Gurgle Pot Giveaway

Guess what?

Today is the first official giveaway on my new website and I’m thrilled to begin with something as fun and unique as a Gurgle Pot. If you’ve read my favorites section then you know how much I love these pitchers and the delightful gurgling sound they make. You can click here to hear the gurgle.


So, here’s a quick overview of how giveaways on my blog will work.
1. giveaways will be posted on Mondays, thereby making them “fun days.”
2. to qualify for the random selection process you will need to leave a comment–in some cases, you’ll need to answer a question or share something with me.
3. anyone can win (except maybe those in my immediate family)
4. Allison will close comments and select and notify a winner on the Monday following each giveaway post–in other words, you have one full week to qualify yourself to win.

If you would like to qualify for a Gurgle Pot in my favorite color of ‘moss green’, leave me a comment that shares one of your favorite sounds.


  1. Heather Ippolito says:

    My favorite sound is the train chugging at Disneyland. Whenever I hear it I know I’m going to enjoy a day with my family at the Happiest Place on Earth!

  2. One of my favourite sounds is listening to my kids when they are playing together nicely. Other than that I love the sound of running water like waterfalls, fountains etc…

  3. I love the sound of the ocean! The sound of waves crashing, the wind, children playing… its all so relaxing.

  4. I love the sound of my kids saying thank you to someone with my prompting them to. I love hearing them laugh. And I love the sound of quiet after they fall asleep at night.

    Thanks for the opportunity – such a cute giveaway!

  5. Staci Garrison says:

    I love the sound of my son’s voice when we say prayers and sing ‘You are my sunshine’ at night together before bed. It is one of my favorite daily rituals.

  6. Shelby Austin says:

    My favorite sound is the water hitting the boat while we are cruising down the lake. The same lake that my great grandparents enjoyed and now I’m sharing it with my children.

  7. My favorite sound…. I have so many… like the laughter of my children, because I have been blessed with miracles, the pitter patter of bare feet on the tile floor, the slamming of the screen door, because children are running in and out, the clanking of pots and pans, because that means a meal is being cooked and we have food to eat, the sound of the washer and dryer spinning around because I don’t have to scrub over a water tub and wash board, the sound of heavy breathing from my children, because they are safe and sound slumbering at home, even the sound of my husband snoring (which I tease him about ALL the time), because I know he is here, he is alive and well, and I love him and he loves me.

    But this week….I would have to say one of my most enjoyed sounds has been my grand-daughter who is 21 months old as she has been visiting … she says “hewow dranma!” (hello) so darn cute – but my absolute favorite would be “I wub you dranma”…. I know one day all too soon, the cute little sweet, angelic tones will be gone … and I’ll long to hear them again… Oh how I will cherish these sincere and precious sounds.

  8. I love Gurgle Pots!!! One of my favorite sounds is made by my Golden Retriever. When he lays down at the end of the day he sort of makes a “hydraulic release” sound. It warms my heart.

  9. My most favorite sound in the world is hearing my twin 2 year olds giggle at one another. They are the best of friends and the worst of friends sometimes all at the same time. When I hear them whispering and giggling it fills my sould.

  10. I just love the sound of water. Doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, rivers, streams, even fountains. The sound of water just soothes my soul. Okay — a toilet flushing might just be the exception!

  11. Hands down my favorite sound is laughter.. from baby giggles as they discover how to laugh.. to full out teenage girl giggle fest. Laugher is the best sound on earth!

  12. rene jantzi says:

    water and children
    love the pitcher; it even made my husband laugh

  13. My favourite sounds at the moment are my 2 year old’s attempts to master the English language. eg “Mummy… there’s a slug on the naked ladders…” translation.. “slug on the snakes and ladders board”

  14. Lynette C says:

    My favourite sound for the past few months is the sound (music) from the piano in my house. My son has just started piano lessons a few months back and it thrills me to hear how he could actually play a tune by looking at the notes in the music script. I am so proud of him.

  15. my favourite sound of the moment is that of my four week old bubba when he wakes and is looking for mumma so he can have a feed… it’s a noise that has been the same from each of my children, and I will miss it when it’s gone (hopefully a couple of years before that happens!)

  16. Definitly the sound of my son laughing. He is 18 years old now, and he has such a great, deep belly laugh. Oh just take my heart now!!

  17. My kids’ infectious giggle gets me deep down every single time. Pair them with those wide toothy smiles and I’m in love with them all over again.

  18. Nicole Gray says:

    my favorite sound is the AIM on my phone going off. It means that I get to talk to the hubby from Iraq for an hour or so. It’s awesome.

  19. Hearing the paws of our bunny on the floor when she hops by when I’m sitting at the desk.

  20. Aimee Confer says:

    My favorite sound at the moment is the sound of the clicking incense censar at church. I went to a funeral for my great uncle this weekend and I hadn’t been in this specific church in quite some time. It was the church my husband and I married in, it was the church I went to as a child. The sound and the smell was nostalgic. It reminded me of a place so filled with love.

  21. One of my new favorite sounds is hearing our little pug puppy bark. We joke that he sounds like a car that won’t start and it always makes me giggle :)

  22. My favorite sound is my son’s snore and my dog’s snore. Both are not too loud but when they are asleep, I fell everything is at peace in the house.

  23. My favorite sound is that of my 5 year old girls giggling together. They are best of friends, born 26 days apart- one born in my heart and one under it. They are my joy.

  24. I have been giving gurgle pots as wedding gifts based on you love for them. And all the brides love them! I have yet to get one for myself. So I would love to win. My favorite sound…walking through crunchy leaves on a crisp fall day. Happy Day!

  25. I have never seen these – they are great. I love pitchers and I love green! I love the sound of wind blowing through the leaves of the trees. If I can hear that it means that I am somewhere peaceful.

  26. Kathy in MN says:

    My Labrador sighs right before she falls to sleep, or when she is snuggling up to you. We love the sound of Labrador sighs!

  27. Love the green gurgle pot and it would go great in my new kitchen! My favorite sound is laughter – especially the laughter of my three daughters together – which means they are getting along, bonding, having a good time. It is a more elusive sound now that they are all firmly entrenched in the teen years, but it makes me smile hugely when I hear it!

  28. a quiet house with everyone working on something… quietly :-)

  29. We bought firewood this past weekend, and I love the sound of a crackling fire.

  30. Love the gurgle pot! My favorite sound is water. I like splashing water in a pool, running water in a fountain, bubbling water in a brook, small waves lapping at the beach, crashing water at a waterfall… The list could go on! Water sounds good :)

  31. Crunching leaves, my kids playing together (quietly), and the “Amazing Grace” wind chimes I received from a dear friend.

  32. I love the sound of silence. After living by a busy street for many years, I love the silence I hear at night as I go to sleep in my present house.


  33. The sound of laughter at my dining room table when all of my (adult) children are at home. Since they live on different coasts it doesn’t happen often enough, but ALWAYS happens when they’re here.

  34. KristiGilbert says:

    That’s easy…the sound of my almost 3 year old daughter laughing, giggling, and chuckling! Although since she isn’t really talking yet, when she finally starts calling me Momma instead of Bobba, I’m sure that sound will be even better than her laughter.

  35. My favorite sounds are the little sighs and snores that my 2 children make when they’re sleeping. So peaceful and content.

  36. My favorite sound is the voice of either of my boys when they say, “Mom, I love you.” Sweet music to my ears.
    Karen G

  37. I love the sound of crunching leaves in the fall, the sound of the ocean in the summer and the sound of a kitten purring all the time :)

  38. I love the sound of loon calls at the lake. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. My favorite sound is hearing my 1 year old son in the morning playing in his crib and “talking”.

  40. Briana N. in MN says:

    My favorite sound is my toddler laughing that belly laugh that all kids have when they are full of joy.

  41. Ginny Ritenour says:

    The sound of silence. I need it every once in a while to recharge. I’ve recently discovered ear plugs for the times when I really need to feel “alone” but the house is noisy and crazy. Who knew?!?

  42. Next to the sound of my kids laughter (which makes me happy) and the sound of the ocean waves (that brings me peace)…I would have to say that my favorite sounds are the tape recordings & videos that have the voices of my grandparents & my dad on them (they remind me how lucky I was to have a wonderful & blessed childhood)!

  43. I just LOVE the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shoreline with a few seagulls flying overhead.

  44. My favorite sound is water. I like to hear water rushing over rocks in a stream or river, the waves crashing in the ocean, the crashing of waterfalls, even the water splashing in the bathtub. My kids are both swimmers and this summer I realize that I even love the sound of the water thrashing in the pool as the swim team is practicing and warming up for swim meets. The gurgle pot is so cute!

  45. I love the sound of my (almost) 4 year old little boy singing. I tell ya, I think the kid believes he lives in a musical. He can break out into song at the strangest times. Sometimes he will even want to hold a conversation with us in song. He gets mighty upset if we don’t follow suit. Oh for the fun of these days to last.

  46. My little neighbor is Gedalia; he’s 21 months old and he can’t say “Krys.”
    I love hearing him knocking on my screen door and calling “Bis!”
    I even like to hear him call ‘”Ja” – his name for my husband Jack!

  47. I love the sound of rain — I think it is so calming. Infact, we have those “noise machines” in every bedroom and it rains in our rooms every night! BTW — this is an awesome giveaway — I had already decided to get my mom one of these for Christmas, now I coud (cross my fingers!) have one of my own!

  48. I love the sound of my son’s car backing up the driveway. Knowing he arrived home safe and sound for a long weekend visit from college just makes me so happy.

  49. The sound of my happy cat Meowing good morning!! Love it!!

  50. How fun! My favorite sound is a child giggling…you cannot help but smile. :)

  51. Jamie Morphew says:

    My favorite sound is laughter – from my son, my hubby, my family and friends. =)

  52. I love the sound of a nice, steady rain….especially on mornings when I can sleep in. Oooh, la! la! Heavenly!

  53. My 9 month old twin boys jabbering together…Best sound of my days!

  54. Cheryl Anderson says:

    My favorite sounds: windchimes and rain.

  55. I love the sound of a rainstorm – especially at night, when my family and I are safe and sound inside our home. The rain hitting the roof is calming – but the peace of knowing we are all dry and safe inside makes me feel so blessed.

  56. Ronnie Crowley says:

    The sound of silence. There is so much noise whereever we are that I enjoy the peace and quiet of silence so I can hear the birds sing, the wind blowing through the trees, the rain falling or the river flowing.

  57. I have two favorite sounds. My 4 year old daughter singing and my 10 month old baby saying “mama”. Both very precious.

  58. I love it when my children are playing and all the sudden I realize that I’m hearing belly laughs coming from their direction. I love hearing them have so much fun with each other.

  59. I love the contagious sound of my daughter’s belly laugh. She never laughs softly, it’s always an all out, throw your head back, laugh from your gut sound. Love it!!!

