Color Inc. Canvas Up for Grabs.

I am having a BLAST with Funday Monday — don’t you love starting the week with the possibility of winning something? I am extremely happy this Monday to offer you a chance to get to know my newest advertiser, Color Inc.

Tim Kasberger and his wife, Deanna were inspired to open Color Inc, a full service digital lab in January 2003 — after falling in love with digital photography in their own professional photography business.


Before I felt comfortable recommending Color Inc to you, I wanted to try it for myself. So … I uploaded my favorite *sprinkles* photo that Brian Smith took for me last spring and ordered a gallery wrapped canvas.

I am so delighted with the results. I truly wish you could touch and feel this canvas.
The quality is apparent when you look at it, but when you pick it up, you really know that it is well constructed. Each canvas is finished with a Tyvek paper (if you choose) bumpers and a wire for hanging. All that good and important stuff aside …
it is just dang cute.

I’m now feeling inspired to re-think Addie’s room — possibly for Christmas. I’ll keep you posted on that one. Anyway, this canvas will hang in her room and I LOVE it and I want YOU to have a beautiful gallery wrapped canvas of a photo you love too …


I’m so thankful that Tim and his team are reaching out to scrapbookers — I like their vision! Personally, I am NOT anywhere close to being a professional photographer, so what you can take from my experience is that if I can figure out how to upload and order a gallery wrapped canvas, so can YOU. In fact, Jared (my contact at Color Inc) will personally walk the winner through the ordering process. Wow!

So … here’s what you need to do to qualify yourself for this little giveaway.

pod625 pod727

pod619 pod728

Visit the Color Inc. blog and click on “Pick of the Day” or just click HERE. Spend one minute browsing amazing photography and leave me a comment. Tell me about a favorite image you saw, or about something you’re going to try because of an image you saw, or simply tell me what type of photography brings out the “Ahhh” in you. Leave me a comment after visiting Pick of the Day and you’ll be entered to WIN.

If you are just interested in testing the ‘waters’ a bit, then consider the SJO9 promo code that will get you 25 4×6 prints absolutely free. While I archive my most scrap-able images at Shutterfly, as part of my Library of Memories system. I am always open to other services for special projects and I am very impressed with Color Inc. My first batch of 5x7s are on their way to me now.

FYI: Color Inc uses ROES or remote order entry system, to assist photographers in customizing their online orders. There are so many scrapbookers that have taken their photography to the next level and begun to share their talents with others. If you are one who is looking a professional lab that is extremely approachable — I feel confident you’ll find the help and service you need at Color Inc.

Ready, Set … Good LUCK!
As always, you have one full week to enter.

Allison will annouce the Memory Works November kit winner later today!


  1. Wow! I want a huge picture like this on my wall! I loved the little fingers holding the dandelion–just for Momma.

  2. I just love this site Stacy and totally enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful and inspiring photos! My favorite is the photo of the brick wall with the word “love” on simple and so powerful at the same time. I’m thinking that a gallery wrapped canvas would make a great Christmas gift! Adding this to my “favorites” now. Thanks!

  3. Amanda M. says:

    Wow – I love love love Pod 518 – the man holding the baby with the sunset in the background. I love the beach feel, and the way you can tell the man is smiling. Great shot! I would love a canvas like this!

  4. Actually the image you posted on Sunday makes me go Ahhhh

  5. Close up of interesting textures. Angle the horizon behind someone. The crop of the legs and the skateboard, that’s cool. I’ve done the sun reflecting in the rear view mirror of the car Aand the hummingbird. Sunshining through a pumpjack…that symbolizes what we do and where we live.
    Ohh, just so many good ones. I just love photographs :) I’ve been wanting a canvas for awhile now.

  6. The pictures are awesome – Canvas photos are awesome. I want to take Ali’s assignment for week six (the square punch photos) and make a canvas from that. I wrote a “Once upon a time” story of me and my husband and used pictures from his childhood, mine and us together. I think this would look so cool on a canvas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. oh my those canvases are stunning! amazing..i was blown away by each photo..but i have to say the red dots on pod 609 is a huge huge favourite! loved the architectural ones as well..truly unbelievable! what a great give away…i would love to have my neice and nephew on canvas…

  8. WOW……those photos are all stunning. i would have to say my first favourite is pod 609…wonderful give away..i also loved the architectural shots they do…amazing!

  9. lynne moore says:

    Wow! Those were really cool. I like the little surprises…the love on the wall, the baby in the grass. I like to take pix with the unusual lines and angles. Nothing quite as dramatic as some on the site, but I’m working on it.

  10. I loved all of these pictures. SO cute!! The baby pics always make me smile. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Amy Anderson says:

    To be perfectly honest, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sprinkles photo. I might have to try it with my daughter and see I can get something to hang in her pink and green room. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Thanks for sharing this site with us! It was so inspiring! I had a hard time picking a favorite pic…but loved the one with the baby in the tutu on the red chair…so precious! I just took a cute pic. of my middle son yesterday carrying an American flag and pulling our dog in his little wagon. I would love to put it on canvas! I will definately be ordering prints from this site. Thanks again for always sharing your inspiration!

  13. I was excited to learn they are located in Michigan. I try to do my business as local as possible and my state sure needs help with the economy. What a great site. I will use them soon.

  14. there’s something in EVERY photo I saw that I liked. But the one that struck me most
    is the one with the man’s and child’s silhouette against the sunset. That is one picture that I’d like to manage to shoot.

    I don’t know if they will the canvas abroad. I’m in Italy. If they will, good, if not,
    it’s good too. Just loved to see all those photos.

  15. My favorite is the mom (in jeans and red high heels) and dad (in jeans and funky black shoes) pictured only from the knees down, holding up their ADORABLE baby in the hip onesie with seriously styling shoes. That photo tells me so much about that family. Thanks, as usual, for the opportunity!

  16. Stacy,

    I left you a comment but when I click on my name, there appears a photograph
    of my son and not my blog °_° It’s a nice picture of my son, but just wondering :)

    Hmmm, maybe I put an addy that pointed to that exact photo the first time I added my website??!!

  17. Lazy Mom Leslie says:

    I seriously could look at pictures all day long! I love any family pics and kid pics. I have a soft spot for family!

  18. Pod 604 immediately jumped out at me. I’m really drawn to a combination of texture and color (I went crazy at the Pike’s Place market – what a feast for the eyes, from the tea shop with jars lining the walls, to the lined up shrimp with their eyes popping…) I love the bright red and texture of this one. I always need reminding to take pics of the details, and not just the obvious. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of a great company!

