Gone, day 1 + Friday FIVE for September 18th


Geoff and I are on our way to Japan. We are attending CKU in Osaka. I'm not positive the character on this eraser is Japanese, but I used my Google translate and I think it just might be.

So, wish me luck and I'll wish you much …


I'm not sure how much posting I'll get to do from the road, but I've got some fun things pre-posted to share, so stay tuned.

About every other week or so, I like to share things that I have loved for a very long time, or things that have recently caught my eye. Either way … I'm certain they are worth a few minutes of investigation.


Want to get to know Claudine Hellmuth a bit better before you take her class at BPS? Check out her inspiring collection of jumpstarts designed for scrapbookers …

You can buy it HERE.


Halloween is just around the corner and I think that warrents the purchase of a new punch, dont' you? Just imagine what you could do with some paper drippy goo.


Drippy Goo Edge Punch from Martha Stewart (Buy it HERE)


next pick is the NEW Studio J from Close To My Heart. This company as
many of you know has been close to my heart from the very beginning of
my scrapbooking career, because it was the beginning of my scrapbook
Before I started scrapbooking, I was a D.O.T.S. (Dozens of
Terrific Stamps) demonstrator. I have enjoyed watching them grow and
evolve over the years and the introduction of online design software
just makes sense. Click HERE to learn more and be sure to watch the video. It will make you glad you do what you do.



I couldn't possibly leave the country without a NEW Flip video camera now could I? And if you're going to buy a new Flip video camera, then why NOT buy one that supports something you believe in?


A "Flip for Good"
video camera. We had an incident a few weeks back that saw the demise
of my little orange Flip and in the process of replacing it, I realized
that I could support Lance's fight against cancer. As one with some cancer experience, I'm on board!




I had several questions over the last three years as to where I got my very fun lazy susan that sits on our kitchen table. Here's the answer. I just adore the color, whimsy and homemade feel of  STICKS furniture and home decor. In fact, I have my eye on these two wall hangings … great message for today.

Get OUT THERE and see the world, then COME HOME for love. Yikes, I'm already missing my kids.


  1. Have a safe trip. I love Japan.
    Cool picks too.

  2. Have a great trip ! You’re lucky to go to Japan ! I can’t wait to see your pics when you’re back :-)

  3. Stacy – We have the same LiveStrong Flip! We get comments on it whenever we use it.
    Have a safe journey and enjoy every moment.

  4. We’re both Lance + LiveStrong fans huh? Thanks … I’m in San Francisco now (should be working on my keynote) but instead, I’m checking in on my blog.

  5. Stacy – I have a Sticks plaque that my sister and Jeffrey gave me a few years ago. I love it :).

  6. How exciting for you and your husband. Hope CK goes well and that you both get to be tourists for a few days.

  7. I have the STICKS lazy susan my hubby got me for one of our anniversaries! LOVE IT !!!!

  8. have a GREAT time!
    I can’t wait for the new Studio J!!!
    Best of all the formats for scrapbooking!

  9. PS…about that Flip…in yellow…
    gots to have a PINK one for my cause.
    oh the dilemma of it all…

  10. The character on the eraser means “good fortune” in Chinese. I’m not sure what it means in Japanese. The Japanese have a set of characters which overlap with Chinese characters. Just a tidbit of information for you.

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