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Hi this is Allison!
I have worked with Stacy (off and on) since the very beginning of Simple Scrapbooks magazine.

Stacy asked me to pick the lucky winner of last week’s GurglePot giveaway. I used to help me select post number 398.

If you are Kari D. and wrote this comment: The crickets on a summer night after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet.  Ahhh…. peace!, then you need to email me (

Stacy and I had so much fun reading all your comments!
I can’t tell you how many times I said, “oh I love that sound too.”
Some of favorite sounds made me laugh and some of them made me cry… Here are a few of my favorites.

  • my favorite sound is the AIM on my phone going off. It means that I get to talk to the hubby from Iraq for an hour or so. It’s awesome.
  • I love the sound of heels on a hardwood floor.  The cloppier the sound the better!!!
  • I love the sound of running water- a waterfall, creek, ocean waves, even swimming pools and I will add the gurgle pot.  How cool you can hear the gurgle on your link!  Water always reminds me of quiet relaxing times and a form of rebirth.
  • My favorite sound is the sound of my dad’s voice on his answering machine.  He passed away last October 27…and I miss him so much.  My stepmom gave us their old answering machine and it has my Dad’s voice leaving a message…
  • As a labor and Delivery nurse I would have to say the first cry of a new baby!
  • While trying to figure out my favorite sound, I came about it from another angle. What if I were deaf … which sounds would I miss most? The top two were 1) my kids voices and 2) music. They are such a part of me, I feel I wouldn’t be complete without them.
  • My favorite sound?  the sound of the continuous beat of my heart.  Yes, I am a breast cancer survivor!!
  • Oh my goodness, the sound of that gurgle pot made the family dog, Cookie, run around like a crazy dog!  I think I may just have to order one for the fun value!  My favorite sound I heard again today.  My husband playing a game with our teen daughters.  you could hear the gigles and belly laughs all the way downstairs.  I love to hear my family laugh.

Thanks for leaving your comments and a big thank you to GurlglePot for sponsoring our giveaway this week!

Kari D. send me an email with your address!


  1. I’m Jody from Washington, Utah and I told my mom about this positive, happy place.

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