Sprinkle No. 2

For some, our *sprinkle* this week will require additional awareness, for others simply action on an awareness you already have.
Either way, I guarantee a jolt of inner-joy when you follow through, all the way.


Sprinkle No. 2

Look for a particularly happy or well-kept yard in your neighborhood this week.  Allow yourself to imagine the dedication required to maintain this yard and then feel grateful for it.
Finally, write an anonymous note of thanks and mail it or leave it secretly on the doorstep.
Express your appreciation to this resident for adding beauty to your community.

Remember, I will not ask you to do something that I have not or would not do myself. In other words, these sprinkles have been proven effective in clinical trials (means I’ve tested them in my own personal laboratory!)
I often drive by this adorable, older home with a manicured “mushroom” tree.  In early September I had Trey help me drop off a secret note — it is still something he reminds me of when we drive by now.

HINT: put a thank-you note, pen and stamp in your glove compartment this morning so you’ll be prepared to jot down an address or drop off a note.


  1. We have a regular walk route (thru neighborhoods) and one particular house has a great little pond (with fish) in it that all 4 of us (kids and parents enjoy) and I have thought numerous times I should write them a thank you card for such a wonder “stop” along our walking route!
    (I did talk to one of the owners while we were stopped there one day)
    I have even taken photos to scrapbook about our walks!

    P.S. Loving the push to actually send the thank you card!

  2. I love this idea, and I tell you why. Someone did that for ME once, years ago. Our front yard was in full, glorious bloom, roses blooming everywhere..gorgeous fluffy orbs of lavender, purple and magenta, against chartreuse and deep green foliage.

    Someone left me a note, thanking me for the lovely stop on her daily walk..thanking me for creating something so beautiful and imaginative…

    I still get a warm fuzzy in my heart when I remember that anon note! As a result, I drive down the neighborhood street thinking fondly of everyone in it, because I have no idea who left the note!

    I will take you up on your sprinkle challenge!

  3. I love this idea. There are a few homes I’m thinking of right now that my neighbor and I walk by on our morning route.
    I try to keep some cute little notecards and envelopes in the car…helps to just jot a note when you’re thinking of someone. I’ve sent notes to people if I see an ambulance outside of their home too. After bringing my mom home via ambulance for hospice, I know how the kindness of several neighbors who took notice meant alot to my dad and I.
    Thanks Stacy!

  4. wow – stacy – what a simple and easy yet heart felt idea :>
    you should be SOOOOO proud of the joy you will be spreading by prompting us to think of others, many thanks :>

  5. that is just a fabulous idea. I have just the house in mind! I bet they would be so overjoyed to receive a note from an anonymous passer-by! thanks, Stacy!

  6. This is kind of funny. Yesterday on the way home from dropping my daughter off at school, I went past this house (I pass it several times a day) and said to myself–what a beautiful yard, they sure do keep it nice. I thought I might nominate them for a “Monte Cristo” Award..this is a neighboorhood award given to someone who has taken pride in their property and goes the extra mile to keep it nice. I think I will start with a note first!

  7. I am doing this today.. there is an older gentleman in my neighborhood, he takes pride in his yard, this summer, I learned why he does and make an effort to stop and say hi when we are out walking or driving past his home..
    I will absolutely leave him a note today.. already took the scraps off my table from last nights project and whipped up a pretty, but simple card.. great idea..
    and thanks for this column on your website, really gives me something to look forward too..

  8. Just a little story to let you know that SPRINKLES come in different colors/flavors. My 11yr old loves garlic toast, especially with any kind of pasta dish. I have always made it with butter mixed with SEASONED garlic powder. One day all I had was PLAIN garlic powder and proceeded to make garlic toast. Once served his plate, my little man was a little fella that day, he exasperatingly asked me “Where are the SPRINKLES!” It took me a moment to figure out what he was talking about-PARSLEY flakes! He told me there was supposed to be GREEN SPRINKLES on his toast. From that day on I keep parlsey flakes and/or garlic seasoning powder in my spice cabinet. Those are the sprinkles of my family!! Hope you have a sprinkling of little joys today!!

  9. What a great idea! I am doing this today. We now live in an area with high water restrictions so there are very few green grassy lawns. Instead there are rocks. It was quite a shock for me at first having moved from the greenness I had lived in, BUT you would not believe what some people can do with rocks! So creative and pleasing to the eye and desert friendly. I am picking my favorite rock yard today and leaving a note. Thanks for the push Stacy. ( I think my note is gonna say “YOU ROCK”! ) haha

  10. Thanks for the push to do this. I think of it often, and my mom and I have even talked about putting notes in our car to do just that. I will get off the computer and go put some in my glove box right now.
    Love your sprinkles!!

  11. Sweet, will do-I am fan of operation nice too!

  12. What a great idea. Such an uplifting thing to do for someone and really doesn’t require that much effort.

  13. miki thompson says:

    This is amazing nd I know exactly who to do this with. They are a lovely coiple who recently redid their yard. This will be dun.

  14. Love this, we have done this at Christmas time when we see lights that we love. It is such a fun thing to think about the reaction of a note from a total stranger. Here’s to changing the world one note at a time.

  15. Not only is this a fabulous idea, but I loved reading the comments. It turns out we all have that *one* yard in mind immediately upon reading this. I know I do. I plan on doing this soon, and I love the idea someone mentioned of doing the same thing at Christmastime when a home has great lights. I will definitely be doing that!!!

  16. Boy am I having fun perusing your new site today! Love these sprinkles ideas…thank you for doing that! And enjoyed listening to all of your playlists today in the “music” section. Fun, fun, fun!

  17. I’ve actually done this before. There is house on the way to where I get my nails done. I am in awe at how pretty it is. One day I wrote the address down and told them how much I enjoyed their yard.

  18. Stacy! I’m just now taking a little time to get caught up with your new blog [love it btw!] and reading this – made me think of one time driving around another town [than our own] with my then 8 year old son and seeing a particularly beautiful yard and commenting on it – his reply? “Old people live there.” After some questioning [and reasoning in my own mind] we decided he felt like only old people had enough time to get / keep a yard so beautiful! Thanks for the memory!!

  19. Stacy! My kids & I have been talking about doing this for a LONG time! We always pass a certain house on the way to my mother-in-law’s and it is just such a lovely yard we always remark upon it and enjoy it along our route. Sadly, my MIL has moved and so it was ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I am going to drive by it to get the address & we will TAKE the challenge even though it’s a bit late. ;)

  20. Thanks, Stacy, for this idea.
    There’s a house I drive past every fall – their entire front yard is filled with flowers, all the way out to the curb.
    It makes me slow down to zero, just so I can soak it all in.
    This year I actually took a couple of pictures of the house, just so I could do a layout about it. But I never thought to leave them a thank you note.
    I’m traveling on business right now, but when I go home, I’m going to write them a note and drop it off.
    They should know how much joy their house brings me!!!

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