Where will you be FIVE years from today?

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It’s no secret that I am enamored with Compendium books and products. My most recent favorite is a book called “5.” This book has been an inspiration and a resource for the presentations I’ve given over the last year or so. If you haven’t seen this book, PLEASE do me a favor and buy it with bllind faith in my honest efforts to NOT lead you astray.

If you’re at all hestiant … then watch this!

OK, super inspiring. That’s all I’m going to say.

I just happen to have a copy of this book that I’d like to give away, but you’re going to have to work for it. Leave me a comment and tell me if TIME or MONEY were not an object, what would you be doing FIVE years from today?

dig deep and be honest.
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  1. If money were no object in five years we would have all of our debt paid off and we would be traveling through europe with our kids. Let them see the world instead of just reading about it. That’s my dream.

  2. I want to go back to school; something creative. I always thought I would be a veterinarian or a graphic artist. Since I am WAY to sensitive to become a veterinarian that leaves graphic artist or some derivative. I am already living one of my life dreams and that was to stay home with my children until they were in grade school (a couple of years away). So I have been checking out schools that I may want to check out in some spare time here and there. It is scary though….will I be able to juggle family life with school life?? Will it be worth, will I find a job or a niche to fill when my studies are over?? But we are going for it here….so:
    Graduating from a Graphic Design School
    Setting up a home based business
    Have been to Australia and/or Hawaii
    Family trip (with Grandparents) to Italy
    That was lovely to put these thoughts out there. Thanks!
    You are ALWAYS SO inspiring. Keep it up!
    Oh yes, my hubby wants to take me to Japan. I look forward to your impressions and thoughts.

  3. I would still be living here in this same town but we would be out of debt and have the ability to travel to see family and the world.

  4. We would like to be spending 6-12 mos travelling, volunteering & learning Spanish with our 3 children who will be 7,almost 9 and 10 1/2 in 5 years. Some days it seems unfathomable(!) but I think it will be such an incredible experience!
    Thanks for the link to the book. Inspiration is the reason I visit your blog!

  5. In five years I will have a a college senior, a college sophmore and a high school senior. I envision myself on the doorstep of seeking an “out of the house” career. Although my “at home” career has been awesome up to this point – caring for hubby, kids and home. I guess the ultimate dream would be to have my third book published and I wouldn’t need to look for an outside the home job! I would travel more to speak to the homeschool community.

  6. Monika Wright says:

    I would devote more time to photography and really learn my camera. What it can do and what it will let me do. Seems like I could do this anytime, being a SAHM, but I always feel that there are other things I could and should be doing with my time. If money were no object, I could hire someone to do some housekeeping and explore my world…with kids, with husband, with family.
    BTW-After reading this, it doesn’t sound very “good of me.” I should be volunteering more, or donate more money to charity. But, this is my wish and I’m not ashamed to admit it. A girl’s gotta have dreams.

  7. Being a Navy family, we never know where we are going to be in one year, let alone five.
    But we are coming to an end of our nomadic existence. I retired two years ago, and DH could put in his retirement papers today if we wanted to. However, we figure that he has one more tour, and then we will hopefully settle down.
    So with that background, in five years we will both be retired from the Navy. I want to live back in the USA (I’ve had my fill of Europe). I would love to live by my family in Wyoming, but I don’t think DH could adjust to the lifestyle. (He says the altitude makes him sick.) DH wants to get his teaching degree and be a teacher.
    I want to contiue my second career of being a SAHM with my kids in middle school. But I also want to focus on some self-improvement. I want to concentrate on my health, get fit, and lose weight. I would love to learn how to play the guitar. It would also be wonderful to develop a home-based business.
    In five years, I’ll be pushing 50 and feeling fabulous!!

  8. In five years, I would love to have finished my degree! I got married two years into BYU and six kids later, I really wish I had finished. My baby will start kindergarten in two years, so I really hope that I can go back to school when he starts!

  9. I would be doing the same as I am doing now (I’m a full time homeschooling Mom and loving it)! The only difference would be that my husband would retire early and be by my side each day. I would LOVE to have him at home every day and we plan for that and talk about it all the time….it’s our dream we are working towards!!!

  10. I would love to be doing something I enjoy that feels worthwhile and important. I would be enjoying my live, instead of living it blindly having to pay bills and work a job I do not love. I would be able to smile more and create more and follow my dreams to write, create and give.

  11. if time and money weren’t an object, i’d be staying home raising a brood of children and writing knitting patterns that are perfect for simple kids’ items that you can either make for your own kids or for charity. a knitting pattern every two weeks would be ideal.
    i’d be like a fashion designer, but with knit-wear for kids.
    alas, i have no children (yet!) and have enough debt that doing that full time might not be possible in five years.
    i am starting to write down patterns, testing the waters with offering some up for free and selling even more. and so we shall see!

  12. Teresa Cotterman says:

    Staying at home with my kids and traveling the US with them on breaks. We have so much to be grateful here right in our “own backdoor” and I want my kids to appreciate all of it. Oh and don’t forget scrapbooking as often as I really want to, not just when I can fit it in :-}

  13. In five years, I will still be homeschooling and caring for my family, but I will be living a healthy, debt-free life, and my old home will no longer be a candidate for “This Old House.”

  14. 5 years from today… I’ll be 43, my kids will be 14, 10, & 8. If time and money were no object, I’d be working only part time, and from home and spending the rest of my time making our house a true haven. Sewing things, baking, making jewelry with the girls and other things… just making our family the center of the world- so that when the rest of the world is giving them a tough time, my kids would know just where to go for unconditional love and support. I try for that now, but I have to admit that some days are just too rushed and too full for making family the priority it should be. Sometimes work is the priority and I don’t like that!

  15. kris gilbert says:

    I’d be living in a farmhouse, surrounded by vineyards with our extended families close by on the property.
    We’d continue to volunteer in this community for all that we feel worthwhile and give back to the community (and I don’t mean having a building named after us).
    I’ve been obsessed with this vineyard dream for most of my adult life ~ it isn’t practical at all, but perhaps that’s the most alluring part.
    Thank You for continuing to inspire us and keeping it real.

