Winner (for Yesterday + Today)

But first … a conversation I have everyday with Addie.

yes Addie?
yes Addie?
I'm right here Addie.
what Addie?
yes Addie?
yes Addie?
Talk to me baby girl!
what Addie?
Addie … (with some frustration in my voice)
yes Addie?
What sweetie baby girl … what do you want?
Addie — what sweetie, what?

I'm quite certain that other mothers of three year-olds can relate to this type of exchange that usually occurs when one is making dinner, driving in the car, helping another child with homework, or … packing clothes for say a trip to Japan.


Finally, I stop and pick up this adorable princess girl and ask her to her face, What baby love? What do you need from Mommy and then she smiles and I give her a BIG HUG and say … I'm keeping you forever. And this seems to put a temporary end to the inquisition.

So, I turned off comments at precisely NOON and had my dear husband help me randomly generate a WINNER for Ali's class. Are you ready?

The WINNER is Summer Braxton. I've just notified Summer via email.

Wow, what an unbelievable group of women! I would die if I got this
spot in Ali's class. So amazing!

I hope she doesn't in fact die — that would be incredibly sad and I would certainly feel responsible.


Ok, now … for the rest of you. There is still a chance to win a spot in Ali's class. Head on over to Write.Click.Scrapbook (there's plenty of time)

and thank YOU all so much for helping us celebrate MORE exciting expert instruction at BPS.


  1. Congrats to Summer – and Stacy – hope you have a blast in Japan!!

  2. Waaa Hooo!!! Come on Oct. 1! Can’t wait to soak up all that Ali teaches. This is really just tooooooo incredible. Thanks Stacy!

  3. Oh my. That reminds me of a conversation between my then two-years-old sister and my four-years-old self.
    Sis : Where’s daddy?
    Me: He’s at the station (my dad used to be a fireman)
    Sis : aaah…
    Sis : Where’s daddy?
    Me (a bit ticked off): He’s at the station!
    Sis : aaah…
    Sis : Where’s daddy?
    Me (fully ticked off) : I told you, he’s at the station!!
    Sis : aaah…
    Sis : Where’s daddy?
    Me (getting angry) : HE’S AT THE STATION!
    Sis : aaah…
    Sis : Where’s daddy?
    Me (full blown angry) : HE’S AT THE STATION!!! STOP ASKING ME!!
    Sis : aaah…
    Sis : Where’s daddy?
    Me (ready to see blood AND choke my sister) : HE’S AT THE STATION!! STOP ASKING ME!! WHY CAN’T YOU STOP ASKING ME?? WHY YOU LITTLE…
    And that’s when my mom chose to intervene. The whole time, she was in the other room laughing.

  4. Melony Wells says:

    Yea for Summer whom I have never met!!! Helene’s story is HILARIOUS! and my son and daughter who are 6 and 4 still do the “Mommy?” thing to me. Then at last look at me with blank eyes…”I forgot”…AAARGGG!!! :)

  5. I have the same conversations with my 17 month old and 2 1/2 year old! It takes place in the car or while grocery shopping.
    Congrats to Summer! I am so jealous!

  6. LOL! She’s adorable!
    Congratulations Summer! Enjoy!

  7. Addie is so adorable. I am still having this conversation with my 12 year old. LOL.
    Congrats Summer. You lucky duck. Enjoy it.

  8. A jillion times a day I here from somewhere in the house:
    “I’m up/in here Zoe (who is 3).”
    “Over here Zo. Whacha need?”
    “WHERE ARE YOU?” (our house is really old, and built in such a way that she always sounds like she’s stuck in a cupboard)
    “In the office. I’m coming!”
    When I arrive, she invariably wants me to take the empty cup from her and… SET IT ON THE COFFEE TABLE.
    and I am utterly jealous- we’re saving our airmiles to get to Japan. My husband pointed out cheerfully he has enough to send me one way. I told him the extra baggage fees for all my stash would bankrupt him, so he shut up.

  9. I had that exact same conversation with my now 9 year old daughter. My son however spoke late due to a speech disability. So when he finally did say mommy it was music to my ears!

  10. LOL!! I have a similar conversation first thing in the morning when my 2 year old daughter wakes up in her cot. She calls from her room ‘Mama?’ I say ‘Yes?’ from my bedroom & she says ‘Mama?’ & I say ‘Yes?’ etc etc.
    One day when we had done this for a few minutes she said ‘Mama?’ I said ‘Annie?’. There was a big pause then Annie started giggling & said ‘Yes Mama?’ Who knew 3 words could be so much fun eh?

  11. My daughter did the same exact thing to me at that age – exactly – age 3….we laugh now, but boy was it a lesson in patience back then!

  12. So, in our house, the repeating of names needs to be done in a different emotional tone in order for the 5yo to enjoy the game.
    Han-nah (sing song)
    and so on until I just have to tickle her or zerbert (blow a raspberry) on her tummy.

  13. Hi Stacy,
    Do you know yet when (or even IF, I guess) you’ll be teaching your LoM classes next year?

  14. we’re currently going through the “where’s [name a member of our household, or next door's dog]?” then repeat, ad nauseum, but only when you’re alone with mumma!
    have a safe trip!

  15. Bummed I didn’t win but so happy for Summer.
    Laughed when I read your “conversation” w/Addy b/c it sounds very similar to ones I have with my son (2 yrs 10 mos).

  16. ahhh those are the best conversations! I love the big hugs… sometimes that traveling is hard on the little ones and knowing you are coming home! After I picked up my just turned 4 year old daughter up from preschool…she hugged me really big and said, “I just knew you would come back for me!” Ahh melted my heart!
    Have a great time in Japan!

  17. this is too funny!!! (and too familiar … except rather than “mommy”, I hear “why?” after almost everything these days!!) ;-)

  18. So funny, stacey and all the other comments crack me up! You brought back some fun and frustrating memories!
    I recall those times – it drives ya crazy right? but wouldnt i just go back for one of those smiles and hugs and “mummy” calls!
    If only we could get inside those heads at that age – just think of the journalling we would get!! too funny!

  19. I’ll be teaching LOM again in February! More info posted at BPS the first part of November!

  20. I have a 3-year-old boy…he says:
    But I always know who he’s talking to!

  21. :) Amelia is the same age as Addie and she is driving me and my husband bonkers with this routine right now. It’s particularly trying when I’ve got a screaming 3 month old.

  22. hi, good day ;)
    haha that’s so funny =) i asked my mom then if i was like that too (exchanging of course the name), and she said yes. haha ^^’
    anyway..on your post “Time Tested Beauty Tips”:
    i was looking in the web for a quote my friend had recently shared with me, which i incompletely remembered while we were having our YW mutual activity about “Language”. how pleasantly surprised i was to not only find the entire poem, but to know that somewhere else in the world, it was shared to young women too as it will be shared in its completeness next saturday (haha. coz i promised them i’d look for the piece). thanks so much for posting it, sister =) God bless ^^

  23. Awesome! Thanks for the response.

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