I’m HOME and looking forward to …

Yay. It's NO MAKE UP MONDAY and maybe even no shower Monday.

What an AMAZING adventure we had in Japan. I am working on my highlights post (coming soon) In the meantime (WOW) Every room of my house is calling me. I feel like I'm drowning in sea of piles and mess. I am NOT kidding. I'm taking a new approach to unpacking this time. It's called make your bed/empty all suitcases on top and go from there.



this is what this approach looks like.
As I was getting all five of my darlings out the door at various times this morning, I started in on the knife drawer. I mean really, you should see my house and then I start cleaning some little corner, like the knife drawer. weird.


Oh well … the laundry is well underway and I'm going to put myself on the timer as soon as I go jogging. I know from experience that you can accomplish much in 60 minutes of concentrated pick-up and put away.

It is so good to be HOME. I missed milk and cold cereal and sweets (The Japanese don't really eat dessert — at least not as regularly as I do and my sweet tooth felt this.) I also missed my domesticity. I got up on Saturday, cleaned my kitchen really good, mopped the floor, organized the fridge and made a big pot of 'leftover' soup. I also made a nice long list of around-the-house projects for fall. We ran errands and visited with some neighbors and I thought I was pushing through the jet lag until about 5:00pm when I laid down for a quickie nap and didn't wake up for 3 1/2 hours.

Sunday was restful and relaxing. I taught Relief Society, visited with Kayce and made dinner. We attended a baptism last night, which always makes me so happy. Came home, fell into bed and slept like a baby until 6:00 am — I hope to be back on the 5:00 am schedule by midweek, as I don't get enough quiet time, unless I can get up early. Addie now has pre-school on Mondays and Fridays, so I dropped her off and am blogging and then jogging.


Speaking of Addie … Geoff removed her stitches on Saturday.


She was so brave through the whole incident (the emergency room and the stitches removal) She'll have a little scar, but it will be hidden in her hair and I'm just so grateful she didn't get cut any closer to her eye.

Trey started orchestra at the middle school at 7:40am this morning. He is pretty excited and will hopefully be learning (at least initially) on his great grandfather's violin. Russell Julian was a music teacher and I've been displaying this violin in our music room for the last 3 years. This was all his idea and he is really excited. I was surprised to see at least 50 kids that showed up with instrument cases in hand. I suppose I can live with the empty spot on my shelf.


In addition to pecking away at my fall list of projects, I'm looking foward to …


Cut the Crazy out of Christmas

This class started last Thursday and I'm so doing it. I'm NOT going to get caught up in the craziness of Christmas this year. I'm serious. I'm posting my 12 Days list in November and I'm going to be more organized, so that I can relax and enjoy and give this most important holiday the meaning it deserves. I've tried to convince myself that I LOVE the hustle and bustle and the late nights and the over-the-topness of my past holidays, but I really do want to simplify and focus on the things that matter most to me. I've printed my handouts and am setting up my binder today!

I'm looking forward to …


Yesterday and Today

Ali gives so much to the scrapbooking community on her blog, I'm really excited to settle in and experience her insight long term, in her first workshop at BPS. She assures me that I can keep up and still enjoy this festive time of year. I believe her.

I'm looking forward to …


image source.

WICKED We are traveling to Seattle this weekend to see this famed musical at the Paramount. I saw it in LA with girls on the Simple Scrapbooks team a couple of years ago and have since wanted my family to see it. 

I'm looking forward to … 


The Youth Leadership Summit on Wednesday, October 28th. I'm the keynote speaker. While I've presented at church functions, this really is the first time I've spoken outside the scrapbook industry — they are expecting 400 high school students (primarily those involved with FBLA) I'm nervous, but I'm excited too. I have read some great books and have some great stories to tell!

 and finally, I'm looking forward to …

Surprise Photo 1

The BIG surprise I am going to show you on Thursday. Remember last year when I challenged you to photograph and document and celebrate your present. Well, it has been a year this Thursday and it is time we revisit that little project. We will.

good times ahead.


  1. Welcome home. I totally empathize with the relief of finally being home after a long trip, especially an overseas trip. Always takes me a week to be totally back on track.

  2. Stacy –
    Is there any way the registration closing date for Cut the Crazy out of Christmas can be pushed back to this Friday? You know, pay day. ;)

  3. starting with a knife drawer is a total Fly Lady sounding thing – to pick one small area, get it cleared, and then keep it cleared. and then it will expand until the whole house is clean!
    at least, that’s the theory. in my own pracrice, it doesn’t much extend past “keeping the couch cushions clear of clutter so my butt can sit on it!”

  4. Hey Faye,
    email us at admin@bigpicturescrapbooking.com and Kiley will take care of you!

  5. So funny — I just now thought that very thing. By next Monday I’ll be back on track and in the swing.

  6. good theory — I think the “whole” house is NEVER clean though.
    but my knife drawer is now happy.

  7. My whole house is in need of a good deep cleaning as well :) And Ihaven’t been anywhere in a year :)
    My kids think it’s funny when I bring out my little book that I made last year. Hard to believe it has been a year :)

  8. Karen Hobbs says:

    Hi! Welcome back to WA! I am seeing Wicked this weekend too! We are going to the 2 o’clock show on Sat.. Since it’s my birthday the whole family is going(4 kids )! Maybe I’ll see you there! Have a great time.
    And I can so relate to cleaning something that is so not on the list of must be done today’s! I think it’s some kind of avoidance thing!? But it’s done and that’s good!

  9. I saw Wicked last weekend–we won free tickets. I absolutely loved it–enjoy it with your family!

  10. I remember you mentioning that when you get back from a trip you tend to clean something that shouldn’t be a top priority…like the knife drawer. My whole main floor is clean and organized. Just renovating and everything has been pulled, moved, cleaned, purged and organized. Now only if it would stay this way.

  11. My theory is you did the knife drawer because it was something you could accomplish quickly and actually finish it. I do stuff like that too.
    Can’t wait to see your Japan pics and your post on Thursday. I should just pick a day and do it now.

  12. Welcome home and good luck with the laundry. I usually pile mine next to the washer and it spills into the hallway. But I’m pretty good now I usually do it very fast but I always keep one suitcase with very few items for weeks in my bedroom.
    Nobody is perfect!!
    Looking forward to your new project

  13. It’s exciting to ME that you’re speaking to a group outside of scrapbooking – I think you are truly a motivational *LIFE* speaker and will do a wonderful job! ThAnks for the surprise giftie we found in our door today – I’m sure they were sent out to many former BPS students – but is was such a sparkly fun package of goodies! THANK YOU!
    And Tracy Bzzzz – waving at you! You won one of my OMGiveaways and never sent your address…

  14. Please don’t scar eme Stacy — when I saw that pic of the little boy I thought you might have either gone to Japan and brought home a baby or found out you were preggers! LOL
    I saw this kitchen redo online and thought of you!

  15. darn it I just realized that post I linked to is not public. Bummer. They had a former 80s kitchen with bland almond cabinets and light oak trim and the after was bright apple green, all shades of it, and stunning!
    sorry :-(

  16. Oh HUGE bummer. I love re-do pics. thanks for thinking of me though.

  17. Karen,
    We are going to the evening show. The matinee will be perfect for the whole family.
    Happy Birthday!!

  18. Welcome back! You certainly have accomplished much already. Our rule after traveling is to unpack the luggage, put luggage back in storage and start on Mt. Laundry! I usually clean the house before we leave but it always needs a good dusting when we return. Not to mention the yard needs to be mowed and those pesky weeds just keep on growning. Hang in there BUT don’t overwork yourself.

  19. Thank you so much!

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