  16. If money were no object I would be retired from my job in 5 years…both kids will be out of college…and I would love to travel and take pictures and make scrapbooks and enjoy the things I never seem to have time for.

  17. Hmmm. I would spend more time volunteering and be more involved with church activities. I would love to be a published author. My scrapbooks would be up to date. And I would have college accounts set up fo my grandchildren.

  18. In 5 years, I would like to have quit my job, left the rat race and be living on a lake in Northern MN. I would have a gorgeous scrapbook studio overlooking the water, my kids would be a in a small town school, going to small town football games. My husband would probably be video gaming and fishing!

  19. I’ve always have wanted to build a Habitat for Humanity house in my town. I would spend a lot of my money & get a few donations & ask ALL my friends to help.

  20. If time and $ were no object we’d be living on a beautiful many acred plot of land w/ family members in homes nearby… living with the land and watching our children grow together! I wish it was possible now!

  21. If money was not an object I would work part-time jobs helping others. I love to babysit and mom’s always seem to be in a pinch at the last minute – would love to be available to help them. Also would volunteer around my town I live in, continue to make it a better place to live.

  22. Time & money no object? I’d be traveling around Africa with my family. I was blessed to spend time in Uganda and Kenya this summer and I really want to go back with my husband and kids. My daughter would be 14 and my son 10 — what a great time to meet people outside of their everyday experience, live in different cultures and experience lifestyles so very different from their own.

  23. Most people want to travel the World—I just want to travel the STATES. I have always wanted to be able to visit all the States.

  24. I would build a non-profit therapy centre for children so the children in our community would have easy access to physical, occupational and speech therapy. I would also have a early childhood centre attached for children of all abilities to attend so that kids with delays would have some great social and speech models. Our community has so few pediatric focused therapists. Seeing kids go without services and waiting on a list breaks my heart. Kids with special needs and their families is my passion. So many have potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. I would pursue this now if not for raising a young family. Thanks for the inspiration to dream big.

  25. I would love to be a stay at home mother and travel to different countries exploring and spending time with my family without worry about work or money. So step 1, find a husband – - do we get magic fairy dust with the question?

  26. If money were no object, I’d go back to China and adopt a waiting child…an older boy. We have a son and three daughters, one adopted from China. I’d love to bring our kids with and let them see and experience China.

  27. i’d start a non profit to change the face of education. our kids deserve so much better!

  28. I would organize and decorate my house.

  29. … i would quit my job so i could be more “present” for my boys. i would pick them up from school, and we’d take our time doing all the things we now try to cram in at night when i get home.
    i would take them on more vacations since we couldnt afford one this year.
    i would be home with them at summer, so they would be able to play with their friends.
    my husband and i are hoping to sell our house in the next year and move to a neighbhorhood closer to school.. so we hope in 5 years our life will look very different.

  30. I would definitely be following my dream of being a career counselor. I want to help those who did not feel college was for them and help them see and take the steps to opening those doors. Education is an experience that only you can do for yourself. Once you walk through those doors, the world opens up and it can not be undone. So many people dont think its for them or have any idea that a world of possibilities exist. I did this myself many years ago and have created a life I had dreamed of. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner to tell you, you are headed in the right direction. I want to help people to see that taking the steps in the short term will actually get them to their longer term goal. This is what I feel passionate about.

  31. Let’s see….hmmm…time and money NOT a problem?? I would definitely travel with my family-the US, Canada, Europe, Austrailia, etc. I’ve always wanted to take the family to live for six months at a time in different places around the world, homeschooling the kids wherever we were. I think it would be such an eye-opening experience for the kids–to learn that yes we are blessed in the US, but that other cultures are rich in other ways and equally as blessed.

  32. We would be debt free. I would be living a simpler, more peaceful life with my kids and husband. We would travel more, value each moment more. Lack of time and money really can put a grey cloud on life.

  33. I would be a stay at home mom with one boy and one girl in five years. Scrapbooking about both kids and our everyday life. I would get to go to scrapbook events around the country and travel a little to Europe and Africa! I’d also volunteer at the kids school to see them during the day!

  34. Well, that is very simple…. I’ve been dreaming of it for years! But one of those things (which is green) is and has been holding me back for many years… so being no object, here is what I would do.
    I would go back to school and fulfill my dream of being a nurse… then I would travel to and fro being of service to those in need. (all over the world!) Teach them, educate them and give them the courtesy, love and respect that they deserve…Oh, of course my family would be right along side with me, offering their services as well… in building, teaching, nutrition, and hygiene care (I have 5 children & a hubby… and in-law children too!) and I’m certain, we would be the ones that would be learning and gaining more than we could ever give back…. but I’d surely like the opportunity to see. Can you just imagine the stories we would hear, the lessons that we would learn, the love that we would feel … ? I would pray that we would be able to touch “someone” to make “someone’s” load lighter, to brighten “someone’s” day, to “give” all we can to “someone”….. I brings warmth to my heart and soul just thinking about it…. someday… someday my dreams will come true….
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity do “dig deep” and bring it to the surface again (I’ve tucked it away so nicely inside :) ) … what a great way to start my day!
    My blog is private, but I am a “stalker” to yours every day! :)

  35. Anna Vollmer says:

    If time or money were not an issue…in five years I’d be a happy mother of at least 3 ( I have no children at the present moment), I would be a partner in my mothers business, and I would be owner/operator of my own photography business. THank you for the giveaway!

  36. Pursuing something more creative than my current job, debt free and traveling with my family!
    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  37. In five years, my children will be in 7th and 4th grades. I will probably be back at work, full time. Doing what is the BIG question!! Hopefully, I will be able to travel with the family.

  38. Whitney Seeman says:

    I would be living somewhere with 4 seasons in a house that I love. We would be able to travel with our family. I’m not sure if I would be ready to go back to school in 5 years, but probably in the near future. We don’t like where we live right now and moving out of here sounds wonderful!

  39. I would own a house and stay at home with my children and dogs. I would take photographs for fun and scrapbook them. I would also write articles about my travels.

  40. carol in seattle :) says:

    In five years, I see myself owning a home and graduating from college. That’s without the time/money stipulation. As for the BIG dream…I’d love to be living in the Caribbean so my sweet hubby and I can go scuba diving every day!

