class.

  139. KristiGilbert says:

    Children! My daughter is almost 3 and I LOVE taking pictures of her. I just wish the pics turned out better! I’ve been waiting for a class just like this at BPS, for amateur photographers with “regular” non-fancy cameras so I can’t wait to try to get in Elisha’s class tonight!

  140. borcherding says:

    hands down…CHILDREN!!

  141. I love the puppy shot!!! So excited that this photography class includes point and shoot digital!!!

  142. Puppies or children is a close call, but my nephew and niece are so adorable that I will pick children.

  143. Do I really have to pick one?
    OK OK…I would pick the child.
    I love the vantage point the photo was taken from, its as if you are along side her peering into her magnifying glass with her. So cute! I really need a photography class.

  144. I love all of the photos, but the puppy’s expression just makes me melt!

  145. I love the photo of the child. Despite the fact that the child’s face is hardly showing, you can see the concentration in the child’s eyes as he observes the flowers. Neat!

  146. Cookies…
    Could just be the pregnancy cravings, though!

  147. That puppy is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  148. Yummy oreo’s! Makes me want to eat them! Hhhhmmmm, wonder if I have more in the cookie jar?

  149. If only I could take pictures like like…I have two Nikons…a point and shoot and a digital SLR and lets just say none of my photos of my dog, kids, or cookies look like that. Think Elisha can help me?
    So if I had to pick a photo it would be of the little girl. Love the vantage point it was taken from. It tells a story.
    -Michelle M

  150. I personally like the picture of the little girl! She looks like my little one and I love that the focus is on her soft little cheeks. :)

  151. Children… I have three beautiful girls to photograph, so that may be my motivation.

  152. I am loving the cookie picture…no children…no cookies… hmmm…
    Ok I will stick with cookies if I have to pick just one!
    Jen Ü

  153. Puppies – great shot and the class sounds terrific..going to check it out!

  154. cookies, I’m trying to get my backgrounds to blur.

  155. arimaciasnyc says:

    puppies:) i have the cutest shih-tzu and i have yet to take a really good pic.

  156. The puppy is sooo cute but who could not resist the photo of the little girl exploring her surroundings. Wonderful photos!!!!

  157. Cookies! But, I admit that puppy picture is really cute!

  158. Oooh the cookies!!! This class looks fantastic!!

  159. All three photos touch my emotions (for different reasons!), but I think that the photo of the dog embracing his/her human companion illustrates the power of animals to be integral and necessary part of our lives!

  160. Children…

  161. I love the fabulousness of the everyday…the cookies are definitely my favorite!

  162. Children- I love the light in that shot!

  163. says:

    the puppy – those eyes are wonderful!
    Nina f

  164. Kids. I work with them and I have one very special one at my house. Cookies…..mmm the thought oh so tempting but definitely kids!

  165. tammy Thomas says:

    I love the “people” shot, the details are great, and I love the composition of the photo

  166. That’s a tough choice, but in this case, it’s puppies!

  167. The puppy and its special friend. So much love in that pic.

  168. They are all great!! It’s hard to choose a favorite but my pick would be the puppy photo. I love that he looks so content and happy he has someone that loves him.

  169. What a cool idea for a class! Most photography classes are for DSLRs. I have both, but wish I could take better pics with my point and shoot when I use it.
    Gotta go with the puppy picture. What a sweetie!

  170. That’s a hard one because I have 2 children of my own and 10 Kids in my home day care ,and then we have 1 dog.
    But I would have to say children.
    I would love to win this package (wish me luck)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  171. Tammy Dooley-Pritchett says:

    I have to pick the little girl. Kind of a cool pic…looking at the little girl looking at something through her magnifying glass.

  172. Heather Ippolito says:

    Children are always my favorite subject!! I have a very similar picture of my two year old. Thanks for the chance to win!

  173. Baby – the whole magnifer and deeper view thing really works for me.

  174. the puppy photo is definitely my favorite– that is one cherished dog, and it totally comes thru in the picture! This is a great idea for a class; I get frustrated with my camera sometimes because I can see what I want to get from the pics, but I can’t capture it with my camera.