  19. Vinyl lady says:

    I love your website!!! You are an amazing woman and you have great people surrounding you. Thanks for all the inspiration and example, I would love to be in your RS when you teach. I love the photo with “love” written on the wall.

  20. Helen Carter says:

    Really hard to pic a favorite, the wedding couples, the scenic ones, the portraits, so many great ones, but I did pic # 828 the spiral fire escape, loved the shadow on the wall. Have been researching a place to get a wrapped canvas for my daughter for Christmas, I noticed the one you have hanging on your wall in the blog post about your new chairs. She just had a professional shoot out in the woods near her home in Park City, UT and has a photo of her family of 6 (four children) on an old bridge. Would love to win this one, but if I don’t will definitely check out purchasing one from these folks! Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. I loved them all . . . but was especially touched by the family with two little kids sitting and hugging . . . a family obviously joined by love and not biology! :)

  22. Amazing! Such beautiful photos. I would have to say my favorite is Pod 811. The little girl hugging the little boy who is giving her a kiss on the cheek. Oh how this photo speaks to my heart. Thank you for sharing this site.

  23. Candace B. says:

    Clearly, “perspective” was the goal in these photos…wide angle lens, or extreme close ups, or physically taking the picture way above the subject ie. baby picture. There were some professional models that gave some photos “a look”. I’m not sure what I would be able to incorporate in my photos…but worth thinking about.

  24. So many favorites!! Love the cowboy and his horse (my dad was a cowboy), the little dalmatian puppies between the firemen’s boots, the dad & daughter at sunset on the beach, the two little boys in front of the white pickets fence….too hard to choose just one!

  25. Christy B says:

    LOVE the silhouetted photo in front of the sunset. Such gorgeous color. I also love photos on canvas. Great giveaway.

  26. One of my favourites is

    A picture of two swans on a mist covered lake. It’s so peaceful and calming. I can imagine sitting quietly beside the lake….hearing the water ripple as they feed or wash themselves…the buzz of dragonflies around……Swans are so elegant and the idea of pairing up for life is so romantic and something to inspire us humans in todays world.

  27. POD 724 is the picture of a couple on the far right sitting in a field with stunning mountains in the background.
    Striking but peaceful.

  28. I love the photo of the baby with the parents’ jeans and fun shoes. It’s a great different kind of portrait. Really shows personality! I have a couple canvases I got from a different company and it would be great to have a larger canvas and I’m guessing the quality is much greater than what I already have. I’m already thinking of which photo I’d choose!

  29. I really liked a lot of these images. The ones I was most drawn to, though, were the little boy’s feet with his skateboard, the two women/sisters on the dock (love the angle), the dark moon and trees, and the gate leading into the large house. These sort of represent the kind of photos I like to take myself, but judging from the comments already posted, I think I’m in the minority here. :-)

    Thanks for sharing the site. I always love looking at others’ photography.

  30. omg – where to start? the baby in the tutu on the chair? the boy’s legs with the skateboard. . .the kissing couple in front of the plane…they are ALL amazing. . .

    what a great giveaway!

  31. I love the image of the little kid reaching for the cookie jar! So cute! I love photography that utilizes the wide angle view — saw lots of cool ones in this gallery.
    Thanks for sharing this site. I just had some pictures taken of my 4 year old daughter and I want to get 1 or 2 or them printed onto canvas. Now I know where to go!

  32. I had a lot of favorites but the one that stands out the most for me is Pod728, the word love on brick. I can’t get it out of my head, how simple and what a reminder to look in the unseen places for a blessing.

  33. I love Pod721..the sunrise in the rearview mirror in the desert…awesome! Thanks for the great idea for Christmas presents for the grandparents! ;-) Just love your blog and creativity!!!

  34. Leora Henkin says:

    Definitely a hard choice, but I loved POD 1009 – The halloween pic of the cute kids in the witches hats. Thanks for sharing… Leroa

  35. Love the baby swaddled in the tall grass–gorgeous photo! Also love the one with the baby in the tutu…my 3 month old has a tutu and I can’t wait for her to be able to sit on her own so I can do photos like that. Great giveaway!

  36. I love the one of the couple kissing in the rain, taken through a window. There were so many great images to look at. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. I love POD908 – firemen or women with dalmation dogs

  38. I just love the love stinks shot. Those red pumps caught my eye, but then the whole shot just makes me want to try to get a photgraph like that! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  39. Lovely photos – no wonder they made pick of the day. I especially liked the Baby in Sneakers being held up by the parents (707), the Trucker & Wife (601), and the play of light and shadow in POD709

  40. I personally love the VW van photo and actually took a picture of my 3 youngin’s looking out the back of our newly painted Herbie (73 VW bug – painted just like Herbie). Of course, this photo came out way better than mine! Try, try again!!

  41. My favorite is the one looking thru the palm trees across the ocean. I love landcape pictures of beautiful places in the world. They are beautiful reminders of how much God loves us!

  42. So many to choose from. I loved many of those mentioned above, but the one I would love a copy of is the brick wall with the ivy and the word “love.” Thanks for sharing another wonderful site. The inspiration here is amazing.

  43. I love the vintage-y feel of the one with the girl in the tutu…
    All the photos are wonderful, and I’m hoping maybe someday my
    photos will be that great. I’m working on it! ;D
    The canvas would be a great gift…I’ll have to think on this one!

  44. I really like POD804. It just captures me and draws me right into the photograph! I love intriguing photography and macro photography a lot!

  45. I love the picture of the young man on the bench (102209). My eldest son is in high school and of course is “too cool” for a lot of cute-sy shots. That being said, I still want to celebrate who he is through pictures. I don’t want to miss the young man he is becoming. Thanks for the great link.

  46. This was an overall inspiring website…. I loved so many of them!!! It definitely made me think about my approach to photos these days!! Creative shots here we come!!!

  47. I really love so many, but I was inspired by the one of the couple in front of the navy jet, and also a couple in front of a firetruck, and one in front of a semi. I really want to do a picture of my hubby and me kissing in front of one of his tractors. I have this moment from our dating days of him showing off his new tractor frozen in my memory forever. It was one of those perfect “I have got to marry this man” moments. (And we still have that tractor!)

  48. I loved the ferris wheel shot, and I love your new canvas. I need to go look through my photos and find an artistic shot, I’d love to try this!

  49. WOW love the canvas you got! I loved a ton of the pictures on that blog, but my favorite was the baby in the blue tutu on the red chair – way too adorable!

  50. wow – so many great photos! I love the one of the dad and daughter with the sunset in the background. great shot.

