Cyber Monday + a giveaway

OK, the official countdown to Christmas starts tomorrow and I say we start the week off with some super cool sites and 10 extra fun gift ideas.

Peppermint Aromatheraphy Shower Infusers and Organic Aromatherapy Sticks.
Bettijo makes my favorite shower wash. She also makes other pretty amazing bath and beauty products. Leave me a comment and tell me which you would be more likely to use, the peppermint shower infusers ($36) or aromatherapy sticks for sleep, peace, energy or relief ($18.50) and you just might get to use them absolutely FREE. Two winners will be selected on Friday, December 4th at noon. FUN.


Open or Closed sign.
I don’t know why this is on my list? Maybe I like the idea of closing things, like my office or the kitchen! ($5)


Food Face.
Just imagine, kids could take even longer eating their vegetables! ($11.95)


Soapy Pops.
Forget soap on a rope. You won’t believe how many adorable soaps on a stick there are! ($8)


Decorative Bandages.
We go through a LOT of bandages at my house. I buy the inexpensive generic kind … most of the time! ($5.95)


Bacon Bandages.
Some of the time, you just need to have a little fun! ($9)


Mosaic Gel Gems.
Color, light and creativity all wrapped up in one “close to Mamma” activity. ($29.98)


Nesting Woodland Animals
Love the idea of nesting anything, but woodland animals are especially cute. ($19.95)


Happy Spoons.
How could you NOT be happy cooking with one or two of these? ($6.95)


Talking Hands Tatoos.
I just really think my little boys would have so much FUN with these. ($6.95)


Here are quick links to the sites where I found the gift ideas I’m sharing.

Bath by Bettijo (
Spoon Sisters
Olie Bollen (
Fred Flare (
Soapy Love (
The Curiosity Shoppe (
Plow & Hearth (
Hearth Song (

and here’s a link to Cyber Monday, so you can learn more and fetch some pretty good deals.


  1. Great list!! You always find some unusual stuff. :D

  2. Oh Stacy! You are just a total gem! What fabulous finds!!! I love, love, love the face plates and the gel gems. Brilliant!!! This post is going to end up costing me a lot of money… LOL!

    I’d love to get my hands on some of the Peppermint Shower infusers. What a lovely way to start the day!

  3. Lowly Hershey says:

    They both sound wonderful, but anything peppermint is for me. Maybe then I’d shower more – haha! Thanks, Stacy.

  4. Those plates are hiliarious and I’m totally getting the tattoos!
    I would probably use the peppermint shower infusers b/c I have a hard time getting up in the morning and I LOVE peppermint shampoo b/c it wakes up my scalp. I bet the aromtherapy could get me going!
    I wanted to share this with you, Stacy. As I was part of the Black Friday MADNESS this past weekend….I waited in line for 3 hours at Toys R Us in the middle of the night to get a Zhu Zhu pet for my daughter (the things we do!). Imagine my surprise AND delight to see little missmatched socks on an endcap as I was racing through the aisles. I’ve wanted them since you blogged about them and I finally bought my first pair. LOVE THEM and thought of you! Jenn

  5. Very cool list! Love the bacon bandaids :) LOL

  6. I have never tried either the Aromatheraphy Shower Infusers and Aromatherapy Sticks, but I love pepermint and I am always open to try something new.

  7. I’d love to know how you find all these things! So fun!

  8. I already have the peppermint shower infusers (YUMMY!!) based on your recommendation last year, so I’d love to try the aromatherapy sticks. Thanks!

  9. There is so much fun cuteness in this post I can hardly stand it! I would love to try those Peppermint Shower infusers! What a wonderful and simple way to relax!

  10. Shower infusers…definitely….. Cool stuff!

  11. You always find the coolest stuff. I think I’d be more inclined to use the Peppermint Shower infusers.

  12. I LOVE peppermint…so the shower infusers would be a must!

  13. the shower infusers would totally be used by me! thanks!

  14. Robin Forman says:

    I am thinking I would be more likely to use the shower infusers… thanks for the chance to win! Love your suggestions here- totally fun!

  15. Love your lists … you always find some fun stuff to enable! :)

    I have to go with the peppermint infusers … sounds heavenly!

