hold on tight …


because here we go!

Welcome to my brand new website!

I’m so excited for you to poke around and explore. I’m also excited to show you around, so don’t think you have to take it in all at once. I’ll be highlighting the various pages and features over the next week or two. While this new site is still a work-in-progress (and I wouldn’t want it any other way) it is something I’ve been nudging forward for well over a year. And if you know me at all, you know I don’t (can’t) do these kinds of things by myself — stacyjulian.com is the collaborative effort of my sweet friend and partner, Kayce at Big Picture Scrapbooking and Shelly at Toolbox Media. John and Allison Barnes are also¬† helping me with the day-to-day management and Dani Frederick has been a huge help in a number of ways. To each and all of them, a big fat THANK YOU!!

So, I’m no longer blogging at typepad and a GENEROUS scoop of gratitude goes to Karen Grunberg (Creative Therapy) for her help in migrating the vast majority of my archived content to this new home.

But, enough about me today …

Today is about YOU and ALL of us that took the “Give Yourself a Present” challenge ONE YEAR AGO.
Can you even believe it is already October 1st? I has been 365 days — I cannot believe this.

Here’s what I need you to do. Retrieve your mini “present” and use the photos inside to create a layout that records your reflections of the past year and the images captured. I explain it a bit more in this video.

Here’s my layout.



If you don’t want to use the actual photos in your “present” album (in other words you want to keep your album intact) then simply reprint the photos you used to use again on a layout. I’ve set up a Flickr gallery where we can post our original “present” projects and the layout we create in the next week or two. If you started reading my blog since last October or you need a refresher as to what I referring to, click on the “My Present (2008 + 2009)” under Experience More on the right sidebar.

I’ve been a little busy getting this site launched, so I was not able to contact ALL the other bloggers that participated in the challenge last year. If you blog about the challenge or something related to it, email allison@stacyjulian.com and we’ll add a link to your blog here (thanks for understanding!)

Kolette Hall

Tamara Morrison

Michelle Hedstrom

Monica McNeill

Suzanne McQuade

Stephenie Hamen

Heather Clements

Noreen Smith

When I was in Japan last week, Margie reminded me that she has been very faithful in carrying her “present” with her — in fact, she’s taken a “Flat Stanley” twist and photographed her mini book in various places where she’s been …


here we are in St. Louis, MO and in Osaka, Japan


and look … is that Margie in an orange tree?

and … there you have it. My present project, some thoughts on another year whizzing by and an official invitation for YOU to recognize the “gift” you created last year and document it for your scrapbooks.


OK, just one more thing … the October gallery is up at Write. Click. Scrapbook.



  1. Karen Smith says:

    I LOVE THIS NEW SITE! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love Library of Memories, your classes on BPS, and lots of other things, but I’m most excited about COLOR – I seem to be thriving on color these days. With enough COLOR and good MUSIC, my world is easier!

  2. Your new site is fantastic. Not surprised at all to see the pretty yellow. And green. And all the ribbons and all the wonderful details. Plus all the fab info. I love this follow up to my 2008 Present Album. You help to keep me sane. Thank you.

  3. Oh wow!!!!! You have outdone EVEN YOU!! Love your new site, thanks for all the inspiration and all the bits we’ve been asking for!!

  4. Nicky from Canada says:

    Love the new look

  5. I am SO HAPPY to see your NEW website! It has Stacy written all over it and I’ll definitely be checking in frequently! Very excited (and amazed) that it’s already October 1st! Lots of FUN going on today!

  6. Today I am 49 … thanks for the “gift” of this new website! You don’t even know me, but you do know how to touch my heart with ideas for positively loving life every day. Thank you for courageously sharing YOURSELF through this new website and BPS!

  7. Hi Stacy!
    Your new website looks great. I can’t wait to get some time to look around at everything:)

    I wanted to thank you for your recent posts on the book “5″ on your old blog. It was such perfect timing for me. Although I don’t hate my job, I don’t think it’s the best situation for my family, for many reasons. Just the other day I was concerned about the fact that when my son is in 6th grade, he will have to come home to an empty house: not my ideal. Your post reminded me that a lot can change before then (he’s in 3rd grade now). Thank you!

