i-top brad maker giveaway

Allison will be back later today with the WINNER of our Gurlge pot. I can’t even tell you how delightful it is to read through your comments that reveal so many wonderful sounds. Thank YOU so much for playing along!

I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you that today’s giveaway is HUGE.


The creative team at imaginisce has invented an amazing new tool, called the i-top brad maker and they have given me a complete set to share with one of you!


The set includes:

1. the brad making tool itself
2. one package of small, medium and large brad “daddies” (the actual brad hardware)
3. one small, medium and large topper punch (to perfectly punch paper for topping your brads)
4. a pad of pre-made paper toppers (not shown in my photo above)
5. a super-cool carrying case that holds the tool and your supply of daddies

I know. HUGE.


Trust me when I say making your own brads is really FUN.

OK … you have ONE FULL WEEK to avail yourself of this giveaway. All you need to do is leave a comment with your name (first name only is fine) and where you live, BUT … since I am working on making stacyjulian.com a really great place to visit and I want as many people to come and play as possible. I’m going to ask you to tell at least one other person about my site/blog before you enter.

And … if you read my blog via a reader, please make sure you are subscribed to all three blogs …


Help me spread the word and you could walk away with a HUGE gift worth well over $100.



  1. I don’t need an I-top, so don’t enter me in the contest
    - but wanted to say that I had the opportunity to work with these gals at both CKUs this year – and this is such a fun and nifty tool! You can make brads out of just about anything – photos – fabric – coordinating paper – that go JUST right on your project! WHoever wins will love- love – love it!

  2. the timer is off on the blog – it’s 9:15 central x…

  3. I have been very curious about this tool. . .haven’t seen it in stores yet.

  4. I’m Ann and I live in Smithfield, Utah. I am loving your new web site. After reading about your give away, I scrolled down and read your enty for Oct. 18. I loved it. I shared the link to your web site with 5 people that are special to me and ask them to check out your site and to be sure to read the 10/18/09 entry.

  5. Amazing…I dreamed about this idea years ago. Such an awesome idea…I hadn’t seen it yet. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Stacy,
    I love new toys! This one looks really cool. Your website is on my blog: jpatrick-livingthedream.blogspot.com under websites I love everyday – and I posted today about the giveaway. I hope some of my friends and followers come see you – I talk about you often on my blog.
    Crossing my fingers….Jenn :)

  7. oohhhh I want this so bad. Off to tell my friends about your blog.

  8. Barbi in Ottawa, Canada says:

    Great gadget! Thanks for the chance to win one. Off to facebook and tweet!

  9. What a cute and handy tool! I’ve shared your blog, website, and even page ideas with several of my scrapbooking buddies. My daughters are now using all of my scrapbooking tools and supplies to do their school projects. I’m sure they would have tons of fun with a brad tool!
    Lisa, Lawrenceville, GA

  10. Too cute….

    Lynn – Marion OHio

  11. recently saw this in a magazine, thought what a cool tool to have around. would love to win! send one this way to connecticut!

  12. Kristie Tidmore says:


    I heart and live in Texas :)

  13. I’m constantly telling others about your new site . . . I love it!
    Karen in Hollister

  14. What a cool tool!
    Overland Park, KS

  15. Rachel :) says:

    Spreading the news . . .
    Loving the tool . . .

  16. I’ve been passing on the NEW site to everyone i can think of – Been following your blog for months now, LOVE the ideas and the great personalty you have – THanks for the great offer, can’t wait to PASS on the site to more scrapin ladies!!!!

  17. Love the brad maker. My friend told me about it a few days ago and then sent your blog from today for me to view. What a cool new tool to add to a collection!

  18. Stacey, I remember your first post on this tool months ago, and was so intrigued by it!! I went looking for this tool, but thought with all you had to purchase to get started was just a little too pricey to start off with, so to win one would be SUPER AWESOME!!

    I love to spread the word about you. I have been fortunate to hear you at several CTMH conventions and also again meet you about 4 years ago with I believe you’re only trip to Iowa at the Reminisce store in Coralville, Iowa!! I often relate your style of organization to others, and it just makes so much more sense then chronicalogical (?sp). You Inspire me every day!!

    BIG Fan from Solon, Iowa!!

  19. What a neat tool! I’ve shared your site with several of my buddies already but I will continue to spread the word. You’ve really created something nice here.