  51. I’d have to say that the picture of the “flight boy” hugging his wife/girlfriend with the military plane in the background made me go ahhh. The shot of the family in front of the grill of the old Chevy pickup gave me an idea to recreate a family shot using my hubby’s ’57 Chevy! You started the gears turning!! I already have a shot of my son’s feet with his putter on the green of the golf course. Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. Barbi in Ottawa, Canada says:

    Honestly, all the photography was very,very good but the one with the little baby girl in her tutu on the chair looking up is very striking. Thanks for the chance to win a great product!

  53. I love the little girl looking up at the camera, too cute. My favorite type of photography is portraits, I especially like closeup portraits where you can really see into the subjects eyes

  54. Tracy Rizzo says:

    I loved the one with the firemen and the dalmatians, and the hummingbird-I love hummingbirds.Beautiful!

  55. My favorite image is the one of the side-view mirror on the car, looking back at the highway. Something about it speaks to me…moving forward while remembering what’s behind you. Something I’m trying to do right now.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. Wow…POD602 is gorgeous, love the color in POD604 (that red…yum). I wish I had a photo like POD710 from our state fair, and I want a photo of my hubby and I like POD720, in my fathers old hay field…I love these, they’re so inspiring—thanks for sharing Stacy!

  57. The Family shot….I love/want/need a great family shot…..Theirs is Gorgeous!!

  58. scrappysue says:

    Oh my gosh, what a bunch of amazing photos; my favourites were a toss between the adorable little girl with the tutu (totally made me say “aw” when I saw it), and the photo of the boys shoes and skateboard, very slice of life, loved it. I will be sure to try out this new company Stacy; your sprinkles canvas looks adorable!

  59. Yolanda B. says:

    Beautiful photos, thank you for the chance to win!

  60. My favorite by far is the shot of the red texture. It looks as if it was taken from a great angle and that picture alone would be something I would frame and stick on my wall. I love shots like that. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it is red…yeah!

  61. Kimberly Goon says:

    I loved the dancer doing the splits in the air. Anyone with that talent amazes me as I am so not flexible.

  62. I absolutely love the shadowed image with the sunset! I’ve been meaning to try something like that for awhile…this reminded me of how much I love it! Thanks for the promo code too! I’m looking forward to trying out this company!

  63. stephanie m says:

    i loved the shot of the bride and her bridesmaids with their flowers behind them. i’ve seen a lot of wedding photographs in my life but never one that captures the back of the dresses. I am always looking for the uniqueness and detail of life in photography.

  64. Wow, what an amazing site, thanks for the enabling…again! Beautiful photography; I love all the nature scenes and the color tones. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing a code too. I also use Shutterfly, but am open to new avenues!

  65. wow, such beautiful photos! i love 930 with the horse and it’s mane flowing in the breeze- just makes me feel free and relaxed!

  66. I love all the photos but my favorite at the moment is the Ferris Wheel one… time passing and bright colors and that feeling of “Wheeeeeeeee!” :)

  67. Whenever I see a photo taken on an angle – or tilted – I think “I gotta try that!” And yet I always forget. I love the added interest and it always causes me to pause. I feel like I’m seeing something “ordinary” in an “extraordinary” way. Love the “Sprinkles” picture you did – it’s gorgeous!

  68. ohhh lots of good ones on there! I’m partial to golf photos, so I liked the bride and groom walking at the golf course!

  69. I love the fireworks shot. Personally I’ve been trying to photograph extreme close-ups of my kids – just their eyes, their freckles, their hands (as they change with each age). I want to remember what these little details are like since they change so quickly.

  70. Shannonvan says:

    Great photography! I love to walk, and I’d love to come up on the scene with the two swans on the lake. It expresses quiet and solitude, things that I don’t seem to find very often.

  71. I love the silhouettes against the sunset- would love to do that well. Also, the cool angle on the guitar- love close up shots of everyday things.

  72. I love that sunset shot also. Fall sunsets on the Florida panhandle are stunning, but I never get people in those shots. Can’t wait to try that next October.

  73. Love the fat baby girl in the green tutu and the two ladies on the end of the pier. Beautiful!

  74. Wow, I don’t know what Photoshop actions people are using, but I love them!

  75. Love the family pic with the guy with the cello in the field.

  76. I love the close up photos through the “eyes” of a child.

  77. I adore teh shot on the beach of the little girl holding the black dog (#623). I’m really hoping to work on my photography skills and get more into Pet Portraiture, and that image is just wonderful :)

    Have a great day!

  78. I could not pick one. I felt like I could sense the emotion of each place and person that was photographed. That is what brings out the “Ahhhh” for me . . . when a photograph transports you to the place. I am going to try taking more photos from up above.Thanks for sharing this and for the chance to win. I just finished re-painting my little girl’s room and have been trying to figure out what to put on the walls. This is it!!

  79. Brenda in Sunny So Cal says:

    The picture of all the kids with the witches hat, looks like a “real” (as in not so professional) photo…
    I also love your sprinkels shot, just yesterday, I was thinking I should take a pictures of the boys with all their bouncy balls in their hands, they have so many and are so colorful, it just reminds me of that picture…. (plus a great things we love layout)

  80. WOW – so many great pictures on there Stacy, so much colour, so many with great composition, so many that are just plain inspiring – but what do I most want to try & reproduce right now? Your sprinkles picture!

  81. I love the in air action shots!

  82. I love how many pictures are taken at angles, they are really fun to look at!

  83. Love the nature photos–and the ones of children–they always bring out the ahhh in me. But then, so do Kodak commercials.

  84. Love POD 715. Wow!

  85. I like the skateboard and feet picture. It inspires me to try out that low angle. Thanks for sharing the company info with us.

  86. There were quite a few I liked and those all made me think of perspective. I want to try to concentrate on perspective in my photographs as well as my life. What a great site!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  87. I think the skateboarding picture was really cool. I recently heard great things about color inc also – I plan to have theme print my christmas cards!

  88. I love the guitar picture. My son plays the guitar and I am always looking for unique ways to photograph one. I would love to decorate his room with a ton of different views of a guitar. This one will definitely go in my memory bank.

  89. Blue — I’m so drawn to the color blue right now it’s crazy. So, of course, my favorite photos are the blue ones!
    Hmm….maybe it’s time for a blue photo scavenger hunt with the kids!

  90. My favorite picture is the one of the city skyline at night with the purple fireworks….or the black and white of the baby in the basket. So inspiring!! Thanks as always for the chance to win!!

  91. I love all the outdoor landscapes, from farm to city, to sunsets, to blue sky, God creates the best backdrops for our photos!

  92. Wendy Baker says:

    The action shots – jumping in particular, makes me want to try some fun things with the kiddos. Also, I love the urban pics… need to take the kids downtown for some fun.