  16. Tammy Thomas says:

    what fun ideas! I’d love to win the aromatherapy sticks! right up my alley.

  17. I would love the Shower Infuser. My whole family are shower lovers! we had a lillac infuser once and it was a big hit.

  18. lol, what a fun list of gifts! I love the “food face” plates. Too bad my youngest is alreaady 12.

    I think I would be more likely to use the aromatherapy sticks. Although the peppermint shower infusers sure sound like they’d be awesome if you had a head cold!

  19. Definitely the peppermint infusers. Ah, the smells of the holiday! Thanks!

  20. love everything EXCEPT the bacon bandaids – gross

  21. These are such fun gifts! I’d love the peppermint shower infusers. I most definitely need a pick-me-up in the morning!

  22. i love the peppermint shower infusers!!! i have never seen those! I use peppermint essential oil ALL the time for my headaches & migraines, (I am a chronic sufferer & peppermint really helps a lot with the headaches that i get everyday so i will have to try to find some of this for sure!!!!!)
    my oldest son (14 yo) is standing here, reading over my shoulder & is now going on & on about those bacon bandaids!!! oh my!! LOL!!! he LOVES them!! i think i am gonna hafta get him some *giggles* maybe in his stocking this year — i think he would get a kick out of that!
    thanks for all those wonderful ideas!!! great great stuff!!! have a fab monday Stacey!!!

  23. Oh, these are such fun ideas! I’m wondering which I will use for stocking stuffers.

  24. so cute! i’ve been a big fan of essential oils lately and have a little fan that takes the oils and blows them into the room – i use it at bedtime w/ lavender for the kids & it works like a charm :)

  25. Shower infuser sounds lovely

  26. WOW! That you could come up with so many CUTE and FUN gift ideas in just one post – it’s ASTONISHING! I love them all, but I think if I had to just pick one it would be the face plates because I have 5 BOYS – and what could be more fun than playing with your vegetables??!! I think they (especially the littlest ones) would just LOVE it! Thanks for sharing all the fun ideas, Stacy! <3

  27. the shower infusers sound yummy, especially for us fall allergy sufferers!

  28. Kelli Johnson says:

    definitely the aromotherapy, i have a difficult time sleeping, especially falling asleep and i’d love to give those a try :)

  29. These are all adorable!! For the first item, I’d definitely have to go with the shower infusers. I’m a tired momma so I love little pick-me-ups like that!

  30. Great finds! I would love the aroma therapy sticks… It’s nice to be back reading you after a break.

  31. Shelby Austin says:

    fun list! I would use the shower infusers

  32. I would go for the aromatherapy sticks — they sound delicious, but then so does the shower infusers. But aromatherapy sticks for sleep would be my choice today. Thanks for the chance to win; your blog has so many great ideas. I just love it.

  33. Too fun and cOlOrFuL! The second one reminds me, I need a CLEAN/DIRTY sign for my dishwasher…I will have to make one! Hubs is not a fan of potpourri sticks, so I’d have to say I’d like the peppermint infuser instead. Thanks for all the great ideas and a giveaway!

  34. Great gift ideas, as usual. I love the stuff you find.

    I think the shower infusers sound heavenly!!

  35. I’d love the sleep sticks, any help to relax and stop worrying would be heaven! Love your gift ideas. Thanks for doing this and the giveaway.

  36. janet 'akamaimom' says:

    Love, love, LOVE the face plates! lol my 3yo is always arranging her food into a smiley face so that’s perfect for her! I’m definitely planning to get those. TFS!
    Peppermint for me, please. =)
    thank u for brightening up my day!

  37. Madeline St Onge says:

    You always find the best gifts Stacey

    I love the shower infusers

  38. I always love your site!

    I think that the peppermint infuser is exactly what I need to wake me up every morning!

  39. carol in seattle :) says:

    Such fun gifts! I think I’d like the shower infusers best – I love my shower! It’s hot and big and makes me happy!