  20. I’m Kerry from Bellingham, WA

  21. What a great giveaway, and I’ve told my two scrapping buddies here at work to check it out…love reading your blog…I miss you on Scrapbook Memories!

  22. love the new blog – sharing you with friends
    Misty C – Midwest City, OK

  23. Lourdes Quintero – Orlando, Florida

  24. This looks awesome! Sending your site to friends now. Havalynn from Ashburn, VA.

  25. Spreadin’ the word!!

    Lovin’ your new site!!

    Darcy in KY

  26. Shelby Austin says:

    Great new website/blogs. Thanks for the reminder to subscribe to sprinkles and i love colour!
    Shelby from Fort Macleod, Alberta

  27. Love your new site!! Definitely shared it with scrappy friends.

    Michelle W.

  28. I have been enjoying your new blog. I emailed my cousin and told her to hop over and check it out.
    What do you mean by subscribing to all three blogs? I can’t find anywhere to sign up.

  29. I am Lynne and I am from Colorado Springs, CO. That looks like a great tool!

  30. Renae from Shakopee MN. What a fun gadget!

  31. Laurie In Calgary Alberta, Canada & would have so much fun with this new tool!

  32. Love your blog and have spread the word. That new tool would be a great addition to my crafting area.

  33. I told one of my scrap-buddies about your blog… and told her to check it out & to pass it on…

    heidi y from northern va

  34. Jerri in South Jersey says:

    Hi Stacy! Of course I told all my fellow scrappers about the awesome new website! I’ve also been sharing the Big Picture Scrapbooking/Photo Freedom philosophy to any who seem even vaguely scrap-blocked, since I was swept away a year or so ago at CKC in King of Prussia, PA. I LOVE my Library of Memories and I’m finding myself loving scrapping more than ever! Thank you!
    This tool may not be a “must-have” in my book, but it is definitely one that would get a lot of use by this patterned paper fanatic. Good Luck, fellow scrappers!!

  35. I didn;t realize there were 3 blogs to subscribe to, so that is first on my list!

    I love the idea of the i-top! I want one. I am trying to decide if I should just buy it, put it on my Christmas list in hopes I’ll get on in …oh almost 3 months….or just hunt down every give away in hopes of winning one.

  36. Helen Carter says:

    Love the new website, Stacy! What a fun tool….. Helen, Charlotte NC

  37. Czarina from Daly City, CA. What a fun tool!

  38. Cheryl from Monroe WA. I’m loving your blog. I told some friends from a MB I’m on to take a peek at your blog today :). I top looks like a very cool tool :)

  39. Wow, what a cool tool that is! Your new blog is great and I really like your sprinkles! ;)

  40. Jennifer Hamitlon says:

    Very cool giveaway! I told my Mom and sister (who will both be entering very soon I’m sure:)
    Jennifer from Springivlle, Alabama

  41. Vickie from LaVerkin, UT.
    I love scrapbooking tools!

  42. Spreading the word about your very cool site. LOVE BPS.com as well. Thanks for the contest! Would love to make my own brads!

  43. Fun! What a cool giveaway.

    I’ve told lots of people about your blog since you’ve changed the way I view scrapbooking. Thank you!

    Vanessa in FL

  44. I’ve told all of my scrapping buddies about your site. It’s super-cool and colorful. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a cool tool!

    Mary Kathryn from Tuscaloosa, AL

  45. Ok, I’ve shared my enthusiasm for your site! :)

  46. I have posted to my scrapbooking yahoo group about how great your new site is!
    Marcie from Willoughby Hills, OH

  47. Yvonne in Thousand Oaks CA says:

    Wow, the I-top looks pretty cool! I’ve shared my love of your blog/website to my friends! Thanks for your generosity!

  48. Hi,
    I’m Mindy from Illinois. I just emailed my sis about your giveaway. I’m pretty sure she owns everything made for scrapbooking but this!

  49. Jody Melton says:

    What a cool new tool! I love that you can use paper and fabric with it to coordinate with any project! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. HI it’s Sandra from British Columbia – Love your new web site!!!!

  51. I emailed my mom about your fab blog. Thanks for the opportunity for such a fantastic prize!

  52. That looks like a really cool gadget to own. Thanks for the chance to win! And I am happy to promote your blog as I love to visit X

  53. Andrea MacDonald says:

    I have been wanting one of these! I love your blog and I am spreading the word.