  60. The “altogether too happy” (and early!) Wren that wakes us up in the mornings!

  61. Lazy Mom Leslie says:

    My favorite sound is my kids being nice to each other. Doesn’t happen as often as I would like so I cherish the sound when I hear it.

  62. What a great question! I feel so blessed to have the gift of hearing. Honestly I didn’t think I could narrow my favorite sound down to only one….I have read all of your comments here and with each and everyone, I said, Yes, *that’s* mine too! From the laughter of children (and adults) to the rain pattering on the awnings over the windows, to the sounds at Disneyland. But after thinking it over, I am going to say that hearing my husband and our 19 year old son tell me they love me is the best :).

  63. Sherrie M. says:

    The best sound for me is the laughter of my three girls. The regular laughter and giggling but also the belly-aching authentic “I’m going to die laughing because it actually hurts” kind of laughing. This laughing is completely contageous and awesome.

  64. One of the best sounds to me is to hear my husband sing. He’s a choir director and has sung in many choirs in the past (is generally the bass soloist when one is needed), so to hear his rich bass voice is amazing!

  65. Betsy Diggs says:

    I have so many sounds I love right now: the sound of my grandson laughing; the sound of “Hey, Nana” for the 100th time this afternoon; the sound of the ocean which always relaxes me; the sound of my husband snoring next to me, which lets me know that I’m not alone. I also love the sounds of an active house, pots and pans clanking, the showers running, washer and dryer running and music playing. These are sounds that the people I love are here with me.

  66. I have a few favorite sounds, but one of my favorites is listening to my four children when they are “wrestling” with my husband.

  67. My favorite sound is actually the absence of it. This weekend I woke up to the stillness that descends with a new snowfall. Everyone was quietly sleeping, there weren’t the usual sounds from the local thoroughfare outside our window–it was just so peaceful. In my crazy world I am constantly inundated with lots of sounds–most of them I love and enjoy, but every now and then I get the treat of silence.

    If this comment disqualifies me that’s ok.

  68. Wendy Baker says:

    My favorite sound is the sound of waves rushing into the shore or against rocks. To me water is such a calming sound. As a mother, I love the sound of my kids getting along :)

  69. carriegel says:

    I love the sound of the wind blowing through the trees on a winter day.

  70. Love that gurgle sound! How adorable. One of my favorite sounds is actually the sound of silence! With a busy family and constant company, I appreciate the silence when I can get it!

  71. I just love hearing my teenage girls laugh !

  72. Sara Padgett says:

    My son’s belly laugh!

  73. My favorite sound for now is the sound of my 1 year old “talking” Not real words so far but just the sweetest babbling

  74. Kelly Beiswenger says:

    The sound of my son laughing… that baby laugh goes away way too soon for me!

  75. Michelle Evans says:

    I have many favorites, so it’s hard to pick one….I’d have to say the sound of a “gurgling brook”, so the gurgle pot would be a fun reminder of that.

  76. I love the sounds of rustling leaves, splashing water, chirping birds, bang-bang-bang of a hammer, z-z-z-z of an electric saw, happy murmuring of scrapbookers at work. These are a few of my favorite sounds (sung like Julie Andrews).

  77. My favorite sound is listening to my baby breathing while watching her sleep so sweetly in her crib before I go to bed.

  78. Ooooh, it’s even in my favorite color of green! I love the sound of my children NOT fighting. Sometimes they’re scheming, sometimes playing, sometimes laughing. As long as it’s not screaming or bickering or whining, it’s a beautiful sound!

  79. there’s a lot of sounds I love, my kids laughing, the slight snoring of my 15 year old cat. The crackling of my fireplace on a cold night.

  80. ANdrea C. in IL says:

    I love the sound of cooperation. Whether it is my children playing and getting along well at home. Or the teacher’s aides that I work with. Or my classroom full of preschoolers cooperating with each other and learning while it happens.

  81. Love that Gurgle pot – my favorite sound is a great summer rain storm poundingt eh eat away.

  82. Oh my…haven’t seen one of these in a LONG time…my mother used to have one and it was an antique…and you would have loved it with all it’s beautiful color…painted just like a tropical fish; sad to say it was given away when we moved my parents and had to downsize for them. What a wonderful memory you have brought back of my mother; especially after tears of missing her terribly yesterday (she died this summer). I just google’d it to see if I could find a picture of a brightly colored one like hers to share with you, but didn’t come up with one any where near the coloring that her’s had…bold and bright!!

    Anyway, my favorite sound is the a waterfall or any movement of water…even the sound of rain is relaxing! A trickling brook, the ocean. Loved your sprinkle of “peace like a river” and the reminder to me of what brings peace!

  83. Cindy Gruett says:

    My favorite sound is that of rain falling gently on the roof. A close second would be the muted sound of a train whistle at night.

  84. One of my favorite sounds is the rain on the roof when the house is all quiet and I have a nice cuppa tea and a good book. So peaceful and wonderful and a little gift from God.

  85. There are many, many sounds that I love. One of them is the sound of thunder. Love the booming vastness of it. Love the not so gentle reminder that there is a much larger force in charge.

  86. My favorite sound is of my kids whispering to eachother at night when they are in bed.

  87. My favorite sound is my little girls singing – they are 5 and 2. Each has such a sweet, off key, funnily-prounced-words way of singing that is unique to them. I’m trying to tape them more often since I know their voices will change as they grow.

  88. I love the sound of rain hitting the roof.

  89. I love the sound of the rain…it’s so calming and perfect for sleeping!

  90. Leora Henkin says:

    Ok, my favorite sound has to be the sound of the waves. But that seems too obvious. I also like the sound of a spring rain and the sound of the screen door opening and closing (read slamming) at a family lakehouse that we are lucky enough to visit from time to time…

    Good luck to all, Leora

  91. Tobi-Lynn Arnold says:

    I heard small children laughing yesterday —- so much love and joy in their little voices!

  92. I love the sound of my grandbabies yelling “Grammy” when they see me~!! and their little faces just light up….they are precious :*)

  93. I love the sound of the wind through the pines and the waves on the rocks of the North Channel.

  94. My favorite sound are ocean waves. I live in the midwest, so on a vacation, I “soak” up all of those sounds I can.

  95. My 1st favorite is the sound of my sons breathing while they are asleep.
    My 2nd is a sound and smell. The crackling of an outdoor fire and the smell of the burning logs. AHHHHHH…….

  96. My favorite sound right now is QUIET because my kids have recently started being really loud (and haven’t quite figured out “inside voice” yet).

  97. My favorite sound is the ocean. That means I am close to the water and the places that I love!

  98. I have two favorite sounds right now and they both come from my two year old son. First is his laugh, I just can’t help but laugh along with him. Second, is “thank oo” – his way of saying thank you. He’s so sweet and polite (well, most of the time!). It’s the best feeling when I hear him say that – makes me feel appreciated as a Mom.

  99. One of my favorite sounds is a baby belly laughing!
    I always smile when I hear that!


  100. My favorite sound is of young children giggling. It’s very contagious.
    It’s authentic and it brightens anyday.

  101. Kary in Colorado says:

    My favorite sound is my husband’s laugh. He suffered with clinical depression for years and we finally figured out that it was an allergy to gluten that caused it. He has been depression-free for a few years now and every time I hear that wonderful, infectous laugh I am so grateful.

  102. Julie Mannering says:

    I love the sound of new life!!!!!!! We have a hen who just hatched her chicks today. I love to hear the little peep,peep, peep!!!!!!!

  103. My husband’s footsteps in the hall after a long day

  104. YoYo Ma on the cello. Definitely one of the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard.

  105. ONe of my favorite sounds is my two kids together, one singing and the other playing the guitar – they make a great duo!

  106. Tiffany N says:

    My favorite sound (right now) is my 5 month old babbling in her bed when she wakes up in a good mood. Well, actually, anytime she is babbling it is music to my ears. Thanks for the giveaway. Such a neat pot.

  107. Waterfalls…. something about it just instantly relaxes me….

  108. My favorite sound is hearing my daughter say “Hey Mom, what’s up?”. We live 716 miles apart and we try to talk every day. I miss her soooooo much and thatis the sound of love!!!!!

  109. FUN! Since Fall is now in full swing in Oregon…the sound of the logs crackling in the fireplace…love that sound…warms me up immediately!

  110. The sound of the fan at night while I sleep.

  111. My favorite sound is my children laughing with their daddy :)

  112. I love the sound of rain. I could listen to it for hours – it is relaxing for me – Love it!!!

  113. My favorite sound is the sound of rain hitting a roof. Something about it is very calming. I could sit on a covered porch with rain coming down around me, snuggled in a warm blanket with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee for hours.

  114. My favorite sound is a baby’s first laugh. It just comes out of nowhere and suddenly she has a personality. Beautiful!

  115. conniemelancon says:

    My favorite sound is the grandkids walking in the door saying “mawmaw!”. They always put a smile on my face.

  116. Crickets and frogs on a warm Tennessee night are one of my favorite sounds.

  117. My favorite sound is baby giggles! Like when they first learn to laugh and giggle at every silly face you make! SO CUTE!!!

  118. Hmm… well, some sort of construction started in my neighborhood at about 7 a.m. this morning so I can definitely tell you one of my LEAST favorite sounds right now…

    One of my very favorite sounds is my cat’s purring when we are falling asleep at night. She doesn’t have one of those generic purrs, instead she sounds something like a rusty old tractor wheezing along, but somehow it’s a most relaxing sound.

  119. Do we have to pick just one? Depending on my mood it could be my kids laughing, my current favorite song on my ipod or the soothing sounds of nature. I always need a healthy dose of silence too. I love this question—I feel a layout about each of my favorite senses in the works.

  120. I love the sound of a child’s laughter. It just warms your heart. But I also love the sound of a quiet house. :)

  121. One of my favorite sounds sounds, and perhaps my MOST favorite is the sound of my children’s laughter. Love it.

  122. Shannonvan says:

    My favorite sound is the sound of my 13 year old son walking behind me when we walk the dog in the morning. The reason I love it so much is that he chooses to get up each morning before 7am to walk with us, even though we walk at least 1 1/2 miles and it is sometimes 90 degrees out (South Florida). We don’t talk much just enjoy the time outside and with each other. I thank God for the sound of my teenager walking with me. The only thing that could be better is when we find acorns on the path and they crunch under our feet!

  123. Whitney S. says:

    I love the sound of little kids laughing. I just think it is so hard not to laugh when you hear that!

    I also love the sound of the ocean…that is so relaxing!

  124. The sound of leaves rustling under foot in the quiet of the woods.

  125. Our daughter used to make this little noise with her mouth when she was calm and happy, we called it “contented baby noise”. Such a lovely sound.