  40. Debbie Mitchel says:

    I’ve never entered one of your giveaways before – although they are alwyas fab! I would love the peppermint shower infusers – I am 5 months pregnant with two crazy boys under 5, so I have no problem sleeping and relaxing. Waking up, on the other hand, I could use some serious help with!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. I would totally use the aromatherapy sticks, I also love those colorful band aids & the happy spoons. How do you find all this great stuff?

  42. Julie Mannering says:

    Where do you find this stuff, these are such great gifts for the person who had everything!

  43. Kimberly Goon says:

    Oh, I would use the shower infusers for sure. I love showers AND I love eating, smelling and drinking anything peppermint.

  44. WOW awesome stuff, my 8 year old boy was even mesmerized! I’d have to say the Aromatherapy sticks for me! There is a lot of power in smell!
    Thanks for sharing.

  45. Love the Peppermint Aromatheraphy Shower Infusers – I found something similar that is OK but would love to have these!!!

    Also love that face plaste how funny – I would never be able to scold the kids again for not eating.

  46. WOW… lovely list.. I liked all of them.

    I would love to try Peppermint Shower Infusers!!

  47. Either would be great, but with cold & flu season here I think I’d really love the Peppermint shower infusers!

  48. I think the chance to win is awesome in itself, but would love to have the shower infusers!!

  49. Great gift ideas..why do I always find things for myself! Being a lover of long hot showers and peppermint, I am game for the infuser!

  50. Shower infusers sound awesome!

  51. Not sure what a shower infuser is, but love how peppermint wakes me up!

    Your post on family traditions below is one of my favorites.

  52. Shower – Shower – Shower!

  53. Andrea MacDonald says:

    I would use either one. I would love the peppermint shower infusers and the sticks would be so useful especially to help me sleep.

  54. margie rowles says:

    They both sound lovely, but I think the Peppermint Shower infusers would be THE BOMB!

    Margie Rowles

  55. I’d love the peppermint shower infusers. Thanks for the give away.

  56. Julia Mueller says:

    Love your lists! Great gift ideas. Aroma therapy would be my choice.

  57. The peppermint Shower infusers sound Great.

  58. The peppermint shower infusers sound great. We love pretty bandages too :)

  59. Definitely pepermint shower infusers.
    Happy Holidays

  60. I would definately use the sticks..I could use a little sleep ( my oldest son has nocturnal seizures), peace (from my three and four yr. olds constant batteling over the same toy) Maybe I’ll share it with my boys and let the peace rub off on them-hehe!

  61. The shower infusers sound devine!

  62. Sara Padgett says:

    I’d love to try the peppermint shower infusers. What great ideas for the holidays. Thanks!

  63. The shower infuser’s for sure!!

  64. I love the peppermint shower infuser – perfect wake up!!!

  65. I think they both sound delightful!!! I love the gift ideas…….the bacon bandages will be a big hit with my two boys!!!

  66. I would love to check out the peppermint shower infusers, I didn’t know they made anything like that. You find the best stuff…like those bacon bandages, going to have to get some of those for my dad.

  67. The pepperming shower infusers sound like a perfect happy place to be! And thanks for the cute gift ideas. The bacon bandages are the perfect gag gift that I’ve been looking for!

  68. The peppermint shower infusers sound like a great way to wake up in the morning!

  69. OK, I need to get the bacon band-aids for my husband, and I need the open closed sign for my classroom, LOL!

  70. aromatherapy sticks for sleep, peace, energy or relief – - I think I need those!!!

    The bacon bandaides are so funny!!

  71. The Peppermint Shower infuser I would love – that would be the best morning shower ritual ever. Also Im loving the hand puppet tatoos

  72. love the peppermint shower infusers. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  73. Oh those peppermint shower infusers sound awesome! I would love those. The gift ideas are also very cool!

  74. Goodness, they sound wonderful. If I have to choose, and I guess I do, I choose the sticks. I am just learning about the benifits of essential oils and this sounds wonderful.
    Thanks for this gift guide, Stacy. There are some really unique ideas here.

  75. Definitely the peppermint shower infusers!

  76. While they both sound wonderful, I would have to go with the sleep sticks. I love to spritz my pillow with lavender before going to bed and these sound like the perfect thing to help me fall asleep. thanks for the chance to win. CindyML

  77. Those soapy pops look good enough to eat. I’m a fan of mint, so the peppermint shower infusers sound right up my alley.