  93. I loved lots of photos. but POD520 – Black and white snap of two children is my favorite!!

  94. I love the movement shots like your sprinkles and on color inc. blog – the water with the girls behind it. I’ve wanted to capture this for awhile b/c I like the combination of the “abstract” with the focused in the same picture. Maybe I can do something cool with my son’s swim team photos next spring? I’ll look for other opportunities sooner, too!

    Cool new company.

  95. erin white says:

    POD625 of the young girl in a chair in the middle of the field caught my eye… i need to do some senior pictures of my daughter soon to send out in her announcment cards and i want something more natural and relaxed, a little whisical :) that reminded me of her and i think it gave me a couple of great ideas > thanks so much for getting the juices flowing :)

  96. first of all it makes me want to get married again just for the great photography!! (to the same person of course :)
    LOVED the baby in the tutu looking up from the chair, and the perspective shots stood out to me. also I love shots where something is clearly in focus and the rest is blurred… the sprinkles… blurred pics where it emphasizes something else to focus on…..
    My favorite pic is the family shot where there is a dustdevil going on behind them….made me wonder how many pics did it take to get that!!!!

  97. I loved the picture of the firemen’s legs with the dalmations around them. So cute! It’s Pod908, in case anyone wants to look.

  98. Call me crazy but the photo of the oil well caught my eye right away. We had one on our farm when I was growing up and it brings back all of those memories of living there.

  99. I love the B&W shot of the two little boys laughing together in the grass.

  100. Love, love, love them all!

  101. I love the staircase and shadow #828, because it reminds me to look for great shadow opportunities!

  102. That spiral staircase photo is WOW. Very cool. All the picks are great!

  103. I love the jumping ones. I might get my boys to try that.
    Also the rain shot with the two kissing in the background.

  104. I love the picture of the little one in a tutu sitting on the chair, just too precious.

  105. The photo of the water tower set against the ominous sky looks so alien and so fascinating. Very cool!

  106. Oooh…those are amazing images. With veterans day coming up…I LOVED the close up of the bald eagle…striking!

  107. Such interesting photos!! Thanks!

  108. So many fantastic images! I want to try to capture someone in motion, jumping up in the air, or off of something…I love those kinds of shots!

  109. Whitney S. says:

    I really love photos that capture people doing everyday things…not posing and looking directly at the camera. I also love pictures of things that are not always photographed….that are unique. I love their pics…thanks so much!

  110. I need a 16 year old portrait of my daughter. I’m going to combine two of the images I saw. I envision her in a dance pose, inspired by the jumping photos, in front of a sunset before it gets too much colder for a leotard and skirt outside in this part of the US.

  111. wow. there are some amazing images. i was drawn to the ferris wheel. it reminded me of some photos of navy pier that i need to go dig up. love the colored lights at night. just magical.

    thanks for the chance!

  112. I really liked the one looking down the street with very colorful house fronts. The bright colors against the dark grey sky is fantastic! Very cool pictures!

  113. I love the picture of the baby in red chucks with the mom and dad’s jean clad legs in the background. So cute!

  114. I liked POD528 — the one of the sunshiny yellow flower being held between the thumb and pointer fingers. I love the simplicity of the photo and color contrast of the yellow and blue. It brings a sense of peace and makes me feel calm and happy. Thanks for writing about the gallery wrapped canvas as I really like that look & am researching how and where to order them from.

  115. Great site, I love the Ferris Wheel picture with the swirl of color! I have thought about getting a printed canvas but since they can be pricey, I held off not knowing what the end product would look like. Thanks for sharing!

  116. Wow I love the baby with the tutu standing on the chair – so beautiful.

  117. LeAnne Spetch says:

    I like the photos taken at an angle. It’s something I want to try more.

  118. Melissa F says:

    There were some FABULOUS images and they definitely inspire me to look for unique ways to capture any subject. Pictures that make me go aaaahhhh are the ones where my sweet boy is sleeping.

  119. Sherri H. says:

    Looking at these photos inspired me to get my family OUTSIDE & take some pics. Because I live near Seattle, it rains a lot. Believe it or not, I’ve never thought to get my kids outside in the rain for some “This is where we live” shots.
    BTW, we live near Jubilee Farms & you’re mom looks so familiar to me. Not sure why, maybe I’ve seen her around or at a church thing. Thanks for the new lab info! Sherri

  120. Wow! It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I loved the wedding photo of the couple take through the rain. So beautiful and unique!

  121. My favorite is the dalmation puppies and the firemen’s boots. Also, I love the 3 kids on the RR tracks. I keep wanting to take some RR track pictures. thanks for the chance to win. CindyML

  122. I love the one of the bride and groom by the water. What a great resource. Thank you for sharing!

  123. Tina Brown says:

    I just love the angled poses…I have not stepped out of the box to do this yet but I find it very cool…thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  124. Stunning photos!
    My favorite photo is the spinning ferris wheel pod710. As a mom to almost 27 month old twins, I feel like this most days! Though, loving every colorful minute of it!

  125. I love crisp, vivid colors! That always makes me say ahhhh!

  126. Love them all..especially the kiss through the rain…I love pictures where you see something, and then see something more, beyond that.

  127. The couple shot through the water is amazing!

  128. I love the picture of the wedding couple through the water. The colors are so vibrant and the images are all so sharp.

  129. Wow, a lot of gorgeous photos for sure. Love the one taken inside the car that shows the sunset in the mirror. I’ve used that same method this past winter to show the school bus coming while we waited in the car. It turned out pretty cool. Lots of great inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity.

  130. Lynn in FL says:

    I love the photo of the Navy wife kissing her soldier goodbye. Being married to a former soldier myself, that one brought an immediate lump to my throat. Thank you, Stacy, for telling us about this photo service, and for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

    Lynn in FL

  131. Wow! Nice pics! Too many great ones to single out just one! But if I mus, I loved 621, the baby bundled up in a blanket and lying in grass. It makes me remember to not zoom in too tightly!!!!

  132. Great photos – I loved the photos of the guy sitting in a field in his car, and the family with a cello, but my favorite was the guy in a tux carrying his girl in a yellow dress and black high tops – loved the whimsy of that one!

  133. I like the family of four at the beach. I’ve always wanted a family photo shoot at the beach – those pictures always appeal to me. I also like the one of the two boys in the orange plaid – TOO cute!

  134. this is so cool!!!
    I just love the pic of the baby sitting in the chair dressed in a tutu looking up. How precious!