  126. I think my favorite sound is “summer evening” – the frogs, insects and birds that you hear! Lovely and relaxing!

  127. tammy perkins says:

    My favorite sound is the laughter of my family as we sit together, just hanging out, sharing stories, and really enjoying each other.

  128. My fav sound right now is my 21 month old, Reese, trying to sing the “LaLaLa” part of Elmo’s World song.

  129. My current favorite sound is my 5 month old grand-daughter giggling. There is nothing quite so infectious as a child’s laughter.

  130. I love the sound of my granddaughter yelling “Namna Namna!” every time she sees me and her sing song voice!

  131. mostly my house is quiet now that my son is grown and lives out of state. I do love that peacefulness with no noises….just those quiet house sounds.

    One sound I love right now is one of my unofficially adopted girls who comes in the front door saying *Hi Mama Bev* when she arrives. There is something about that phrase that makes me feel loved by her.

  132. Very cute pitcher :)

    My favorite sound is a baby giggle. We have a new baby in our family and there’s nothing more fun than making her laugh.

  133. hilaryshir says:

    Love the sound of my girls imaginative play together. Makes my heart happy!

  134. I love the sound of amplified crumpling or folding paper. Do you remember when Mr. Rogers used to do paper crafts on his show? I used to LOVE listening as he curled or folded the papers! It was perfectly amplified! It makes me happy just thinking about it!

  135. I love the sound of rain (from inside my house, or car, or camp trailer) …and the smell…mmmmmmm…makes me feel all warm and cozy and safe.

  136. My children’s laughter. Slam dunk. I love James Lipton on Inside the Actor’s Studio when he asks that question – so many actors give my answer.

  137. My favorite sound is dd#2′s laughter. She is such a quiet person but when she starts laughing, I can’t help but laugh. She will be in her room laughing and I will hear her downstairs and it makes me start laughing and just gives me the warmest feelings.

    When I listened to the gurgle pot sound, both of my dogs that were sleeping soundly on the couches woke up and ran over to my laptop trying to see what it was. Just cracked me up laughing, not only the pot but the dogs too!

  138. The sound of my children laughing together. (Instead of fighting together!)

  139. I love the sound of my kitten purring!!!!!!

  140. My 17 week old daughter’s giggles. Her laugh makes my heart want to explode with joy!

  141. My favorite sound happens in the fall when the kids go back to school. We live 1 1/2 blocks from the elementary school my kids used to attend when they were younger and I love recess time when I hear the kids’ laughter and voices from the playground.

  142. I absolutely love the sound of my kids laughing!
    I love listening in on them when they’re talking together and helping each other, learning, loving and living together!
    My kids are my joy & love hearing they’re happy sounds as often as possible :-)

  143. The sound of the rain, especially while I’m failing asleep.

  144. Oh, I suppose I’m like everyone else, but it is definitely the sound of my three year old girl’s little footsteps running -at top speed, throughout the house. The girl does not know how to *walk* anywhere, its always at a full blown run. Now I know what they mean about the expression “pitter patter of little feet”! I can sit here and imagine the sound and it just tugs at my heart!

  145. Monika Wright says:

    The sound of our family of 5 laughing about something one of us said that cracked us all up! To look around and see all that spontaneous emotion makes for a “mental snapshot” (a la ‘The Office’ episode this past week) that I keep in my head.

  146. Do I have to have just one favorite sound? Well, I love to hear the wind in the trees and the sound of water when we are in the beautiful mountains of Utah. But right now one of my favorite sounds is the voice of my 2 yr old as he learns to express himself and voice what he wants and doesn’t want.

  147. My favorite sound is kids snoring away. This means we had a fun – exhausting day!

  148. Carmen McShane says:

    My children’s laughter has to be my favorite sound.

  149. I love the sound of silence. I just had a busy weekend and am looking forward to some time this afternoon when it will be just me in the house and it will be quiet and I will have time to recharge.

  150. the forest. the air flowing through the trees. it is the most peaceful of all sounds.

  151. Sweetpea38301 says:

    I love to hear it rain. Not a downpour but nice little shower. It is such a soothing sound.

  152. children laughing, even my almost grown-up children! The sea, a fire crackling, my cuckoo clock ticking and cuckooing!

  153. My favorite sound is of my two kids giggling together in the other room. He’s almost three and she’s six months and I just love how much they love each other.

  154. A new born baby cry….I just got a new neice last night so that is definately a good sound right now!

  155. my favourite sound is the sound of my children’s conversation early in the morning.They are 8 and almost 7 and they do share a room…I love to hear them talk and giggle together.

  156. I love to hear my fishing line “zing” whenever a fish takes my bait. Hopefully, it will mean a big fish!

  157. The sound of my 12-year old laughing, trying to make jokes and playing with a friend. He has Aspergers Syndrome, so these events are never taken for granted. When they do occur-they are sweet music to this Mothers ears and most importantly-the sound of HOPE.

  158. My favorite sound is the sound of my two big kids playing happily together and having fun!

  159. I love it when one of my twin 6 year old boys sings “Baby Mine,” along with me – it’s his lullaby of choice every night (much to the dismay of his brother, who is pretty sick of it!) But to hear this precious little-boy voice singing along with me in the quiet dark just melts my heart and fills my eyes with tears – happy, blessed tears.

  160. I love the gurgling pot and it would be the perfect gift for my BFF. My favorite sound in the entire world is my daughters giggling while they play together. My 18 month old has the sweetest baby laugh and I could listen to it for hours!

  161. Dayna Johnson says:

    I love the sound of the ocean. I love to hear the waves crashing on the shore. It is such a peaceful sound to me.

  162. I love sitting on the back patio on a warm (not hot!) summer day listening to the neighborhood kids play and giggle and the water trickling from the fountain my husband built me last year. It’s made from an old bench and watering can that belonged to my grandparents.

  163. a toddler that sighs in his sleep! my grandson (2yo) was non-stop yesterday, until he “crashed and burned”! he was so exhausted, he was sighing in his sleep – too cute!

  164. Love the sound of children’s genuine belly laughs! :) The best.

  165. How lovely, Thank you for the chance to own one of these fun pots. My favourite sound is “Hi, Mum!” in any one of three voices.

  166. My favorite sound is the sound of the ocean. Don’t live close to the ocean so I can sit for hours and listen when I visit!

  167. I LOVE the sound of my kids laughing!!

  168. Molly McCarthy says:

    The sound of the ocean waves crashing on the sand in Cannon Beach. We leave the windows open at night so we can hear the waves and their comforting sound.

  169. I love the sound of the ocean—I lived by it for a short while and have craved it now for more then 20 years!

  170. One of my favorite sounds is the silence after a fresh snowfall.

  171. My favorite sounds is the ocean waves…… is SO soothing!

  172. One of my favorite sounds is a cat’s purr, especially when I am lying in bed at night and trying to go to sleep. Purring is a very soothing sound to me.

  173. Love the sounds of my children after prayer when they talk about what they are thankful for that day, and what they want God’s help to do tomorrow. They come up with the best comments, and I love hearing about what they are asking Heavenly Father to help bless them and guide them.

  174. OK so I know it is kind of strange but one of the best sounds on the planet is that of my dogs snoring! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ Our family has two dogs and I am not really an animal person, they are nice to look at but don’t make me touch them. I know it isn’t the nice warm fuzzy dog owner attitude most have but it’s honest! I love our dogs but don’t get me wrong I have no desire to do more with them than play fetch and giggle when they are so zonked out that their snoring makes the walls rattle. It’s just cute! And I have taken more pictures of those two dogs sleeping then of them awake so I should have no problem documenting my feelings about the giggles their sawing logs gives me.
    Thanks for giving me a reason to think about it! Now I have to go scrap these feelings! :-)

  175. Why … baby giggling, of course! I don’t think there’s a better sound!!

  176. Karen Campbell says:

    The sound of quiet….it means I’m the only one in the house and I have some me time.

  177. Right now my favorite sound is the hum of my sewing machine as I sew up another quilt. Nothing warms my heart right now than finishing up a project that has been sitting for a while on the “to do” list. Creating is one of my most favorite things to do; it relaxes me at the end of a hard day. Thanks for the chance to “gurgle” with you.

  178. julie ann says:

    Rain on a metal roof, baby laughter, leaves rustling and I love my dh’s iPhone timer, so happy to me!

  179. The sound of my family’s laughter at the dinner table! It’s my favorite time of day.

  180. Hi Stacy,

    The sound of the ocean!!!!!


  181. Susanne N. says:

    one of my absolute favorite sounds is rain falling down on my roof while i am snug and cozy in my house.

  182. Rebecca Baggaley says:

    My favorite sound is moving water–ocean waves, my backyard fountain, a stream running along, even the pitter patter of rain. I love it all.

  183. I love it when my children laugh–nothing better than a baby’s belly laugh!

  184. Right now it’s the sound of my 3-month-old cooing. So sweet!

  185. Jodilyn Cox says:

    I love the giggles coming from kids. So adorable and they looks on their faces while giggling make those sounds even more awesome.

  186. I have been wishing for a gurgle pot for some time now. My favorite sound it waves crashing on the shore. Although rain on the roof on a weekend day is pretty lovely as well.

  187. Definitely my kids & family laughing together! Second place would be the ocean! Thanks so much for the contest!!!

  188. oh the laughter of my children – the greatest sound in the world. . .next to the sound of them sleeping of course. . .LOL


  189. My favorite sound is my son, Elias, laughing.

  190. Melinda Mueller says:

    So many to choose! But I would have to say the pure clean sound of my children laughing simply warms my heart.

  191. My children getting along and talking. And I have to send that Disneyland train chugging and whistle.

  192. Tina Spieker says:

    My favorite sound is waves of water crashing against the side of a cruise ship a night. The decks are mostly clear and the sky is always full of stars! You just can’t beat that!

  193. My favorite sound is the sound of life! From dead silence when everyone is asleep, to the giggles of the grandchildrend. The sounds still in my memories of my grown children being little once, and the sound of my aging mom on the other end of the telephone line telling me all about her day. The sounds of grandkids calling out for grandma, and telling me they love me. The sound of a husband with health issues laying beside me at night breathing peacefully and the sounds of morning when it all begins again. I would have to say, my favorite sound HAS to be the sound of LIFE!!

  194. Hi Stacy,
    I love your new blog. My favorite sounds are water, the running water in a creek or waves crashing at the ocean, so peaceful!

  195. One of my favorite sounds is of my cat purring. It just calms me and helps me to slow down.

  196. My most favorite sound on earth is the sound of my daughter’s voice calling “Mommy”, however, right now I am also loving the sounds of hammers, and saws as they patch up the gigantic hole in my kitche ceiling! I want my kitchen back!!!

    Thanks for the fun!

  197. I love that I can hear my husband rough-housing with the kids while I’m in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

  198. carol in seattle :) says:

    Hmmm….how about my top three? I can’t narrow it down! I love the sound of the ocean waves breaking on the Caribbean sand. I love the sound of thunder when I’m cozied up in my house. I also love the sound of my children laughing. As much as I loved that baby/toddler laugh, I adore the full on grade school giggle. Thanks Stacy!

