Fall is in the Air.


Luminous gold, pumpkin orange and rusty red set against the fading greens of summer. This is the time of year we most imitate mother nature in our decor. And if mother nature uses it or puts it together, you can be sure it will work on your scrapbook page.

Challenge: Take a walk outside this week. Take along your camera. Enjoy the fall air (even if it isn’t “crisp” where you live) and take some photos of the colors you see.

Even Better: Pick your favorite image and make it big. Enlarge it to at least 5×7. Now put it on a page all by itself. Words are optional, color is not.

c block lantern

As a bonus this, week direct evidence that my scrap and organize by color ideas are NOT that crazy, but in fact heralded as effective and inspiring, read this article at Apartment Therapy.


Books organized by COLOR.


Collectibles organized not only by COLOR, but in the order of ROY G. BIV too — I’m so doing this. Just have to figure out where.



  1. I wish I could take pictures of the colours outside. But where I live the trees still have all their green leaves and the ground is covered with snow. Winter came very fast here and September was so hot that we didn’t really have Fall at all! I love those laterns though! The colours are so rich and warm.

  2. This is me, my colors. They make me feel warm, cozy & creative. And I already have MANY fall pics. In fact one of my favs is my background on my MAC right now. Even the colors in my house reflect this season.
    Love your new website Stacy. Only you could make something that’s already so great (your blog) even better :)

  3. Very interesting and love the colors. I drive DD#1 crazy because I don’t organize by ROY G BIV, she will go looking for cardstock and tell me if it were organized ROY G BIV it would be so much better. I sweetly tell her, if I could remember what it stands for I would do it. And then we just laugh.

  4. Love these colours – and those lanterns are so pretty. I’ve just put pansies, sunflowers and asters outside in those colours on my patio – to brighten up these grey & gloomy days. Looking forward to the leaves changing in a few weeks here in London.

  5. I organised my bookshelves in our family living room into ROY G BIV & it is so much fun!! I decided not to organise purely by colour as I thought I might get a little confused where everything was so I organised my books into categories & then put each category into ROY G BIV. It’s subtle & pleasing to the eye especially the kids videos- it’s like having lots of rainbows as almost each shelf is ordered into ROY G BIV. I thoroughly recommend doing it! :o)

  6. Joy Haynes says:

    I have organized my books by color for years. Much more fun. It took my husband of five years a little leap of faith when we moved into our first house. As soon as we combined books (more colors for me) he loved it.

    Love the picture and love your new website!

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