  135. Love the firemen legs with the Dalmation puppies, so adorable.

  136. I love the firemen legs with the Dalmation puppies #908, so adorable

  137. #608
    The elderly man sitting in the old car.
    OMGosh… that photo just drew me in.
    I wonder what he was thinking when he was sitting there looking out over that field. I love how he was dressed.
    Amazing photo. Such a story behind it.

  138. Love the one of the girl jumping in front of the old blue and red building. Love the old building and her reminder to LIVE life!

  139. image 623, the little girl with the dog, I guess this moved me to misty eyes because I am so missing my dog lately. We sent him to the rainbow bridge a week before he turned 15, and our lives have been so empty without him, in so many ways.

  140. Beautiful canvas – and their images are beautiful as well. I love the three little ones on the track – the way the littlest one is looking into the big brothers eyes is just too sweet!!! The red Chevrolet is just dang cool. And I love a girl who can wear converse with a dress – beautiful!!!
    Thanks for the coupon code – I will give them a try!! And thanks for the chance at a canvas of our own!!

  141. Beautiful pictures! I love all the colors! Too hard to pick a favorite, but would love to try and figure out a photo of my own to have printed out on canvas!!!

  142. Always amazed at how many responses you get–what an amazing circle of people whose lives you are touching!

    Anyway, I like the photo of the kid’s feet w/the skateboard. Want to try that with my own kids–or better yet,(idea!) my twin identical nieces who can always be told apart by what shoes they are wearing. One wears girl’s shoes and the other is such a tomboy that she will only wear boy’s shoes. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks!

  143. Laura Glover says:

    Many of those photo’s spoke to me …or just made me smile! My favorite would have to be the baby sitting in the chair with the tutu on looking up. Reminds me of my little girl….and how precious and fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday, she was a chubby cheeked little toddler with just a little bit of fuzz (hair) on top of her head. I’d love to try out the new company. I’ve wanted to try canvas for awhile.

  144. I love the photo of the bride and groom looking through the rain. Very creative. Thanks for sharing this great site!

  145. Jennifer Monroe says:

    I was inspired by the photo of the couple where the girl is wearing the yellow dress and the black Converse shoes. It reminded me of my wedding day-my husband and I both wore Converse shoes-him black and me lime green!

  146. my fav is pod908 of the firemen and the dalmations. I however thought all the photos were awesome.

    I also love your sprinkles canvas. if I was to be picked i have the perfect photo to do.

    thanks for the chance

  147. I love the Bridge in the Fog. something mystical about fog around anything. Smooths all the rough edges of life.

  148. my favorite is the brick wall w/ love written in chalk. next fav is the ferris wheel. love the colors and motion. I am getting ready to “break thru” and buy an SLR digital and up my photog skills…….it has always been my favorite creativty outlet. Thanks for the heads up!

  149. those swans in fog were beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this site -

  150. The Bald Eagle did it for me. Maybe because I had the pleasure of watching a pair circle over our campsite Sunday morning or just because I love to photograph things God made. Never get tired of nature!

  151. I like POD 727–the VW bus–because it reminds me of our kid-raising days. We car-pooled them around in a VW bus, even though we weren’t “flower children” it was the Age of Aquarius. LOL

  152. oh sure ya, only spend a minute in there — I dare you? That was fun!

  153. Mommie, where do babies come from? The field, dear.
    I like the one of the baby in the field. Do you think my friend will let me put her new baby in the grass for a shot?

  154. I think the picture of the bride and groom kissing in the rain is pretty cool. Way to make the most of rain on your wedding day!

  155. Melissa Gooch says:

    The one that spoke to me was Pod518. The silhouette of the man and little girl against the brightness of the setting sun. The pictures of the sun setting truly speak to me. The are AWESOME and really make me thankful for the day I have had.

  156. i’d like to enlarge a pic of one of my children’s hands – maybe holding a lovey or a toy.

  157. I want to take a casual portrait of my family. I just love the one that look like they were taken when everyone wasn’t looking or quite ready.

  158. Wow! The red picture grabbed me! The picture of the the guitar from the end looked interesting. Cool how great things look when you look at them in a different way.

  159. I love the picture of Tower Bridge, London. It gave me a pang of homesickness – I’m currently a missionary in Thailand, preparing for my first Christmas away from family.

  160. The close up photo of the bald eagle, for so many reasons. Because I am fiercely patriotic, and at our house we stand for the National Anthem, even on TV. Because the bald eagle is a symbol of freedom. Because after 9/11 my favorite cartoon was a bald eagle sharpening her talons. Because in the Bible, it says, “Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” Because every time I see an eagle, these are the pictures in my head.

    Thank you for all you do to help us really SEE, Stacy.

  161. I love the sunset silhouette (even if I cannot spell it) shot. I would love to capture both the sunset colors and a person or people against that background.

  162. I love the pic of the prom date where the girl is wearing sneakers. I wish that I would have been brave enough to have done that 20 years ago at my wedding!! I LOVE what I call the “Q factor” ; Q standing for Quirky, but I didn’t embrace it until later in life. Now, I would love have done something like wear bright pink Doc Martens with my wedding dress–I hope my kids will embrace that if they want to–I will definitely encourage them to be themselves. Hope they have learned from me that quirky is OK!

  163. guy in tux with girl in yellow dress! hands down! love the site and options! thanks for the giveaways!

  164. First off I must say I saw some amazing photography! I loved looking at all the photos of kids and families. I am always looking for a new great idea to photograph my two boys. I have to say that I so want to take a chair, an older rustic wooden chair or an old orange upolstered chair, and put my boys in it and take a picture in a big open field with tall grass. But living where I live we really don’t have big open fields here so I will have to search out that great spot for that great photo. Oh and find that perfect chair.

  165. Laurie Cooper says:

    Pod 805, or 508 or some such…I can’t remember the numbers, but the glorious tropical fish caught my eye. I loved the colors, and the peace of the undersea world.

  166. Nicolle Tafoya says:

    Please, the baby sitting in the chair with the tutu on, oh my! I also had to stop at the young black girl with the brilliant green behind her. That one was beautiful.


  167. Love the baby on the funky shoes! Pod 707 – adorable….

  168. Stephanie T says:

    The eagle photo made me go, “Ahhhh”, and the photo of the swaddled baby in the grass made by go, “Awwww”. Nature photos and baby/family photos are my favorites. Great site–thank you, Stacy.

  169. I love the vw & the baby on the scale. I would use it for the six month pictures I just took of my daughter. My fingers are crossed!

  170. Linda Muir says:

    I really loved lots of the photos, but one of my favorites was the one of 2 brothers by fence-black & white. The bird by the wheat is also really unique.

  171. I love the one of the girl leaping…so amazed at the way some cameras can capture THE moment…not just the after thought. Awesome gallery!