  41. Hmmm, in five years my son will be on his Mission and my daughter will be a junior in HS. I would love to be a well known Blogger with my Words of Me Project. I would love to be teaching journaling classes via the internet, at workshops, etc. I hope to have my home as I love it so much. I hope to be traveling with my husband to a few of our favorite spots. I hope my Mom is still with us so we can continue to enjoy one another. I hope to be watching my darling daughter cheer on the Spoofhounds. I hope I’ve grown in the Gospel. I hope to be better at serving others. I hope I SHINE.

  42. Melinda Wilson says:

    Wow! This is an awesome question and really makes me put things into prospective!
    Truthfully, there isn’t alot of things I would change materially other than be in a one level home instead of this three level home (but nothing any larger). I would love to be able to help others more (anonymously) and help my church reach more people in our community.

  43. This is not an old question to me, it is something I have thougth of often. And come to the conclusion that we only let time and money hold us back if we let them.
    If I had unlimitted resources I would open a home for troubled youth, kids between 12 – 18 who have had problems at home, teen pregnacny support etc, provide for them a more stable environment, encourage them to be all they can be, and walk with them through their struggles, just LOVE them for who they are and re-build their self esteme and self worth.
    So despite the fact that I do not have large amounts of $$$$$$, and that at times time is in short supply I try to be there for kids – God seems to have given this “old bird” a gift in connecting with those young hearts, realy often all they want is to be heard – for their story to matter, for someone to listen. I imagine that 5 years from now I will still be sitting up late chatting on Facebook, sending email and encouraging hurting souls. (Maybe we would take a bunch of kids who normally would not have the opportunity to the “Happiest Place on Earth too! That would be so much fun!
    If I was to let time and $$$ hold me back I would have missed some incredible opportunities to hear some amazing stories and to be blessed in the process. Not to mention, have been to a few funerals and shared some very sad stories with paents. Who wants to be doing that!

  44. In five years I would have over the financial road block and have completed my degree and I’d be teaching art to Elementary students. Really, what could be better than being surrounded by creative children who have no reservations about their work. Plus, markers, crayons, paint and colored papers would be benefits too.

  45. I would have two more children or be expecting my 3rd, and be writing for a living while being a stay at home mom and living in Georgia near my family. I’m currently a stay at home mom to one and struggling to keep up with writing, we can’t afford more children, and we’ve been living away from my family for far too long because we can’t afford to move back. So if time and money were NO object, this is what I would want.

  46. Time & Money no object? Travel the world, foster/adopt all the kids I could, and open a home for unwed mothers promoting love and life and education with Psalms 139 as my mission statement.

  47. * We would have no debt.
    * Our kids’ educations would be paid for They are 15 mo & tbd. :-)
    * We would work because we WANT to, not because we have to.
    * We would travel every summer & winter break so they can have the experiences my husband and I never had.
    * We would buy my parents a home near us so they can be with their grandkids (and not worry about money).

  48. Ronnie Crowley says:

    If time and money was no object I would be running a non profit organization to provide food for children who receive free school lunches during the weekends and vacations. Many children go home at the end of the school day and don’t eat again until breakfast the next day at school. Imagine what the weekends feel like. I started a program here in Texas which runs on donations but I would like to replicate this program across the USA and beyond. So that no child arrives at school on Monday morning hungry and unable to concentrate from lack of food.

  49. In five years, I want to be staying at home with my kids and spending most of my time with them, volunteering in their schools and going to all their activities. I want to keep learning and improving every day.

  50. Karen Hobbs says:

    I would like to be a photographer, and get paid for it! I would like to be traveling the world or even just the USA with my husband and taking pictures and writing about them and maybe do a book or something like that!

  51. I would be running my business full time, screenprinting all day long and making beautiful things.
    …Forget five years, I’d do it tomorrow!

  52. Taking my family on an adventure….an adventure that would open their eyes to the people that live all around the world…that need a smile, a friend, a helping hand. If money were no object…this is what I would do. Thank you for sharing the video. I purchased this book for my husband last Christmas, it is time to take a look at it again to remind ourselves of what we can do!

  53. I would be a mom.
    If neither time nor money were an object, we’d be able to try fertility treatments again. Within five years we’d be sure to finally have the child we’ve been waiting to love.

  54. In five years we would be expecting our 3rd child and I would be a stay at home mom, with one in 1st grade and one in preschool. We would travel often and live simply-and with lots of closets-we have no closets in our house now!

  55. I would travel the world, and when I got done with that, I would live close to my sisters so that I could help raise my nieces…and volunteer my time helping either the elderly or children.

  56. I would take all our family members to Europe for a grand tour. Then, maybe back to Africa for a safari. I would build a small house on a lake and decorate it in vivid colors and place artwork made by my friends and me all over the house. Definitely something to think about!

  57. I have to hope I am lucky, I can not get the link to work and did not see the book on your book store.
    I would hope I could hire a cook to help my family eat healthier and a personal trainer. I would work on redoing my home and get it magazine ready.

  58. I hope in 5 years I have a photography business. Photography is becoming more and more of a passion to me so I’m hoping to take it to the next level!

  59. If time and money were no object I would still be a stay at home Mom. I would have my house in order, renos done and organized. My mismatched scraproom would be overhauled into a creative oasis.I’d also travel more with my family to see the world.

  60. In five years I would be living with my amazing husband in a Craftsman-style home overlooking a beach on the Pacific (or nestled in a beautiful redwood grove with a nearby stream – we haven’t decided yet). It would be big enough that the whole extended family could come to visit and spend time at holidays and such. Most of the time my DH and I would putter about working on our hobbies – and I’d be able to share my art with others in some way – perhaps for some greater good. There would be plenty of time to travel, spend time with family and just be alone with a good book and a hot (or iced) cup of tea.

  61. My husband and I would be living in our lakehouse, both happily retired.
    I would be working in some capacity with children, teaching them to read and to love reading. I’ve decided (in real life, not in this imaginary 5-year “what if?” plan) to dedicate some time to a literacy campaign in my community. Don’t know what or how, but I.WILL.BE.DOING.THAT.