  175. The puppy. I love the content look on his/her face.

  176. My favorite is the photo of the child – love it! Cookies is a close second though.. :)

  177. It’s hard to pick just one. The puppy is so cute, the little girl looking through the magnifying glass is so innocent and full of curiousity, and the milk and cookies just makes me want them. If I had to pick one I would say cookies, because the picture makes you want to grab one and eat it.

  178. I love the puppy picture! So sweet!

  179. Viki Powell says:

    i love them all, but the puppy is special for me.

  180. I like the perspective of the cookies. But I also like the child picture. :)
    I am soooooo excited about this class and hoping to get a spot in it!

  181. The child, although puppies make me VERY happy! Sounds like a great class!

  182. I love them all, but that PUPPY is so adorable!! I would love to take this class!!

  183. Oooohhh….thanks for a chance to win….I’ve been thinking about this class since I got the email.
    I love the shot of the puppy….what a face.
    Have a great day!

  184. my favorite is the picture of the cookies! i would love to learn how to make the background blur like that.

  185. The cookies are my favorite — not just the subject matter, but I love the depth of the photo — when I try this the light is wrong and my photo ends up looking flat. I could really use this class!

  186. Hmmm this is a toss up between the puppy as he is looking right into the camera and the child. But I will have to choose the child – love kids no matter what angle or what they are doing! Have been considering the class so this is great timing Stacy!

  187. Cookies!! Yum!!! I need a snack!!

  188. The cookies! I think it is because I can’t have them right now!

  189. My favorite is the child–discovering life and getting a closer look!

  190. The girl with the magnifying glass is my favorite. I love her inquisitiveness.

  191. ummm. Oreos win me over every time =)
    I just about this class on her blog yesterday, I would LOVE to win a spot!
    Thank you!

  192. While the other 2 are favorites subjects of mine (and the cookies a favorite treat), the puppy over the shoulder photo got an instant AWWWW! from me when I opened the blog page. It looks like a sweet poodle pup, and I’ve got a poodle too!

  193. Gotta go with the oreos! :)

  194. Give me the coocies!
    Would love to do this class – but I am too old for a wake up call in the middle of the night. :)

  195. I love the child photo! It spoke to me more than the others did! Thsi class sounds like a great class for those of us who don’t have cameras with all the “bells and whistles!” Thanks.

  196. It’s gotta be the cookies. I’m so hungry right now!

  197. Love the composition on the puppy looking over the girl’s shoulder. And who couldn’t love those puppy eyes :)

  198. Debbie House says:

    Stacy…I love the picture of the cookies…I always love photo’s with a blurred background though!! But I’m also a sucker for children ~ I love taking pictures of them!!

  199. So hard to choose but I can never resist a puppy face! Too bad I will be at work today when the registration opens for this class. I love Elisha’s photography skills and have been a follower of hers for quite some time now. I so want to learn how to take much better photos than I do now. Thanks Stacy for the vision of BPS!

  200. Daurene Turpin says:

    Right now it’s the cookies, I can’t have them right now because I am on a Diet. Huggg!

  201. children, but all three are great photos. Love Elisha Snow’s photos and blog.

  202. cookies…yum!

  203. I love the cookies the best, but with a 13 month old running around I need to learn how to get better photos of children with my point and shoot. – mandy b

  204. Cookies – definitely.

  205. Cookies, probably because it’s about lunchtime! :)

  206. Well, I’d have to ppick the child photo, because I love taking photos of my kids and I LOVE when I get a good one (they are so darn fast!)! But cookies are a very close second (om nom nom…)

  207. Definitely children! Although the puppies and cookies rank right up there too . . .
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! What an awesome opportunity to improve on the basics!

  208. Children, for sure.

  209. Children everytime!!! I’m a sucker for a kid, especially if they don’t know you’re around!

  210. The class sounds great! It’s perfect for those of us who are just starting our photography journey and haven’t invested in a fancy camera yet. :) My favorite photo is the cookies – yum!

