Sprinkle No. 4



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That’s right, our *sprinkle* for the last week of October is to sing out loud.
Here are some ideas:

  • Sing in the shower
  • Sing in the car
  • When a family member calls for you or asks you a question, sing your response
  • Re-learn a childhood favorite (try google or youtube) and sing it at bedtime every night this week
  • Find or download a favorite movie or musical soundtrack, put it on your ipod and sing along
  • Sing while you do the dishes or the laundry
  • Call a family member and sing over the phone
  • Go all out and deliver your own singing telegram to a friend or neighbor

If you need a good all-around song to sing, nothing beats Karen Carpenter singing,  Sing

… and by all means, leave a comment reporting back or share additional ideas for *sprinkling* your week with song.


  1. Stacy – my little girl (5) loves to sing all the time. Right now her favorites are church songs. She has one for the shower/bath, one for the car, and one just because.
    :) Lynn

  2. I hadn’t thought of this song in years. I love it and my grand daughter and I will have a new (to her) fun song to sing. We sing all the time, no matter what we are doing. Just makes the world a lot brighter.

  3. I’ve been singing all morning. We have 2 Sandra Boynton music CD’s (did you know she also does music? I didn’t till a couple weeks ago) I love the grown-up jazzy/blues/Swing/50′s music and my kids love the silly words…ok, me too. If you haven’t tried one of these out I highly recommend that you do :) We’ve got “Blue Moo” and “Philadelphia Chickens”. I’ve been playing these in the mornings and it really gets me and the kids moving :) And the music performers will surprise you too!

  4. FYI – looks like your time stamp is off a bit…I’m posting this at 9:53ish am. :)

  5. When my oldest was really yong she would watch the opening and closing songs to kiddie shows. We got into the habit of singing ALOT! Now she’s in a piano program that has a ton of songs to help remind you of different music things. There are two I sing most mornings, especially to my youngest who has lead feet! I find I’m always singing, even though I’m not good, I don’t care. I have wireless now and bring the laptop into the kitchen and flip around You Tube for songs I love.
    The girls and I sing little things we could just talk. It must release endorphins when you sing beucase it sure makes me feel good!

  6. The whole family sings in the car constantly. We sing old 80s music mostly. My kids are going to be such dorks when they get into middle/high school.

  7. Such a great idea – we sing but maybe not as much as we should – thanks for the reminder – because really how can you feel sour when you sing – I don’t think it’s possible!!!
    One of my favorite sounds is when my youngest (8) is in his bedroom happily playing legos singin a little song – because I know he is happiest and most content at that moment!
    I sing for my kids – they roll their eyes – and may pretend to be embarrassed but I know it makes them happy.

  8. Stacy, I just want to tell you that this week’s sprinkle brings back a very fond childhood memory for me! My mother used to hum throughout the day, EVERY day, as she went about tending to things about our home. It became a comfort to me as a child, hearing my mother’s voice humming a sweet melody as she worked. She was content. I was content. As a mother myself now, I’ve been finding myself humming a little tune as I go about my day (must’ve rubbed off!) and I notice it does indeed brings a sense of calm to the day. I LOVE to sing and am going to take this sprinkle and spread it around this week! :) :) Even if we don’t always know the words, the melody is sometimes enough to lift the heart! :) Thanks! You’re truly an inspiration!

  9. Finally one I can do :-)

    Nobody sings more than me – NOBODY. It’s like an American Idol audition all day every day. I belt it out. I hit the high notes and the low notes. I tend to sing older Mariah Carey because her stuff is very vocally challenging. Sometimes I sing Christina Aguilera too.

    The only thing I don’t sing is karaoke. Singing unrehearsed in front of a crowd with no vocal warm up gives me the heebie jeebies!

  10. How fun!!!! I just sang this song with my 13 month old and he danced and smiled so sweet! What a blessing such a small little sprinkle can be.Just what my heart needed today.