  62. If money were no object I would be travelling the world. Not all the time…I do have kids and they would need to be home for school, but I have a huge list of places I would love to see, and I would make sure to check two or three off my list every year :)

  63. Five years from now, I’d like to be a nationally known quilter. Teacher, lecturer, creator. That’s what I’d like to do. I’m going to enter my first national quilt show in the next few months, and I am very very excited about this.

  64. In five years… is this question supposed to be hard? It is! One on a mission, one driving, and another in middle school. It seems like the time with little kids is flying swiftly by. Hopefully I can be loving & serving & doing & being a happy person. And if my college degree is finally done after 30 years, that would be swell!

  65. I will have spent two years celebrating my retirement with a National Park tour and relocated to Evergreen CO. I will be involved in volunteer work with foster care training, young parent education/support, hunger & church. “Me Projects” include life/ memory documenting, travel, & piano lessons.

  66. This one is easy for me! I have often thought about what I would do if I had enough money, time and my health was good, I would volunteer at both a hospital and a seniors assisted living center. I volunteer, when I can now in various ways however doing those things would be so fullfilling. And I would love to have a little more free time to garden and cook : )

  67. In five years, my drawing and painting would be at a whole new level – maybe I’d even have my own gallery show, and be selling some of my pieces. In five years, I would be connected to at least one friend who calls just cause she wants to talk to me. In five years, we wouldn’t be living on a main, busy street anymore, but would be in a quiet space where when you step outside, all you can hear is the birds and the wind in the trees. In five years, we would have found a GOOD high school for our first child. In five years, I would have accepted my body for what it is and be grateful for being healthy, and have stopped fighting against things that don’t really matter, in the grand scheme of things. In five years, I would like to have found some balance, and be better at keeping it. In other words, in five years, I would like to be a better me.

  68. Hi Stacy
    If time and money were no object, I would be fulling all my wants and desires. One would be living out west, with LOTS of LAND so my eight children and wonderful husband and I could all live around one another. Two–I would finally finish my BS degree in Nursing instead of counseling, so I can help bring babies into this world. There is something special about working in L&D, and you witness these brand new babies leaving our Heavenly Fathers existence. Three–I would follow my dreams of photography. I believe a picture is worth a 1000 words, and each picture how fancy or simple has an amazing story. Fourth After this was all said and done, My husband and I would serve a Mission for our church.
    Thanks for this opportunity to help us reflect where our lives will be in five years. For me, I will still be raising children, sending some on missions, and college, and still having little people at home.
    Heather Kemmey

  69. I would be living full time on our 40 acre farm (instead of just visiting one day a week). I would be milking goats, making cheese, tending gardens, canning veggies and fruit,baking homemade bread and meals, and teaching others to do the same. I would be scrapping every chance I got and enjoying life with my family.

  70. My husband and I would be making a difference while working with Habitat for Humanity, spending time helping to set up clean water supplies in Kenya, and travelling to India, China to meet new people!!!

  71. Those are certainly the biggies: time, money, and let’s not forget health insurance!
    Without those considerations, in five years I would have left my current job and would be doing freelance writing and photography out of my home office.

  72. Easy Peasy. I’d be travelling the world with my husband and 2 little boys.

  73. Both my husband and I would be doing what we love (me crafting and photography, him food and music) and making a good enough living for our family to spend half the year in France with his family and half the year in the Caribbean with mine. :)

  74. leanne.queen@gmos.us says:

    Wow! 5years can seem so far away! But by then I’ll have one boy home from his mission and one getting ready to leave. If time and money were not an issue I would be living in sunny CA close to my parents and siblings. Just taking care of those around me. Giving service where ever needed. Sharing my love withothers in what ever way God leads me.

  75. I would be a counselor/psychologist for kids (and parents of kids) with asperger’s syndrome. Someone helped us when my son was younger and I believe she changed our lives. I think it would be great to help someone else that way. The best thing she would say was that we were doing a good job. Needed to hear that.

  76. Five years from now, I would be traveling and researching my family history (with hubby and kids in tow).

  77. I can come up with 5!
    1. Deeper in God’s word. 2. Continuing to enjoy life with my husband 3. Home to greet the kids after a long day at school. 4. Working part-time from home doing something that I love (crafty stuff) 5. 30 lbs. lighter!

  78. Michelle (from KY) says:

    If I couls do anything…wow…I think I would take my niece and nephew and explore the world. Teach them about art, history, and cultures. Spending time with them on an amazing adventure!

  79. If money and time were no object, I would purchase one of the historic homes in my town and turn it into a creative arts center where all people (young, old, and in between) could have access to art materials and creating because I truly believe that everyone has the beauty of creativity living inside them.

  80. As I’ve just committed to three years working/living here to let our DD finish her education I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot. What do we do then?
    Ideally – both kids would have moved onto college or jobs, we’d have more time and maybe more money. However, as they are not not an issue – work together to build/redo a house and garden using the green principals we’ve learned to be a show home for such devices.
    Giving people ways of incorporating easy environmentally friendly things into their lives. Still volunteering and living simply but enjoying the freedom of choosing wisely and well without worrying.
    Neat question – thanks Stacy!

  81. Lauren Wolf says:

    Hmmm… Five years from today – without concern for time or money… let’s see – I will be almost 42 and my children will be almost 9 (ah!) and 7 (double ah!)…I would like to be taking a trip to Italy with just the hubby…I am a huge art history fan so I want to cry at the sight of Michelangelo’s David. Then I would head out west with the kids to my all time favorite artist’s home at Georgia O’Keeffe Museum – I know I will cry there too. In case you’re wondering, the crying is good. A dream fulfilled kind of crying. :) I’d like to be working or volunteering for my childrens’s current preschool and our church. You are such an inspiration to me. I feel so free with my scrapbooking after reading your books. I am enjoying taking pictures and scrapping the stories that matter, not just what I think I should be documenting. So in five years, I hope to have completed a few more books about our everyday lives and loves.
    Thank you so much, Lauren

  82. In 5 years I hope I am still doing what I am today, and loving it – being able to be a stay at home mom to my 5 children – helping at their schools, scrapbooking our life’s memories, and helping them grow and learn to be good and strong citizens and people. For my husband, though, I would wish he could have a job that he loves and feels confident in, so he could feel good about himself, feel that he is a good example to our children. I truly hope, in 5 years that would happen for him!