  211. karen davidson says:

    The puppy shot for sure! Would love to learn to photograph my children and dog, thanks for the chance!!

  212. The puppy pic caught my eye

  213. cookies

  214. I like the photo of the dog because he’s cute and becuase my baby is a 4 legged fur baby of the feline variety.

  215. Cookies, I could use one right now!

  216. Michelle Price says:

    I love all three pictures. I’ve got to say though, I’ve found myself taking lots of pictures of things lately, things from my daily life. I even took a picture of the cookies I made the other day.
    I would love to take this class, but I’m not sure if I can find fifty extra dollars in the budget. Thanks for this opportunity!

  217. Children – love how you can actually see the curiosuty.
    Also I really loved your “job” description. You do it well.

  218. My favorite is the little girl—I love that the picture was taken from above–the perspective is great!

  219. I have to say the cookies and milk–I am trying to watch what I eat. That photo made me want some cookies!!!

  220. I love the Cookies and milk, they don’t make me sneeze or run me till I am exhausted.

  221. I love puppies, children, and cookies…but have to say for this one…definitely CHILDREN!

  222. I’m picking the little girl. I like that not all of her is in the photo…I am always afraid to cut part of my subject out of the shot.

  223. I like all the pictures … the dog is cute and I don’t have to clean up after it, any picture of children makes me go ‘AAHH’, but my favorite is the cookies .. I like the macro effect and the cookies and milk look delicious.

  224. Children – I love to see children explore!

  225. The cookies!!! What a great photo to hang in your kitchen. So fun!!!

  226. I like the puppy picture. Too cute.

  227. mmmmmm…cookies…

  228. cookies….cause i think it creates an effect i can’t get with my point and shoot…i need fancy…or is that the whole point?!? i hope i win the class so i can find out!

  229. Children! I have 2 little girls and they are my favorite subjects in my photos!

  230. My mouth is watering… gotta go with the cookies! That picture is so inviting, I think I’ve gained 5 lbs!

  231. Definately children! Mom of 5 boys, ’nuff said!

  232. Children for sure! They do the neatest things and I love to try and catch the moment!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. COOKIES!!!

  234. Children. They are what cameras were created for. :)

  235. cookies love it :)

  236. Children! For sure.
    Love that the focus is on her looking glass. It draws your eye right to that spot. :)

  237. Scrapycandy says:

    Tough! But I did love the puppy photo. And I am so glad you have vision! You are right about a need to take better photos…I guess I have just been too busy to realize it! Thanks so much for thinking about us.

  238. funny as im NO dog person but i loved the puppy photo – think it was the way elisha captured his eyes and im a sucker for great eyes in a photo. :>

  239. Of your three specific pictures, I like the one of cookies the best, but in general I love pictures of children and that is what I photograph more than anything else.

  240. Mmmm… COOKIES!!! My own children are grown, and I have no grandchildren (yet), so cookies are on my mind the most these days. Heading to the pantry now… ;)

  241. Patricia Manley says:

    Children! I think they are so much fun and challenging, but you can the most beautiful pictures of them!

  242. Stephanie m says:

    I love them all but my favorite is the milk and cookies. I don’t know if it’s because I’m hungry or because I find it difficult to photograph food

  243. Hands down -the little puppy dog face. I love the writing on the shirt, also. Very clever.

  244. For some reason the child photo wouldn’t download for me, ugh…so it might have won, but I am going with the OREO’s. Two favorites here, a favorite treat and a favorite technique: depth of field. Learning to become a better photographer would be even better than eating the Oreo’s!

  245. Cookies! They look so good!

  246. Debra Barker says:

    love all three photos…but I would have to say puppies is my fav!

  247. I’m a softy for puppies so I guess I would have to choose that one. Since I’ve been scrapbooking I look back on pictures taken in the past and wish I had put more thought into taking them and not just capturing the item.

  248. Loved the feeling I got when I looked at the picture of the puppy. PRICELESS!

  249. Kristin Jordan says:

    I’m not an animal person, but I must say the puppy photo is by far my favorite. So cute! :)

  250. Cookies for me! And thanks for the great classes at BPS–I’ve learned a lot!

  251. Stephanie E. says:

    Puppies! So cute!

