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Wouldn’t you love to curl up with a good book in this bedroom at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon? Because these colors are soft and muted, they feel inviting, restful and soothing–proof that color can affect us emotionally and even physically. We often intuitively use these kinds of colors in bedrooms, where you want calm your mind and fall¬† asleep. Ahh!

Challenge: Find a photo of someone you love that helps you feel secure and has a calming influence in your life. Try pairing this photo with these colors–even if you don’t think they will “work” with the photo. You just might be surprised.

Even Better: Combine your photo and these colors on a layout about this person and then share it with them.

c block soothing



  1. As soon as I saw these colours I thought of curling up and having a nap. They are wonderful together. The person who has the most calming influence is my husband. I am truly thankful for him and I think I will make a page about this. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I LOVE these colours! I have some of these colours in my bedding right now and just painted my ensuite with a somewhat similar blue colour (slightly more grey tones). Thanks for the great inspiration Stacy!

  3. Just saw THIS on FB –

    TALK about awesome color in a granola parfait!! wow!!

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