  83. Alison Currie says:

    I don’t think I would change my life too much. I love our home, our neighbourhood, our church and our friends. I would still be a SAHM, with my kids in grade school. I may continue with after school daycare because I love having my kids friends here. We would take every opportunity to travel as a family when the time permits – not only to see extended family but to see the world and help in missions together. We could continue to work and to volunteer in our church because we wanted to. Oh to dream.

  84. Five years from now I want to be -
    - writing the story of a life not wasted
    - living back home in the states after having lived on all 6 inhabitable continents (Three down, three to go)
    - utilizing my language and medical skills to make a difference in the lives of others, particularly displaced people who have imigrated to the US
    - closer to God, resting in His promises delighting in his creation and serving Him daily
    - stronger and wiser

  85. I would be a Senator. I would help to make laws that would protect America and her people and her freedoms.
    In reality, because time and money are an issue :) I will have finished my bachelor’s degree through distance learning and become a teacher for the next generation (aka grandmother).

  86. MY ! What a gift – I struggle to think 5 days ahead… so here’s 5 things for 5 years time.
    1. The house would be finished, including the kitchen of my dreams
    2. DD will be EIGHT !!! HOW??? and we’d also have a 4 yr old hopefully….
    3. I’d still be teaching, but as a Principal teacher of literacy… (kids and a career rise – nah, never gonna happen !)
    4. I will be half the weight I am… :(
    5. I will have found my centre in God. And refused to be budged. (this one probably should go first..!)
    Thanks for the opportunity. This looks a great book ! XX

  87. Cindy Trimble says:

    In 5 years, I would be unemployed (happily!). I would just be staying home with my husband, traveling with my own little family and spending time catching up on my scrapbooks. I would be making cards and spend more time on my church duties. I would be in heaven!

  88. When you take time and money out of the equation, dreams can really be BIG! Five years from now my oldest will be out of college and onto her first job, my next two will be IN college and since money is no problem, they can go to whatever college they choose. Both DH and I will have given up our corporate day jobs. He’ll have found some pursuit or hobby that really fulfills him and makes him happy. I’ll be splitting my free time between creative endeavors at my beachfront property in Maui (tai chi on the beach, scrapbooking, painting, reading) and traveling the world doing volunteer work wherever the spirit moves me, but still being readily available to my newly minted young adult children.

  89. That’s easy. I would be teaching in Africa somewhere.

  90. I would be teaching or working as a Children’s Librarian performing for children and inspiring them to develop their imagination and acting skills. In addition, I’d be a published author of a NY Times best seller!

  91. That’s an easy one, because in 5 years our teenagers would have flown the coop and DH and I would have pimped out an RV and be travelling around this beautiful country of ours. (New Zealand)

  92. Five years from now I hope to have started a family with my husband. I would love to be a stay at home mom at that point and be designing for scrapbooking magazines, kit clubs, or manufacturers.

  93. I would love to have the money where I can quit work and be able to be with my husband and child. My husband retired 3 years ago. I would also love to move out of the state. Far away from my family members. Too much heartache there. I would love to make a fresh start, a new beginning. Maybe even to travel. To see more of God’s country.

  94. 5 years from now I will
    * still be a stay at home Mom
    * have started my crafty business
    Beyond that I do not know. That’s why a few friends of mine decided today to form a 5 group which will meet weekly using this book as a guide.

  95. In 5 years without money and time worries my husband and I will have our friendship stronger than it is today where we face many money and time worries.
    Professionally, I will continue teaching at the college level as an adjunct and will be an independent school health consultant working with school districts to tie in the relationship between health and academics (you can’t learn if you aren’t healthy and you can’t be healthy if you don’t know how to learn). My skills in public speaking, innovation, and leadership will be put to the test but my success will be due to the fact that the key is finding common ground with all key stakeholders and not putting up walls.
    As a mother, I will have a 10 year old, 8 year old, and because money isn’t a factor we would have adopted a third child to bless our family. The priority of putting time into our children first will still be the top priority and we will see that their character is truly counting when they are faced with the pressures from their peers.
    As for scrapbooking – it will be my continued source of contentment and where I find my ‘flow’ in a hectic world of loving life. My growth as a scrapbooker will be focused much more on telling the stories behind the pictures as opposed to making the pages look pretty.
    This was a great opportunity to look ahead. I look forward to reading this book.

  96. If time and money were no option, I would make my husband quit his job and find something that he truly loves to do. Plus I would quit my part time job to stay home with my boys. I would fulfill my dream of being a photographer and be a stress-free mom and wife and enjoy the little moments being a mom of three boys brings to your life. Plus

  97. If time and money were no object 5 years from today, I hope to be doing just what I am doing now. Being a stay a home wife, playing nanna as much as possible, working in my church, scrapbooking, loving my life.

  98. If time and money were not an object, in 5 years I would be a stay at home mom with a dog portrait photography business in a big house on lots of land with a wrap around porch and a big swingset in the backyard for the kids to play on. :)

  99. If I could do anything in 5 years and time/money were no concern… I would quit my job and spend more time scrapbooking and traveling AND I would design and buy my own home and get out of the renting mode.

  100. If time and money were no object, I would be doing work I feel passionate about (unlike my current job) and I would have more time to spend with my daughters who will be 8, 11, and 13 in five years’ time. I don’t know exactly what my new career would be, but I’m sure it would involve helping people in some way.

  101. I’ve already entered so don’t count this. I just had to tell you that one of my daughters fell into our coffee table when she was 2 1/2 and got a gash above her right eye just like Addie that required 4 stitches. 29 years later you can barely tell that there is even a scar. I am sure Addie will be fine.

  102. I would LOVE to be working for a non-profit. My knowledge and strengths are in finance – can’t wait until I can put knowledge to use working for a non-profit company.

