Sprinkle No. 3

This week’s *sprinkle* is so easy, you might be tempted to skip it or to think “that’s just plain silly.” I hope you do neither because I’m convinced that small and seemingly insignificant or silly things often make a big difference.


Sprinkle No. 3

Drink chocolate milk with a straw. Even better share a glass of chocolate milk with someone you love.

That’s it.

Children are the MOST creative human beings. Children love chocolate milk. Children love to drink with straws. It sounds like I’m saying if you drink chocolate milk with a straw you’ll be more creative.

I am.

Creativity at it’s core is simply the ability to fully engage with any given moment in time. I guarantee if you sit down and share a tall glass of chocolate milk with someone you love, you’ll experience full engagement. You’ll also walk away with a really good feeling that will spill over into some other area or project in your life where you need a novel perspective or the ability to more playfully approach a problem.

The magic of chocolate milk. Click here for the source of my image and for some great and encouraging benefits of chocolate milk.


  1. My children make chocolate milk almost every morning for breakfast and almost always drink it with a straw! I keep an endless straw supply in my pantry and it is amazing the things they get used for other than just slurping down a drink!
    Lisa in Lawrenceville, GA

  2. I always drink my chocolate milk through a straw–for some reason it just tastes better.

  3. Yes, Yes, and YES!!! This is so very true. A few months ago I did a page on this very thing. Grabbing pictures behind my Together Times tab in the All About Us section. I called it milk bubbles. My journaling went like this…

    It’s the little things that bring families closer together. Like the simple joy of sharing a glass of chocolate milk. Especially with a straw – perfect for blowing bubbles :) Sure it’s messy, but who cares. Childhood goes by so fast. These moments will last a lifetime!

  4. Love this! I know what snack will be awaiting my 9 yo when he gets off the bus today! (Jenn, love your journaling reminder to enjoy the simple things!)

  5. My first thought is ‘how fun!’
    My second thought “More fun if you blow bubbles”
    I know what we are having for family night treat tonight!!!
    Chocolate Milk Anyone!!!

  6. just put chocolate milk on my store list !! how fun this will be!!

  7. jeannette says:

    hmmm…….i drink my drinks @ home everyday with a straw..perhaps it’s the subconscious need for creativity???/Also, it’s great to put 2-3 ice cubes in the milk–makes it extra cold–we like that:-)

  8. Yes! I am so doing this. My husband is taking a nap before he starts his homework. I am going to wake him with this fun treat waiting. I drink my homemade iced coffee with a straw every morning, and it always makes me happy to do so!

  9. Thanks! my five year old and I just slurped down a huge glass of “So Good’ chocolate soy milk… delicious!

  10. Chocolate milk mix and Straws are a staple in our house…. So many things taste better (or are at least more fun) through a straw. Love the Sprinkles section!

  11. I did this last night. It was just what I needed!

  12. I love this Stacy-no wonder I am randomly drawn to yummy chocolate milk. When my kids were little, it was a favorite staple we kept in the house. My chocolate loving daughter is all grown up now. I plan on inviting her to sip a glass with me this week-sounds like a scrapbook moment! Ahhhh, lifes simple pleasures. I’ll sprinkle that!

  13. I always have my ice cream parlor straw holder full of fun bendy straws. I usually have to cut them down to fit their little cups but they love drinking with straws! And I use the Soy chocolate milk and there’s nothing like sharing a cup with a kids and long as we have an understanding that straws are to suck out liquid NOT to put liquid back in :) Also did those parfait cups for our yogurt sundaes and it’s amazing how often I use them for so many other desserts :) What great simple ideas you have that makes everyone happy so easily.

  14. I’m a little late on this sprinkle but I made chocolate milk with whip cream and sprinkles on top for dinner tonight. It put a smile on my kids faces and they loved the treat!

  15. We went a step further and had chocolate milkSHAKES with a straw. My 4 year old’s response after we finished…”no wonder you’re my favorite girl”. Love it!

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