  199. My favorite sound in the whole wide world is a baby’s laughter….It is so genuine and pure. It just gets me deep inside.

  200. My favorite sound is the quiet whimper my son lets out in his sleep. Even at the age of 10, I still love to watch him sleep, nuzzle the back of his neck and snuggle him close.

  201. One of my favorite sounds is the sweet meow of my youngest cat – when she is looking for me she emits this precious little meow that fills the air with love.

  202. Blythe Shupe says:

    Hands down, my favorite sound is a baby laughing. There is nothing as pure and true.

  203. My favorite sound is my kids calling me Mommy….As they get older, I don’t hear it as much, but I still love it when my 12 year old calls me Mommy and when my son says Thanks Mommy. It is who I am and who I always wanted to be! Thanks for your insightful blog….I love it after all these years!

  204. The sound of my husband’s snore late at night when I awake from a bad dream. It makes me feel safe and loved, knowing he is right there.

  205. rachel in Cali. says:

    Hmm, there are two that come to mind right away. Silly but, I like the hum of my dishwasher. It usually means I’m done for the night, and I am “tucking in” our home for bed. ;0) I also love the sound of rain on a cool fall day.

  206. lately my favorite sound has been QUIET—nothing at all

  207. Jolene Olsen says:

    I love the sound of a baby laughing. There is nothing better than that!

  208. Jen Collins says:

    My favorite sound is heard when my kids giggle and laugh. They have this contagious giggle that you can’t help but laugh along with them!

  209. One of my most favorite sounds is my son belly laughing. He rarely laughs that hard so I love to hear it when he finds something seriously funny!

  210. One of my favorite sounds is the ocean. I love the calm that it brings me!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. Right now I’m enjoying the contented sighs of my 2 week old baby boy. Those precious sounds disappear so quickly!

  212. I’m not sure if I can narrow down to one favorite, there are so many good sounds… things like my husband having a conversation with a kid/reading to one or the other. laughter, rain, the all encompassing joy of singing along to Handel’s messiah in the middle of a church packed with singers. All good. Favorite? I can’t decide.

  213. No very original but my children’s giggle and the sound of rain on our NEW roof ;O)

  214. Allison Fisher says:

    The sound of my girls laughing together :)

  215. The sound of my husband laughing so hard at something he said, that he can’t even get the rest of his sentence out.

  216. Favorite sound: Besides the sound of a beloved one’s voice – the sound of the rustling leaves as the wind stirs up the tree – especially as we weclome in fall’s cooler days.

  217. My favorite sound is of my children laughing around the dinner table. It makes me feel warm all over.

  218. I love the pop goes the weasel sound that the tivo remote makes. Also, happy people laughing, axes chopping wood, and children playing in a swimming pool.

  219. I love that sweet little “purring” sound a new baby makes while they are sleeping.

  220. My favorite is waterfalls deep in the woods.

  221. Love to hear my kids laughing–especially when my husband is tickling them & they just can’t stop!

  222. Definetely my kids laughing together in the another room. I ALWAYS have to go see what they’re up too!

  223. my favorite sound is children’s laughter. it’s so deep and so natural. . . almost always makes me want to laugh right along even if I don’t know what’s funny.

  224. One of my favourite sounds is my of my ds 10yo playing by himself talking out loud. It always takes me back to my childhood when I would spend hours playing games with an imaginary friend.

    I’m glad you told us again that you moved your blog because I was wondering what had you so busy that you were not posting. I always look forward to reading what you have to say, you are a very wise woman. ((hugs))

  225. I love the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. I’m missing summer already!

  226. My little boy, either giggling from a tickle attack, or singing quietly to himself while he plays. Cute, cute, cute. :)

  227. Donna Bell says:

    I love the little noises that newborn babies make when they sleep!! Makes my heart smile!!


  228. Leigh Ann says:

    My children’s laughter–genuine and pure!

  229. water running

  230. My daughter’s laughs when she is really having the time of her life. Second best, is the sound of waterfalls or ocean waves so relaxing and rejuvinating

  231. Kristi Mallett says:

    I love to hear my son sing in the shower… it reminds me that he’s a happy child, so my husband and I must be doing something right!

  232. i both LOVE and dread the sound of my son ( new to a big boy bed) wandering out of his bedroom in the morning to join me in bed – it’s SO great to hear him and think about how independent he’s becoming!!! (but sometimes, it’s EARLY!!!!!!!!!!)

  233. Kathie Simmons says:

    Easy – my kids’ laughter! I also love the sound of dry snow that squeaks when walked on, my dog’s yawn, the garage door opening meaning my huband is home, ocean waves, and Christmas music – but most of all, my kids’ laughter.

  234. My favorite sound is the pitter patter of my four year old’s feet when he wakes up and runs into our bedroom to cuddle with me!

  235. Heather Newman says:

    My favorite sound….my kids laughter:) That makes any day a HAPPY day!

  236. debby warthen says:

    I love the sound of the garage door going up- it means someone is coming home!

    I especially love the sound of voices and guitars when my son and husband huddle together in the “music” room and stay there for hours together.

  237. LATISHA TOWNS says:

    One of my favorite sounds is the sounds I make when I see Stacy Julian’s posted something new on her website. I am a female in the U.S. Army and I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING! Daily, at least 2 times I check to see if something new is posted and the sounds I make is: ” LOOK CHRIS, STACY HAS….” whatever it is I am all excited! Thanks!

  238. The sound of a fire while our family is totally relaxed either outside in the summer or inside on a cold winter evening.

  239. One of my favorite sounds is thunder… I know it’s strange but it relaxes me.

  240. My favorite sound is my children laughing or actually giggling!! Just love it!!!
    LOVE the gurgle pot!!!

  241. I love the sound of a baseball being caught in a mitt. That kind of muffled “slap” sound? Just love it.

  242. Carla Prock says:

    My youngest son has the most infectious belly laugh! It gets the whole family going. Just saw these pots at the SeaTac airport and fell in love with them. Alas, no room in my carryon that day after I purchased Ugly Dolls.

  243. Cynthia B. says:

    Easy – the sounds of my children’s laughter. Absolutely infectious.
    Thanks for the chance at this cute giveaway!

  244. I love the sound of the door from the garage shutting and certain footsteps coming in. I can tell just which child it is or if it’s my husband. I love every sound of those feet coming home.

  245. Sheila M. says:

    My favorite sound is waves crashing on the beach.

  246. Ileana Carlile says:

    The sound of the ocean – there is nothing else like it…. it makes me SOO happy and at peace with everything!

  247. A really good belly laugh from a child has to be one of the best sounds ever. Also the sound of my husbands car when he comes home, love him so…

  248. Favorite sound, oh that is hard to pin down. When I need rest it is the sound of the ocean waves crashing reminding me I am only a part of the bigger picture… When I need hope my children’s laughter…. When I need to be reminded how blessed I am the sound of “I love you mommy” or the recording of our oldest daughter saying her name… There are so many sounds that are favorites. Oh and when I’m tired – silence!

  249. Angie Weinzierl says:

    One of my favorite sounds is of my dog, who happens to be a pug, snorting. He grunts and snorts and makes all kinds of sounds simply by breathing. It always makes me smile.

  250. My favorite is my 7-month old son laughing. It’s so sweet, so innocent, and just pure joy! Always make me smile. One of these days I’ll figure out how to record it so I can enjoy it when he’s older. :)

  251. I love the sound of a fan. It very soothing to me, and I can’t sleep without one!

  252. Jenny McGee says:

    I love the sound of kids or babies laughing. I also like the relaxing sound of the ocean. This gurgle pot looks fun.

  253. lynne moore says:

    I love the sound of my dog barking. He has a nice resonant “baying” bark. It’s so deep and full. It’s kind of an unusual bark for his looks. But then, he’s unusual looking. Only he tends to bark at 7 am or at 10 am and our neighbor sleeps during the day so we can’t let him just bark.

    He make me so happy just having him in our home. Even sleeping (as he is now) is entertaining to me.

  254. Nicole Ward says:

    My favorite sound today……Hands down the sound of 1,000′s of people cheering those of us running in the Chicago Marathon yesterday. Total strangers that you don’t know and will never see again calling out encouraging words that somehow give you the momentum to keep running. Amazing!!

  255. miki thompson says:

    silence. I absolutely love silence. The sound right before I drift to sleep. It is always the time of day when I am most relaxed.

  256. traci in virginia says:

    I definitely love the sound of my kids laughing really hard…but, one of my favorite random sounds is when we are driving to my parents house out in the country. We roll the windows down and when we drive up their long gravel driveway, I LOVE the sound of the tires crunching over the gravel.

  257. I love the sounds that quail make talking to each other. We live on the Sonoran desert
    and every morning/evening have a large group of quail visitors looking
    for food. They’re such delightful little birds and give us a lot of entertainment.

  258. I love the sound of my little one saying “Mama.” I also love rain on the roof at night, the tide rolling in, my mother and father’s voices on the phone, and the 2:45 bell (I work in a school).

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  259. Jennifer W says:

    What a great give-a-way! Thank you so much. One of my favorite sounds is “morning momma” when they quietly whisper it to me to wake me up.

  260. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of my children (all 4 of them) playing together and getting along. Another favorite sound that I do not hear as often as I would like are the ocean waves on a warm summer day.

  261. Meredith Greene says:

    The combined sound of a rushing creek next to your campsite and the laughter of your children playing in it! (just heard while camping this weekend!).

  262. Good question! Rain definitely comes to mind, it’s so soothing. I’m a bit nervous to say this b/c I don’t want to rush it’s approach… but I love the sound of snowflakes “touching down”. It means I have to quiet myself (and probably the children, too) so that we can all take in that sound together. So incredibly peaceful.

  263. Amy Anderson says:

    I love the sound of a tiny fist knocking on my bedroom door each morning. When my son first started doing this – from his crib, no less; there is a door from his room directly to ours and his crib is right beside it – the very sound drove me CRAZY because it meant my sleep was over, and usually too early for my liking. But the more he has done it, the more I love hearing it – it reminds me how blessed I am to have tiny fists in my life to do the knocking.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  264. the sound of praise music on Sundays

  265. I love the sound of my daughter playing with her toys in her crib as I listen through the closed door.

  266. I love the sound of my kids and my husband laughing as they play together. It reminds me just how blessed I am to have them in my life.

    I also love the gurgle because it means that I am hanging with my sister and she has a gurgle pot.

  267. My favourite sound is my kids having fun together, just hanging out, sharing, laughing and respecting each other.

  268. The percolating gurgle from the coffee pot :) Also followed by one of the smells :)

  269. The percolating gurgle from the coffee pot :) Also followed by one of the best smells :)

  270. The sound of my daughter drumming her nails against the kitchen table as she does her homework. It is nice to have her so close by after a long day of school!