  103. I would be retired and really living! No sitting in a rocking chair waiting for my life to end for me! I will go from this life kicking and screaming and living till the last second. I live in South Africa, so I would be living the dream my husband and I have had for close on 30 years – driving through all the states in America on Harley Davidsons. Stopping where and when and for as long as we want to.

  104. I really need this. . . I’m at a crisis right now where I think a lot about what the next five years, even the next five months holds for me and my family, and I have the power to make the choice. I just hope I make the right one. Money and time can’t buy that, but being completely out of debt is what I would do if those were the only things I was considering.

  105. If time & money didn’t matter I would go to medical school in 5 years – at age 45. How scary would that be!!

  106. If money and time were no object in 5 years I would be a stay at home mom. I would spend more time scrapbooking and recording our stories, and expand my photography skills. My oldest will also be in elementary school by then so I would like to spend time volunteering and getting involved in school functions.

  107. In five years I would love to have a cleaning lady! My house would be tidy, my husband would be following his dream of being a full-time artist and I would be supporting him and spending lots of time with my kids!

  108. I will be:
    Finally settled into my new home in AZ
    Icing a big chocolate cake for my new neighbors
    Valuing how wonderful my marriage is
    Excited to be living a new life filled with love, creative spirit and faith. That’s my 5.

  109. ScrappeeDiane says:

    In five years if time and money were not an issue I would love to still be a stay at home Mom but instead of working from home to pay the bills I would love to spend 1/2 of my free time volunteering with seniors in my community. Right now I volunteer 4 hours a week doing their grocery shopping for them but I would really like to do more.

  110. I would like to be my kids best friend. Its getting harder and harder as they approach the teen years and I fear the seperation. With unlimited money a beautiful barn and cool animals in it appeals to me as well. (with a housekeeper so I would never have to come in)

  111. I just stumbled onto your blog from a link on a friend’s blog and now I am troubled because I don’t know where I would like to be in 5 years. I have always been a little jealous of people with passions or strong opinions. Some girls had one favorite color that they were so devoted to. I always thought that they were all nice, and so on with school subjects, ice cream flavors, etc. etc. I do want to learn to play the guitar and piano and write some songs. And by then my youngest will be in school and I would like to teach part time. I love kids. I love teaching. I love listening to kids and making them feel valued and important. I love the funny and profound things that kids say and watching their faces light up when they learn something new that was kind-of tricky.

  112. No question, I would be traveling, taking photos, and simply spending time with my family.

  113. Christine H says:

    If time and money were no object, I would have two major projects going in 5 years. For my creative side, I would buy the LSS that is currently up for sale due to owner illness. It is the only LSS in 100 miles. Makes me so sad it is closing and the owner is awesome.
    Second focus would be Africa mission work. Specifically, I am interested in the HIV epidemic in parts of Africa and the orphans left behind.

  114. If time and money were no object five years from now I would have just graduated from nursing school and started my first job as an emergency room nurse. I know it’s what I was meant to do, I know I would be great at it. I could make a difference. But…..

  115. Oh, this is good. I have wanted to read it since i saw you speak 2 years ago. If time or money were no object, I would be raising my 3rd boy and making more time for crafting, by giving up my household duties such as cleaning, laundry and dishes. I’d still like to do all the great stuff about being a stay at home mom, just not the chores.

  116. I would quit my job being a physician in a heartbeat, and be a stay at home mom, after adopting several children, and home school them.

  117. i’ll still be teaching a couple classes because i love it, but most of my time will be spent mothering four kiddos (the two currently in existance plus two more). i’ll be dating my husband at least once a week, and welcoming friends and family into our home every chance i can get. we’ll still live in this community, and we’ll continue to place a higher priority on people than things. i’ll be sewing, knitting, crafting, and scrapbooking in the pockets of time i’m able to carve out -and i will be present in the moments when i am needed by others. a fullness of peace and joy will cover our home. i will not wish away the blessing of the here and now. every moment is a gift. right now, 5 years from now, and every moment in between.
    thank you, stacy, for encouraging me to define my vision! you are a treasure and an amazing role model!

  118. I have always wanted to be a mom. I’m 36 years old and still single. If Time and Money weren’t an issue I would be a mom 5 years from now. I would give birth to babies, adopt babies or older kids and foster babies or older kids. My dream is to just be a mom.
    Maybe this book is just what I need to help make my dream come true.

  119. Flying a jet!

  120. I would like to go to New Orleans and help the local people recover from the Hurricane.

  121. Ahhh…if time and money weren’t part of the picture, I’d be a polyglot! I would SO love to learn other languages: Greek…Mandarin…Swedish. It drives me crazy when I hear people trying to communicate but who can’t, because of a language barrier. Yeah. If time/money weren’t an option, in five years I’d be able to say “hey! Let me translate for you!” (Um, only I’d say it in their native tongue!) :-)

  122. If time and money were not as issue, I would be in Africa doing humanitarian work! I would absolutely LOVE to take my 2 sons with me to show them in an unbelievably REAL way how lucky we truly are. I know that service no matter where you do it enriches your soul, but Africa calls to me.

  123. If time & money were no object in five years my husband & I would be growing and hopefully, Lord willing, thriving with the coffee business we just recently quit…

  124. enjoying my family…scrapbooking to document all the wonders of our lives…serving others more…making my home more like heaven…all the things I wish I was doing better at now!
    Thanks for the good thoughts for today. I really need this book!
    Sharon :)

  125. I’d be a lactation consultant. Lack of time is what makes it hard for me at present with 3 kids under 5. I’m pretty sure it’s a goal that I will pursue when my kids get a little older, though.

  126. In 5 years, my youngest would be home (or almost home) from a mission and my DH would buy a trailer to pull behind our new truck. We would go camping and go visit the kids. And I would be taking online classes. (I would also be fit and slender- this is a dream, right?)

  127. I would want to take my children to a poor country to help them learn to appreciate all that we have and are blessed with!

  128. My children would be 22—My husband and I would have the time to help them start to live out their dreams and we would be spending the summer in Europe to see everything we have ever wanted to see there and come home to share the holidays as a family.

  129. In five years my kids will be 12 1/2 and almost 8 years old. I’d travel with them and my husband to many different places around the globe. There are so many life lessons to be learned in traveling; lessons that just can’t really be taught from reading a book (although I’m a huge believer and proponent of reading).

