Christmas List (part two)

Remember, that each Friday FIVE in November is a part of my Christmas List for 2009. Today is extra special to me, because all FIVE of these gifts come from my list of most favorite products. Even better, there is a giveaway associated with each product.
No way.

Yes way.

The companies that I’m featuring have ALL been super generous with me (and ultimately you) all in the name of good old fashioned BLOG fun. But, there is one stipulation. You must have an email address linked to your comment to win. Firstly, I will need to contact you and forward your name and email so that giveaways and prizes can be arranged and shipped. Secondly, TOMS would like to contact you with additional information regarding their products. If you are not OK with this, then specify “No TOMS” in your comment. Make sense?
Great … let’s go!


TOMS Shoes. I discovered TOMS Shoes earlier this year and was instantly “sold.” Not only do they have a great (and colorful) product, they have an amazing story and unlimited potential to better our world.


In case you haven’t heard of TOMS, they give a child in need a pair of shoes, for every single pair they sell.

Toms has recently launched a line of  Youth and Tiny TOMS and I get to help them celebrate with a $200 gift certificate good for anything in the store.  Essentially, you could win enough to buy “TOMS for the Whole Family.”


TOMS are One for One — just like the logo says. How can you NOT want to give something that gives something back.
Learn more by visiting TOMS Shoes

Click Here!

I’m getting these for Trey.

These for Taft.
And I’m eventually getting these for Princess Addie. The smallest sizes are coming soon!


Litte Missmatched. You have to know by now that I’m a sucker for anything from this over-the-top fun and fanciful company. Guaranteed to bring out the inner girl in any girl or middle-aged woman, is chock full of delightful gift giving options. Here are my picks …
The Cotton Elf Hat or any other hat for that matter.

A pair of Pop-Top gloves.

The 100% cotton, 50 inches long, super soft and stylish SCARF!

But, don’t let me pick for you, because YOU could win $150 dollars to spend as you WISH. You could buy socks, pjs, sheets, duffle bags or the most fabulous winter wear around. How about a unanimous HURRAY!


Compendium books. I cannot get enough and you simply cannot go wrong here. Everything these people do is AMAZINGLY inspiring.

I am currently loving the anywhere notebooks, like this one:

You can see the whole collection, here.


Just in time for the holidays, when believing is so important,  you could WIN yourself a copy of the newest Compendium book, titled simply BELIEVE.

Watch this and I promise, you’ll totally want to give this book away!


Beadhive Jewelry. From my very talented sis-n-law Hillary comes this personalized Trinkets necklace.


You simply select the size and style of Trinket that you want, choose the cute little dangles to hang off of your chain and then tell Hillary the letter and names you’d like to personalize your selection with. OK, seriously neat present for someone you love.


I also really like Hill’s little girl bracelets, like this one, called Fresh and Funky.
In the spirit of my Christmas List, Hillary is giving away …

fall's blessings

This pretty bracelet called Fall’s Blessings. It features colored shells, wood and gem stones and she designed it with all the blessings of this wonderful season in mind.


Brownies. Seriously, how can I make a authentic list of favorites that does not include brownies? Surprisingly I do not know the folks at (I’ll get right on this) so the brownie giveaway is not from them. I do have some delicious looking perfect-for-giving options for you …


First up … the green polka dot Celebrations box with green polka dot ribbon. What a great breakfast!


And then there’s the “Edgies.” How chewey-licious!


And the BROWNIE prize? Brownies from me. Yup. I just happen to have one of the best lower-fat brownie recipes ever (trust me, I’m a connoisseur.)  and I am going to make a batch and pack them up cute and ship them off to one of YOU. I tell ya … having a blog is such a kick in the pants. I’ll even take out the nuts if you don’t like them and I’m throwing in the recipe.

Here’s how this Friday FIVE giveaway is going to work.