    By the way, I’m not familiar with the Compendium brand. Do you know if the book is available in local bookstores (ie Borders, Barnes & Noble), or do I have to order it online and WAIT for it to arrive?

  8. Stacy – you are the best!!! Love your new website – can hardly wait for a moment when I can browse – Darn work gets in the way – Congratulations, you make my day everyday.

  9. Just wanted to add my congratulations to you on your new web-site!! :)

  10. Exactly what Penny said–you’ve outdone EVEN YOU. : ) Love it, and can’t wait to see it develop! I’ve carried around my little book faithfully too and wow, what a lot can happen and change in a year’s time.

  11. What a wonderful, beautiful surprise to see this whole new YOU! Can’t wait to explore every bit of the new site. Thanks for all you do!

  12. I can not believe how fast that year went cant wait to get the next bit done.
    Your new site is fabulous.

  13. Love the new digs – I’m having a blast exploring! :)

  14. What a wonderful surprise on this cool October morning! The big boy’s off to school and the baby is down for her nap so I can really sit down and enjoy this beautiful new website that you’ve created.
    Thanks for using your gifts to inspire all of us. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  15. In the year since I made the little mini-book, my life has gone through a major upheaval–we lost our home to devastating house fire. I cannot tell you the sorrow, the loneliness, the feelings of helplessness that descended on me during those first 24-36 hours. It was only through faith and love of family, neighbors, friends, and my church family that we made it through. Now, the problem is, I don’t know where my little album is! I don’t know if it made through the fire, or what. . . . I suppose this October is a good time (along with the ideas from Kolette’s class) to begin a new one.

  16. Congrats on the new website! I am so excited to explore and check it all out!!! Lookis like such a colorful and happy place to be, I would expect nothing less from you! Can’t wait to get home from work and click around here, hmmm….maybe I should call in sick! LOL!

    Congrats again, and have a great day! :)

  17. I am so excited for this new site!! A very Happy place to be! I am looking forward to visiting very often!

  18. Congrats on the new site! I am in a not so creative period with scrapbooking currently but I still and always will follow your site. Thanks for everything you do!

  19. WOW—What a great layout—Definately bookmarking it!

  20. LOVE the new site!!

  21. Wow! I love it! It’s so YOU!!! I listened to the sprinkles story and it made me smile this morning. Even the rubber ducky squeak at the end. I’m excited to explore it more–great job to whoever did it for you!!!!

  22. Hi Stacy,

    Love the new site but I just had to tell you a little story about your blog. It is the first blog that I read every morning because I know that I will always find something to smile about when I read it. And lucky for me it was always at the top of my “To Read” blog list because it started with a “A” but now you’ve changed the title and I had to figure out a way to get it back to top of my list (I am not very computer savy) so I just inserted a dingbat smiley face next to the title and lo and behold your back at the top of the list, right where you should be. Thanks for making me smile!!!

  23. Wow, you website is amazing. I totally love it. It makes me feeling so happy and excited. I so want to go create something right now instead of being here at work. Congrats Stacy, it looks fabulous.

  24. Yeah Stacy!!!! Love your new site. You sure kept this a secret! Oh and THANK YOU for your FINISH LINE PLAY LIST! I will be using that this month while I participate in LOAD. Very excited to look around your site some more. Congrats!

  25. Awesome. Looks like lots of great stuff. I can’t wait to explore, but I must go to bed! Thank you for all this exciting looking content!

  26. Stacy,

    BRAVO!!! I love the new site- it is the equivalent of sprinkles in my day! Keep up the great work and thank your team from me! I love how you challenge and grow us followers every day in multiple ways. You remind us to have fun and just be! Thank you.

  27. Cool site Stacy. My heart skipped a beat when you “old” blog said thei si the last…..
    But this is so much better and fun! I am so glad the story of “altogether too happy” is back. I love reading that little bit and missed it when it left. it reminds me of my mother, who once told me that she read her horoscope description as a young girl and it said Aries were optomistic people. So she decided that’s what she would be. And she is.

  28. Welcome to you new home! I love how you decorated!! Can’t wait to take a look around. Thanks so much for creating this space for us to visit you. You are truly an inspiration!!