  130. If time and money were no object, I would be spending my days helping my family to grow into all they can be – maybe by starting a business that my entire family could share in – one that helps others throughout the world in some fashion. (And I’d also sleep and exercise more) :)

  131. In 5 years my two children will be teenagers. I want to know that I have developed strong relationships with them when they were young. I want a welcoming home where they can feel free to invite their friends. I would have been generous in giving time and money to projects and organizations that make a difference. I want to know that I have fulfilled God’s purpose for me over those five years, and to be filled with joy because of it.

  132. In 5 years, I’ll be 60 and hoping that my art career is going full tilt without having to struggle with a limited budget.

  133. If time and money were no object, in 5 years from today, I’d be traveling the world and helping in impoverished nations whenever and wherever I could.

  134. 5 years. Well, I hope that my kids are more compassionate, more respectful, and even more happy than they are now at ages FIVE and 8. Can’t imagine them at 10 and 13; but I can’t wait to take them on the journey!! Oh – and I would like to take our family on several great vacations between now and then…Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty…never been able to afford family vacations, but if we quit moving around the country, maybe we could just focus on the traveling part!!!

  135. If time and money were no object…in five years I would have 2 more kids – making 5 in all. My husband I would still be running our plumbing business only he would be doing it full time instead of on the side. We will have bought a house that works for our family, and I would be working on getting my nursing degree.
    This books looks so inspiring!!!

  136. If TIME and MONEY were no object….then 5 years from now my husband and I would be living back home in Washington State or Idaho by my parents with 2 kiddos running around the house! I would work in my own scrapbook store and he would be on the PGA tour playing golf that he loves so much!
    Thanks Stacy for the chance to win this book!

  137. In 5 years it will be MY time! I’ve been raising children for the past 27 years and I have 5 more years to go. By the time I’m 50 I will have spent 32 years of my life living for my children (all 4 of them). In 5 years I will be finishing law school and moving the England to live out my dream – one that I’ve had since I was 25 years old!

  138. I hope to be doing the most important work of all…raising my daughters, adding the title of Grandma to my roles, doing church work, and taking care of my aging parents. That’s what keeps me busy now, and if it didn’t change that would be okay with me. That may not sound glamorous or even far-reaching, but I can assure you that it definitely fits the bill for the latter.

  139. I’d be living in Europe. Think ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. Oh yeah, and I’d be taking pictures with a waaaay better camera.

  140. If time and money were not objects, in five years I would have live in help for chores, meals, errands, etc. so that I could have more time to pursue hobbies… I would have an RV to travel often with my kids… I would like to travel to all 50 states in one big trip… then start traveling abroad…

  141. Dana Jacobson says:

    In 5 years from now. I will have a 13 year old and 10 year old boys. If money, and time were no object. I say that we would finally be out of debt, and in a house with my own room to scrapbook. We would finally have a basement so we could have our cars in a garage and not our garage as a storage space. My DH wouldn’t need to work an extra job in the summer and he would be home in the evenings and we would be doing more family things. I also wouldn’t have to be as concerned with my purchases as much as I am now. I don’t like the feeling of living via paycheck every two weeks and just getting by. And by then I would have my Santa Fe and would have more room then in my Toyota Camery…just say need more trunk space.
    I have been dying to read this book and this really makes me want to read it!!!

  142. that is a seriously tough question. in five years, my oldest will be 16 and my youngest will be 6 (we have 5 children altogether). i think if time or money were no object, my answer would be the same if it were an object (like it is). i hope to be where i’m supposed to be. where my path leads, and that i’ve stayed on that path. i hope to be in a good place mentally, that i’ll be a joyful mommy and wife and friend. :)

  143. Love the #5!!!! Five years from now I would like to be spending more time with family, babysitting grandkids when ever needed. Scrapbooking & creating.

  144. I would be traveling/exploring the world with my husband and children.

  145. 5 years is an important timeframe for me because it’s a year before I retire … by that time I want my home to be almost paid off and renovated ready to rent, and for us to be ready (financially) to purchase a new home for us. I also want us to be able to visit family in North America and England every year, and also see a little more of the world. (Fingers crossed).

  146. Jeannette P says:

    Let’s see…my youngest would be almost 8 and therefore in school full days. I think that I would work at helping people get organized. From decreasing the clutter in their homes & organizing the things they love & want to keep, to making meal plans that work for their family & that they could reuse on a cycle similar to what hospitals do *just not that type of food LOL. I’ve actually got a degree in Dietetics & haven’t used it beyond my daily duties as a mother/wife & I LOVE organizing things.

  147. I be in Greece with my husband at my side truly enjoying the experience.

  148. Honestly, Stacy… I am living my life just as I would want it to be. I have a meaningful job that allows me to use my talents, skills and experience. I have time for my kids – to take them to their appointments, go to their concerts, accompany them on their field trips, listen to them read and watch them play tennis. I volunteer at their school and encourage other parents to become involved. I teach fitness classes and enjoy the occasional run whenever I have time. And I find time to scrapbook about all this… and all the stuff I’ve done in the past and hope to do in the future. I guess the only thing I might change is the frequency of my visits with my out-of-town family and friends… I miss my mom, dad, sisters and old university buddies.

  149. I would not be working. I would be home schooling my two boys. And taking them across the country, probably in an RV, and then maybe around the world. I’d like them to see more than this neck of the woods. :)

  150. In 5 years time, I will be a children’s book author making a huge difference in the lives of many children and their parents. Empowering kids in living their lives fully and that they have full self expression and happiness and joy and power in life! For them to live their dreams, and to have the people who read the stories to them be inspired by what is possible in life. That is what I would do if time and money are no issue – and I am going to take that on now!!

  151. I have always said, if money were no issue I would begin traveling the world and writing about every culture I encounter and every daily experience I had. I want to spend at least a month or more within a community that is foreign to me, learning their customs and practices and beliefs — to fully invest in their daily lives. Not only do I want this for my own spiritual health, but also to share these experiences with the people in my life who would not take the time or have the inclination to experience it on their own. It remains my dream to this day! And to do that five years from now would allow me time to solidify my relationship with the youngest of my nephews, guaranteeing that they will remember me even as I travel in far-off circles. It would hurt my heart too much to leave without investing enough time in them during these early years.