  54. Leora Henkin says:

    How Cool! Love your new website. I just told ANOTHER co-worker about it and I have all three blogs bookmarked in my reader. Oh yes, I am Leora from North Carolina and I am a huge fan! Best of luck to all!

  55. What a cool tool! I’ve not even seen this yet! I put it up on my bloggy too…so maybe some of my scrappy friends will come on over here and put their name in!

  56. I am Janalee from Sacramento, CA. I told all seven of my sisters about your blog!
    I love the new site!

  57. Cindy Baker says:

    I LOVE brads and would LOVE to win this cool brad maker! Also LOVE your new website and blog…have been a regular reader of your blog for several years! I’ll be telling my whole CTMH team about your new website and blogs!
    Thanks for all of your inspiration and positive messages!

  58. Melissa from Amherst, WI

  59. I just posted over at All Moments Remembered about your site and your giveaway!

  60. Sue Baker says:

    Sue in Alexandria VA

    My church has just started a scrapbooking group so I will be spreading the word about your blog at our next get-together!

  61. Kirsten L says:

    I’ve told lots of people about your blog.
    Boiling Springs, SC

  62. Lisa in Spokane says:

    I emailed all my scrapbooking/stamping friends your new website link the first day it was up and running!!!

  63. Jill, Murray UT

    love the blog (all 3) which makes it easy to spread the word!


  64. Holy smokes, what a give away!! Well, I tell everyone about you. Seriously. I am working on the LOM (bought your book) and am so excited about it!! Love the new site too!

  65. Caren… Canton, MI

    Love your blog and the give away is awesome. I’ll add a post to my blog about your website!

  66. Jennifer
    Mechanicsville, Va.
    Thanks for the chance to win, love your new website!

  67. What an awesome prize package. I’ve been reading the blog for awhile and love the new website. I’ve told a couple of my friends via email. My name is Judy and I’m from Ohio. Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Michelle M says:

    Great new site! Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. Katie from Maryland. I like your new website.

  70. I sent a twitter about this giveaway , TFS !

  71. Samantha in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

    I have been telling people about your new site already! I just moved into a new place and my craft room is basically inspired by your love of color! Love the new site and the unlimited inspiration within it! :-)

  72. I’m Tami, from Pullman, WA. I absolutely love your new site! It’s such a happy place to visit! I find myself listening to your favorite music often, think I’ll make a “Stacy” playlist! :) I shared your site with my co-workers last week (while I was begging anyone going near Target to get me those albums – got ‘em), they are non-scrappers, but each said wow! What is that site? It’s so cute! Just Tweeted and shared with the LOAD group as well!

  73. I have already been sharing your new site with anyone I know who loves you and your style! My name is Lynnette and I live in Alberta, Canada. Love what you are doing here! Love this site!!!

  74. My name is Christy and I live in Central Illinois.

  75. My name is Charlie and I am from Lubbock, TX.

  76. hello, my name is Michelle and I am from Louyisville, KY…and I am in LOVE with the brad maker! I am going to Tweet this blog right now!

  77. Christy Pair says:

    Will continue to share your blog with good friends!!!

  78. I am gonna call my Bestie right now and let her know about this fun giveaway! :) I hope I win…HOW FUN would this be to play with…I know that if I don’t win…I will still buy! :)

  79. I always tell people about your blog, inpiration, giveaways and fun ideas!
    I am Tagyn from Calgary!

  80. I am putting you on facebook – this giveaway is too good! I know all my stamping friends will love it!

    By the way, I live up here in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA.

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

  81. I saw this tool in person at the Scrapbook Expo… it is truely awesome!!!!!!! I e-mailed 4 friends to read your blog and join the contest!

  82. I’m Tammy from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, which is right beside Edmonton, Alberta. Great website Stacy!

  83. Oh, this is something I’ve looked longingly at, and thought would be soooo fun to try! Good luck to me! :o)

  84. I just love TOYS!
    LeAnne from Tulsa, OK

  85. I saw this at a demo – it’s so cool.
    Tamryn in Chicagoland

  86. Hey Stacy, I have made a blogpost to send my friends over to your site. I hope this helps build your site. I would sure love that brad topper, I have been eyeing it for a little while now. Thanks for a great site, I love your inspiration.

    ScrappeeDiane from Coquitlam, Canada

  87. Jenny McGee says:

    Sounds like a fun new tool, I love brads. I just told my family and sister (fellow scrapbooker) about your blog. Thanks for a chance to win.

