jiggety jog

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Remember Mother Goose’s ditty, To market to market to buy a fat hog. Home again, home again jiggety jog? These colors speak of coming home to warmth, comfort and the safety of loved ones.

You know what makes really GREAT color combinations? In my opinion it is an element of surprise — one color that jumps out at you and makes you go, really? Without the turquoise, this bedspread would not have caught my attention. Not that I don’t like the other colors, but that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing them together. They are warm, earthy, fall colors — add the blue and it becomes a WOW!

Challenge: Use this color combination or one of your own making and reserve the WOW color to use in drawing attention to your focal point. Whether it is your title, your story or one special photo — the WOW color will make it pop.

Even Better: mimic the design of this bedspread and create a grid-like pattern on your page.


Remember, you can SHARE your color-inspired pages in our Flickr group.

Look what Jennifer Larson did with Urban Fall, from last week …

love it.



  1. The color combos are great, Stacey. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week-end!!

  2. Thank you for featuring my LO! It felt good to make it.

  3. Love that layout Jennifer! Also, think that your new color combo is very fallish and pretty.

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