Friday FIVE (favorite photos) for October 16th

So, I’m going to sometimes on a Friday share FIVE favorite photos. These can be my photos, photos blog readers share with me, photos I find online — anything. They can be old or new. They can be technically amazing or utterly imperfect. The only requirement is that I LOVE them. My hope is that I share five photos I love, you’ll perhaps think more about the photos you love, why you love them and what you might want to do about that.

Let’s go …


Addie gets up really early. I’ve mentioned this before. Addie wants to do everything mommy does as she prepares for the day. Addie now takes showers with mommy (sorry for what might be a slightly disturbing mental image.) Together we wash our hair and our bodies and then Addie wants patiently in her towel for mommy to get at least partially dressed. We put on powder and lotion and then everyday Addie asks for a bra and earrings. I’m NOT kidding when I tell you I’ve lost any element of privacy I used to have. I’m doing my best to embrace this togetherness. The other morning I snapped a few photos and was overwhelmed by the joy of such constant companionship. Life with a little girl is grand!



Not too long ago I picked up some new art portfolios from my boys. I have been wanting to go through my kids artwork and select a few things to frame and hang on the wall. So, before I got in the shower one morning I said something like, “Why don’t you spread your artwork out on the floor while I’m getting ready and then we can sort through it, pick some for framing put the rest in your new portfolios.” I didn’t anticipate opening my bedroom door to find this — and this is just Trey’s collection. I climbed up the stairs to shoot this looking down. I guess it just made me happy.



One of the projects I am multi-tasking (see Wednesday’s post) right now is a set of 9 10×10 frames that will hang in my dining room. Each frame will display a favorite photo from a place I’ve traveled to. I’ve set up a folder on my desktop and I’m in the process of gathering photos so I can upload and print. I want to have the dining room painted and the pictures on the wall by Thanksgiving. I *think* this will be my favorite photo from London. I love that it features two icons of English culture and a backdrop of historic architecture.



Snapped this photo just over two years ago (October 14, 2007) The kids and I were on our way home from my parent’s house and we made a spontaneous stop in Ritzville to play at a park. This 30 minute stop was one of those moments where I was taught how important it is to stop; to get off the freeway and poke around a little — this can of course be taken literally or figuratively. The experience left enough of an impression on me that I created a layout about it. This particular photo is a favorite because it so perfectly captures Chase in a moment of disinhibition — this shows that he doesn’t naturally “stop” to think or questions his actions. He just does what seems most obvious or helpful at the moment. At the moment, his brother needed to get on the swing that was hung a tad too high.



This one is obviously NOT my photograph. In fact, Energizer (as in the battery and the bunny) hosted a recent photography contest with six categories. Over 28,000 people voted and Jim Richardson a photographer for National Geographic was the final judge. This photo was one of the finalists. Click HERE to see the winner and be inspired by the other finalists. While it was tough to choose, this was my favorite of the finalists. I guess I have a soft spot for animals and particularly polar bears.

nationalgeographic_polorbear Happy Friday. post_closure


  1. My one year old daughter feels the need to shower with me too… and put on deodorant and lip gloss…..

  2. Love the photos! Addie is a doll! I, too, am a mother of lots of boys and only one girl. She’s all grown up, though, at 15 and is getting to the point where Mom is not her favorite person to hang out with. Treasure those moments with Addie!

    PS – your link to the photo contest isn’t working

  3. I love love love photo # 4 – it truly shows what love is all about. One willing to lay down (in the sand and get dirty) his life for another. This is a perfect photo!

  4. Katie scott says:

    Stacy – I did the bookshelves by color at the office – pics upon my blog – thx for the idea – can’t wait to see your Ella book!

  5. Bra and earrings – how cute! Love the polar bear picture. One day I’m going to Churchill (in Manitoba) to watch the polar bears heading out to the Arctic.

  6. Molly McCarthy says:

    Just wait until dress up means using YOUR wardrobe. Those are some of my favorite clothes combination.

  7. wow! Thanks for sharing, you’ve given me several ideas and inspiration this morning. The art collection is awesome!

  8. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Leora

  9. Love your pics – I also have my mini-me (4 years old) who follows me everywhere and throws the concept of privacy out the window. But I’m like you, how can you not forgive the minor intrusions for a little girl who just wants to be with you.
    I don’t know if you visit Ree Drummond’s “thepioneerwoman” – but she is having a photo challenge for textured pics right now and they are MIND BLOWING! From a BPS class standpoint I would LOVE, LOVE to learn how to make my pictures that beautiful and interesting.

  10. My 5 yo has been taking showers with me for years. It involves playing hair cut at our house; you have to sit on the floor while the other person sprays your hair and puts a washcloth around your neck so that she can style your hair. The best (and most alarming) line from my dd was where she walked out of the shower into our bedroom where dh waited to get her dressed, looked down and asked him, “When will my fur grow in?” dh was appalled and couldn’t answer- he cannot bear to think of her getting older, nevermind maturing that much!

  11. this comments for Trey – wow your art work is amazing! you have a real talent there, they look so life like. i’m impressed by your talent at such a young age – keep it up :>
    julie from New Zealand

  12. Hi Stacy,
    I truly love and devour lots of bits and pieces of your website. I found it through a friend in my ward, Natasha Smith, (don’t know if you two know each other personally or not) and we both are lovers of color, creativity, photography, our children, our faith, and our families. Anyway, I took a photo of my daughter that was so spontaneous, so ‘her’ (she loves acting, singing, dancing, performing) that an older couple walked by entranced by her mimicking this life size frog statue of glee, that they asked our permission to take a photograph of her, also. It was quite unique and I wanted to share it with you. Email me and I’ll send it to you, or go to our blog, which is just the journey of our family and it should be under the date of her 12th birthday, Sept. 18th of this year. THere are a few photos that show what JOY and ENTHUSIASM are–as she radiates that. I think you will like them :) THanks for your terrific blog, comments, thoughts, ideas, I love it and hope to be able to schedule some ‘blog read time’ into my life as a (new) stay at home mom! yea!!! ~Robyn Buckwalter, Fort Worth, TX (via NH and UT)

  13. Stacy, I love the idea of framing a favorite photo from the cities you’ve traveled. We’ve done this at my home in our bedroom. We have two large frames filled with black and white photos, one photo representing each city we’ve visited since we’ve been married. It’s a great reminder of our adventures.

  14. Rebecca Foxworth says:

    Stacy…enjoy showers with your daughter. They will end all too soon (kids tend to grow up, in case you haven’t noticed)!

    Oh…and have you considered scanning Trey’s artwork and uploading the files to and quickly building a book of full-page prints? what a great keepsake.

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