  152. Time and money not a problem? I’d have children. Lots of them. And I’d be the best Mom I could be. Unfortunately, I’d need unlimited funds to make that happen. We exhausted our options with IVF. So… now it’s a miracle, or a lottery win.

  153. WOW That IS inspiring. I would be finished with college and have a career of my own.

  154. I take that back- I want to travel the world (after college works, I guess), taking pictures of life, nature, and everything that goes into culture and publishing books with my photos.
    With my children and husband, of course, because I can’t leave them behind. :)

  155. If time and money were no object I would open a retreat center. I would keep the center affordable for all and if they couldn’t afford it I would let them come anyway.

  156. Michelle Evans says:

    If time and money were no object, I would live on a sustainable farm and raise as much of our own food as possible.

  157. Five years from today I’d love to be a stay-at-home mommy, possibly with a wedding photography business on the side.

  158. Where do I want to be in 5 years? Debt Free, see my work with cardmaking and scrapbooking published, see my family excited about where they are in life. See my husband happy and fulfilled in his life and work. See me finally put a stupid mistake I made 2 1/2 years ago to rest and move on with living life to the fullest every day, hour and moment because you don’t get them back.

  159. Time & money no object? I’d be my own boss with a PR firm. I’d be happily married with a dream house! Hopefully by that time as well, debt free & my family debt free. I’d also want 2 kids…
    More time to volunteer with the children’s hospital & Victory Junction Gang Camp (where I spend as much time as I can now).
    This book sounds awesome, by the way!

  160. Taking pictures of people, pictures that they love and that will matter to their families at that moment and for years to come.

  161. Melony Wells says:

    OK, My first thoughts when time & money are not concerns are WILD thoughts…like, if $’s not an issue then I would be helping out as many causes as I could, with my family along for the journey. I would want to make a difference, touch other lives in positive ways and let that ripple through the world…See? WILD and crazy ideas.
    For now I will do what I can with the time & $ I do have and remember to help someone, in some way, everyday. Gotta get me that book :)

  162. I’d be traveling the country in an RV with my too-good-to-be-true-even-after-23-years husband…taking pictures, playing games, creating memories and laughing with each other every step of the way :)

  163. Wow the movie was motivating… sounds like a must read! Five years… hmm I feel like the next 5 years will be devoted mainly to my 5 children. But, I love to learn new things, so I hope to renew my teaching certificate and continue to learn digital scrapbooking.

  164. after owning my business for nearly 17 years….5 years from now i hope to be travelling and scrapping more, and the best one just being at home for more than a weekend…..oh please i hope so

  165. Without a doubt I would be traveling with my husband. I want to visit more places in my lifetime than I have time and money for. Awesome giveaway Stacy!

  166. Hmm… where is the coupon code for the 20% good for? I did a Google search and it’s on Amazon and other places…

  167. WOW! Loved the clip :)TFS

  168. I am an optometrist and I would for sure go on mission trips both in the US and other countries (used to do it in optometry school) and give eye exams~ crazy how many people are “blind” b/c they just need glasses or a simple cataract surgery. There is nothing better then seeing someone “see” for the first time! :) And I would open up a scrapbooking store (just so I could have all the goodies on hand when ever I needed them!)

  169. I would be raising my children, both biological children and adopted kids, on a large piece of land with a huge garden and places to run. We would spend time giving to others through volunteer opportunites and we would live happily!

  170. In 5 years,I’d love to be working less so that I can enjoy life more without being so exhausted. I’d like to be able to travel more with my dh & my by then grown up kids (and spouses if they have them!), since they are teenagers now.

  171. Doing photography as a business including charity photographic work and travelling with family (4 married kids + 5 grandchildren) to volunteer around the world. And still happily scrapbooking :))

  172. Tracy Schmitt says:

    I would want to write the books I have in my mind and include photographs that I have taken along the way. Also, more travel to the places my kids are interested in and to help them pursue their dreams while realizing new ones of mine.

  173. Even though I would be an “older” student,
    I would definitely go back to college to finish a degree.

  174. I would buy a new house so the girls would both have a nice size room. I would finally take them to Disney World…and will enjoy it myself for the first time, just as they will. I would go to Italy with my college girlfriends. I would take a yearly anniversary honeymoon with my husband.
    Right now in my life I have a great part time job, where I get to teach, I am self employed with a photography business that I love, and get to be a stay at home mom. I wish I didn’t have to worry about finances. That is really the only thing career-wise that I would want to change…is finances. It would be great if both my husband and I had office space outside of our home, so that we could store all of our “stuff” somewhere other than our basement.
    I love my life and my kids.
    I also would be at my weight-loss goal and be modeling a healthy life for my girls, working out daily and eating great healthy food, planning meals ahead of time and be a normal size mom, not obese.

  175. You are going to think this is strange… but I would be doing research as a paleontologist and writing books and papers and doing field work!

  176. In five years if money and time were not an issue, I would be traveling the world with my daughter, who would be 15.

  177. hmmm.. time & money not a problem, then I would take my girls around the world & checking out how others live. I would have a tutor on board with us, so that education does not slide, but would love real life experiences to be the teacher in this case.
    I would also have someone help me organize my downstairs so that I could get scrapping right away (that’s what I was doing before I went to this dreamland)

  178. If talent were also not an object I’d be a Tap Dog! Gotta dance!

  179. If time and fundage weren’t an issue, my husband,my two sons (20 and 3) would be traveling to every country, every state that it is safe to take children into. I want my boys to look at the world and realize the astounding blessings of God and the richness of our world. How truly blessed we really are.

  180. Natasha Smith says:

    I would be traveling with my husband and 5 kids. Long travels – like months in new places. We would be making things and learning things and just simply sharing a joyous life!

  181. Shelley Orenstein says:

    If money were no object, I would love to foster children. Just love them and teach them that the world isn’t all bad. Help them t grow into independent people that will also have a future in this world, and hopefully they will make a difference because of something I might have said or done that has influenced them.


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