  88. Jenny McGee says:

    OOOPs, I forgot my name is Jenny and I am from Chester, PA. thanks again.

  89. Kelli – Seattle, WA. – I sent a couple of links out, but I think everyone I know in the SB/craft world already subscribes.

  90. That is so cool!!!! I love brads…and to make my own! Wow!! So fun!! I will spread the word about your blog – - I just love it!!!

    Hamilton, Michigan

  91. Jessica R. says:

    Hi Stacy…love the new website! Keep up the great work! I’m Jessica from Concord, NH….where it snowed yesterday…I am SO not ready for that!

  92. What a amazing tool!!!! stacy I just put a link on my facebook page telling everyone what a great site you have ;) I have been telling everyone about how fun and colorful it is.

  93. I live in small village in Alberta Canada! I Tweeted about your blog and giveaway.

  94. Julie Mannering says:

    Julie from Peyton, Colorado

    Told my friend Jillian about your blog:)

  95. I sent all my crafty friends here in Sequim, WA a link to the blog! You are so awesome!

  96. Viki Powell says:

    Hi Stacy, I’m Viki from sunny Lake Havasu City, Arizona…wow, what a colorful giveaway:)

  97. i sent a link to all my crafty friends here in Sequim, WA about your blog! you are so awesome!

  98. Rebecca Gubler says:

    How fun is this! Thanks Vickie G. for showing me a cool website!

  99. Dixie Lee says:

    This is a fun give-away. reminds of the button makers from days of old…except smaller…and not buttons…but you get the point. I told my new co-worker scrapping friend about your site!!

  100. Hi Stacy! I just read about this fun little tool last night, and then saw it at my local Michael’s today. Almost picked it up, but am trying to save my pennies for the holidays! How serendipitous that you are giving one away here today! I’m having a little crafty gathering at my house tonight, so I will pass along your website addy to all of my friends (plus I have you in my blog sidebar, too!).

    Hugs, and you make me love Mondays!!

  101. Thanks to DianeP for sharing your blog. What a great new tool to add to the arsenal. Here’s to crossing all the fingers and toes on this amazing give-a-way.

    IrisB from PortCoquitlam, BC

  102. I didn’t realize you now had 3 blogs– I just signed up for the other two. I will definitely be telling my friends all about them– especially sprinkles, I just love that concept!
    Canyon Country, CA

  103. very cool new site, Diane P sent me over too! she’s telling everyone we know :D

    Carrie P from Port Coquitlam, BC Canada

  104. I love your blog. I tell everyone looking for the simple waw to do things to come here. I just saw your other two and will be checking them out.
    Thanks for the chance to win this cool tool.

  105. Nathalie from Carlton, Ore.
    This is an awesome giveaway :) I already included your new site in my blog’s Friday Favorites: http://www.nathaliesnotes.typepad.com/ But I’m planning a new post to share why I click over here for regular doses of inspiration. It’s one of my places to exhale.

  106. I wasn’t sure about this tool, but it looks awesome on this post…..I can think of alot of uses for this one…

  107. I love sharing your blog!!! It is funny, uplifting, witty, wise and everything in between :)

    Maria – Las Vegas, NV

  108. Lynn in FL says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! Stacy, I am literally telling everyone who will listen (and some who don’t want to!) how great your new website is….not just for scrapbookers, but for everyone who wants a place to find some great words of inspiration, a splash of “happy” in the form of color, a sprinkle a week of downhome wisdom, and a place to take a deep breath, laugh a little, get a joyful perspective on your day, and just RELAX AND HAVE FUN! Thank you so much for providing all of the above in one great place…..stacyjulian.com!

    Lynn in FL

  109. Franci - Wyckoff, NJ says:

    I check in to your blog daily. Your new site is great! I am looking forward to seeing what project you going to do with the new photo albums from Target. (I got my albums!!) I have been sharing your blog with my friends for awhile. I have gotten a few friends to try the photo album scrapbook!! The I-top brad maker looks like a great new tool to add to my collection of must haves!!

  110. Shy Cheryl says:

    Love the new look and the giveaways. I will forward your new site info to my group of scrapping contacts. Retreat planned this weekend for scrapbooking – so excited. Home is Whitehorse Yukon

  111. what a great giveaway! thanks for the chance to win.