  29. Good luck with your new endeavors. I’ve already explored all that I can. So fun! Question…will there be a way to find entries from your typepad blog in archives here? How will that work? Best.

    • Tirzah,

      Archives to my Typepad blog are already here. Look on the sidebar under Experience More and click on Archives and Categories — there is a complete list of past blog entries. If you’re having a hard time finding a particular post or topic, use the search tool — it works for me everytime.

      Thanks for reading!

  30. Stacy – I am in love with your new site! Your former one was wonderful, but this one has the pop and color and excitement of YOU splashed all throughout the pages, words and photos. THANK YOU for providing me inspiration, hope and motivation. You are a special part of my life.

  31. Hi My Friend!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your new site.

    It is beautiful, vibrant, full of energy and cute…JUST LIKE YOU!!!! Thank you for your reminder on the “present” project. I can not believe it has been a year!!!! I am going to work on my 09″ Present” after homework time. It is one of my most favorite projects and people LOVE to look at it…You inspired me and I have passed it on!

    Miss you tons and look forward to a jammie party with you soon!

    With Love,

  32. Tammy Thomas says:

    oh man, I was SO disappointed when I read your FINAL post on your blog! And thank heavens I was instantly delighted to find out you were still here!!! Thanks for always inspiring me in creative, being present and being playful!!! Here’s to another five years of whatever you have to share with me and the world. congratulations

  33. Looking forward to making my page — enjoyed carrying my photos in my purse.

  34. I love your new website! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  35. Pennyscraps says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW! What a DELIGHTFUL day! A new SJ launch AND AE’s first day of class! How totally fun this is – I will have to make more time to PLAY. I adore your heart and all you strive to share – thanks for thinking in FIVES, launching your dreams, inviting us to come along, and inspiring us to remember story all along the way. You are an amazing women and I really will never be able to convey the depth of my appreciation and adoration of your transparent sharing of your journey. One day I’ll send you brownies. :) Great website and thanks again! And you had me LOL on cleaning out your knife drawer, post Japan!

  36. Pennyscraps says:

    PS – I think the comment post clock is in the wrong time zone….

  37. Stacy, this website is amazing!!! I had to shake my head when I read Wendy Smedley’s blog entry about your new site – I had not even heard yet!! (I’m a bit behind in my blog surfing … ha!) I’m so glad that you converted entries from your other blog site too – I love to look back. :-)

    Thank you for ALL that you do – not only with the scrapping industry, but as a person – a mom, a wife, a daughter, a teacher – and for sharing it with all of us. :-)

  38. I have been waiting, looking forward to this post! Firstly congrats on the FABULOUS new site, second it’s the first time I have heard your voice and it was not what I was expecting (love putting faces and voices to names… if you get my drift lol) and thirdly I have just reprinted my ‘present’ photos and hoping to get a layout completed over the weekend. Thank you!

  39. LOVE the new site Stacy!! It’s so you….fun, colorful and sprinkle-ly!

  40. I love your new site! I love everything about it! Looking over your new site made me happy. It made me want to get back into running and it made me want to go out and buy some Jack Johnson. Both of which I plan on doing tomorrow. Thanks Stacy, you always know how to make me smile!

  41. Love the new olok and wow to the challenge, I didn’t do it last year but will most definately this year. What a great idea.

  42. This is great! You are such a cutie pie.

  43. The new site is awesome, I did the living with your library layout yesterday and I just loved it. I hope there will be many many more of those, so fun and quick.

  44. This is so seriously cool, I’m not even sure where to start. So I’ll just say this: THANK YOU!

  45. Love your new site!! Such happy colors!!

  46. I love your new website! Awesome!!


  48. your new site is Amazing!!!! I am listening to one of your playlist and just enjoying looking around at all the wonderful things on here.You are amazing thank you for making my day brighter :)

  49. I just finished surfing around your entire site and I loved all of it. Can’t wait to sit and listen to the podcasts. Looking forward to more “Sprinkles” and seeing what you have to share with us on your “Shop” page. Loved your list of favorite things. I added a mini-album of my favorite things to my future projects list, which I began while reading “Photo Freedom”. Thanks for all you do.


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