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This is one of those anything and everything posts with an angle on NEW.

I have NEW chairs.


Actually the chairs aren’t that new. I ordered them back in May (happy birthday to me) got them in mid June, without the table which came much later than expected. Anyway … I purchased the fabrics at Hancock Fabrics back in August and have been chomping at the bit for an unscheduled Saturday afternoon!


I made no attempt to stain guard the original off-white/muslin upholstery and very little attempt to keep the chairs clean, so they were CREEPY. Geoff and Clark were my main assistance, but we had help from most everyone, including Taft who was perfectly qualified for reattaching the newly covered seats.



Here’s another angle. I have now used liberal amounts of Scotch Guard and I LOVE them. Check back tomorrow on the I Love Color page. I’m going to do a little *BONUS* on how I select colors for my home and how my palette easily informs projects like my chairs.

I have lots of BPS NEWS.


This is Dawn. Dawn is our new Marketing Director. We had several talented applicants to interview and after more than a month of interviews and follow up, we hired Dawn. She sent over her bio and this photo on Tuesday and it was so fun to read about her in a casual way and see her adorable face. Kayce and I are thrilled to have her on board and anxious to collaborate with her on promoting the wonderful things happening and planned at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Read Dawn’s bio HERE.

forever access

We now have FOREVER ACCESS! This means that even after a BPS workshop is completed, you will continue to have access to the classroom content, the forums and the galleries. This is HUGE. If you haven’t logged into your account in a while, check it out. When you click on the “My Classes” tab, you’ll noticed that your class list is now organized by workshops, self-paced projects and completed classes — the image above is a portion of my ‘completed’ classes and I can now enter those classrooms again without any kind of access pass. This is HUGE. Way to go Kayce and Brent (our programmer) for working so hard on making this convenience a reality.

We have some Great NEW workshops coming up …

Adventures in Scrapbooking

Adventures in Scrapbooking

May Flaum’s latest workshop is an adventure in using kits. May has a gift for encouraging a playful approach to using lots of products and she is especially good with kits — in this workshop she has teamed up with the following kit clubs:

Class starts November 5th and ends mid December — just think of the productivity that could be yours as we head into the busy Christmas season. You could even learn how to build a kit for giving to friends who need to get started scrapbooking!

A Life Well Crafted "Home Again Home Again"

A Life Well Crafted "Home Again Home Again"

I can’t think of a better time of year to focus on the magic, comfort and protection of home than November. Kolette has been teaching a year-long series of inspiring project classes, collectively titled A Life Well Crafted, but it is NOT too late to join in and experience her wisdom and the humor she and her husband, Jason share in this class. I’m especially excited about November’s class, as I got to be the “guest designer” and execute a very fun and useful concept that Kolette shared with me — I hope to see you in class!

I have a NEW book!

Yes I do. 20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers – a carefully guided collaboration with ScrapHappy Lain Ehmann is NOW on sale and I need you to know that I put my heart and soul into my contribution (ten layouts.) While the message is a light-hearted one, I took these assignments very seriously and am frankly quite proud of the results.




One of my most favorite pages is dedicated to my love of learning NEW things through books … but more important than the any of the layouts is the scientific proof represented by all of them — that there are specifics practices you can put into your life that will enable a greater degree of happiness.

good and important and creative stuff.


  1. Helen Carter says:

    Will be checking iin on your “color’ page for sure, I need to pick a neutral beige/tan color for my hall and family room, tried one but I’m thinnking it’s got a pink tinge to it! Can you tell me the color in your picture above, the wall with the big canvas? Thanks, love all the other new things too!

  2. I am so impressed that you all eat around that tiny table!! How in the world do you all eat without elbowing each other the whole meal, lol??!!

    Can’t wait to see the new book!

    • It is tight, but that’s all the room we have in the kitchen — so we make it work. The lazy susan is a life saver and I guess we enjoy the once-a-day togetherness. We do have a dining table that we use on Sundays and when guests come.

  3. FOREVER ACCESS!! YEAH!!!!! I love BPS! Having YOU store all of my classes will free up some of my HD. And now I will have access to all the videos too. WONDERFUL!! I was just thinking the other day how I wish I could re-watch the videos from Allison Tyler Jones’ class. Now I can. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!! Made my day, my week, my year. Yippee!