  112. Stacy, I love your style and am loving the new site. I will be promoting your blog tonight on mine (not sure how many readers I have yet but I’m working on it) http://www.faithisscrapbooking.com after my kids go to bed tonight. I’ll also be telling a few of my other scrapbooking friends then too. I’m in the middle of making dinner and took a moment to get a little saner by visiting a few of my favorite sites.

    I’m Rebecca from Potsdam, NY (really, really, really northern ny) and I would LOVE to own something as cool as this. Thanks for the chance!

  113. Annie Davis says:

    Love visiting your site everyday. Thanks for sharing your life and your wonderful ideas!

  114. hey, i think your blog is really cool. the photos you have are very beautiful. dunno if you took the i top pix, but they turned out well too.

  115. Heather B. says:

    Cute tool!!

    Heather, Coconut Creek, FL

  116. Love the look of your new sites!
    Patti – sunny Honolulu, Hawaii!

  117. Looks like a fun tool………and………I love fun tools

  118. Rebecca- Titusville, Florida

    this is a great giveaway, i can imagine myself making so many brads!!!

  119. Am loving the new blog and will tell my friends about it.

  120. I would love to win this! I love brads and to make my own would be awesome.
    Orlando FL

  121. Shelbie in Carmichael, CA

    This tool looks really fun! I love reading your blog and getting so inspired! Thanks!

  122. Way cool! I’m desperately trying to get back into the scrapin’ groove; a new toy would totally help!

    Love the cumbered post. Thanks for the reminder…

  123. I was only reading about this tool in CK last night and thinking how cool it would be. Thanks for the chance to win one. I have posted a link to your blog in mine http://susysspace.blogspot.com/

  124. Barb - De Pere, WI says:

    I’ve been very interested in the brad maker – it looks really fun!

  125. i have shared your site(s) with my sister who i know will love reading them as much as i do. i love the sprinkles site … awesome concept and makes me smile :) cool tool, thanks for the chance to win the awesome giveaway!

  126. I have NEVER won anything in my life!!! So I’m taking the chance!

  127. Wow, how fun. I’ve never seen this tool and it would be so fun to use in my projects!

  128. heather in oxford michigan

  129. I’m Kristi from Texas and I love your blog!

  130. What a cool giveaway! I have posted about it on my blog so that I can let more people know about it. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Haley in Blairsville, Georgia

  131. I love your site. I love your ideas. I’ve shared your site with lots of friends. I’m so glad I found you.

    Carole, Salem, MA

  132. love your sprinkles today! thanks for the opportunity to win.

    Linda from South Dakota

  133. I’m Nina from Phoenix, AZ, and I love the new website! Thanks for the fun contest.

  134. Cynthia B. says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I didn’t realize there are three links to look at for my reader? That’s OK, because my friends and I will check them all! :)

  135. I’m Margaret from Kansas (just moved here from Germany). I told my friend Laura about your site, which I love. Thank you for the Sprinkles, the color inspiration, the podcasts, the music, the blog… everything!

  136. Molly McCarthy says:

    Okay. I just tweeted to 142 of my closest friends :D) Well, you’re in there so that takes it down to 141.

  137. Clara Ewell says:

    Hope I win– I am going to share with my sister.


  138. Whoa, this is a great giveaway. I’ve been debating whether or not I needed to purchase this. Glad to hear it’s worth it.

    Summer from Lorton, VA (near D.C.)

  139. I’m going to introduce my friend Kristin to your site. She was a photojournalism major and her photos are amazing. I hooked her on to Project 365 this year and got her into some classes at JessicaSprague.com so I think she’ll love your blog and website. I’ll turn her into a scrapbooker yet! I’ve had my eye on the brad maker at my local Michael’s store for a few weeks now, but couldn’t decide if I should splurge on it. I would be awesome to win it! Thanks for continuing to inspire me everyday.

    Anne T. from Saco, ME

  140. I’m sending your blog address to my Mom who is just starting a new scrapbook project that could benefit from your great simple fun style.

    Thanks Stacy!

  141. I told my mom, who is here visiting about this. She swore, 7 yrs ago when my oldest was born, that she wouldn’t get into scrapbooking. HAH! She is! Not crazy obsessed like me but still.

  142. I’m Laurie T from Jenison, MI. I told one of my scrapbooking buddies about your blog and how I read it every day!! Love the new format so much better!

  143. Such an awesome giveaway! I made sure some of my fellow scrappers knew about your new website!

  144. I have enjoyed reading your blog for years. I just facebooked it in my status. So you, along with 361 other friends, have now been notified.