  252. Children, because I have 5!

  253. No contest. Children!!!

  254. Children mine are growing so fast. 2 are already out of the house. I just love looking at photos and recapturing the memory.

  255. Love the child picture, but the cookies sure have my mouth watering and my tummy growling.
    I would LOVE a chance to win this class!

  256. Cookies. Mmmm…

  257. gosh tough choice, I’m going with cookies though :)

  258. Definitely cookies. Thanks for the chance!

  259. Cookies, let’s face it. Who can pass up a great cookie!

  260. Puppy for me!

  261. awesome class! I would love it!!! my favorite picture? the cookies! Love the focus;)

  262. Julie, momto7 says:

    well, the puppy is cute, and the cookies look delish, but I am always partial to little girls :)

  263. I have to go with puppies – so cute

  264. I like the cookies the best. Maybe because it’s snack time here.

  265. Children. This photo like so many of children, capture their true feelings. That’s why I need to learn more about taking photos, to capture the true moment, feelings and all.

  266. my favorite is children…their expressions are priceless!

  267. It has to be children and puppies sharing cookies, and I seem to have a bunch of those. So sweet! Would love this class..thanks

  268. I have to pick the cookies!!…
    and thanks so much for offering these types of classes – I can’t wait to see the results.

  269. At first I would have said children, then I thought puppies. Then again I would have to say ~ puppies licking childrens faces!! Final answer.

  270. Cookies all the way. I am hungry!

  271. Ohhh, kids! So precious and adorable.

  272. cookies… my favorite!

  273. Angela Weinzierl says:

    The kid photo would have to be my favorite

  274. AngiefromVT says:

    Kids are the best and the hardest to photo!!

  275. The cookies for me. Thanks!

  276. oh, the pain. I started WW yesterday and those cookies. THOSE COOKIES. They got me.

  277. Ah, the milk and cookies. I love the depth of field!

  278. (sing this in your Cookie Monster voice)
    C is for cookies that’s good enough for me!

  279. rebecca keppel says:

    Photos of my kids usually turn out pretty good, but I’ve never taken such an amazing shot of cookies before! Would love to learn how, thanks for the chance :)

  280. I love the cookie shot! Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in the class!

  281. rachel in Cali. says:

    OOh… I think it’s a toss up between puppies and children… Hmmm…without seeing a picture I’d go with children, but if I were choosing between these, it’s going to be puppies. I love how the puppy is looking right at me. :0)

  282. Children outside discovering nature! Priceless! I can’t wait to sign up.

  283. The Child and then the cookies, those cookies are saying “eat me”. I would love to learn how to see the soul of my subject.

  284. Puppies! Love ‘em! So innocent and loving. And I love this shot in particular.

  285. The Puppy shot for sure!

  286. Children….just love the angle on that shot.

  287. Karen Neder says:

    Cookies – it is almost 4:30 in the midwest and I am HUNGRY!!

  288. Children – no question! But cookies are a close second :))

  289. Children–my most favorite subject of all!

  290. Cookies – it says – children will be home from school soon or fun conversation with the kids, or someone needs an extra treat because…love the photo and would LOVE to win a spot in this class…

  291. Loved the cookie shot!
    but i’d really like to take better pictures of my kids, the clock is ticking too fast!!!

  292. children, would love to take better pictures of my daughter

  293. it was the puppy photo that caught my eye, not because of the puppy but because of the tee shirt the girl had on. I wanted to know the story of the tee shirt, who wrote on it, the significance, etc.

  294. I love the puppy shot. I just want to go in there and grab him and cuddle.

  295. They’re all lovely – of course, it’s Elisha! But I’m partial to the cookies.

  296. Oh the children, I have three that are grown and I so wish that I had taken more pictures of them when they were little.

  297. children or puppies – I like photos that tell a story.