1. Leave me a comment
2. You can’t pick which product you want to win. Sorry.
3. Comments will remain open for one full week.
4. Next Friday, November 20th (at noon pacific time) I will close the comments and randomly select FIVE winners. The first name will win the TOMS shopping spree, the second name the Little Missmatched shopping spree and so forth.
5. I will post the winners before 5:00pm on the 20th.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend.GiftClosure


  1. I love all your ideas Stacy! So colorful and FUN. Can’t wait to see what I win ; ).

  2. All of them – lovely!

    Fingers crossed!!!


  3. You really know how to make a person smile. Have a great weekend – Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Thanks for the give aways

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  9. Good morning Stacy! Your blog is a lovely little way I try and start each morning — it gets me going with a smile and I really appreciate that. :) Your giveaways are all fantastic!

  10. I am in love all ready with the Believe book. I attended a fabulous weekend entitled Spark–now I must have this book to help me Believe.

    Love all the goodness!

  11. Wow! What a give away – sign me up, please! I love your lists of goodies – they are filled with such beautiful ideas and such great inspiration. Tell your sister-in-law that her work is amazingly beautiful. So much talent in your family . . . Thanks again for the giveaway and the ideas!

  12. Those are absolutely fabulous finds, and so generous of them to spread the good cheer by donating such wonderful prizes! Thanks for giving us all the chance to win one of those!!

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  14. Robin Forman says:

    Whoa! What a great list- thanks for the suggestions, and the chance to win!

  15. OMG – fab five!! I never win anything, but what the hey … I BELIEVE!! ;)

  16. Stacey Duncan says:

    This is so much fun! Thanks for the chance : )

  17. Stacy – how FUN! You are a young, thin Santa Claus! I’d seen the ads for Tom’s Shoes but never knew where to get them – maybe from you??????

  18. I look forward to your Christmas list every year and have already purchased some Little Miss Matched stocking stuffers. Thanks for the info, inspiration and opportunity to win!

  19. Julie Mannering says:

    I love Litte Missmatched!!!!!!!! After looking at your list I might be able to do all my shopping online. I love everything you listed

  20. Amazing! I am so excited for the littlest TOMS! You have no idea….

  21. Wow – what fun stuff! I am heading over to the Toms Shoes website – I love that they have children’s sizes now! Thanks for helping me get rid of any disposable income I have! ;)

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  23. I love reading your blog – it’s a real cheery early morning start to my day. Love all these and wouldn’t mind receiving any of them.

  24. So much fun, I would be delighted with any of the prizes. thanks!

  25. Wow, love all of the stuff you chose for your Pick 5 this week. Except thinking it is not a good idea to be looking at pictures of chocolate brownies early in the morning on what promises to be a stressful day. Wonder if there is anyway I can leave school to get me some brownies. The other items would make such cool Christmas presents. Thanks for a chance to win.

  26. Stacy – you never cease to amaze me. Thank you.

  27. What a list of fun stuff! I’m off to check out all the links :)

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    These are some great ideas! Thanks so much Stacy! Those brownies all make me really hungry right now and wishing I had some brownies to eat for breakfast this morning! :)

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  44. Stacy…you have some of the best ideas! One day …when you have oodles of free time…you’ll have to let us know how you find out about these amazing products…

  45. Cool picks Stacy! I know and love the first three, but thanks for the link to Hilary’s jewelry and Brownie Points! And of course thanks for the chance to win! I would love to win any of these great prizes, but no worries if I don’t – I am off to shop right now! Have a great weekend!

  46. I can’t wait to see the next week’s list as well. Great ideas.

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  48. All I can say is, “Wow!”

  49. What a great list of ideas!
    I have your brownie recipe & it is one of my favourites. I even made a big batch of apple sauce this Autumn and froze it in measures so I can make them any time!
    Have a brilliant weekend!

  50. Oh, how generous of you and your sponsor companies!
    I so hope I win something!!!

  51. Some of your favorite things have become some of our favorite things! We love Little Missmatched at our house! And I bought one of Hilary’s bracelets the last time you featured her on your blog. It is my favorite one to wear! Love Compendium. I need to check out Toms…and the brownies, of course!

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    These are all so wonderful!! Thank you.

