Friday FIVE for October 30th

Friday Five today is a completely random collection of what’s on my mind …


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Addie needs new shoes (finally.) Trust me when I say my little princess does not grow very quickly¬† — the sweatpants I bought for her to wear under her Halloween costume are a size 18mos and they fit perfectly. Anyway … If there is a little girl (or boy) you LOVE that you buy shoes for, click HERE now and be prepared to squeal with delight. I have no relationship whatsoever (yet) with Puddle Jumper Shoes, so I’m sharing out of pure enthusiasm. There are two pairs on there way in Spokane and I’ll keep you posted!



My friend and fellow BPS teacher, Donna Kert has started a new feature on her blog, called In Focus Friday. I LOVE it, just as I love any effort to help us NOT miss the stuff that matters most.

Here’s a snippet from Donna’s entry today: I believe that armed with a camera, we see differently. With this tool in hand, we have the ability to notice, focus on, and capture what we might normally take for granted. This in mind, I created In Focus Friday as a sort of project and experiment all rolled into one. On In Focus Fridays, I’ll post a single image that captures my life in focus from the previous week and observe over time, a gallery full of grateful details.

Way to go Donna!


Here’s a cute idea you still have time to execute for Halloween …

IMG_0472 IMG_0470


Buy enough little sugar pumpkins for everyone. Cut around the stem, scoop out the guts (there aren’t many guts) and drop in a teaspoon of butter, a teaspoon of brown sugar and 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon. Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes (or until soft)

Serve warm with whipped cream and *sprinkles* OK, seriously … these were so easy and so dang cute. The texture is a little funky, but it tastes just like a mini pumpkin pie.

My photo doesn’t do it justice, but I promise you’ll feel like your channeling your inner Martha.


Two pages in response to the challenge I issued this year on October 1st. This one is from Heather — love Everyday Happiness.

Everyday Happiness by Heather

And, this one is Christi’s “A Look Back” page …

Christi's A Look Back layout

Christi made this comment in our gallery: At this time in my life, just getting a page finished is an accomplishment, so they tend to be more basic. Most important to me is keeping precious memories alive, and this challenge did that (for me too!)

Thanks Heather and Christi. Don’t forget I have set up a FLICKR group + gallery where you can also post your PRESENT layout. There are MORE to enjoy, so I hope you’ll go take a peek.



I, Stacy, the very silly Witch of the northWEST … have my own handwriting font. In fact, I used my font on a page in the ebook, 20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers. Guess what?

You can download it here on my website. Visit the Stacy tab and then click on “About Stacy” and then on “Stacy’s font” to automatically download it. Or, you can simply click HERE.




  1. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for the font! While I was on that page, I read your story. Very cool. I got a chuckle about your comment of your dad not giving you a kick in the butt as long as you received A grades. My husband tells my kids the same thing. We are one of the few families I know that doesn’t pay for grades, but hey, at least they don’t get a kick in the butt if they get good grades!

  2. Stacy, this is bit off topic, but I have been meaning to ask you, which brand are the sheer flowers you use in your layout about the top-five list of your daily life
    in your ebook on Ella? I have been seeing them in one your PAS Albums when I took LOM with you this year. Would you be able to name the manufacturer? I think they are extremely versatile.

    I also love your new website. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it.


    • Zewa,

      I’m 98% sure those flowers are Prima flowers — but … I’m not sure they are manufactured anymore. I couldn’t find them on their website. I wish I had a better answer!

  3. Ohh a Stacy font, how fun! Those shoes are adorable, I know what my niece will be getting soon! I did a fun new recipe for my daughter’s class: cake pops from Bakerella Mine are nowhere near as fancy, but the kids will love them!

  4. Thanks Stacy. Happy Halloween.

  5. Puddle jumpers are my very, very favorite for my little girl. They are so much fun and oh so girly! I’m sure Addie will look precious in them too!

  6. Thank you for the font. I love your handwriting. Those shoes are the cutest!

  7. Stacy – You made my day positing my layout — I feel like a celebrity! No, seriously, LOVED doing this project — I think I make another mini album to carry with me this year — so enjoyed looking at it when I was going through my purse and making the page was fun and a great addition to my memory keeping. Thanks always for the inspiration!
    :) Heather

  8. Molly McCarthy says:

    You are the darnest cutest witch I’ve ever seen!

  9. Great costume Stacy…..and do they make those cute little shoes at the top for grown up little girls? Like in a women’s size 7? They are just too cute!!!

    Have a happy halloweeen!

  10. Hi, Stacy, cute costume. I have to tell you this fun story. My 4th grader showed me a writing assignment, a biography of sorts. She had to write what she loved and she wrote, “I love animals and I love color.” I couldn’t help but think of you with the whole color thing.

    Love your bio and thanks for the font!

  11. What a treat! Thanks!

  12. Thanks for the font. Cute costume–you make a NICE looking witch, not scary at all. the puddle jumpers are great. I wear a small shoe so I can buy from them. I can’t wait to have the money. Great shoes.

  13. Cindy Rasmussen says:

    Were we supposed to get an actual font in the file that downloads? All I get is a tiff file that, when opened, says FONT. Was this a TRICK rather than a treat for Halloween? Or, probably more likely, am I doing something wrong?

    Love your blog!

    • Hey Cindy,

      All you need is the .ttf file — if you double click on the .ttf file you should she an option to install the font. At least that is how it works on a mac?

      Let me know if you can’t figure it out!

  14. oh thank you SO much for your handwriting font!!!! I SO enjoy fonts – woohoo!!!! and you are a great-looking witch – LOVE the costume!! (the colors are the BEST!) ;-)

    p.s. I saw a note about Prima flowers above and I think AC Bailey carries some of what you had in your Ella book – the small ones at least ;-)

  15. Thanks so much for sharing your font…. just love your handwriting.

  16. Thanks for the font, and all the blog inspiration. Color and Sprinkles are AWESOME. I just love your sense of humor and attitude toward life….your blog is one I must check daily!

  17. Thank you for the fun font treat! Ordering my little Jada Rose Grandbaby some (Can you believe I’m a Mimi? Where DOES the time go?) puddle jumpers!
    Love the costume…I needed a quick idea…I decided to dress as a baker! Wore my favorite cute ruffled vintage fabric apron-stapled wide pink ric-rack and green gingham ribbons to a paper chef hat I had in my costume box. Wore a heart cookie cutter on a ribbon necklace and smudged flour on my face, Of course I had a jar of *Sprinkles* in my pocket to shake into childrens hands and thought of YOU! Scatter Joy!

  18. Hello there, HAPPY HALOWEN!!

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