  172. The top down view of the baby in the tutu – awesome camera angle.

  173. I loved the fire escape. Liked how the shadow was the mirror image. I’m always looking for shadow images to shoot. Thanks for sharing this company.

  174. Wow, love the dancer in Pod528. It makes you feel very alive.

    Thanks for sharing

  175. Barbara B says:

    i love the off center family photo – a good reminder not to put everything in the center. Barbara

  176. Stacy, thanks for the site! I love picture POD706, the water falling, the romantic kiss happening behind it, it’s just soft and one of those that you see one thing and as you keep looking closer you see more. I love it! Of course there are many others that caught my eye but this is the one that caught my imagination!

    Thanks again for the chance to win, I’d love to get a canvas of a picture of my oldest daughter (no longer with us) so we’d have such a permanent reminder of her.

  177. Julie Staub says:

    I love the photo of the girl leaping in front of the blue garage door with red walls framing her. It is so vibrant and full of life.

  178. This would be such a wonderful prize to win! A great sponsor! I love the picture of the family up on the hill with the large cello? I love family pictures like this… envious too as my boys are soooo not very willing to get their pictures taken! This photo encourages me to give it another try though!

  179. Nicky from Canada says:

    Love the little girl with the dog – love black and white
    Wonderful giveaway

  180. Gina Jackson says:

    I had three favorites-the child’s hand holding a dandilion to the sky, the silouetted man holding the child with an amazing sunset in the background and the kids in the old VW bus

  181. Those PODs shots are great. I saw lots of “crooked” shots, meaning the camera was at an angle. Those intrigue me. I accidentally shot a “crooked” photo of my son while carving pumpkins, and I ended up really liking it. I need to do this more.

  182. Oh my! So many beautiful shots, I now feel like a photographer that is more boring than. . . oatmeal! I’m totally mesmerized by the whole site, and loved the one of the child going after the cookie jar. Fantastic POV!

  183. I love #617 – the baby laying on a very green plant and #710 – at the fair, the spinning colors of a ride. This site is amazing! And winning a canvas would be amazing too!!!

  184. Got that “aaha” you mentioned with the littlge girl in a tutu on the chair. Liked that the angle was looking down- I usually crouch down to get on my little guy’s level. I’ll have to try looking down on him now! Mom and Dad’s legs and shoes behind the little boy in red shoes and a onesie, the brothers against a white picket fence, baby with a cute hat swaddled and lying in the grass… so many goodies! Thanks for creating a moment that causes little bursts of creative energy :)

  185. The dad and the girl in silhouetted by the sunset. I am up after a middle of the night nursing of my six week old. The dad-daughter bond is getting me at the moment…

  186. Ileana Carlile says:

    OH my goodness! POD 731 – what AMAZING skin color and black eyes!! Everything about that photograph is incredible. The beautiful child, with the green in the background that just made the face pop, etc.

    I love pictures of faces.

  187. Oh goodness there are so many that I like. One of the ones I like the best is POD 602 which is of a baby sitting on a chair in a tutu. I am thinking this angle would be a great one to try. I have a couple little great nephews that I could get some wonderful pictures of at this angle.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Someone has to win, right?!

  188. Oh how I wish we could have done a family portrait like POD707 when the babies were little. I think a gallery-wrapped canvas print of the entire family would actually be a great gift for my husband, since we do not have any recent ones posted up yet. I’m sure it would be more like POD1006 though. Thanks for the idea and the chance to win Stacy.

  189. Lots of great pics in there. Like Pod528, it shows FUN!

  190. Val Turner says:

    I love POD 518 – dad and daughter silouette. It speaks to me on multiple levels.

  191. I love POD #715 and #721. I used to live in SF and boy do I miss the fog. And looking in the rearview mirror is so – WOW. I am heading back over there to spend a bit more time…

  192. Clara Ewell says:

    The baby in the grass, don’t remember the number… hope I win.

  193. Monika Wright says:

    I am loving the “in the moment” photos. Like the oil rig. I think back on photos of things I would love to have photos of now, from my childhood, that at the time seemed so normal and not photo-worthy. My Opa’s garden, the view of the bedroom where we slept that looked out over train tracks. Our old Chevy station wagon.

  194. I love just about all of them, but I particularly like the casual family portrait under the pier at the beach…loving that scenery. Then I also love the photo of the girl jumping in front of the blue doors…I love when I find places like that to shoot.

  195. They are all inspiring. I love the girl and her dog at the beach. Thanks for giving me my Christmas ideas…on the way to order some canvas pictures!

  196. I love the creativity of all the canvas “pick of the day”…but my favorite would be those with the sun…sun-flare, silhouettes….the sun in itself has such beauty and something we all know and see or feel the effects from daily….Love it!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome canvas from Color Inc. You Rock!

  197. there are so many good ones to choose from! i really like #812 of the surfer at either dawn or dusk…great shot!

  198. I’m a sucker for cute babies so I absolutely adore picture # 602 of the baby in the tutu. I want to try taking photos from above like that.

  199. Pod625 is absolutely adorable. Love the little girl’s mish-mash outfit, her pose, and those chubby cheeks!

  200. They all looked great but I really loved the sunset one of the dad lifting the little girl up.

  201. wow great photos, I really loved the one of the couple kissing, and they are behind a curtain of water ( rain? fountain?)

  202. Susanne N. says:

    oh my goodness! what inspiration! there were so many i loved…the green moss growing up the side of those old bricks with the word ‘love’ (LOVE it!) the newly married couple? with the rain coming down (BRILLIANT!) the little girl sitting in the chair with the shot being taken above her (BEAUTIFUL!) the child behind the cookie jar with a few yummy looking cookies to be seen (IMPRESSIVE!).

    what a great site!

  203. Oh wow! Hard to pick a favorite. I find inspiration in all of them! I absolutely love the one with the girl blowing the dandelion. It makes me think of simple things. Things that you really don’t think to capture when you’re doing portraits. Thanks!!

  204. Alice Campbell says:

    What awesome photographs! I love perusing sites like these… they are so inspirational and always help me explore my own creativity. I especially like the very last photo (111009) on the third page– the street scene. The vivid colors grabbed me right away, and I loved the angle of the shot — and that sky! Another great site to bookmark. Thanks!

  205. I love all the wedding pics! They are not ‘traditional’ wedding photos of everyone standing in a line, but they give the impression that everyone is having a great time and that it’s a special day. I love when photos do that… you almost wish you were there with them having fun with them! :-)

  206. I love the picture with the fishes…it feels like you are under the water with them. The colors is fantastic.

  207. Pod605 really stood out to me – loved how the pier led my eye to the sisters

  208. I was drawn to the different bird pictures. Probably because I take so many pictures of birds at home…I can’t even IMAGINE capturing a hummingbird like that. Amazing!