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    I just got two great pairs of flip-flops from LMM and I LOVE them! Thanks for turning me on to some GREAT stuff! Did you see the new flip-flop socks- gotta’ have ‘em!

    Can’t wait to go back to the next round of LOM. You have made such an impact on my life and we’ve never even met!

    Luv ya’, girl!

    Debby Warthen

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  58. Lynn Altomari says:

    This is very nice of you and the sponsors! Happy Holiday! and I am glad I found your blog.

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    Maybe you could share your brownie recipe with all of us!

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    I love your Friday shopping lists!

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    I have to tell you I’ve bought several of Compendium’s books from your suggestions!
    I even bought 50 of the book marks for a special ladie’s weekend later this month! They are just too cute!!
    Crossing my fingers you’ll pick my name of one of these FAB prizes!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

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  77. Thanks so much, Stacy. These are great giveaways!

  78. What great ideas you are giving all of us for the holiday season – loving that BELIEVE book – may be just right for my senior going off to college – for when I’m not there to lift him up!

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    I get great gifting ideas from you every year! thanks so much for sharing your finds with all of us!

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    Thanks for the chance to win Stacy!! Awesome stuff!

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  86. Ronnie Crowley says:

    You reminded me the TOMS I knew there was something my DD had said she wanted. Now I have my fingers and toes crossed that I win them for her! Love the ideas keep them coming


  87. What fun stuff! I need to check out a few of the websites. Thanks for inspiring us.

  88. I just learned about Toms Shoes this summer, and I think it’s such an amazing cause. It makes me want to buy 300 pairs, just so 300 kids can also have a pair!!

  89. This is one of my favorite times for your blog . . . I love all of your creative gift ideas!

  90. mandy in mississippi says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever entered a blog giveaway drawing! What fabulous prizes!

  91. Amazing and cute giveaways! I’m so happy that there are companies out there who care and give to those in need. I love the TOMS!

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  93. You have a wonderful weekend too!! And you ROCK!


  94. Thanks for sharing what you love!!!

  95. How fun — what a great bunch of giveaways! I had never heard of Little Miss Matched before seeing them mentioned on your blog (apparently I am not cool), but I’m in love with the bright colors and designs. And since I am an addict (My name is Laura and I am addicted to paper), I’m enjoying looking at all the great items at Compendium. Crossing my fingers! Have a great weekend, all! :-)

  96. Julie Trout says:

    Wow…thanks for sharing these sites with us…..will help me out with some holiday shopping!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!!

    Julie Trout

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  100. I always come to your blog for a pick me up and even when the subject is serious, you never fail me :) All of these giveaways are fabulous! And who doesn’t love homemade brownies without the mess? Of course I will be curious as to who go to lick the bowl and spoon…because that is a very important part of brownie making!

  101. All such amazing, drool-worthy items! The Toms are going straight on my wish list!

  102. How fun this is and how generous the companies. I would be happy with any of these, but would love the TOMS shoes. You turned me on to that company…my grown daughter, too! I hope I win! But if I don’t, it’s fun to contemplate and I will be visiting these companies’ websites!

  103. I love that you are doing your Christmas lists early. You always have such great suggestions for holiday gifts. I think I’ve already crossed off a half-dozen people just by shopping your site :)

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  105. How wonderful these companies have been to be so generous! Any one of the prizes would be awesome. Thanks for the all the great shopping tips!

  106. Wow, what an amazing and eclectic collection. Now I’m hungry for brownies! Have you tried any of the brownie makeover recipes from the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook? I haven’t but I plan to! Thanks again, Leah

  107. Great gifts. Thanks for the great ideas. I love Tom shoes.

  108. Wow, what an amazing giveaway!! Such inspiring products, I just love Compendium! Have a wonderful week Stacy :)

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  111. What a fun giveaway! I am headed over to order my mom some Edgies right now. She LOVES brownie edges and this is a perfect gift for her!