    Heather from Frisco, TX

  145. My name is Sherri and I live in Helena, Alabama – but I was born and raised in Alaska. I love your blogs and visit them everyday.

  146. Nicky from Canada says:

    Will share the blog with my girls – I know the oldest one is familiar with your work and the middle one is just getting into all this good stuff.
    Love your new blog – and thanks for the great giveaways.

  147. Diana from Salt Lake City

    I will share your blogs with all my friends from Archivers.

  148. I have told my sister about your blog. I love the new format!!

    Deanna, Mi.

  149. I’m Margie from Redondo Beach, CA living in Beijing, China. I love that I can still check in even though I’m way over here. Your new address makes it even easier. For some reason it isn’t blocked and the old one was! : ) I’m loving it by the way. Thanks for all the give-a-ways.

  150. I told my sister about your site. I love it! I like seeing that you are like the rest of us, only with a really cool job. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.

  151. Kimberly Ann says:

    I’m sharing with my LSS owner. I’ve never seen a brad maker and it looks amazing! Brads are my go to embellishment and it would be so fun to customize.

  152. I’m Tracy and I live in Hampton, VA (right on the coast). I’ve shared your awesome site with my sisters and BFF.

  153. I’m Jennifer from Virginia. I shared your site with my scrapbooking friends and people who have taken some of my classes through our local Parks & Recreation. They always like to hear about new sites and tools!

  154. I’m sharing your blog with my best friend who got me into scrapbooking. Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. My name is Karen and I live in Plano, Texas. I’ll share with my mom.

  156. The brad maker looks like fun, especially with patterned paper! Shirley from Phoenix, AZ

  157. I’m Britiney in Boise and I must. have. brad. maker. What a fun tool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. This is so cool. love it!

  159. Trisha in Auburn, WA

  160. Amy Ferguson says:

    This looks so fun!

  161. I’m emailing friends and family now! Those I’ve told, love your site as much as I do :) Amy B

  162. How cool this is!! I’ve never seen this before and know I could get quite addicted to it :)

  163. What a cool tool! I’m sharing your site with my sister and friend, both of whom have fabulous blogs, and I know they will love yours. I live in Bellevue, WA.

  164. Christine C says:

    Hi from all the way down here in Auckland, New Zealand.
    I have e-mailed my SIL about this great giveaway as she would also love to win it – and if she did we could share (even better).
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  165. I posted about our new blog on my blog. Great prize! My name is Karen and I live in Santa Fe. It’s beautiful!

  166. What a cool tool. Looks kinda like a Crop-a-dile. I’ve shared your site with another crafting friend of mine.

  167. Terrie here from Arizona. I am off to post about your awesome site and give-a-way on my blog…www.my-life-in-real-time.blogspot.com

  168. This is sweet!

  169. Katie scott says:

    I’m in St Pete Fl

  170. Marci Smith says:

    Brads are my favorite embellishment and this looks like so much fun!

  171. Thinkie from Zoetermeer. I shared with my crafty mum.

  172. Great giveaway! I told a friend (who wouldn’t want to share this opportunity?). Donna VW; Springfield, VA

  173. I’m from Key West, Fl… but only for another 2 weeks.
    That is such a great prize!

  174. I saw this awesome brad maker once before so I am defintely drooling over this opportunity. Thanks.
    Carol from southern Maryland

    once before

  175. Christine F. says:

    I’m Christine and live in Taunton, MA (Go Patriots!). Your new website is great and you always have the best giveaways!

  176. Shared your blog with my SIL. Would love one of those brad makers!!!!! :-)

  177. This looks neat!

    Michelle from Williamsburg, VA.

    I shared the site with my aunt who loves your bright colors!

  178. I just told my scrapping daughter. We are both here in NW Iowa. I am a “bradaholic”, so I would love your prize.

  179. Hi Stacy!

    I shared your site with my SIL in Las Vegas. I have been working on converting her to the ‘Big Picture’ way.. :)

    BTW-I live in Coram, NY

  180. Thanks Stacy. This is Tina from Waterloo, IL.

  181. I’m Lisa, a Brit living in Germany. I just shared with my sister who is a fantastic scrapper. Couldn’t resist sharing this week’s colour combination too – neeeed that in my living room!