  209. Gorgeous photos! They really inspired me to try different perspectives when photographing. There is so much to see from a different angle!
    Checking out this site further. Thanks Stacy!

  210. Loved looking through the images but my favorite is your sprinkles canvas. It is like hanging happiness on the wall…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So excited to see Tim and his company on your blog. He is from my hometown and I can vouch for his amazing talents! OHHHH i hope i win!

  211. man those are amazing photos. I loved so many…. but if I have to choose one, it’s going to be POD728. So very cool. Love so many things about this photo- the brick wall, the green vine climbing up it and of course the little “love” smack dab in the middle of it all. very cool stuff there, stacy!

  212. I love the baby in the grass! I’ve never ordered a canvas but drooled over them many times…

  213. terrie faber says:

    Hands down, it’s the baby in the tutu!! But then, I may be slightly biased in that I have a daughter that’s a dancer…..

  214. There are so many beautiful pics on that site it’s hard to pick one favorite, but the picture of the eagle’s head really struck me. I can’t imagine how it was taken.

  215. I really love the shot with the child (boy/girl?) in the right corner with the monument in the far distance. Gives me a great idea to play this weekend.

    Oh, and BTW, the ROES system of ordering makes everything soooo much easier!

  216. Cool shots! I’m inspired to take more shots with more brilliant blue sky in them! thanks for sharing!Keeping my fingers crossed for this one! :-)
    Amy in CA

  217. Kate in UT says:

    Wow! What amazing pictures. I’d like to try to recreate POD929, of the dad and mom looking at their little girl. I’ve got a little one just about that size and would love to capture her in this way. She’s just started smiling at me with her head on her shoulder…too cute!

  218. Shelby Austin says:

    I loved the picture of the Golden Gate Bridge with the fog around it…I was just there yesterday, seeing the bridge for the first time.

  219. I loved 707 with the baby walking and mom and dad’s legs. So cute!! I wish I had some shots like that of me and my kids but….there are always future grandkids!!
    I noticed all the bright, clear colors -simple and gorgeous!

  220. I love the picture of the baby and just the parents legs -
    it’s a non-traditional print and one i would love to try.
    thanks for the giveaway

  221. I’m always touched by images capturing the love of a family – a young family with a brand new little one right on up to a well-seasoned couple with many years of love and laughter (and most likely a bit of trial and tribulation) behind them.

    I love pictures of everyday families doing everyday things. Everyday life is worthy of being celebrated with a big ole gallery wrapped canvas, I think. Thanks, as always, Stacy – you’re the BEST!

  222. Love the cute kids in front of the white picket fence and beautiful wedding photos always make me ooh and aah! Thanks for the coupon code, I’m going to order some pics! :)

  223. I love the wedding picture with the back view of the bride and bridesmaids holding their bouquets behind their backs.

  224. Wow, those are some great images. I noticed several things in just a minute of browsing. First, I wonder how they get the colors so bright. My colors never “pop” they way they do on so many pictures I see on the web. Maybe it’s post-processing (which I never do)? Also, many of the images had a tilt to them. I never do that, but I should try. I have trouble making it look purposeful and not crooked. Oh, there’s so much to learn! Thanks for sharing the site and for the giveaway!

  225. Wow, some amazing talent out there.The one that caught my eye was the fender guitar. I’m drawn to those macro/detail shots. Love the black and white, high contrast look.

  226. They were all great photos. Maybe because it’s Veteran’s Day… I loved the Navy airplane with the couple kissing. The mood of the lighting and the story the picture tells was great to me. I’ve just taken some classes on photography and that’s a great site to search for inspiration- Thanks!

  227. There are soooo many great ideas on this site. I had a hard time choosing. I almost went with the hockey picture (hockey mom/fan at heart), but #POD 908 is the best! It is the firemen standing with the dalmatians! TOO cute! My daughter is majoring in Photo in college in Utah, so I will send this link to her, as well. I think if I won this contest, I would probably send in the self- portrait that my daughter took in black and white. It is a picture of her standing, with her feet crossed (with her little painted toes). It is very much a picture of her! Thanks for sharing!

  228. shellbell78 says:

    They are all so beautiful, but I had 2 faves, the family at the beach, and then the red-headed little girl sitting on a chair with a hat on. So gorgeous.

  229. such inspiration there! i’ve been wanting to try color inc! i absolutely love photographing babies and children… loved the baby in the tutu sitting on a chair (especially as i make tutus for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party) :)

  230. Loved seeing the blurred ferris wheel photo. It reminded me of a wonderful night we had at the local county fair last summer when I took a very similar photo. Need to go pull that one out and make a page with it!

  231. I’d just LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain photo with the couple kissing in the background – Great shot!! The little rocker baby is beyond cute – i love the color contrast with the shoes great use of color to bring the entire photo togethers!!

  232. I love the one with the brick wall/greenery and the word love – maybe it’s because those are the colors I most often decorate with…I love it! I love photos of my sweet boys, especially when I take care to capture the natural light and get the ‘light in their eyes’ effect. Those pictures make me melt!

  233. As a mother of 5, I am a sucker for pictures of kids. I especially love the little boy with the cookie jar (also on your blog) and the bw of the two little boys in front of the fence. (Can you tell I have boys? :) )

  234. I just love the baby in the tu-tu sitting on the chair looking up at the camera. It’s POD 602.

    All the photos I looked at are amazing!

  235. Loved the hummingbird in flight… one of my favorite birds. Wish I had a camera & the knowledge to take a picture like that.

  236. Oh, beautiful! I love the darling baby all bundled up and laying in the grass. So sweet. We all need some photo ideas every now and then… thanks!

  237. POD529 is sticking out to me at the moment… the simplicity and restfulness of the hand with the flower. What a cool site. :)

  238. Jody Myers says:

    I love them all…anything with a kid in it especially! I love the little red headed girl in the chair out in the field!!!!

  239. What inspiring photos! I absolutely love photos that capture someone’s personality or people’s relationships with each other. These are the memories I treasure. My favorite Pick of the Day Photo was the Firemen’s legs with the Dalmations. So cute, powerful, and a great connection. After having just celebrated Veteran’s Day, it struck a cord with me. I am grateful to all those that keep us safe each day … and the sacrifices that they make for us.

  240. Aimee Confer says:

    I loved the photo with the bricks with the word love on it! Shows how you have to keep looking for the little things in life!

  241. I loved the fireworks over the city. I love taking pictures of fireworks. It is exciting to see what the camera catches.