  78. Definitely the peppermint shower infusers – fun!

  79. I’d go with the aromatherapy sticks – I’m such a sense of smell person. Thanks Stacy.

  80. they both sound delightful, but the sticks would fit nicely in a travel purse :)
    The gift ideas are great – some of the stores even ship to New Zealand which is cool too.

  81. they both sound cool, but the peppermint shower infuser.

  82. They both sound wonderful, and well-needed! I would choose the peppermint, though, because I have more trouble waking up in the morning than I do falling asleep at night! Thanks for the chance to win, and for all the CUTE things!!

  83. scrapper al says:

    What a fun collection of products! The infusers sound wonderful!

  84. the sticks…. especially the sleep one!

  85. I think I’d go with the sticks! Thanks!

  86. not sure why this didn’t post the first time…….
    Anyway, I love the sticks… especially the sleep one!

  87. Peppermint all the way for me, baby! Just one more way to take my love of all things minty to the next level:) I love the unique gifts you’ve found.

  88. Stephanie S. says:

    Those peppermint shower infusers sound wonderful!!!

  89. So not a morning person… peppermint shower infusers may help!

    Gotta say I love the monster hand tatoos!

  90. both sound AWESOME. Today I would start out with the shower infuser because I have a cold and they sound awesome. But at the end of the day I am all about the aroma therapy.

    looks like I better pick up both, lol :)

  91. Aromatherapy sounds divine! But I wouldn’t kick an infuser out of the shower either! :)

  92. The bacon bandages are hysterical!

  93. Nicky from Canada says:

    Some great ideas

  94. Thank you so much for including my soaps in this very cool list of items! I’m flattered to be in such interesting company!

    So… I would want to try the shower infusers. Sounds like a nice way to make showering as special and indulgent as a bath (well, almost!).

    Thanks again!!
    Owner, Soapylove

  95. cindy barriga says:

    Happy cyber monday to you!
    I would love to use the aromatherapy sticks.
    They sound a bit more interesting.

  96. The shower infuser sounds wonderful! And those soaps on the sticks are so, so cute!! Thanks for enabling once again :))

  97. I would love to try the Peppermint Infusers. Perfect for this time of year, and peppermint is so invigorating! Thanks Stacy! You don’t get nearly enough thanks for all that you do to inspire us! Have a great holiday season!


  98. Linda Muir says:

    What fun items! I love the wooden nesting animals…
    The bandaids are also super fun-my grandson loves bacon and loves bandaids- it doesn’t matter if he has an owie or not he wants one!

  99. I would absolutely love the peppermint shower stuff. I love the smell of peppermint.

  100. Aromatherapy sticks sound awesome!

  101. The aromatherapy sticks sound wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Holidays!

  102. I would love to try the shower infusers. They sound so invigorating!

    Amy :)

  103. I LOVE aromatherapy and swear by the effectiveness of Lavender to relieve stress and help calm me!! I would love the aromatherapy sticks!! The infusers sound wonderful too. Off to check them out!

  104. The thought of a peppermint scented shower sounds truly invigorating!

  105. The shower infusers sound amazing. A peppermint shower would be awesome about now – with the flu in our house, hot showers are greatly appreciated and peppermint would help a lot!

  106. Hmmm….honestly it’s hard for me to say! I would use either of them. If I were pressed on it, I think I would pick the aromatherapy sticks. Thanks for all the fun Christmas list ideas. Love the things you post. :)

  107. Peppermint shower infusers?! WOW, that sounds amazing! Happy December 1st to you, Stacy (well, in 12 minutes, that is!)!

  108. Ooh…definitely the shower infusers!

  109. Ooo..the shower infusers! The shower is my quick little haven during the day and I love Peppermint! Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. Peppermint is my favorite flavor. Bring it on!

  111. I do love Peppermint anything but I would choose the aromatherapy sticks since I work at night and am always looking for ways to relax and enhance my sleep.