  298. Love puppy photos so that wins, but the milk and cookies are a close second. I am planning on taking this class, to win a spot would be fantastic. Thanks!

  299. I love the puppy photo! I really need to learn how to take better pictures, and I would LOVE to take this class – thanks for the chance to win!

  300. I am torn between puppy and niece when they are together (21 month niece and my 16 mth lab) I can get neither one to sit still enough let alone apart…LOL ..Thanks for the chance!

  301. Cookies! Mostly because they are Oreos and I instantly smiled when I say the pic….makes me think of my son and hubby.

  302. Children… discovery, innocence and gratitude.

  303. I need all the help I can get to make my photos look their best. I would love to take beautiful pictures of my CHILDREN. I look forward to all photography classes at BPS.

  304. Wow–there are so many comments! I love the picture of the little girl, and I generally scrap pictures of little kids, so that is my favorite. Now that my own kids are adults, I scrap my nieces and nephew, just waiting for the grandkids.
    How many spots are available for the class?

  305. Children! Please help me take fabulous photos of my kids! I can’t wait to see what other photography classes will offered.

  306. I love the cookies picture because I would love how to take a picture and have the background be fuzzy like that. It is very cool and something I wouldn’t think you could do with a point and shoot.

  307. Love the cookies shot!

  308. I love the photo of the child looking through the magnifying glass…reminds me of my own kids – their innate curiosity!
    And dang! That puppy staring out in the first photo is adorable – I like the pose over the shoulder (but what does the T-shirt say?).
    Thanks for the chance!

  309. I love the cookies! :)

  310. ahhhh sorry kids and puppies, it’s 6pm here and I’m starving – so cookies it is for me!!!!

  311. I love the little girl with her magnifying glass. I would love to take better pictures with my camera. It’s nothing special, but I would love to get better pictures of my family!

  312. Puppies! I’m a sucker for big brown eyes in a kissy, furry face!

  313. ScrappeeDiane says:

    I love the puppy. :o)

  314. I love the cookies – not only yum but that kind of picture is one I would love to learn to take with my point and shoot. Focused in front – blurry background. Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. Oreos are the only cookie I would ever buy at the grocery store. And this photo sure is making me want one!

  316. I love the little girl-she is priceless!
    Amy McGrew

  317. Love the child photo and would love a spot in this class. Thanks for the chance!

  318. cookies….because they tell a story to me…I see a memory.

  319. children…just because i have a couple :)

  320. Since I just *ahem* had three oreo cookies (weird coincidence, that) – I’m drawn to that particular photo :)

  321. says:

    I love them all but especially the child. What a great example of showing a childs curiosity.-HeatherE

  322. Gotta love the puppy!
    Sue in Alexandria VA

  323. Love the girl with the magnifying glass. Because I have boys…and we know what they try to do with a magnifying glass outside. So it makes me smile :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  324. Children photo

  325. I like the cookies one because of the depth of field on it.

  326. I love the cookies! I was just saying to my DH last week that I wished I had a “better” camera. I do believe I have developed an eye for great photos but grow frustrated when I can’t capture their essence with my camera. Oddly enough, or perhaps it’s the universe listening to me, I just told my SIL the other day that I wanted to take a photography class and asked her where I could do that. The next day, your BPS announcement for Elisha’s class popped-up in my Inbox.

  327. My favorite picture? The cookies. I have been an oreo fan since I was 4 years old and my uncle introduced me to eating the middle first and then dunking it in milk! At 51, that is still how I eat them! I am a sucker for cookies!

  328. Hm, children, but why not all three together? :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  329. Photographing candid shots of my children is completely beyond my ability. I have tried thousands of shots and have been happy with maybe 5 or 10 of them, so I can only admire someone’s ability to get a candid shot of a child!

  330. I love the little girl shot! I love the perspective and would love to look at things from this view. Most my pics are straight on but I so appreciate pictures taken from a different perspective!

  331. Hmmm. I like the cookies. But I am partial to taking lots of pix of my 50 lbs. pup. (He’s not really a pup any more…)

  332. I like the little girl looking through the magnifying glass…so cute!!

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