  242. lisa hamilton says:

    I loved the shot of the guitar as taken from a view looking level with the neck – I started out this year kind of doing a modified project 365, but have dropped off the bandwagon ’cause I was taking all the same shots. My son plays guitar daily, so now I am inspired to look from a different perspective. Thanks and good luck to me!

  243. How can I just pick one? I LOVED SO MANY! Favs are B&W of Fender guitar, B&W of basketball player and skyscrapers and the little hand holding the yellow flower. I LOVE great photography!

  244. They are so unique, but Pod111109 keeps catching my eye. The blue and yellow in the landscape is gorgeous – and the boat in the midst of a field. It provokes so many questions and causes you to ponder and just look at the photo.

  245. I think the brick wall with the word LOVE on it makes such a statement. Such a small word yet it makes such a huge impact.

  246. I love the picture of the guitar…I think I’m going to try it for my dad’s 60th birthday. He is so musical & I love the idea of taking a picture of something he loves. :)

  247. I love the word love on the brick wall with the moss growing on it. I love to come across words/saying in unexpected places. Lots of great photos. I also loved the baby and the parents feet – fun to see their shoes.

  248. Wow, amazing photos. And I love this canvas. I think from the photos I was reminded to zoom in more in my photos. To get closer to see textures and the details that are often misssed.

  249. ferris wheel pictures always get me, such great memories of summer fairs

  250. Very inspiring photos indeed! They inspire me to try new angles, like the guitar photo and the baby in the chair – so sweet. I also love the photo of the couple in front of the fighter jet, because it reminds me of our deployed soldiers and how much their families miss them. I also love the moss covered bricks with love written on it. Sometimes when you discover a simple unexpected word or message, it is just what you needed to make you smile and brighten your day.
    P.S. .When I first saw the photo of Addie holding the sprinkles on your website it made me smile. It looks great on canvas!

  251. Wow, great pictures on that site, however the one with the man lifting the little girl in front of the sunset was breathtaking. My heart melts when I see men being “daddies.”

  252. Hard to pick just one thing to be inspired by there, but the perspective on this picture – – really caught my eye :)

  253. I love the photo of the couple with the bike under the trees and I love the lighting of the b & w bride and groom. They inspire me to go take more photos of couples. Really great photos. Thanks!

  254. Lynn Altomari says:

    my favorite one is Pod722. I love the 3 kids on the track. It looks like something I would do with mine for a family photo.

  255. I loved the photo of the little girl in the tutu looking up. My SIL is wanting just a shot like this of her six month old daughter and I love the great change in perspective of shooting from above!

  256. well, being the die hard cookie fan, i’ve got to go with that one, but they really are all great!

  257. I was really struck by pod 723 because I love fireworks, and spent 1 week at Disneyland trying to get great pictures of the fireworks and ended up with only 1 good one out of 238 pictures! Unless you’ve tried taking pictures of fireworks you wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to get a good picture, but there’s a little luck to it, and a lot of patience. The photographer of pod 723 not only got a great shot, they got an AMAZING shot!

  258. I’ve got a thing for girls in tutus, so gotta go with POD 602!

  259. Cathy Davis says:

    I love the b&w images there

  260. Bec Kilgore says:

    My favorites are the ones of people in motion. As an USAF vet, have to love the one with the fighter :).

  261. Great photos; like so many – probably really liked the fireworks one for two reasons: 1) they’re tough to photograph well & beautifully; 2) would really like to take a shot like that. :-)

  262. inspiring photos for me?? people, colors, history, texture, love, motion, close ups…what doesn’t inspire me???

  263. I love them all…so hard to pick a favorite. The ones that stick out for me the most would be the sunset on the beach one, with the dad carrying the kid. Also the one with the baby being held up by her parents by their legs. Very cute :)

  264. Carol DeCamp says:

    I love the one taken at an angle & the back of the bride & groom- the colors are very cool. There are sooo many great photos. Thanks for sharing about the site.

  265. I LOVE POD528 – the colors the movement…..all of it wrapped into a great photo……

  266. Christina S says:

    This is just so adorable! My favorite is little girl in the tutu. Thanks for the chance!

  267. I love the pictures of couples. My husband and I need to take more of the two of us!

  268. Love, love, love POD 102109 … I have a similar photo of my daughter!

  269. I am so inspired by quite a few of the projects although I have to say that my favorite photo is Addie holding the sprinkles. I want to try doing that for my daughter. All of these photos have given me inspiration for holding the camera at a different angle to capture amazing moments.

  270. My favorite from the Pick of the Day gallery today was no. 707–a little baby in red high tops, framed by his (her?) mom and dad’s legs. Stunning! I would love to be able to capture creative shots like this and really capture personality in my photos, rather than just an image of a moment in time.

  271. carol in seattle :) says:

    Several of those pictures – and even your Addie’s pic – inspired me! I love the idea that pictures don’t have to have faces in them to tell a story. I can’t wait to get some photos of other body parts that have meaning to me!

  272. I love this site – now I need to go back to the shore so I can reshoot my night pics of the huge ferris wheel by the shore!

  273. I am not sure if there is still an opportunity to win, but here’s my try.

  274. Laura Casey #1943 says:

    Love pod803….(and lots more but……)….because it reminds me of the gift to MYSELF…a cruise with 3 friends for my 50th birthday we took 2 years ago !! There is so much life out there…and we CAN give gifts to ourselves ….. The cruise was amazing…yes, my first…and I will NEVER forget it…and it is reminding me to …DO IT AGAIN !! Thanks Stacy !!

  275. Yippee! Open comments to win it! :)

    I LOVED the shots… I’m so inspired by photography. I liked the dandilion photo a lot. And I just love outdoor photography. The baby in the tall grass is a great idea shooting from high above.

  276. Donna Bettencourt says:

    Oooh this would be great for a photo I have of my two grandsons in silhouette at sunset on the beach signing to each other as one is hearing impaired and their little hands are so sweet!! Count me in the drawing!


  277. POD 518—because I’m a sucker for photos of fatherhood and the beautiful orange/yellow sunset.

    Love the idea of a canvas print…thanks for the chance!

  278. Um… is there anything cuter than a baby in a tutu? That shot has got to be my favorite! I hope I win!!!

  279. I love animal photography. Any animals at all.

  280. I love the energy and the wonderful door in the background and the vertical lines of POD528. Lots of inspiring things in one photo! And then there are all the others, heaps of inspiration there too.

  281. I LOVE the picture of the ferris wheel – I’ve tried to take that shot a dozen times and it never works out quite right – but this one was absolutely perfect.


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