  182. Hi! I’m Becky in Humble TX. I posted links to all three of your sites on my blog. By the way, I LOVE your ‘sprinkle’ ideas! I’m mailing a little note this morning to someone in our neighborhood who’s yard always makes me smile. What a great idea! Thanks!

  183. Holly from South Carolina! Lovin’ the new blog!!! Shared w/ my sister :)

  184. Karen G Bismarck, ND

  185. I’m sharing with my sister. She saw the project I made with customized brads and loved it. I’ve been trying to make my own brads by hand, so having the tool would be really great!

  186. Karen in Tallahassee, FL. I’m sharing with my sister. She saw the project I made with customized brads and loved it. I’ve been trying to make my own brads by hand, so having the tool would be really great!

  187. I shared with a friend…I’m guessing she’s going to enter to win this great giveaway too!

  188. Monika Wright says:

    I’m sharing your site with my very best friend since the 8th grade (we’re now 45 and were born 11 days apart in March). She got me into scrapping 2 years ago, and I’ve not been the same since! Less money, more memories saved!

    Monika from beautiful, mountainous, Walland (in the Smoky Mountains of East Tn)

  189. I’ve shared with my scrapping group. Lisa and I live in Casselberry Fl.

  190. HeidiG in Connecticut

  191. what a cool new goodie to use in scrapbooking!
    make your own brads! how great is that?
    i’m from connecticut

  192. Hi i’m Wilma from Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. I shared with my crafty daughter Thinkie, I love your site, it would be awesome to make brads with the bradmaker for the dress I’m going to make for Thinkie to wear on the next Elf Fantasy Fair

  193. I actually used this great tool on the week-end with a course at BC Creative Expo…LOVED IT !!

  194. I shared with my best friend and hopefully – brad making buddy!

  195. I’m Cheryl from Vancouver, Canada. I shared your site with my scrapbooking friend. I’ve been looking for a brad maker for quite some time but I haven’t been able to find it here at my local scrap stores. It looks like so much fun. thanks for the chance!

  196. Juel from Spokane, WA and I shared on my blog today about your new blog.

  197. I love you….and I told my mom to check your blog today. vb

  198. Hello
    LOVE YOUR site for a Lonnnnngggg time now!
    Shared with my two favorite scrapbook friends and my aunt who is new to papercrafting!

  199. My name is Libby and I’m from Minneapolis, MN. I shared your site with my sister.

  200. Amy Anderson says:

    Amy from Wyoming – I told my sister about you and all of the girls in my stamping group! thanks for the giveaway!

  201. I am Samantha. I am from Shiprock, NM. I can’t wait to tell my sisters about this fun site…

  202. I am Laurie and I live in beautiful Greenacres, WA. I have already told bunches of my friends about your website, BPS, and now your new blog, but I can think of some others I can tell. My 2 sister-in-laws that live in Arizona for one, I mean two, I guess, and heh, hum, I am leaving on a trip to go down there in 3 weeks and I’d absolutely LOVE to take this new brad maker with me! Thanks for a fun to read and inspiring blog!

  203. I have raved about you to many! I would love to have this tool. I’ve never “bradded” before and am just getting into the bigger scrapping world. I’ve only just started using patterned paper and page plans…

  204. Tracy Keleher says:

    Well Stacy – I’ve been a follower of your inspiring blog for a couple years now and this is the first time I’ve left a post… that brad maker looks awesome!! I live in New Brunswick Canada, and I’m going to remind all my scrapbooking friends AGAIN when we meet tomorrow night to make sure they follow you (some already do!)

  205. Hi! I’m Kristy from Trabuco Canyon, CA. I am going to email my 4 besties because we all love to scrap and this website is so inspiring! Thank you!

  206. My name is Megan and I live in Lincoln, AL (ever seen the movie Talladega Nights with Will Ferrel? Yeah, that race track is very close to my house!). I will be telling my best scrapbook friend Candace about your awesome blog! I’ve already shared a lot with her about the LOM concept, but maybe she needs a link! :)

  207. I’ve emailed two of my scrapping friends about your great new blog!

    Karen in Cleveland

  208. Hi! jett in DFW here – I’ve shared your blog with my scrapping friends!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  209. Clara from Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. I am spreading the word to my scrapbooking/cardmaking friends!

  210. Hi Stacy! Your new site is GR-8! I’ve passed the word to my sister and three friends! Thanks for the time, effort, and especially CONTENT you put into this site! (I’d put the brad maker to good use!) Kerry R. in Tremonton, Utah.