  271. I love the sound of my 8 month old babbling and cooing to his baby cousins.

  272. oooohhhhh my…favourite sound next to the ocean percolating through the pebbles on our beach would the last ‘umph” of the fresh brewed coffee being percolated!…ohhh yesssss…. and oh do I love FISH!!!!

  273. Andrea MacDonald says:

    That is the cutest thing ever. My favorite sound is hearing my kids laugh and giggle. It makes my day.

  274. dawny dee says:

    i have a pair of earrings i call my gypsy earrings and they make a lovely, gentle little tinkling noise when i move my head. such a happy and pretty sound.

  275. When my three kids are together and they get silly and laugh – it just does something to my heart. My twins will be 21 next week and the ‘baby’ is a senior in high school – the time flies and I love the sound of all three of them having fun together.

  276. Love to hear the sound of our Granddaughter Ariana who just turned 2, telling me I love you Grandma. Only she lives in Seattle, so lots of webcam and phone calls!

  277. My fave sound is of the calmness of an afternoon outside.

  278. I loved hearing the not so beautiful sound of squawking parrots flying outside our apartment building in the Dominican Republic. We are back home now in Idaho and I do not expect to hear that same sound outside our window again.

  279. My favorite sound is my daughter laughing uncontrollably.

  280. I love the sound of heels on a hardwood floor. The cloppier the sound the better!!!

  281. My favorite sound is the sound of my husband or one of my 4 kids saying ” I love you”. It never gets old, never loses its meaning, never can be said enough. Thanks for the chance to win – I LOVE the Gurgle Pot, but have been unable to get one yet.

  282. I love hearing my 2 year old son say “LOVE YOU, MOMMY!” It melts my heart!!!

  283. The sound of my kids playing well together and having fun! No better sound than that.

  284. Carolynn F says:

    That groan people make when they taste food that they love. Like an amazing piece of chocolate cake. After you’ve slaved making a meal it is the best sound in the world.

  285. Hmm…my favorite sound? Ok, I have to say, it might be a mountain lion scream. When my husband and I were dating, we were out on my parents porch one night, late after a movie. And, all of the sudden, here is the bloodcurdling scream (yes, they really do sound a lot like a woman). My hubby, the city boy, goes what the h*** is that? I reply, why, just a little old mountain lion….that’s when he decides suddenly to nearly crawl onto my lap. While the lion was quite a ways from us, him deciding to cuddle up with me for “moral support” was quite fun! So, that’s a fun memory for me.

  286. Besides hearing my kids laugh or say, “I love you Mommy” I love to hear the ocean. I’m blessed to live about 20 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean and go often as I can. The sound of the waves is very calming for me.

  287. Nothing beats the sound of my grandchildren (twins – 1 boy and 1 girl, age 3 yrs) giggling over something silly. Probably the most wonderful sound in the world (at least to me!).

  288. Nicky from Canada says:

    Boy belly laughs – they do happen a lot in our house!!

  289. Melyssa Leighty says:

    I love the sound of kids jumping into the pool to cool off during the hot Phoenix summer!

  290. One of my favorite sounds is listening to my boys at dinner time telling us all about the great day they had at school.

  291. my son’s hysterical laughing while i tickle him! the only time i hear it is when he is tickled, so it’s kind of special!

  292. I love the sound of my last two kids (son-15 and daughter-20) giggling and teasing each other.

  293. I actually have 2! Hearing my sweet dog “grunt” as he snuggles up against me, trying to get comfortable & hearing my boyfriend say, “I love you.” : ) Very blessed that I am able to hear.

  294. Oh, I love those Gurgle Pots! But one of my favorite sounds is the sound of my chocolate lab’s toenails click-clicking away on the floor. You’d think it would get annoying, but, no.

  295. My favorite sound is the rain. Puts me right to sleep!

  296. I love to hear the water in the fountain as I pull in the driveway at the end of my day. It turns off the work switch for me!

  297. I love the sound of big thunderstorms! It’s so nice to be warm and dry inside, with wild weather outside.

  298. My favorite sound is crackling of fire in a fireplace. It completes the feel of home.

  299. I love to hear my kids laughing when they are overcome with feelings of joy, silliness or happiness. I also love to hear them softly breathing when they are sleeping. They are growing fast so I almost don’t get to hear this last sound too often. It makes me miss snuggling them as babies. I think I may have to do a page of the sounds that I am beginning to miss as they grow . . .

  300. My 2 + 4 year old girls giggling. Yikes! It’s contagious and usually means a big mess for me, but I love that sound – man, I love those girls!

  301. I love the sound of my kids saying please and thank you to each other, genuinely and with out being prompted/reminded.

  302. Malia in Seattle says:

    I love the sound of the C…R…E…A…K at 6 am as my little four year old opens her bedroom door to see if anyone is up. If not, she slams her door shut, turns on her light and starts reading to herself.

  303. I love the sound of the ocean at night. So relaxing!

  304. Barbara Hinshaw says:

    I love the sound of the ocean, it is so soothing.

  305. Tammy Thomas says:

    I love the sounds of my “family” it lets me know I’m not alone, that life is good, and we are together. I spend much of my time alone these days: one off to college, 2 in school, DH working 12 hour shifts.

    I remember you posting about the gurgle post, would be fun to win thanks.

  306. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of running water like streams, fountains.

  307. I love the sound of my son humming as he plays, when he thinks no one is watching him.

  308. My favourite sound is a baby giggle. So contagious!

  309. My favorite sound in the whole wide world is that of children giggling and playing on a schoolyard playground. It always brings smile to my face and reminds me of Gods many daily…simple… blessings! (Im teacher…and truly do enjoy playground “duty” because of this!!) With smiles…thanks Stacy!

  310. Rain on the roof. Love it.

  311. I loved these, though in the Boston area we call them Gurgling Cods,

  312. I love the sound of my motorcycle – the rumble and roar of the engine is just soooo fun!

  313. I love the sound of my son’s voice (who is away at college) when he calls just to say “I love you, Mom!)

  314. My daughter Julia’s cooing – she’s seven years old and non-verbal, but I love to hear her ‘talk’ – she seems to have a coo or a snort at just the right time. Her sense of timing often cracks us up – I swear she’s making sure she gets her two cents’ worth in.

  315. I love the sound of my two adult children lovingly bantering back and forth.

  316. I love the sound my dog, Charlotte, makes each night as we settle down to sleep. She climbs into bed with my husband and I, makes her way underneath the covers, does her three-turn dog routine, flops, and lets out the most contented sigh you could imagine. It makes me smile every night; at the end of any day, she is reliably delighted by the simplest joy in life, and she reminds me to feel the same way.

  317. Although I love many sounds, the first one that came to mind is that of a soft rainfall striking the lush green grass on a warm summer night. I think I may be missing the summertime too much already…and it’s only October…YIKES.

  318. I am a teacher and mother….my favorite sound in the world is the sound of silence.

  319. I love the sound hearing the waves lapping up on the beach at the lake, while I am laying in bed at my parents.

  320. The last time you blogged about your Gurgle Pot I so wanted to get one after visiting the website! (But resisted.)
    One of my favorite sounds is when the grandchildren are all here–just to hear the whispers & giggles of the cousins together is music to our ears.

  321. I absolutely love the sound of little ones giggling!

  322. Chris Ferguson says:

    Water … the ocean, and especially the rain on the roof. Love the gurgle pot! I never saw one before you.

  323. Right now, my favorite sound is my 7 month old son babbling.

  324. I love the sound of waves lapping on the shore.

  325. Janet Skiles says:

    I love this! My grandmother had one when I was a girl. It was orange like a gold fish and my sister and I called it Goldie. I love the sound it makes but my favorite sound is the sound of my daughters laughter.

  326. My favorite sound is the laughter between my two little boys playing together. They are just now at the age where they are playing together (twins) and it is so wonderful to hear.

  327. Liz Brown says:

    My favorite sound is those sweet lovely cooing sounds that newborn babies make.

  328. Rain on a tin roof is one, but overhearing my 12 year old telling his 4 year old sister how much he loves her (or her telling him) when they think I can’t hear is the absolute best!

  329. I love the sound of my kids laughter! It always makes me smile.

  330. My favorite sounds, other than kiddie giggles and kitty purrs involve music. When the music swells, like “in the land of the freeeeeee….and the home of the brave”, or during Amazing Grace, The Prayer by Celine Dion and Josh Groban….my heart rejoices. These are some of my favorite sounds. Oh – and hearing my hubby say “you look beautiful”.

  331. I love when I answer the phone and a voice says, “Grandma…”

  332. The sound of my kids laughing! That’s the best!

  333. Julie Moreno says:

    My favorite nature sound is my backyard fountain. It has 3 tiers and the tinkling, splashing & gurgling is awesome and for some reason sounds even more wonderful at night.
    My favorite family sound is a quiet hush peppered with giggles, squeals and sushing that preceeds my children ( 3 boys) playing a joke on me!

  334. I’m a music teacher, and the sound of children playing “Street Song” by the composer Carl Orff brings me to tears every time I hear it. I love the piece… it just fills me with emotion.

  335. when I was first married I lived in a mobile home and I loved the sound of rain on the roof. I live in Nevada, we don’t hear much rain here.

  336. The sound of my children playing together, I love their conversations and what they come up.

  337. I would say children laughing, but that is so common. So, to be unique, I am going to say, I love the sound of my son, walking in the front door after school, shouting, “Mom! I’m home!” I always miss him while he is away, and I am always thrilled to hear him come back home.

  338. My boys giggling together (and not the kind when two are ganging up on the third!) or alone, but I love that sound of pure happy laughter!

  339. I just love the sound of my girl singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” She doesn’t know all the words, so it’s so sweet to hear.

  340. The sound of my son’s giggle… so delicious!

  341. Teresa Boyer says:

    The call of the Loon.

  342. Can not pass up a chance at something green. Wow I sound like Kermit. Anyway, I love the sound of rain hitting the skylight in the bathroom next to my craft room. It reminds me I am lucky to have a peaceful – if always messy – place to work.

  343. Michael-Ann says:

    I love the sound of my children laughing. Know they are happy makes me happy.

  344. Oh, Stacy! I got one of these when you had them on your blog before. My granddaughter insisted on listening to the sound file on their site over and over again before ours arrived. It is so much fun!!! She calls it our “Glub, Glub Fishy!”

  345. The sound of a very hot, crackling campfires and then followed by my boyfriend burning his lips on smores :) I love fall and cooler weather….

  346. I just listened to the gurgle of the Gurgle Pot and thought it was the coolest thing, made me giggle. After my kids laughing my favorite sound is soft rain on the sunporch’s metal roof. Love to sit with a cup of tea and a good book and listen to that sound while I enjoy a moment or two of solitude.

