Midweek Meet + Little Missmatched Socks!

OK. I’m super excited about ‘Midweek Meet’ –a feature that will allow me to introduce you to other readers and interesting people that have crossed my path. Today, we meet Mamma Dawn, owner of The Floured Apron, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


Dawn’s story came to me through her daughter, Reyanna who faithfully reads my blog.

“My mom is a cute 56-year-old woman who owns a bakery in Colorado. She’s affectionately known in her small town and to her 7 grandchildren as Mama Dawn.

Everyday, Dawn dons a bakery hat and wears a long “mom” dress, that Reyanna describes as baby-doll-esque T-shirt dress along with cute colorful socks. To keep her comfortably on her feet all day, she opts for Merrell brand Mary-Janes (and a floured apron, of course.)

Not too long ago, Dawn was in need of some new colorful socks and mentioned this to her daughter.

“Mom, you NEED to try Little Miss Matched socks — you will LOVE them!”

Reyanna continues, Mom said she didn’t want to buy socks online, but alas, we could not find anything cute in local stores.
So, she …did it.

She purchased EIGHT sets of Little Miss Matched socks and now has 24 socks to mix and match and wear as she pleases. And she does LOVE them.

Reyanna ends with, “I’m not sure of many people who can pull off a dress, Mary-Janes and mismatched socks other than you and my mom!”

DawnsSocks2 DawnsSocks1

If you live in Pagosa Springs or are planning a trip close by, stop by and say hello to Dawn. Tell her Stacy sent you and ask to see her socks!

The Floured Apron
117 Navajo Trail DR
Pagosa Springs, CO
(970) 731-6020

by the way, you can visit Reyanna’s blog here.

In honor of Dawn, I think we should all stock up on our mismatched socks.

Here are four of our favorite styles. All you have to do is click on the name and you’ll be good to go!



Marvelous (on sale for only $4.00)


Zany in Grey


and my new FAVORITE …

Fabulous in Grey


OK, so I’m already wearing my mismatched socks, but I suddenly have the urge to flour up my apron and bake something yummy.

Actually, I’m headed to a special yoga class tonight with the celebrated Seane Corn I’m a bit nervous, since I haven’t done yoga since the first of August. I miss it terribly … hoping tonight will get me back in the “flow.”



  1. How funny! I actually drive through Pagosa Springs on my way up to visit family in Utah. We’ll have to plan a stop at the Floured Apron next time. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Leora Henkin says:

    Have fun at yoga! Do you get to wear your socks there? No, I am guessing that you take them off…

  3. What a fun story! The next time we are through Colorado I will absolutely be making a stop.

    On a different subject, I was looking for your book, Photo Freedom, and it appears to be out of print? Do you have any plans to have it printed again? Nobody has it in stock anymore…


    • Candy,

      There are 2 new at Amazon and several used.
      Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/yhb926a

      The new publishers at Creating Keepsakes are discussing the future of several books right now, I’ll keep you posted. I’m obviously very interested in keeping this book in print!

  4. Lucky you! A class with Seane Corn! I love yoga too, and would love to hear what the class was like.

  5. rachel in Cali. says:

    Those shoes!! Stacy, are those the same shoes as the green ones you showed us a while back? If not do you remember the name and/or style of those? I don’t yet have any Mary Janes, but they are soo cute!!

  6. OOh Seane Corn!! Her’s is the DVD I have at home. Love her style what a treat to take a live class :)

  7. OH! How cute is she?! I’m a little biased, but my mom is the cutest! Thanks so much, Stacy! You made my mom cry. :-)

  8. Hi Stacy,
    I just got back to doing Yoga again after 2 years after an accident. A session is so great. I cannot believe I didn’t do SUN SALUTATIONS, breathing and stretching exercises for so long. I am very happy for you to get back to Yoga as I can definitely feel the positive impact after 2 session only.

    Go Stacy

  9. So excited – - I bought my daughter 4 pairs for Christmas this year!! (She has wanted some forever!!)
    They have a great clearance section on Little MissMatched Website and I found some really cute ones 1/2 price!!!!

  10. I was so excited – a local store had Little Mismatched socks (I’d never seen them in our city before) and they were on buy 1 get one free so I picked some up for my 5 yr old daughter. She LOVES them and has gotten so many comments from them – they are SO HER!!! She has even started wearing some of her other socks mismatched. I love your inspiration – thank you!

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