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Guess what?
I'm doing an interview with my friends at the Diva Craft Lounge today. We had a wee communication issue (email interruption) but we are back on track for NOON.

Perhaps you have time to tune in for a listen. If so, CLICK HERE.

I'll be talking about upcoming classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking and LOTS of other stuff I'm excited about. If you can't listen live, you can always visit the show archives at a later date.

and, ONE MORE THING … Yesterday, while shopping with Chase, I tweeted about the overwhelming smell at the Hollister store in the mall. To my surprise and delight, I got quite a response! Apparently the vast majority of my Twitter and Facebook friends are equally alarmed by the "ambiance" that their marketing team has created to lure our teenagers …


Among the dozens of those chiming in, was Kendra McCracken who recently created a layout about the experience of shopping at Hollister with her son.
Her journaling reads:
It's a funny thing. You walk into the store and it takes a minute for
your eyes to adjust. You have to be careful or you might bump into
someone else who didn't think to bring their flashlight. Then you leave
and as your kid peeks into the bag with his new purchases he says, "I
didn't know it was that color!" or "I didn't see that hole. Cool!" And yet he still wants to go back again. And you take him. Marketing geniuses.

Life is grand.


  1. I totally agree about Hollister. I was in there a week ago with my 18 yr old daughter and I couldn’t see a thing. It is crazy! Thanks for the link to Kendra’s page. I want my daughter to see that! She would have died if I had pulled out my camera. :)

  2. LOL…I’m with you on the Hollister ambiance! I walked in with my niece last month. One of the employees was spraying a fragrance on all the clothes. The scent was overwhelming! Not to mention the fact I could barely find my way around. I’m wondering if they keep it so dark so that you can’t see those price tags! I had to get out just so I could breathe!

  3. Had to laugh – only a son would allow mom to use her camera while shopping . . . my daughter would’ve died of embarrassment!

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