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I have been a fan of sprinkles since my oldest, Clark was just two years old. When Clark was in the fourth grade I inadvertently gave him his very own bottle of SPRINKLES*. Together we discovered that sprinkles possess a magical quality that spreads happiness.

The sprinkles page at stacyjulian.com is all about sharing the magic of sprinkles. Every Monday morning, you’ll find a new sprinkle — some little thing to add to your to-do list. As you make time for these sprinkles and perhaps even make time to report back, you’ll be reminded that the littlest things can make a big difference.

Be sure to check back Monday.
In the meantime, I’ll fill you in on the FUN photo above. At the end of April, I invited one of my favorite photographers, Brian Smith to come to my house for a photo shoot. I knew I would need beautiful images for this sprinkles page (and I’m working on another cool *sprinkles* surprise too.) Anyway, Brian agreed to come and he brought his adorable wife and able assistant, Shokko with him. I had emailed Shokko a long list of wishful shots I hoped to get, and on the list was a  shot of each of my children with sprinkles. The hours flew by as we worked through our shot list. All was going well, until we realized on day two, just after 3:00pm that we had forgotten to include Clark. He was scheduled to go first, but we somehow overlooked him. I quickly called his cell only to discover he was headed to an “away” soccer game. I couldn’t see anyway that we could get him home in time–or at all. Brian must have seen the disappointment in my eyes, because he then asked, “Where exactly is this high school?”
Within minutes we were piled in my van, camera in tow, headed to Central Valley High School. We pulled into the side entrance just barely in front of the athletic bus. The soccer team was lined up waiting. I hopped out of the car, grabbed  Clark (who gave me his “are you kidding me mom” look) and Brian took 20+ shots in about 3 minutes flat.

This mini miracle of capturing Clark with sprinkles on his tongue (along with many other tender mercies) has convinced me that anything can happen and the universe really does conspire to help us accomplish good things. Trust me, this is going to be FUN.

*Click on the page “The Sprinkles Story” in the sidebar to hear the original 4th grade story.



  1. What a fabulous story and an even better photo! I love it.

  2. Monika Wright says:

    Your son is tolerant, isn’t he? Wow, to let you take photos within sight of the team, and the coaches is accepting of the ‘ole Mom, isn’t it? I would say that this is not the first time Clark has helped Mom out to realize her vision, is it? He seems like a good sport and adores you, I just know it. Sons looooove their Moms! Yippee!

  3. I just noticed that there are not any comments here and I just wanted to say that I love your new site and especially love sprinkles too. I smiled as I listened to your story, which btw, I had not heard before. As a mother of a 10 year old, I can say this story totally made me smile, not just because I have come home from trips to have nothing to give me children and I scrambled to see what I could come up with, but I also have one very similar child here that I can only imagine how she would act in the same situation.

    I have to tell you that I smiled again because for about the past year I have been collecting sprinkles and just recently had to designate a new drawer in my kitchen for just that….only sprinkles. What a delightful story….and I think the photo taken before the game might just be my favorite part of all….

    with much adoration….


  4. LOVE the story of catchimg Clark before soccer! I have the 30 year old version in my family and a little different experience but the same amount of MOM and taking photos.
    He is now a police officer and wonder of wonders there are young people in the area hearing how they should be grateful to have parents that care about them and “when Mom tells you to stop for a picture or take your jacket….don’t get an attitude, be grateful” ! Thanks for sharing, that one is priceless, even if he does not think so now.

  5. margie rowles says:


    I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!! Please let your son Clark know that he has indeed made my day with this photo of him!!!

    Margie (another crazy mom who has her kids do the craziest things to get a photo op)

  6. OMG love love the sprinkle story (both of them)! So trying to decide how to incorporate that into a gift for my own children.
    I have been looking around the new site! I am loving it and look forward to reading so much more here! =)
    Thank you for doing what you do!

  7. I LOVE this photo – how fun – it really made my day and speaks volumes of your relationship with your son!! I love sprinkles , too, and look forward to more ahead – congratulations on your new blog!!!

  8. It is because of you that my children now use sprinkles!

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