GONE, day 4

One of the souvenirs I want to bring home from Japan is FUN pictures of me and my husband together. I generally do a decent job of photographing the sights and the scenery and even lots of little details — but I often don't take enough photos of the people I'm with. Geoff and I are celebrating 20 years in December and we don't have many together shots that I LOVE, so I'd like to make a mini-album of snapshots and get some really good pics to frame and display or hang in our home.

I have two strategies in place to help me accomplish this goal.

I've scheduled Trace and Dee to take some pictures!


37 Frames Photography

If you've never visited this site, please take a few minutes and ENJOY! I had

Geoff bought me my very first SMALL camera. Yep. I'm the proud owner of this, cutie.

Canon This is the Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS — and hopefully, I'll be posting some pictures to share with you very soon. 

[edited from Osaka] I totally left the battery charger at home — who does this? ME. I do this kind of thing all the tie. Geoff kept asking me if he could pack the camera and I kept saying "No, I've got it" Oh well. Today, I will be asking in my classes if anyone has a charger I can use and Geoff found out where an electronics store is — so he'll go see if he can find something there. 

We  just called the kids. It is Monday morning here and Sunday afternoon there — day 4 for us, but really only day 3 at home. so strange. Addie fell on Friday night and had to get 4 stitches right above her eyebrow (can you believe it?) Our neighbors took her to the emergency room and she is doing just fine. I just can't believe her first real 'accident' happened when I'm this far from home. but …

We are having so much fun. This city is beautiful and clean and everyone is so gracious. My translator Nicky is amazing and so now with a couple of classes behind me I can relax and really enjoy. I teach Finish Line 3 times today (2 hours each) so I'll be good and tired. And I think by tonight I will be able to sleep all the way through the night. 

Hopefully we'll find something for the camera and I can post some pics. There is a GIANT (bright yellow) rubber duck sitting in the river right next to our hotel. I'm told it has something to do with the holiday weekend — but no one is quite sure.

stay tuned.


  1. Are you loving your little Canon? I love mine! I even have the blue one! It matches my eyes.
    I can’t wait to see what kind of pictures you share from Japan!

  2. Glad to hear Addie is ok!
    The first major owie… I was like…
    “Call 911 or grab camera first?”
    You can’t replace the batteries instead of charging? I love the Blue Duracel Power Pix batteries…used 2 and got over 200 shots at the Chicken Festival yesterday.
    Anyhoot can’t wait to see your Cannon pics…

  3. Glad that Addie is okay. She will have to play it all over again when you get home. I so relate to leaving the charger at home. And I have no one to help me remember. Good think Geoff is there to track one down. Looking forward to the pictures.

  4. If your husband can find the Yodobashi Camera store that is in Osaka you’ll find the charger you need. Last year we went to the one in Tokyo and it was amazing. Just don’t expect to come out with only the charger. My kids loved the exercise section with the horse saddle exercisers. Praise God for kind neighbors to watch over your family while your gone.

  5. Sorry to hear about Addie’s fall but glad that she is doing okay. Love the colour of that camera Stacy, hope Geoff has had luck with finding the charger. I am relieved to hear that I am not the only one who forgets to pack stuff! Enjoy the rest of your time in Japan. I look forward to your next update and photos.

  6. Osaka is the best place to buy cameras and supplies & since you have a Japanese camera, I’m sure you’ll have no problems. There is a camera district in Osaka with the best prices. I used to live in Kyoto 12 years ago and I went to Osaka to get my first Canon point & shoot. Good luck! (They make camera models that have features only available in Japan! Pretty cool!)

  7. Erin Collins says:

    Do a pic with your husband like my friend Trish did…one of them held up 2 fingers and the other made a “zero” with their hand. it was really cute for a 20 years layout…my husband and I copied it last year for our 10th!

  8. I agree I need to take more people pictures on holidays than scenery etc. I take lots of people pictures at home though.
    Poor Addie, hope she (and you) are ok.

  9. Glad Addie is ok. It’s so hard to have the kids get hurt when we’re gone. I have the Cherry Red PowerShotSD780 and it is fantastic. You’ll love the shots it takes. Hope you get some great pictures of you and your husband. Something I’m sure is missing from most of our albums.

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