  112. Lynn in FL says:

    Stacy- You are simply the best! I’m not sure how you can feel like best friends with someone you’ve never met, but that’s how you make me (and probably all your fans) feel….like one of your best friends! Your list of favorites seems to have been stolen straight from my heart of hearts! Thanks, Stacy, for all the wonderful daily pick-me-ups you provide on your website, and for the chance to win these amazing giveaways!

    Lynn in FL…..a true fan of all things Stacy!

  113. Shelby Austin says:

    I love lists like this and yours are usually the BEST!

  114. Susan Gabel says:

    How fun it would be to win one of these and work on my Christmas list. I also love love love Little MisMatched. Went crazy at their new store in Downtown Disney in October!

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  116. What wonderful FUN goodies – all of them! Thanks for the chance to win :-) Gotta run – I’ve got some websites to check out…

  117. I’m glad we don’t have to pick…all the prizes are cool. Thanks for the chance to win and I’m excited about the new compendium book…any chance of a BPS class to go with it? I loved the last one and it’s all ready for my Christmas gift to my husband-I can’t wait!

  118. Wow! What a great Friday Five! I LOVE Little MisMatched, they have become a HIT in my household of three girlies… they will be on the Xmas list regardless! :)

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    Thanks for all the beautiful enabling!

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  123. very cool stuff! thanks for hosting!

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  129. Thanks for the offers (I’m not sure whether this comment is the second one; my first disappeared).

  130. Everything is fabulous! You never cease to amaze me with the fun, cool things you find…and those brownies look amazing! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  131. Everything looks WONDERFUL! You always come up with the best lists! I’m off to check everyone out (and hungry for brownies!).

  132. Love all the things that you’ve featured today! And a coworker and I were just talking about Toms yesterday… their shoes are cool!

  133. Win or not, these ideas are the perfect gift giving inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

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  137. I am going to check out TOMS shoes right now. What a great company. And I’m ordering a Compendium book for my good friend for Christmas.

  138. rachel in Cali. says:

    Okay… so now I totally want brownies! I just had a handful of chocolate chips to hold me over! LOL :0) I will now be making brownies later today!!
    Thanks Stacy

  139. WOW!! Great post and here’s hoping I win!!

  140. What a fun giveaway! They all sound great. You told about Little MissMatched on your blog, and now my daughter and I both go around with happy feet – who knew wearing mismatched socks was such a fun conversation starter while standing in line. Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us thru your blog.

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    I love all of these products. I especially love the Toms. I just bought the little mismatched for my dd for christmas. Love that also.

  144. Terri in BC says:

    Dear Stacy: I recently discovered your blog and just have to tell you how much I look forward to your Friday Five – and today’s is extra-fun with all the giveaways! I think you solved half my Christmas shopping list! Thanks for such a great blog!

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    Amy in Texas

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  158. Stacy, i loveloveLOVE all your favorite things…since I’ve been reading your blog, lots of them have become my favorites too…thanks for all your inspiration!

  159. I love all the items you mentioned and I intend to use the ideas as Christmas gifts for our 9 grandchildren. Thanks for the ideas!

  160. Hi Stacy!

    Thanks to your website, I have found about so many cool/fun/fabulous merchants and merchandise! One of the ones that you told us about was Little Mismatched. I bought my niece some of the socks and she loves them. I was just reading your blog, and watching QVC, and guess what was on? A Little MisMatched set. I felt privileged that **I** already knew about them! Then when I see commercials for Tom’s shoes, I think of you, too. You are a great PR person!

    Love your new blog/website. Keep up the good work!

    Happy Holidays!

  161. Have a super weekend! And thanks for the great ideas for Xmas gifts!

  162. Just looking at all these goodies inspire me to do some scrapping. I love the bright colors and designs…and chocolate and scrapping go hand in hand in my world. :-D

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  164. Andrea MacDonald says:

    Those brownies look delicious. I’m hungry now!!!