  11. Ooooh thanks for today’s sprinkle! I found the lyrics and music to a song I used to sing in music class in elementary school. It brought back so many memories! Oh..the song is Senor Don Gato–the cat who falls off a roof from excitement about learning his beloved would marry him. He dies but the strong smell of fish revives him during his funeral procession. Hmm..sounds kind of bad but it’s a cute song :)

  12. I love music. All kinds, everything from classical ( I know no singing there) to country to hip hop and rap (thats from my 9 yr old dd’s dance class) If it’s got a good beat and fun lyrics I’m there.

  13. Oh too funny–You don’t need to tell me to sing! I already do it all the time. For one thing, before I read this post, my hubby and the kids were returning from symphony practice. I opened the door to great them and heard that he was still listening to his phone’s radio progam–I joined in wih the song and my kids just went by me shaking their heads at their “weird” mom.

    I sing silly wake up songs to the kids fitting the words to whatever hits me at the moment. I sing and dance aloud into a wooden spoon when I’m doing the dishes (it helps listening to Disco Does the Dishes). I sing almost every day and it makes me happy. (and I really think it makes the people around me happier-although I’m not belting out wonderful music).

    Thanks for posting this!

  14. I love this. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I LOVE to sing. I sing a lot in the car – regardless of who is with me (though, definitely louder when I’m alone!). My family does sing a good bit (and none of us have any talent!)…I guess I never really thought about HOW MUCH we do, until this sprinkle. Hmmm, do I feel a scrapbook page coming???? We love shows like American Idol, Glee, Don’t Forget the Lyrics – anything with music! I hope my 8 month old baby will learn to love music as much as I do…I think he’s well on his way

  15. We sing ALL THE TIME in my family. It is such a simple and FREE way to bring joy into the home (and car and grocery store and…) After reading your post, we found “FAMILY” by the Laurie Berkner Band on YouTube and all danced around singing it. That would be me, my 3 year old daughter, and my 40 year old husband who cannot carry a tune to save his life. To me, that makes it even more fun. Our 10 month old daughter sat on the floor and giggled and clapped. F! A! M! I! L! Y! “If you’re in my heart, you’re in my family…” Still singing it now, apparently….

  16. I spent the afternoon organizing the basement (yet again) and singing the soundtrack of “Joseph” –
    I could be the new Marie!!
    Enjoy your blog and all,

  17. I’ve been singing for my kids at school all week. We are learning a song that I made up about the bones. I’m a horrible singer but my elementary school kids don’t care! It’s great.

  18. My family is so done with this ‘sprinkle’ and it’s only Wednesday! Haha. I can’t sing well, but I love to do it and, they’re over it. Heehee (but hey, they are all smiling!)

  19. I am singing and singing and singing! And I share the idea with my latin friends! LOVE IT!!!

  20. Jenny McGee says:

    Well, I just played and sang along with Sing by Karen Carpenter. What a fun song. Then my son heard that song from upstairs, so he came down (and he was naked) and we played and listened and sang it again. thanks for the fun.

  21. I LOVE singing even though my family does not particularly enjoy hearing me. When the kids and I were in the car the other night, we started singing the “Farmer in the Dell”. We must have sang that song 3 – 4 times in a row. They just loved it! Singing just makes me (and them) happy. Thanks for the sprinkle!

  22. As a Music Therapist myself I can testify to the benifits of singing for many reasons. Did you know if you sing the vowel “E” it can help your sinuses???
    Other vowel sounds effect other areas in the body!
    Music is considered the “organizer and energizer” (E. Thayer Gaston)
    and proven to enhance mood and distract pain.
    The brain can only focus on one thing at a time, so music and music therapists are now in hospitals. I did my internship at Scripps hospital and worked with infants to hospice. ICU, Trauma patients, rehab, heart patients, you name it!
    I think musicians are healthier as a whole. So sing your heart out!
    just building this site-haven’t shared it yet…
    Combine smiling, laughing and singing and you are in a great space! check this out!

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