Gone, day 6 (edited from Japan)


I just think this is the CUTEST card. Melanie Louette made it with American Crafts products.

That's all.

Wait, there's more … here is a handful of pics that attempt to capture some of our experiences thus far. We are having the BEST kind of adventure.


Here's the group of teachers that were all a part of CKU-J 2009
Shane and Sarah Cullimore (Making Memories) + Brittney Beattie (Creating Keepsakes magazine) + me + Margie Romney-Aslett (The Girls Loft) + Tim Holtz + Lance Anderson (Rusty Pickle)


Here is one table of delightful students that were so eager to learn and so willing to follow instructions. I did a little math and figured out that collectively (in my Finish Line class) there were over 10,000 photos scrapbooked — WOW!


CKU ended on Tuesday night, but Tim taught again yesterday at a local craft store. Margie and Catherine and I were invited to join in with a few extra kits. It was so FUN — I rarely get to take classes and certainly not from Tim. Then, last night after attending Tim's class, we all headed to a "local" sushi bar. And guess what? I did it. I ate sushi. It took me a while to get up the courage, but in the end it was DELICIOUS. Truly.


This is Reiko (Tim's translator) and Megumi who helped organize the event. They are so very gracious and kind and absolutely beautiful (inside and out.)


and today we are headed to Kyoto to do some more exploring with Catherine our WONDERFUL guide. Catherine has a studio here and teaches scrapbooking several times a month. She was also a translator for Brittney Beattie during the event.

Sayonara for now.


  1. way cute!

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time! ENJOY!

  3. Hi! Stacy!
    It’s my treasure to see you in Japan!
    I’m proud of ‘team Stacy’.
    Some day! Come back to Japan!

  4. Good for you that you tried sushi! I’m sure that truly meant a lot to your Japanese guests. Japan is awesome. ENJOY!

  5. Rika,
    Thank YOU again. We had such an amazing adventure in your beautiful country. Geoff and I are waiting to board our airplane now. So sad it’s over, but …
    If you promise to be my assistant again, I will come again!

  6. Hey Tracy,
    Happy Birthday to YOU. I hope you had a spectacular day (like you.)

  7. Hi Stacy.
    I enjoyed talk to you. (for Japanese Scrapbooking magazine interview)
    And your class moved me deeply.(I was moved to tears.)
    Thank you so much!!!

  8. Thank you for coming to Japan!
    It was regrettable that I couldn’t take your class, but I’m sure every student enjoyed your classes. When you come back next time, I hope I can take your class:-)
    However, I enjoyed to go shopping, dinner, and free talk at the hotel lobby.
    I appreciate staff from CK office to gave me greate opportunity to meeting you!!
    Please come back again!

  9. Hello Stacey.
    Thank you for your teaching for me.
    I thought about five years of the future.
    My five ideas were found.
    The first was spoken to you. Receive your class in the United States.
    The second becomes good at English.
    Thank you for kind.
    Please come to Japan.
    I say many times,
    Thank you very very very much.
    Tell your husband I said thank you.

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