  165. Love all the great ideas … I too am a fan of a couple of these. So much fun to share companies that we believe in.

  166. Beggars can’t be choosers, right? I’d be happy with any of them – thanks for giving us the chance to win!

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  168. That is super cool! Each of those products would make a cool gift for someone on my list. It’s definitely incentive to get the gift buying in order. :)

  169. Tammy Thomas says:

    wow, such fun giveaways!! thanks for a chance to win

  170. You could be related to me! Your fun-luving attitude and ability to enjoy the small thngs in life remind me of what I have learned from my family. I love your Christmas ideas, hard part is deciding which ones and for who. I love your blog…can’t say it enough.

  171. I love all the ideas – I had never heard of TOMS and now I will check them out. I enjoy all of your blog posts!

  172. conniemelancon says:

    What great give-a-ways! thanks for a chance to win.

  173. Stacy – you have the most generous sponsors EVER! I would be thrilled beyond belief to win ANY one of those prizes. You’ve also provided some great and truly inspired ideas for Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for being you!

  174. Stacy, you are really an inspiration! The Tom’s mission is really amazing! Love it! And thanks for sharing all the great stuff…it’s really fun! …and then the brownies…well, how could anyone not want a chance to win those? Thanks..have a great weekend!

  175. You’re so generous Stacy! Everything looks wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win!

  176. Christine H says:

    Wow, what an awesome list of goodies. It would be a tough choice, so I am glad you are deciding for me! Thanks so much for the chances to win. Have a great weekend. I’m going to a 14 hour crop with 4 other ladies….so looking forward to it!

  177. P.S. Stacie – the link to Brownie Points doesn’t work – It should be – luckily a simple google search uncovered it. Yum!

  178. Wow what great give-a-ways! I’d love to win any of them. :)

  179. Having a Blog is clearly great fun – and you do an amazing job. I have enjoyed reading about all of your travels; exploits; ideas; brownies and thoughts for years – since meeting you at CKU San Antonio (so now I’m dating myself.)

    Have fun – and thanks – for making my day.

  180. I love it all! You always share the cutest things. I’ve said it before, I don’t know how you do all that you do but you are amazing! I would love to have a job as fun as yours. I bet it never feels like work!

  181. Great list of great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing your favorites with your blog fans.

  182. Wow Stacy what great giveaways!! I’m definitely going to have to do some serious Christmas shopping now (and some brownie eating!).

  183. Lisa Stafford says:

    This is as good as Oprah’s giveaways! Thanks for being so generous with your finds.

  184. I think I will just let you make my list this year! Great picks and thanks for the chance to win something fun!

  185. Heather Newman says:

    WOW…very fun gift ideas!!! Love them all:)

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    PICK ME!

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  190. love your site…your blog and your giveaways! those brownies look yummy! I have socks from Little Miss Matched – love ‘em…love Compendium Books and your other goodies look great! Have a great week end Stacy!

  191. Amy Anderson says:

    thanks to you and all your sponsors! hope i win! Amy Anderson

  192. This is amazing…thanks for all the gift ideas and the chance to win!

  193. I’ve already patronized 3 of the 5 sites you’ve listed (hmmm…wherever did I hear about these shops? – couldn’t be a certain blog I frequent could it??)

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    thanks for this opportunity!

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    I already took your advice and ordered a pair of Toms and LOVE them. I so want another pair because one is not enough. As for the socks??? I am crazy for fun socks. I love wearing socks that are funky and fun and my family knows this about me. I’ve even gotten comments from my dentist when she saw my socks when sitting back in her chair. To have some mismatched socks would be fun. Anyway, I am just happy to have any of your selections. They are all perfect for gifts (or me!). Thanks for the tips.

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    I recently came across some pics of you when you gave a class at the CK Scrapbook Convention in Portland, OR a few years ago. Brought back wonderful memories of how your class freed me from the guilt of feeling as if I had to “catch up” with my scrapbooking, and also freed me from chronological only scrapbooking and having to scrapbook every picture (and all in the traditional scrapbook album way).

    Thank you so much! :)

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    Thanks again.