  347. The sound of ocean waves – I live in MO so I don’t get to hear them very often!

  348. Susanne H says:

    I love the sound of my 3 year old singing the same verse over and over to Yellow Submarine and the Star Wars theme song loud and proud anywhere we go.

  349. I love the sound of my house when it is full of family and friends… laughing, sharing, and the noises of working together and playing together.

  350. My favourite sound is the world awakening early in the morning, the sound of birds and you can nearly hear the sun rising.
    Great new blog
    Have a wonderful day

  351. elsa velez says:

    My favorite is the calling sound that geese make as they fly over our home on their way South to spend the winter. It always reminds me that my favorite time of year is here and as the geese fly to warmer climates, so too will my scattered children fly back home for Thanksgiving.

  352. My sons, ages 6 and 8, singing rock songs in the back seat of the car. Wish I could bottle the sound of their “rockin’ out” and keep it forever-

  353. The crickets on a summer night after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. Ahhh…. peace!

  354. it would have to be water, and kids or kids playing in water

  355. Hmm one favorite I don’t think I can pick just one – Love the sound of the wind blowing in the trees, kids laughing, birds chirping in the morning, slot machines pouring out money…

  356. Brenda Siegfried says:

    My favorite sound is that of my two older sons’ voices, since I don’t get to hear them very often. My 22 year old son is stationed in Iraq in the Army & my 27 year old son is in the Navy on the USS Nimitz ‘somewhere in the big blue ocean.’ While I am VERY grateful for email, on those rare occasions I get to hear their voices, my heart feels as though it has been filled with liquid gold.

  357. My favorite sound is my children’s laughter.
    But I do have to say that sometimes the sound of silence is so nice!

  358. scrapper al says:

    Baby giggles, toddler giggles, happy children giggles all bring a smile to my face.

  359. Lisa Walton says:

    How gorgeous! I have never seen (or heard!!) one of these jugs before. Maybe we don’t have them in Australia. My favourite sound is my son’s voice – I don’t care what he is saying, just that he is!


  360. I love the “Hello” when I pick up the phone to find either my husband, two sons or daughter-in-law calling me. Since we are empty nesters, the phone doesn’t ring as much anymore and when it does, I love it when it is a voice I love! (Other family and friends count, too!)

  361. My favorite sound is little children laughing and giggling. It is so joyous to hear and it makes my heart sing.

  362. I love the sound of a quartet singing close harmony. Music does amazing things for the soul.

  363. my kids’ laughter. :)

  364. I’ve been wanting one of these ever since I saw you first post it. My favourite sound is my girls laughing. Or perhaps no sound at all….as in they are sleeping after a day of fighting ;)

  365. I love the sound of the sweet little conversations that go on between my 4 year old and my husband (on the phone from work). Today it went something like this:
    “Hey Dad. You doin’ ok at work?”
    “Alright, when you gonna be home?”
    “OK, love you, too. Bye”

  366. I love the sound of tapping – as in dancing. I never tapped as a child, but after taking my daughter to her lessons and hearing the sounds I decided to join an adult tap class. So fun!

  367. I love the sound of rain on my tin roof.

  368. Daisy Niemeyer says:

    Getting an “I love you” or an “I miss you” from loved ones.

  369. Lynn Hamm says:

    I love the sound of the crashing waves on the beach. Since I can’t always be on vacation our sound machine alarm clock waves is a great stand in.

  370. Patricia Emerick says:

    One of my favorite sounds is the chirping noise that hummingbirds make as they flit around my feeder. Until I started keeping one near an open window I didn’t realize how much noise they really made. It’s a sure sign of summer when those little sounds accompany my early morning reading.

  371. These days – one of my favorite sounds is listening to our boys and thier friends have conversations pondering life events – they’re college age and I love hearing them as they grow into great young men!

  372. I love to hear my little boy laugh while watching Charlie Brown’s Halloween Special. Makes even the bottom of my toes happy.

  373. My favorite sound is running water. It is soothing & refreshing at the same time!

  374. Jodie Reimink says:

    the sound of the kids coming in the door after a day of school. Fun!

  375. Beverly Harrison says:

    The early morning 1st pot of coffee noise. Girlfriend!!!!!!!!!

  376. Aside from the obvious of the sound of my children laughing or singing, I really love the sound of “lake waves” hitting against the shore/rocks. It’s a much more peaceful and gentle sound compared to ocean waves. As my DH is fond of saying, “it lowers my blood pressure by several degrees”.

  377. Favorite sound – loons at my lake cabin

  378. My happiest sound is my grandson calling me “gangie”…so adorable and totally his own!

  379. Anne Welch says:

    My favorite sound is the laughter of a small child … music to my ears.

  380. well, of course it’s a big, loud, belly-laugh… coming from anyone… and pianos….

  381. love the gurgle pot! And that’s my favorite color too! My favorite sound in the world is that of anyone laughing or just enjoying live! Happiness is a very addictive thing so i feed off listening to others having fun!!

  382. My favorite sound is my kids giggling together . . . and last night my son told me his favorite sound is snails crunching underfoot! (Ewww!) (:

  383. I love the sweet purr of my sewing machine. It always means something great it coming together.

  384. My favorite sound is my daughter’s giggle. It’s bubbly, refreshing and brightens every day!

  385. jaxcheryl says:

    Little children giggling, and listening to a mockingbird.

  386. Jen Gough says:

    How fun! My kids would love this! My kids laughter!!! Gets me every time.


  387. Clara Ewell says:

    One of my favorite sounds is my two boys laughing. They are 3 and 1 and recently have been able to crack each other up– I hear them and it is so cute. I also love the sound of walking on crunchy snow– kind of wierd but I love it.

  388. I love to hear my children laughing…and happy music that gets me moving & motivated!

  389. The sound of my daughters laugh. It so engaging that you your self starts to laugh.

  390. Heather R says:

    i love the sound of crunching snow under my feet. :)

  391. This is a long one, but, my favorite sound right now is the sound of ALL of my children laughing, playing and visiting together. Our oldest son just returned (Friday) from a mission in Iowa and the sounds of having all 6 of them back together is just priceless!

  392. Jeanean Wilson says:

    The sound of my teenage daughters sharing and laughing with each other!

  393. my absolute favorite is the sound of my young kids giggling with each other. you know, the kind of giggle where they cant even speak! You cant help but smile when you hear that.

  394. I don’t tend to enjoy most sounds, but the sound of my cat purring is just one of those things that makes me stop and listen for a minute just so I can enjoy it’s comforting effect. :-)

  395. I love the sound of a sleeping child. Okay, maybe that is kind of a non-sound, but it sure makes me happy!!

  396. My favorite sound is the sound of rain. I especially like to wake up in the middle of the night and here the tapping it makes on my window. There is something warm and cozy about the sound of rain outside while I am snuggled in my warm bed.

  397. Dixie Lee says:

    I love the sound of popcorn popping.

  398. Laura Glover says:

    I love that sound…and what a great way to get my children to drink more water!!! Love IT!!!

    Laura G.

  399. Pure silence, the sound of children laughing, and the sound of my teenage son’s truck hitting the bump on our lane at night letting me know he is home safely.

  400. I love the sound of my babies laughing. It always makes me smile.

  401. one of my favorite sounds is the sound of a “babbling brook”, the soft splishy splashy sound of water on rocks :) ahhh relaxing!

  402. My favorite sound is that of rain. Living in a desert we don’t get much rain so it always makes me happy to hear it hitting the cars or the deck roof or the sound of the cars driving through the puddles that quickly form on the roads and parking lots. It is also one of my favorite smells – the clean smell of water and sage brush. Ahhh! I wish it would rain!

  403. My grandson laughing at the the dumb things I do at times! Full blown belly laugh from him.

  404. Hi, Stacy…love your website! My favorite sound is a gentle thunderstorm when I am warm and dry in my house working on a project, or sleeping in comfy jammies in my bed!

  405. I love the sound of my children laughing together. It is the way it’s supposed to be. What a great giveaway! Thanks for sharing!

  406. The sound of a baby belly-laughing.

  407. Allison S. says:

    I love the sound of my 14 year old daughter’s rock and roll drum-playing coming from the basement…my 9 year old daughter’s singing coming from the shower and my husband’s bass-playing (also coming from the basement)…we live in a very musical house!

  408. Erin Noll says:

    The sound of the rain falling as you lay in bed at night.

  409. Cindy Davis says:

    I love the sound of waves crashing into the shore!

  410. I love the green Gurgle pot!

    My favourite sound is actually the absence of sound during a huge snowstorm. I love how everything is quiet and muted.

  411. Chalese Groberg says:

    My oldest, who is now 14, when he was quite a bit younger used to wake up in the middle of the night and call out my name. When I answered “What?” he would reply “Love you.” I haven’t heard that in a long time but it definitely is one of my favorite sounds.

  412. Right now its the sound of the sheep baaing in the dark when I go out to feed them at 7am. I feel loved and appreciated, and then the horse comes running up and then the cow starts mooing and then the chickens give a crow… life is good!

  413. Such a fun pitcher! My favorite sound is my kids’ voices…laughing, talking, singing… I love to hear them!

  414. Kristie Tidmore says:

    My absolute all time favorite sound is thunder.
    I heart that sound so much.
    It can be topped off with and nice slow rain.
    Nothing better!!

  415. My newest favorite sound is my 8 y.o. DS singing in the car. All of a sudden he has just started singing along to songs on the radio (Radio Disney, of course!) and it is the sweetest sound to me. Just happy and singing along in the car, what’s better than that?

  416. my fav sound would have to be my kitty sitting in front of my face purring in the AM – Thanks for the chance

  417. I love the sound of a softly snoring dog beneath my computer desk. Just makes me feel warm and content.

  418. Stephanie S. says:

    My favorite sound is my daughter laughing – she has the most infectious laugh!

  419. One of my favorite sounds is conversation. I love to hear people talking and enjoying each other’s company. It doesn’t matter what the words are just the melody and rhythm of the group, with the inevitable occasional laughter and giggles.

  420. My favourite sound is the even breathing of my sons as they are sleeping..looking so peaceful.

  421. First, my favorite color is green. All shades of green! Bright green, moss green, you name it green. Always has been. I had green carpet in by bedroom as a child. Next, my favorite sound is teenagers…laughing, chatting, playing, communicating. I set up my scrapbook room so that I can hear the sounds of my teenagers and their friends. They cannot see me. They know I am there (sometimes they forget). But, I get to listen to them. Not every word just their sounds! LOVE it!

  422. My favorite sound is fall. The crunch of leaves under my feet, the swoosh sound they make as they escape being stepped on and the sound the leaves make when they rustle in the trees. These sounds make me oh so happy.