  4. Kate in UT says:

    Yay! I am over-the-moon excited about Forever access!!! You have so totally made my day! Makes all that $$$ I’ve spent on classes even more ‘justifiable.’ ;)

  5. I have the same Pottery Barn chairs as well. 2 in brown, 2 in blue, 2 red and 2 green around my grandmothers antique dining room table. If you ever need a rug to go with I recommend the Fantasia rug from Garnet Hill. It coordinates beautifully. I wish I could add a photo. I couldn’t believe it when i saw the photo of your chairs, I had to email my friends that attended the South Dakota Mother’s day crop with me, they have also noticed our shared love of colors. In one of your books, they noticed that we also have the very same swatch watch. Watch out, because on Monday, the salesman is coming to measure my kitchen for new cabinetry. I’m going for several colored stains. I can’t wait.

  6. Love the book by you and Lain! Love the forever access! Signed up for your guest designer month!
    I just got a new table and some funky green with a hole in the back chairs!! They make me so happy. I just couldn’t imagine having brown wood chairs and a brown wood table, brown wood cupboards, brown countertop and backsplash, tan/brown flooring. I needed a bit of color…enter the funky green chairs.

  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – for the forever access. This is huge.
    Love your contribution in the latest e-book – the layouts and the message.
    The layout you display here is the best I have seen. Love it and wish I could have made my own:)

  8. I am so happy to hear about the forever classes! I noticed it last night when I logged on to Yesterday Today.

    Love the chairs! Where did you get the lazy susan in the middle of the table? That looks very nice.

  9. Bec Kilgore says:

    I was thrilled to notice the forever access. Thanks so much!

  10. Tracy Johnson says:

    Could you share the details about your table? I am looking for am new table and love this one. :)

  11. Wow, Forever Access …. how I can thank-you? This IS BIG!

  12. Helen McLaughlin says:

    “Ahhhh…..sigh….” That was me when I realized you still had a blog! For some reason, I thought you just had the new site, and I was really missing your blog. I checked your other one daily for inspiration, news, and everything else. Then, today, I realized that there is a blog tab and “ahhh…sigh…” So, thanks, for not stopping that part of your day!

    And, what a good day to find your blog again! Forever access! Thank you!

    PS: Love the photo of Taft helping with the chairs. What a cutie!

  13. Forever access is AWESOME, thank you, and my computer (quickly running out of storage) also thanks you.

  14. Thank you for “forever access” to our classes at BPS. There must be some glitches though because I can’t access all of my “completed” classes. I’ll keep checking though. Maybe they just haven’t gotten to everyone’s accounts yet. Thanks!

  15. Funny thing Stacy, I already have your new book and read through it once, I have seen the changes at BPS (and LOVE them), and I have been thinking about taking May’s class!

    Welcome to Dawn at BPS. Love your new chairs. Can I ask about your leather couch?? thanks

    • Wow. Thanks for getting the book so fast! What do you want to know about the couch? I bet I can find the website — it is a great Italian company with pretty, pretty colors!

      • We are looking for new furniture and that’s the style I like so I was wondering where you got it from? Is that round table new? I thought you had a pub high one when I visited. Thanks for answering Stacy.

  16. I have been taking classes at BPS since the beginning (2006?) and I LOVE that you have now implemented Forever Access! I noticed that yesterday and looked at the titles of some of the classes, and realized that I don’t even remember taking some of them! So it will be great to go back in and check them out again- just like brand new classes! So THANK YOU!

  17. Oh happy day! Great job Kayce and Brent.
    I will have to mosey on down to Ella and get the new eBook.

  18. Molly McCarthy says:

    Love all the “newness” for today!!!

  19. Love all the new things going on! Great job!

  20. Love the chairs- so fun and I can’t wait to read more in I Love Color. Along the line of BPS, was wondering if you’ve ever considered offering digital scrapping classes? As always, thanks for all you share!

  21. Thank you thank you thank you for the “forever” classes. Teaching full time and doing my masters at the same time does not allow for the same speed as others on the class schedule. Now I don’t have to worry about the speed at which I work.

  22. Forever classes ROCK. Thanks so much. It will be great to be able to listen again, to get re-inspired. I’m logging in at BPS right NOW.

  23. Is that a Sticks lazy susan I spy on your table?

  24. Love-love-love the look of the table and chairs. I’m definitely going to show DH – I’d love to do that! (The huge family photo in the background is AMAZING btw!!!)

    Forever access – I’m heading right over there to check it out – sounds great – I was just thinking I wish I’d gotten some more info from one I’d taken 2 years ago!

    I also ditto the question above – ever think of doing any intro to digital scrapbooking classes?

  25. THANK YOU for the Forever Classes…you’ve saved me :)
    And I can’t wait to get your book. I told my husband that I wanted all the e-books at Ella for Christmas :)

  26. I love the mixture of colors at your table. Thanks for sharing!

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