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  385. Hi Stacy,

    I think I’ve replied once or twice how much I love your recommendations. I received my Method order last week, and my house is currently smelling squeeky clean and of almonds. I received my Bath by Betty Jo, and you are right, it truly is like taking a bath in your shower. I have never felt so refreshed and clean before. The Mentha Bigelow lip balm is also simply wonderful, and they even sent some free gifts with my package. Super fun!!! I have a couple pairs of Little Missmatched socks, and I love them. My youngest son has some too, and he loves them just as much as I do. So thank you, thank you maam, for the recommendations! I love shopping by word of mouth. I have never been steared wrong, and I in turn have passed these websites on to my friends, who in turn will pass them on, and so on. So on that note, I would love to win any of these products. I know I would love them….
    PS… I have also taken recommendations from Lisa Bearnson… McCall’s Candles… LOVE THEM!!! Best smelling candles IMHO… LOVE THEM!!! Also, Ali Edwards… Kokuyo dot roller (even though sadly it isn’t being sold here anymore)… I LOVE THIS! My friends love it too! There’s one place in town that is still carrying the refills, so I am buying all I can get my hands on! I can’t remember who recommended the Basic Gray Cutting System… Have it and love that too!!! LOVE SHOPPING BY WORD OF MOUTH!!!

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  401. I am so glad to have discovered the joy in your blog and website. It compliments exactly what I am doing and where I’m going with my life and my own personal journey and daily inspiration site.

    I’m making a scrapbook based upon the Believe book and am super excited! It is likely that I will purchase this book for all of my staff this year for Christmas — I am planning to give it to a friend that I reconnected with this week after 15 years apart. He was ashamed to reconnect with me after coming down with HIV and suffering physical problems. I told him I love him as much today as I did all those years ago and that we still have time to change the world.

    Thank you for your inspiration Stacy – you are helping us change, one step at a time.

  402. Thanks for sharing!!! Love all these!

  403. Stacy, yiou are amazing! I love, love, love reading your blog, and I really enjoying learning about your faves. Plus I take your advice – I have a GurglePot ready and waiting to give my best friend for Christmas. Thanks for letting me know about it!

  404. Thanks for your great ideas & give aways. I often think of you when I’m out shopping – most recently saw 3 different pairs of Christmasy socks at Michael’s ($1 bin – red/black/white that can be mismatched) and thought of you and Little Mismatched socks!

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    I’m loving Toms Shoes too! – There is a big trend happening right now – fashion with a purpose – it’s called “SOCIAL FASHION” …

    There is Toms Shoes, Gap(red),, all very cool with great missions…

    SIE is a new urban/sports company which designs SIE merchandise in order to fund SIE children’s World Cup soccer tournaments around the World… The SIE tournaments encourage positive thinking and raise money for charity… The more SIE merchandise sold the more SIE tournaments the more SIE tournaments the more money is raised for charity… It’s a unique & very cool concept… It’s more profound when you learn that the founder of SIE’s last words to his father were that “they would lift the World Cup together”, before he suddenly passed away with Cancer… this is why they started their company and why SIE raises money for children’s Cancer charities thru the SIE World Cup tournaments…

  516. Thank you for nice article. But I had difficult time navigating past your web site because I kept getting 502 bad gateway error. Just thought to let you know.

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    Thanks to you we love mismatched socks too. My teen has a set of their super cute soccer socks (and flip flops and bedding). She always gets comments on the soccer socks!
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    enggirl99 at aol dot com

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    I’m going to borrow your idea for my monthly classroom raffles.

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    I always love your gift lists! Each year I get a few things from your list and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Thanks Stacy!

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    I share your addiction to brownies and would love to have a batch that was made by you sent to me! Any of the prizes would be great. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  651. These are FABULOUS!! Thanks for sharing

  652. Ann Marie Garvin says:

    You’re so Stinkin’ Fun! Keep your fabulous ideas coming at me! You truly are an Inspiration AND Enabler :) (love it)!!!

  653. Totally love! What great warm ups for the Christmas season!

  654. Great give away. Cutest shoes I ever saw!


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