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I've had two crazy, but GOOD days getting things done for upcoming projects and our trip to Japan. Kids are healthy and adjusting well to school — so no complaints at all on the home front. Even Chase is setting his alarm (5:40 am) and getting up! I forget how fast the days whiz by though — the after school hours and dinner come and go so fast! There is always so much going on that it's 8:00 pm before I know it. Taft and Trey are coming home in a matter of minutes and we'll be working on their first big assignments, a 'me collage' and a 'what I did this summer' poster board. These are the times I am so grateful I'm a scrapbooker!

Our team at Big Picture Scrapbooking has been working really hard this summer to fine tune our class development process and we are now implementing the improvements and changes — we've had the help and guidance of a dear friend of mine, whom I have worked with since 2002 and I have so enjoyed her coaching again. I love the chance to step back, evaluate and then move forward with new tools and a fresher perspective. I was really just going to write about some of our newest project classes, but you got more of the inside scoop too!

Here's a quick run down of the brand NEW offerings at BPS:


Extraordinary Paper
taught by May Flaum

There are lots of things I love about May, but I really love how she does not come off as the 'perfect' scrapooker. She scrapbooks her real family photos with real words and she does it with an enchanting technique-driven style. When you take a class with May, you come away with LOTS of fresh new ideas. Extraordinary Paper is all about loving and using cardstock — you're going to love this class!





While You're Away
taught by Donna Kert

Donna is one of those people who looks for and seizes opportunities to connect to her children in different stages of their lives. She totally gets "scrapbooking as a lifestyle" meaning she uses her hobby not just for documenting past memories, but for recognizing present moments and making them more memorable. In her newest project class, Donna teaches a wonderful memory gift/scrapbook* that you can tuck into someone's suitcase as they prepare to leave (for a week, a semester or maybe even longer)

* a small collection of family snapshots slipped inside a pocket become tangible, accessible memories.


Don't Blink
taught by Jessica Turner

Jessica is a dynamic and fun-loving new mom, who has managed to scrapbook her son Eli's first year of life during his first year of life.

I know. pretty impressive.

Jessica is full of passion and ideas for helping other moms NOT miss out on the moments and memories that disappear so quickly. Her class features 50+ layouts as well as a checklist of the topics you'll want to consider scrapbooking — this is training from the trenches and we are so excited to have Jessica on board. To learn more about Don't Blink, click HERE. To learn more about Jessica, take a peak at her very popular blog, t="_blank" title="The Mom Creative">The Mom Creative. Read the article that the Tennessean, click HERE.

OK … off to start physically packing.


  1. Thanks, Stacy. I just registered for a class that I know I’m gonna love.

  2. I would love this. Thanks

  3. Leora Henkin says:

    Thanks Stacy. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

  4. OH my!!! Great lineup but there is a problame Stacy—–where is LOM, oh where oh where is LOM?????? Please tell us it will be happening in 2010.
    Forgive my whining but I need to learn positive ways to say We LOVE the class, we LOVE you and we pray it will be a “go” There, is that better? Looking forward to all the new goodies!

  5. Thanks for posting this Stacy. I am so excited to be a part of the BPS family.

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