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I’m so glad you’re here. Really. Truly. My kids aside, there is little in life that makes me as happy as color.


From my earliest days, I’ve been surrounded by and drawn to color (thanks Mom!) but it wasn’t until 2004 when I attended a three day workshop with Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone color institute, that I gave myself permission to embrace and surround myself with the colors I LOVE most of all. I can honestly say that since this time I have been a happier, more authentic person. Color is that powerful.

Every Friday on this i Love Color page, I will (with the help of Dani and Allison) bring you a new combination of colors–colors that have been gathered from all over the web to delight and inspire you. Each combination will come with a challenge that you can tailor to your needs, interest and available time.

So … stop back by tomorrow so you can head into the weekend with colors to think about and use in your creative expressions.

As an extra BONUS for our first day together, here’s the line up of the TOP TEN Pantone colors for fall …




These colors acknowledge the major issue of our day — the recession. They are muted and therefore more thoughtful and comfortable. The more somber neutrals enjoy a touch of patriotism and a mix of lighter colors that infuse the palette with the optimism and hope for a return to full economic vitality.  For more information on each of the colors in this fall forecast, click here.

It’s always been fascinating to me the role that colors, especially in combination play in setting a tone for an entire economy or time period in history. And even if you’re only fascinated in fashion trends — know that you can use these colors to add a sweater and scarf to your fall wardrobe and be RIGHT ON!

Here’s some advice from Tim Gunn:

“Don’t shy away from color. Color
is not only a great and budget-
conscious way to update your
wardrobe, it is a wonderful pick-me-
up. A couple of tips to keep in mind
when shopping for color:

• Color reads best in quality fabrics,
hues appear richer and more
vibrant in fine wools, cottons and
silks. I am a firm believer that if you
invest in a few good pieces now,
you will benefit for years to come.

• Be mindful when choosing color.
You can’t just admire the color of
a garment on a hanger or on your
friend, the color must be right for
you. Your skin-tone and hair color
both come into play. If you like a
color and you are unsure, my
advice —try it on!”

Note: Friends of Big Picture Scrapbooking might remember that we used to feature a weekly color combination on the website. I have long wanted a place to share ongoing color inspiration and stacyjulian.com is now this place. Remember that BPS classes and workshops are a WONDERFUL laboratory for experimenting with color, wherever you find it.


  1. I am totally loving your new website! I cannot even express how exciting this is for me, really, really BIG!

    I have missed the color combo section at the BPS site, so I am super excited to see this section. I’ll be looking here every Friday for inspiration! Thanks Stacy!

  2. I may just need to take the day off from work to explore your new site! This is incredibly awesome! Thank you!

  3. I love color combos! Can’t wait to see your color inspirations.

  4. Stacy
    Thank you so much for this color section!! WOW!! I have been missing this on BPS and kept hoping and wishing I was just not seeing it somehow! YEAH!! I will check every week and will be reading your blog here now too! You are awesome!! :)

  5. Wow! Stacy, this new website is amazing! I’ve read your blog pretty much every day since the day you started and I will continue to along with this amazing website. Thank you for inspiring each and every one of us every day!! BTW – I still run into some friends who have never heard of you or your amazing “you don’t have to scrap in order” philosophy. I’ve shared your Big Picture and Photo Freedom books so much I’m afraid one of these days I won’t get them back!! lol

  6. will be definitely stopping by often..

    had to laugh when reading Tim Gunn’s quote – as I was reading it I realized I was reading it in his voice in my head, LOL!!

    Love the new site very cheerful and happy!!

  7. Awesome colors Stacy! Great inspiration! Thanks!


  9. Amanda Hutchinson Hansen says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you, Stacy for always inspiring me! I not only admire your amazing talent, but your positive outlook on life. You have no idea how many times you have brightened my day not only with your beautiful color combinations, but with your tidbits on making it through this life…one day and one striped sock at a time! I am looking forward to exploring your new website. Thanks again!

  10. Stacy, I love this feature! Thanks!

  11. Yolanda B says:

    I love your site!! :-}

  12. Just wanted to let you know, there is a store in La Conner, WA that carries the entire line of STICKS (like your lazy susan) if you wanted to see more….they have rocking chairs, tables, hutches, armoires, etc. It’s VERY cool. :)

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