  423. One of my favorite sounds is that of the wind in the trees. This is especially wonderful in the old trees on Prince Edward Island — the rustling is amazing, indescribable, really. Soothing, like rain on a roof.

  424. Annie Davis says:

    My favorite sound is my children talking to each other. I love to hear what they have to say, especially when they are having a conversation with each other.

  425. I love the sound of children laughing – it’s something about my own children I never want to forget

  426. I love the sound of the ocean waves. It’s so calming.
    I also love the sound of my kids’ laughter – the staccato, hearty laugh that only comes from a child. Nothing else like it.

  427. Michelle M says:

    My favorite sound is the sounds of a newborn baby….their cute little sighs & gurgles melt my heart!

  428. Rachel Gainer says:

    I love the sound of my husband unlocking and opening the front door when he comes home from work, because I know it will soon be followed by another favorite sound: my little girl running across the wood floor, squealing at the top of her lungs and shouting “daddy.”

  429. Nancy Meers says:

    I love the sound of running water- a waterfall, creek, ocean waves, even swimming pools and I will add the gurgle pot. How cool you can hear the gurgle on your link! Water always reminds me of quiet relaxing times and a form of rebirth.

  430. My sons laugh is my all time favorite sound. It beats my daughter, husband, friend, or stranger’s laugh by ten fold. It’s the best sound ever – deap, bold and full of smiles.

  431. Michelle Price says:

    Definitely my two year old son’s belly laugh. He laughs with his whole body. It’s quite a thing to see.
    Have a fantastic day!

  432. My favorite sound is hearing my husband say, “I’m home!” It just warms my heart to know we can share the rest of the day together.

  433. Heather M says:

    The sound of wind rustling colorful leaves in the fall with the backdrop of a crisp blue sky and billowy white clouds floating by…. *sigh*

  434. I too love the sound of my children laughing, but a sound I thrive on is the roar of the crowd.

  435. Tracy Johnson says:

    I love love the sound of laughter………..especially my children’s!!!! When I hear my youngest laugh, I can’t help but smile and sometimes laugh back. :o)

  436. My newest favorite sound is the chirping and squeaking of baby hamsters…our school’s couple just had a litter of 7 and they came home with me over the weekend. Just precious!

  437. I love the sound of my children breathing as they sleep in the quiet of the night. (My sister-in-law has a gurgle pot and they are, indeed, as fun as you say!!! Would love to have this green one – it’s the perfect color for me!!!)

  438. One of my favorite sounds is tickle wars in the living room with my husband and 2 kiddos. The screechy, giggly, ah ha, got cha, rustle rustle, tee hee hee, squishy squishy, and sheer joy of loving rough housing with Dad almost makes my heart burst with happiness at the sound.

    Then my most peaceful sound is sitting on a river bank listening to the rush of the water going by.

  439. My favorite sound is listening to my kids playing imagining games together. It takes me back to when my brother and I used to do the same thing….

  440. I love the sound of silence. I know this technically isn’t a sound, but I prefer silence. I rarely turn on the TV or radio. It calms me and makes me happy.

  441. Kelly Oetzel says:

    The sound of my 4 year old son Jakob laughing when I tickle him! :)

  442. That is one cool pot…my favourite sound is my little girl laughing – she kinda sucks air in & hiccups…too cute…

  443. One of my children saying “please,” “thank you,” or “excuse me please” because it means that all of my hard work and CONSTANT reminders are actually paying off!

  444. Debbie Girardot says:

    The sound of a newborn baby just finding his voice! Cooooooing and gurgling……it’s infectious!!!

  445. Verona Highsmith says:

    I love the sound of a baby cooing. The first time my baby ever mimiced my voice with a cooing sound was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard. #2–We lived by the ocean two years courtesy of the USAF and the sound of the ocean waves lulled us to sleep each night, it’s so relaxing to me.

  446. Hi Miss Stacy…great new site-lovin it…my favorite sound is the sound of Music!
    Right now I am listening to the birds singing away in the trees. Lucky me, I am in San Diego where the birds are still chirping-Music makes my heart sing-my guitar is sitting right here next to me-my friend…Only a short walk away, I love the sound of the ocean, it is so calming. Now a gurgling pot, that would be very cool! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself! Love you forever, bren

  447. Jean Weber says:

    my fav sound is the turning of the front door knob as my husband arrives home and my too “little people” scream “DADDY’S HOME!!!”. . . .no matter what mood they were in a minute ago – it’s all suddenly GREAT with smiles and “guess what we did today!”

    Jean from NJ

  448. My favorite sound is the sound of my dad’s voice on his answering machine. He passed away last October 27…and I miss him so much. My stepmom gave us their old answering machine and it has my Dad’s voice leaving a message…
    Dancingly, Denise

  449. I love the sound of clickers. You know, the ones we had as kids with the little metal tab that you bend.

  450. I love to hear my kids belly laugh!

  451. My favorite sound is hearing the music at the entrance plaza at Disneyland. It seems so magical and foreshadows entering into the Happiest Place on Earth. When I hear it, a huge grin spreads, even when facing the long entrance lines!

  452. Viki Powell says:

    I love the sound of palm trees rustling together in the wind:) I have two just outside my bedroom and always reminds me of a visit to the islands.

    I love the gurgle pot. I haven’t purchased any yet, but plan on giving them as gifts this christmas to all my favorite people. thanks for the opportunity to possibly win :)

  453. Sue Carter says:

    Thunderstorms are my favorite sound!

  454. My favorite : the sound of the waves crashing in the ocean-accompanied by the soft breezes and salty, musty air! I am ready to be taken away!

  455. I love to hear my one year old granddaughter jabber.

  456. My husband singing made up songs to our 4 month old daughter……HILARIOUS!!! :)

  457. Krista Larsson says:

    I love to hear my girls laugh. It puts a smile on my face.

    Love them.


  458. I absolutely love the sounds of my husband and basset hound snoring …. heaven!

  459. I love the sound of the alarm ding that goes off when my front door opens. It means someone is home safe and sound! My dog loves it too!! Very pavlovian :)

  460. Heather L says:

    My absolute favorite sound is my son kissing me on the cheek! Muwah.

  461. I love listening to a nice thunderstorm all snuggled up in bed.

  462. For me, there’s nothing better than relaxing on the beach listening to the waves crash on the sand. Pure bliss!!

  463. I love the crunch of fresh powder snow under my skis – in particular on the first run of the day. If I can hear it I know the snow is good, the piste is empty enough for me to enjoy a little solitude, that I am at one with nature and that I am having FUN!

  464. I love the sound of my two adult children engrossed in conversation. I could sit back and listen to their banter all day!

  465. Two boys with the same exact laugh!

  466. the hoot of an owl. we recently were camping and there were two close by talking to each other all night long. It was a very relaxing way to fall asleep :)

  467. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of water. It can be rain or a stream or a waterfall. Whatever and wherever there is moving water, I love the sound it makes.

  468. Stephanie D says:

    As a labor and Delivery nurse I would have
    to say the first cry of a new baby!

  469. Theresa E says:

    I love the loud “tick tock” of the clock in my home office/studio. It sounds just like the one my grandmother had in the guest room that I’d spend the night when I’d visit during my teen/college years. The sound induces a steady calm.

  470. wow Stacy, this is a tougher one for me, there are so many sounds I like! The crackle of a fire, a gurgling stream or waves coming in off the ocean and so many more. BUT I think the sound I love most is when my grandson calls me long distance and says Hi Grandma, I love you, his voice is so sweet. I miss him and my son and daughter-in-law so much. When I get one of those phone calls and hear his laughter and his love it makes my day. Thanks for making put my thinking cap on.

  471. My children when they are genuinely cracked up over something and they laugh that amazing, contagious belly laugh that only belongs to children!

  472. Vickie Jones says:

    I spent 20 years in the AF, Each and every military base plays Retreat at usually 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Now that I don’t live on base, I love the once a week when I’m out there shopping and run late and get caught by retreat. I love to hear the crackle of the speakers and the dot dot dot sounds that means retreat is coming.

  473. Margot/NZ says:

    My all-time favourite sound is a young baby’s laughter. I’ll do anything to make that sound happen again when I’m with them (their mothers probably all think I’m crazy)!

  474. Margot/NZ says:

    My all-time favourite sound is the sound of a young baby laughing. I’ll do a lot to make that sound happen!

  475. well many of my favourites have been mentioned, unadulterated belly laughs, crunchy snow which I may never hear again as I live in the sun these days….

    but a favourite recently is the almost silence on a still sunset by the sea! It is very revitalising and I have discovered its benefit to my daily happiness and health! Something I should do more often.

    That gurgle pot sound took me to a wonderful peaceful summery day relaxing, just haning out sipping a cool drink – thanks!

  476. The sound of my kids laughing when dad tickles them AND my husband’s laugh.

  477. The sound of my kids’ voices, telling me they love me. I am a sucker for those cuties!

  478. Every night when I tuck my girls in before I go to bed. I have to hear their little sleepy sounds. I stand there and sigh. It is so comforting to me to know that they are safe in their little beds. Then I can go to bed and sleep.

  479. My mom singing on tape. She passed away last month.

  480. My favorite sound right now is the rustling of the leaves as the cold autumn winds blow them around my yard! Comfort food – here I come!

  481. Lynn in FL says:

    children giggling, babbling brooks, wind whispering in the trees, my grandkids saying “I love you, Grammie!”, beautiful music, the choir at church….just to name a few!

    Lynn in FL

  482. I love the sound of my sons real laugh, you know laughing so hard your stomach hurts, love it.

  483. Danelle A says:

    While trying to figure out my favorite sound, I came about it from another angle. What if I were deaf … which sounds would I miss most? The top two were 1) my kids voices and 2) music. They are such a part of me, I feel I wouldn’t be complete without them.

  484. My favorite sound right now is my two year old daughter, mainly because I know with each day this sound changes, she pronounces old words clearer, adds new words daily and eventually the sound of her voice will change from that little girl voice to young lady’s voice. Unfortunately it evens sounds cute, when she frustrated and tired and shouldn’t be saying what she is saying. I love the moss green!

  485. The sound of my son’s laugh when he really means it!

  486. One of my favorite sounds is my son’s full-on belly laugh. It’s hard to make it happen, but it is totally worth it every time!

  487. Oh, I’ve been eyeing those pitchers! My favorite sound has to be my babies’ giggles!

  488. Cliche, but one of my favorite sounds is my 7 month old talking to herself up in her crib after a nap. Its so FUNNY to listen to her, litterally, finding her voice!

  489. Aside from happy children – the quiet that follows that happy child sound – for some mommy reflection and rejuvination time!

  490. Kathy Anderson says:

    I love when I’m able to make my family laugh while I’m sharing a story/joke at the dinner table. Kathy

  491. Sara Mangan says:

    Waves crashing against the shore.

