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Remember these?

photo albums

Several weeks ago I encouraged you to purchase both a single photo album and a double (two-up) photo album designed to hold 4×6 photos. I found two adorable photos albums at Target and have been making plans ever since.

I’d love to reaffirm my advocacy for extremely simple scrapbooking with a blog feature called Midweek Make. The idea being that the projects I share are so EASY and so completely doable that you can in fact squeeze it into the middle of your week. The ironic thing is … I’ve been away from my studio this week and faced with less and less natural light for photographing (welcome to Spokane in the winter.) You may already know this, but today is Thursday and for anyone east of the Rocky Mountains, today is pretty much gone. So … my cute ‘midweek’ title isn’t going to work for this project and since I have Christmas List plans for tomorrow, I’ve decided to just set you up for Saturday, so you can be prepared for a potentially productive weekend creating something really, really cute and FUN.

Photo Album Project: Memory Advent

A daily exploration of past memories to help you celebrate the arrival of Christmas.

Most of you have so many Christmas pictures that you haven’t scrapbooked (or even printed) that I don’t feel good about telling you to take more. What I’d rather do is help you reconnect through these past and priceless memories to the anticipation and joy of this happy season.

Easy. Gather the following and be ready for some Saturday play.


  • One 4×6 photo album
  • 24 pictures from any Christmas past.  NOTE: My pics come from lots of different years — in my opinion, the more mixed up they are, the more merry the reminiscing will be.
  • 5 or 6 sheets of pattern paper in colors that coordinate with your album or your Christmas decor or your current whimsy! Pre-cut 24 4×6 pieces of pattern paper from this collection. You’ll need a few more pieces, but that comes later!
  • 24 punched or pre-made tabs that also coordinate with your colors/patterns.

I’m using primarily reds, pinks and greens and this tab punch.

Ok … that’s it.
See you on Saturday.


  1. oh so fun! love that tab punch and gosh darn it, that is such a fabulous idea! Memory Advent. I mean, we celebrate it every year and yet I have NEVER documented all the super cool things we do! geesh!

  2. Earlier this year I created a wee album (in Nic Howards BPS class) which looks at how we celebrated Christmas over the six years we lived in Ireland (we now live in New Zealand so is very different) I used photos randomly selected from all of those six years – so my DD goes from 3years to a 9 year old. I tell the story of how we celebrated Christmas and I love that the photos are all jumbled. This will be a really great project.

  3. Those tabs look so colorful and fun! I have that punch :) See you Saturday.

  4. Can’t wait looks like fun!!

  5. What a colorful post! I picked up a few of those albums after you mentioned them on your blog and still haven’t done anything with them. I’m super excited to use up some of my stash while creating something that I’m positive my kiddos will love looking at year after year.

  6. Joanie Baloney says:

    This looks great! And I LOVE the idea of the Midweek Make!!

    My only problem is that the nearest Target/Wal-Mart/Michael’s/etc. is 2000 miles away. I plan to head over to the German-approximation of a Wal-Mart today to see if I can find any ribbon, and I’ll check if they have anything close to a 4×6 photo album.

  7. Stacy, I wonder if you ever consider titling these holiday projects in a way that is a bit more inclusive of those of us that celebrate other holidays such as Hanukkah. I find that most of the scrapbooking industry, blogs, magazines, classes, websites are totally geared to Christmas during November and December and hardly ever mention Hanukkah at all. Certainly, I am sure this project will be adaptable (just as I easily adapted my December Daily album to be about Our Holidays versus our Christmas), and I understand you calling your personal album Memory Advent, but just wonder if, when the industry presents projects for the public, it’s possible to tweak the titles/language a bit to be slightly more inclusive. Just a thought/comment.

  8. Thanks to my LOM I was able to find all Christmas photos of the last 25 years, without too much trouble! Thanks for such a great system! I still need to take your class, but I have already organized my photos based on your book, Photo Freedom, in a digital style.

  9. Oh Stacy… I saw these at Target this past weekend and thought to myself, Stacy Julian would just love these! Of course I had to have two of the pink myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Hi!! This is my first time here and I am blown away by how darn pretty that album is!

  11. love it! I’m starting on mine right now :)

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