Sprinkle No.1

As it says on the sidebar under “Welcome to Sprinkles” I am going to post a new *sprinkle* every Monday morning  to add to your weekly and often wishful list of things to do. I need you to know however that sprinkles are not intended to become “one more thing to cross off that sometimes overwhelming list.” As women we generally have too many things to do and hence little time to just step back and think or reflect or ponder life and it’s goodness. So, pretty please don’t assign a deadline to a *sprinkle* or make it an urgency or attach a priority ranking to it. Please know that it is simply an opportunity that you can tuck away for a spare moment when you are waiting in line or in traffic. Something that you can plant in that amazing multi-tasking brain of yours to pull out at lunch or the dentist office. A *sprinkle* may or may not require some kind of physical action … if so, it will NOT take more than a few minutes to prepare or complete.  My hope is that the weekly *sprinkle* will become a spark for following a curiosity, exploring a creative urge or seizing the chance to show interest or compassion toward another human being. My goal is to help myself and anyone else who is willing to play along, to become more aware of present moments and the absolute ease of inviting inspiration into our daily routines. My dream is to start a movement that will spread first among our circles of influence and eventually across the world. Together we can literally sprinkle the world with goodness.

Sprinkle No. 1

image source.

Visit iTunes and search “Peace Like a River.” I especially like the version by Elizabeth Mitchell, found on her You Are My Little Bird release. If  you like Elizabeth’s version too, fork over the .99 cents and put this genuine, easy-to-sing folk song on repeat until members of your family are singing along.

While your listening, allow your mind and memory to wander and to wonder about rivers and peace; oceans and love and fountains and joy.

If you’re feeling curious about the album cover art, visit Ida Pearle, at idapearle.com


If you feel so inclined, leave a comment and share what you did with this sprinkle. Remember, there is no right answer and anything goes.


  1. The best thing about this song is when you hear your little person singing it to themselves — the little voice singing such a lovely song. What a treasure! You just want to wrap up that moment right then and there.

  2. Thank you for sharing this song. This is the first time I heard it. Just yesterday at church, I was marveling at how much my 9 year old son loves to sing at church. Usually he is very soft spoken and a bit shy but singing at church, he becomes a different boy. I downloaded the song and added it to my library and I can’t wait to play it for him. :)

  3. Stacy-

    Thanks for sharing this lovely, “happy song”! I’m putting together a playlist of inspiring, uplifting music for my grandchildren, and this song is perfect to add to the collection. It’s also a great message for we big kids! I’ve decided to do whatever you prescribe in Sprinkles each week, because I so admire you, your life, your work and your philosophy. If Stacy says to do it, maybe a little of that stardust that seems to surround you will rub off! Love, love, love your new website! It just puts a smile on my face each time I visit it! Thanks, Stacy, for all you do.

    Lynn in Fla.

  4. Michelle M says:

    So, I went and listened to Elizabeth Mitchell’s version of the song and loved it. I promptly downloaded it to my collection. What I did next was play the song and dance around the kitchen with my 15-month old daughter. It was great to stop what I was doing (surfing the web) and take a moment to enjoy my daughter and be grateful for the time I get to spend with her. What a precious 3 minutes. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to “sprinkle” my afternoon.

  5. I’m one of those people who have always loved the sound of water. Enough so that even on my desk at work I have a fountain that is loud enough that people on the phone with me often ask “are you outside?” I hear water.” I am always telling my husband “I want to live on the water” and so we daydream about house lots on the ocean, or on the Columbia river (we live in Wenatchee) and each time I say “no, this isn’t what I mean.” I want little water, like rocky streams and brooks. Shallow, noisy, playful. So when listening to this wonderful song and paying attention to what it is, exactly, that I mean by “I want to live by the water” it occurs to me that what I always see, when thinking about water, is the memory of sitting by little creeks in Idaho, while my mom, dad and brother fished and my grandma and I made little cities from mud with creek-water moats. She always had a bunch of little vintage dolls with eyes that closed when you lay them down and we would make them live in the mud castles and cross the moats and splash in the creek-water pools and the sun was warm and I could hear my brother being such a BOY in the distance and dragonflies buzzed around us and always, I could hear the noisy chatter of my family and life and that water. Thanks for the awesome Sprinkle prompt!

  6. Stacy – I just went and bought 8 bottles of Sprinkles from the store and am sending them to 2 of my nieces and their roommates in college (did not want the roommates to be left out). I will attached a little note stating “When times get tough, grab some Sprinkles”. Hope to make them smile. I will also explain to them your Sprinkle story so it makes some sense to them. I love this idea. You are the best!

  7. I so enjoyed listening to the story of sprinkles. Viewing your website and blog is always a joy. I happened along a photo of a granola yogurt sundae with sprinkles. Well . . . . this morning the photo came to life as my 10 year old excaimed “We have no milk! My 6 year old whined “I do not want eggs!” Humm . . . I sent them off to watch the Disney channel and I made frosted shredded wheat – yogurt sundaes which topped off with whipped cream and SPRINKLES! Announced that breakfast was ready. I really missed the photo op. They could not believe it. Thanks for the turning a “not mother of the year” morning into amazing smiles.

  8. Heather L. says:

    I am familiar with this song because my son’s preschool plays it every day during clean up time. After my brother died I prayed for a sign that he was “ok”. My son started singing this song a few minutes later. I knew it was my sign.

  9. There is also a book title “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger. It’s a beautiful story.

  10. How senredipitous! I just checked out Ida Pearl’s book from our local library for the girls. I love her illustrations!!!! And through Cathy Z’s blog I found this wonderful site!!!! Yeah for sprinkles!!!!

  11. Oh Stacy! You just made my day! I was tired & cranky after a week with no break from my 2 small children. I read your post, hopped over to iTunes & purchased Elizabeth Mitchell’s song. How on earth could I possibly be cranky when listening to that gem?? The next time both kids are crying, the cat has thrown up on the carpet again & the phone is ringing, I’m just going to play the song and find the peace & joy in the moment.


  12. What a great idea! I am doing this today. We now live in an area with high water restrictions. Very few green grassy lawns around here. Instead there are rocks. It was quite a shock for me at first moving from the green we had lived in, BUT you would not believe what some people can do with rocks! Talk about creative! I am picking my favorite rock yard today and leaving a note. Thanks for the push Stacy!

  13. Catherine says:

    Stacy, I stumbled upon your “sprinkles” and found myself falling into long forgotten memories of my daughter and her wee little girl voice “I want sprinkles mommy!”. What a precious child and always her voice dancing and playful like sprinkles.

    I sent her a text immediately asking her to do something with sprinkles today and email me the pics. She texted me back a smiley and said.. “mmm sprinkles”. She’s now 28! Some things never change.
    This has inspired me to use your idea for my upcoming Sorority meeting. We are an international sorority and this one will make our newsletter. Spread it will!

    My program – “Sprinkle a little positivity”. The “girls” are going to love your inspiration! I’ll be playing the Elizabeth Mitchell song you suggested – on repeat, while we take pics of each other with sprinkles for our yearbook.

    Oh I just love the ideas that have sprung from your inspiration! This will not stop here… I’m a librarian and our programmer is always looking for ideas for story hour. Sheesh do you have any idea what you have done?

    Stacy you rock!

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