October Random

Today is National Frappe Day.


You should make, or buy milkshakes with the family after dinner.

Coming up …
October 16th is Dictionary Day. Write a definition for a family word or idiom.
October 22nd is National Nut Day. Be one or eat some.
October 24th is National Bologna Day. When is the last time you ate a B-O-L-O-G-N-A sandwich. You might want to teach your kids the song. And in case you didn’t know, Barry Manilow wrote that little jingle, on his way to stardom.


October is International Dinosaur Month.

Here are some ideas …

1. Gather up all the dinosaurs at your house. Take a photo and get anyone you can to go on the record for their favorite? Or better yet, assign each member of your family a species and explain why. This could even become a creative personality page for your All About Us album, “If Daddy where a dinosaur, he would be …”

2. Buy a bag of  little plastic dinosaurs (think dollar store) and hide them in your yard. Send the kids on a scavenger hunt — if you want to keep them really busy. Tell them there are more hidden than there really are (just joking.)

3. Gather your kids around and visit discovery.com/dinosaurs for facts, images, videos and more.

4. Rent Jurassic Park.

Don’t skimp on lunch.

With the kids back in school I tend to skimp or skip all together, so I’m sharing these quick and easy open-faced sandwich ideas (from Parents magazine link) more for myself, than anyone. I’m also scheduling a 30 minute lunch with Addie three days a week — hello? I work from home. I need to do this for me and for her.
What can you do to improve lunch time in your life?


yummy bread + veggie cream cheese + sliced cucumbers.


yummy bread + peanut butter + dried cranberries + sliced almonds


yummy bread + apple butter + apple slices

P.S. My yesterday got away from me. I’ll try and post my Q+A this afternoon if I can.



  1. Yummy looking sandwiches!

  2. I always eat lunch, but it seems to be getting later and later everyday. Usually I run errands in the morning after going to the gym and the next thing I know, it’s 12:30 and I’m starving! I don’t love sandwiches which causes a problem when you want something fast and easy. But I’ve been using wraps and they have been sooo good! I also use this time to read the newspaper. It’s my catching-up-on-what’s-happening-everywhere time!

  3. Good sandwich ideas. Every once in a while I enjoy a ham and potato chip sandwich – a flashback to my childhood!

  4. I am quite excited to learn that it is International Dinosaur Month. My four year old son loves dinosaurs. He will read, wear, or talk about anything that has a dinosaur. I have been thinking for some time that I need to capture this love and this is the perfect month.

  5. About a year back I wanted to scrap my whole family’s love of dinosaurs and used your .99 cent photo album scrapbook idea. I included pic’s of the kids playing with their dinos, visiting several dino exhibits, favorite dino books and then some family Q and A about what their favorite dino was and any quotes over the years involving dinos. It ended up really cute, and was such a perfect way to gather these memories. Stacy, I am so grateful for your ideas and the freedom and creativity that I now have in my scrapbooking :)

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