  492. On Monday I saw there were well over 100 comments for this and thought, there’s no way anyone will read all of these posts and dismissed this task. But I kept wondering what my favorite sound is and I figured it out… with close to 500 comments I still don’t know if they’ll all get read, but I just had to post one too.

    MY FAVORITE SOUND IS MY HUSBAND’S CAR PULLING INTO THE DRIVEWAY. No matter what; my heart always skips a couple of beats’ cause my sweetie is finally home!

  493. My favorite sound is the sound of my children’s voices when they are both home from college on the same weekend (rare event) and are playing cards or Wii. Their laughter, the give and take of their conversation — it fills my heart with joy and peace.

  494. I love listening to my son breathe (and occasionally snore) while he sleeps. So peaceful.

  495. Liz Cogswell says:

    I love to hear my 2 1/2 year old talk. Her vocabulary is growing everyday. She has such a sweet, little voice and says the funniest things.

  496. I love the sound of crickets , I find it very relaxing. So much so that I had a recording in my delivery bag when I gave birth to my daughter on the first day of winter Dec 21st and the sound reminds me of summer nights as a kid.
    Love your new site!

  497. Kids laughter, dogs snoring and raindrops outside my window. :))

  498. I would love this for my mom!!

  499. My favorite sound is the laughter of little children.

  500. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of cardinals chirping! Love their song and they have a special meaning to me, so hearing them always makes my day.

  501. I love the sound of my kids, laughing and playing, their squeals of delight. I’m always happy when the kids are happy.

  502. Just yesterday, the sound of the wind in the yellowing aspens.

  503. I would love to add that sound to my home. Plus I love the color green

  504. oh gosh…i have wanted one of these forever. and in my favorite color!!

    kids laughing…favorite sound! that baby giggle on up to kids on the playground chasing each other! best sounds :)

  505. my daughters laugh & the sound of rain

  506. penny nelson says:

    The sound of a baby cooing (not sure that looks correct). Almost heaven.

  507. My favorite sounds are those made by all the birds that feed year-round in our backyard: the whirring of hummingbird wings, the cardinal’s chirps, the dove’s flutter talk when landing, the blue jay’s alarm calls as a hawk circles overhead, the woodpecker’s distinctive “I’m coming down the tree to eat suet” call, the chickadee’s busy chatter, and the endless imitation calls of the mockingbird. These sounds bring me joy.

  508. A baby’s first attempts at talking!!! Oh just love it. I could listen to it all day. If your baby is at that stage do nothing else.

  509. One of my favorite sounds is the roar of the ocean — especially from the bedroom of my childhood home in Long Beach, Washington.

  510. I love the sound of a little babies first laugh.

  511. My favorite sound? the sound of the continuous beat of my heart. Yes, I am a breast cancer survivor!!

  512. Alice Campbell says:

    As silly as it sounds… pun intended ;-) My daughter Lindsey SINGS EVERY TIME she uses the bathroom. Most people read. Lindsey sings. She started this when she was just a toddler. She’s 18 now, and a college freshman. I can’t remember a single time when she DIDN’T sing while using the bathroom, and it doesn’t matter who’s nearby — mom, dad, brother, brother’s friends, girlfriends, the neighbors… anyone within earshot is in for a real treat. It’s an endearing habit that illuminates her honest spirit and her bubbly and colorful personality. The sound of her singing makes MY heart sing EVERY TIME.

  513. Kris Van Allen says:

    Hiccups. Seriously, I just think they are so funny! I can’t stop laughing when I hear someone hiccupping, even if it’s me!

  514. the sound of my 7 month old baby laughing. i used to always hear parents say stuff like this and i never *got* it. now i get it :)

  515. I love the sound of my friend Stacie’s laugh. She has a great giggle. We used to work together so I heard it everyday – it’s more precious now that we don’t see each other as much.

  516. Lisa in Spokane says:

    My favorite sound is the same as many other moms–my children laughing together. I love it when they truly enjoy each other.

  517. I want to bottle up my baby girl’s laugh. She just giggles all of the time and I love it!

  518. After 21 years of marriage (and 24 years together), I love nothing more than to hear my husband’s voice after we are separated for any reason. It makes my heart still go pitter patter.

  519. I love the sounds of an early summer day: birds chirping, mowers mowing, the breeze rustling through the trees, children’s laughter trickling down the street. Ahhhh….

  520. Right now I would have to say that my favourite sound is my husband’s voice. I have favourite sounds that lots of other people would share…my children’s laughter, a babbling brook, the ocean, a crackling fire. But right now I love the sound of my husband’s voice. We are going through some changes that have not been easy for either one of us…sometimes I just need to hear his voice and I know it will al work out okay. It is strong, deep and safe… feels like a hug when he can’t actually be in the same space to give me one.
    I did listen to the gurgle jug sound….it is a funny, makes-you-smile sound. I would love one of these jugs.

  521. One of my favorite sounds is my husband singing! He always sings with such passion!

  522. My favorite sound is my grandson callng me “Grammie”

  523. I love the sound of Christmas music… yes, yes, I KNOW it’s only October, but that’s what iPhones with earbuds are for, right? In particular, I have to listen to “The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle” by Bobby Vinton. I remember my mom playing this record when I was a kid, and this song was always a favorite. It still puts me into such a happy, child-like mood every time I hear it. It’s never too early for a good Christmas song :-)

  524. The sound of a wooden screen door slamming…. Returns my childhood to me in an instant…

  525. ok, my favorite sound is a tie between the intel sound and the THX sound they play at the movies – seriously geeky I know.

  526. I love the sound of the garage door opening. At dinner time, that sound means DH is home for the day. After school the sound means the kids are home and right now, the sound will mean my dd is safely home from an out of town volleyball game. Thanks for the chance to win that gurgle pot sounding pitcher. CindyML

  527. One of my fave sounds is when the waves push the rocks up onto the beach and then back out. It kinda sounds like wind through the trees in a forest(I like that too!!).

  528. How do you pick one thing? There are so many! I love the sounds of life – kids laughing and bickering, my husband’s voice, the coffee maker working, the clock radio in the morning, the fountain in the garden, the dog sniffing out something interesting, the firepit in the back yard and the kids making smores. I love the sounds of life!

  529. Maryellen says:

    I love the giggling, belly laugh sound that babies make when they laugh. The breathing of my children when they sleep peacefully and deep. I lost several babies before I had my two blessings, so every ultrasound heartbeat is very special for me.

    The waves are a favorite. My family is into camping and we all love the sound of the rain bouncing off the roof of our trailer. It’s relaxing and lulling for all of us. Often I just lay in my trailer bed and just listen to the sound and it rocks me right off to sleep. Since this is going to be a rainy weekend in NJ and I’ll be camping, I’ll be hearing lots of that sound.

    The sounds I never realized I loved so much, are the ones I no longer can hear & miss most: my mom and dad’s voices. I’m blessed to have her voice on video so I can listen now and then, but his voice is lost forever as he left us long ago. Sorry so long.

  530. I love the sounds of my two boys giggling- it never gets old, and is often infectious. It was so sweet when they were little (now they are 10 and almost 13). But, I still love it every time I hear it. It sounds like love.

  531. I love the sound of my children laughing, my husband’s voice, mom’s voice on the phone, wind blowing fall leaves off the trees, pitter-patter of a light rain, family visiting around the dinner table, fire crackling in the fireplace, and lots more!! Wow… when I really stop to think about the sounds I love there are too many to list!! Great giveaway!!

  532. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of crunching snow beneath my feet. Moving south to Florida made me realize how much I really enjoyed walking in a fresh snowfall when all is quiet.

  533. I love to stand by a river and listen to the sound of rushing water. And the sound of my 2-year old laughing is a favorite too. Love those gurgle pots! So fun.

  534. My favorite sound comes from my 13 year old son. He is in the throes of Adolescences and has become quite hairy….especially his legs!!!! One day I called him Chewbaca, and he proceeded to cup his hands over his mouth and make chewbaca sounds!! He really sounds like Chewie & boy does he have some hairy legs!!! It makes me laugh every time he does it:-) Happy Friday!!

  535. Nothing can compete with the sound of a laughing baby. It makes the whole world better!

  536. so so many, but I love the sound of rain :)

  537. I love the sound of a baseball bat hitting a baseball (especially if one of my sons is holding the bat!)

  538. I love the sound of a dog dreaming. There is such peace and happiness in their soft woofs while sleeping.

  539. Love the pool water fountain features gurgling through my open window while I work.

  540. One of my favorite sounds is the ocean waves in the morning!!!

  541. My very most favorite sound is the laughter of my boys. Oh, and their heavy breathing when I check on them at night. My kookiest favorite sound is my dishwasher running on a cloudy, rainy day. I know, I don’t get it either!

  542. Barbara B says:

    My favorite sound right now is silence – as when my 3 year old finally stays in bed (it can take up to 90 minutes!) barbara

  543. Oh, my favorite sound is rain. I live in Phoenix and rain is in short supply. When we are lucky enough to get a nice warm rainstorm, I just want to lay in bed with the windows open. Or maybe get crazy and go walking in the rain with my kiddos. LOVE the rain!

  544. Nancy Loughman says:

    The sound of my grandson’s cry. He has Cerebral Palsey and didn’t make a sound for months. Drs. said he may never make a sound. His first cry was A-ba. He now smiles, laughs and whins. And I cherish them all. He is beautiful beyond what words can express, and I am blessed for his presence in my life. He owns my heart.

  545. My fave sound is definitely my two little taters belly laughing. It is the sound of pure, unbounded joy and it makes my heart just burst.

  546. The sound of my boys getting along…they are 4 and 6 and those moments are not as often as I like….but I love hearing them play together!
    Amy in CA

  547. I know this may sound wierd, but at our house sneezing is a favorite sound. My husbands scares everyone b/c it is so loud and one of my sons always sneezes at least 3 times, no matter who it is we all get a good chuckle in when someone sneezes.

  548. One of my favorite sounds is the sound of raindrops on the roof. Another is the sound of the wind in the leaves. Both are so calming to me.

  549. Oh my goodness, the sound of that gurgle pot made the family dog, Cookie, run around like a crazy dog! I think I may just have to order one for the fun value! My favorite sound I heard again today. My husband playing a game with our teen daughters. you could hear the gigles and belly laughs all the way downstairs. I love to hear my family laugh.

  550. To hear the “swishy” sound of an unborn baby’s heartbeat tells me that God is at work. I think it sad that there are those who do not believe life begins at the beginning.

  551. A sound that holds a ton of memory and meaning for me is the “you’ve got mail” sound that happens when you logged into AOL. (Not sure if it still does or not cause I don’t use them anymore:) I spent some time in the Philippines just out of highschool which was incredible but very lonely. That sound was so comforting. . . knowing I’d have some touch with those I loved.

  552. brenda in sunny socal says:

    my kids very low voice asking “Mommy can I cuddle with you?” at 5:30 am on Sunday’s

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