  211. I am so enjoying your site- I have already recommended it to some friends.
    I am Andrea, and I live in Northern Virginia.

  212. Hello Stacy~I have been working hard to tell everyone I know in Texas about you!! I have bought Photo Freedom and given it to friends that were in a creative rut more than once, and my favorite phrase is I can get alot done…….15 minutes at a time!!!

  213. I love your new site! I am certainly going to pass on this exciting news to all my scrapping buddies!!!!

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  215. Lynette R says:

    Lynette R, Dickinson ND

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    You’re in my facebook status! ps. my name really isn’t Carol in Seattle – it’s more like Carol in Redmond/Bellevue :)

  217. Spreading the word. I’m from Franklin, TN.

  218. Hi, I am from Indianapolis and the fall colors are amazing right now. I would love to make my own brads. And I didn’t know there was anyone left who didn’t know about your blog! ;)

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    Cheryl from Jacksonville, FL. I’m spreading the word to my friend Darlene in San Diego!

  220. I am Sue and I live in CT. Love the changes and all the inspiration. Will tell my scrapbook friend Marcia about this site.

  221. I actually came to your site via scrapbook obsession blog from Erika. I love your story of sprinkles and I have always wanted to be “altogether too happy”. What a way to live! Thanks for all the joy you share.

    Tina Sawyers

  222. And I don’t follow directions well, I am from Nebraska. LOL

  223. Lynnette from Orchard Park, NY. Of course I tell all my friends about this inspiring website!

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    Hi I am Connie Melancon from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  225. I’ve been telling all of my creative friends about your beautiful new site! So inspiring and fun to visit…

  226. Susanne N. says:

    Hi! I’m Susanne in Plano, TX. I was just telling my mom today about you and your new site and how inspiring you are!

  227. Another great giveaway! You are awesome!! Thank you!!
    Michelle in Upstate, SC

  228. Deb from Peoria AZ here. I’m amazed at how many people still don’t know who you are. to me everyone should know. So I keep spreading the word. Grin.

  229. enggirl Lorraine says:

    love the redesigned site and congrats on gotcha day!

  230. Joanie living in Stuttgart, Germany.

    I’ve let many others know about BPS and Stacy Julian with her great blog/website. Thanks for the inspiration!

  231. I am Lisa and I currently live in Hawaii, but Washington State is where I call home.

  232. I am Cindy from Alexandria (before that New York city, before that Seattle, before that Virginia) and I tell everyone about Big Picture and I will mention your new website on my facebook and blog. I love that you have three parts. The sprinkles are great.

  233. Love the site. I’ll be telling my sister when she gets home from work. I’m from the City of Champions!!

  234. I am Kimber….I live in Abbotsford BC and have enjoyed a few of your classes.Yeah you!!Thanks for all that you do.

  235. Greetings! I am Yolanda and I live Moreno Valley, Southern California. I subscribe to this blog and have spread the news too! Thank you for the chance to win!

  236. I love you. I love your site. I love your ideas. I didn’t even know a brad maker existed. It looks like a lot of fun to play and create with! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
    Have a great day!

  237. Your site is a lot of fun to read here in Snohomish, WA.

  238. Hi – I am Kim from Vacaville, CA. Love the new site!

  239. I’m Cheri from Perkasie PA. LOVE your new blog! Going to post on mine about it!

  240. Hi, I am Lynette from San Jose CA. E-mailed a bunch of friends about you site.

  241. I’m Alice and I am addicted to reading your blog! I live in the Tampa Bay area and share your website with fellow scrapbookers at crops and on my facebook page. Actually, I am new to facebook and your website is the only one I have posted (twice!).

  242. I am Jonni and I am from Phoenix, AZ. I have followed you since the onset of Simple Scrapbooks. I tell everyone that you are my inspiration. It started out just scrapbooking, and then have followed your blog/blogs, now you are my inspiration for life. I know that I can come to your site, where ever it is, and be uplifted, inspired, and encouraged. My sister now has your blogs on here favorites.
    Thank you for sharing your life.

  243. Hi – I am Tammy W. from Aurora, IL. I posted a link to read your multitasking post just a week or so ago on my new blog, to countdown until my 35th birthday!

  244. I love your new site. I’ve been telling all my scrappy friends about it. This new tool is really neat.. would love to have it!!!

    Thanks for such a great site and for being so inspiring!!


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