  112. GREAT fun stuff! Thanks for the links . . . off to shop!

  113. The shower infusers sound great, but i would likely use the aromatherapy sticks for sure. i have some peppermint cream that you rub on your temples and i love it! Love your list.

  114. I Love the food plate! Bummed they are on back order, but will patiently wait for one for my little nephew. I think his mom will love it! :)

  115. Thanks for sharing some unique products with us. Love the bandages!

  116. dmatthews says:

    Everything looks so FUN!

  117. Joanie Baloney says:

    I have no idea what a shower infuser is, so I would more than likely use aromatherapy sticks more.
    But I’m sure I would be happy winning anything!

  118. Great list and very original.
    Thanks for sharing

  119. Ooooh, i could use those aromatherapy sticks! Especially to get my 4 year old to sleep past 5:30 am (i’m hoping he’s just jetlagged from travelling a couple time zones for Thanksgiving)!

  120. Melanie Briscoe says:

    I think I would like to try the shower infusers, but I would be happy with either! Love your ideas– you are always such an inspiration Stacy! Thanks– Melanie B.

  121. The aramatherapy sticks are on my list!

  122. Deborah K says:

    I would love the shower infuser. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  123. oh.. either would be nice. I am not picky.

  124. oooh! the aromatherapy would be a welcome relief, especially at bedtime! thanks for the great ideas!

  125. I think I’d love to check out the aromatherapy sticks, I don’t think I could stand in the shower long enough to enjoy the infusers. Although, it sounds like a lovely idea!

  126. I would love those aromatherapy sticks…I could use some good therapy right now!

  127. What great gift ideas–several things on your list that are so unusual & I’ve not seen before.

  128. What really cute ideas!
    I would love to try the shower infusers, thanks for the giveaway!

  129. I would definitely use the shower infusers! Peppermint, yum!

  130. love your list. thank you for sharing and happy holidays.

  131. As if I don’t already spend too much time in the shower, these would make it that much more enjoyable. And the sticks would be really nice as well. Good luck during the holidays!

  132. tracy boxeth says:

    I would love the aromatherapy sticks. Thanks for all of the great gift ideas, I was hoping you would do them again this year!

  133. Clara Ewell says:

    Aromatherapy sticks– especially for energy and peace– two things mothers need.

    Merry Christmas from the other Washington

  134. The peppermint shower infusers! They sound — and smell, I’m sure — amazing.

  135. I’d totally use the peppermint infusers! I love the idea of the aromatherapy sticks, but I’m a busy momma and would never remember to use them! First thing in the morning though, I treasure a nice warm shower before the little ones are up! :) So glad I found your blog- it’s awesome!!!

  136. I would use the aromatherapy sticks more because I probably would forget that I have those shower infusers Lol. Besides, who doesn’t need some help getting some more sleep, energy, peace or relief.

  137. Jackie Hughes says:

    The peppermint shower infusers! Thanks for the chance to win.

  138. The peppermint shower infusers!
    You are so Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  139. shower infusers – what a neat idea!

  140. Jenny McGee says:

    I like the shower infusers. They both look cool though. Thanks for a chance to win.

  141. Jina Winston says:

    I would love to try the shower infusers. It is the first time I have heard of them. Thank you for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!

  142. I would LOVE the aromatherapy sticks! Anything that helps with sleep is a blessing! Love your site Stac!

  143. Love the food faces!

  144. I’d love the aromatherapy sticks!! I love your blog–it so cheerful!!

  145. CAN I HAVE IT ALL?? A heavenly shower sounds good to me.

  146. ok I would be more tempted to EAT the peppermint shower infusers ;) (plus with 2 little ones my showers are not nearly as indulgent as I’d need them to be to enjoy these properly! ha), so I’ll say the aromatherapy sticks. I’m all for sleep…and relaxation. And quiet rest ;)
    And I’m off to order the nesting woodland animals (and I think the penguin ones as well) and check out the cool hand tattoos. Me and our boys would also love these :)\

  147. Kerri Norrod says:

    I would love to have the peppermint shower infusers. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  148. That is a hard choice. I think though the aromatherapy sticks would be great. I could really use some peace and relief right now.

  149. I would definitely use both of these products, but I’m liking the aromatherapy sticks the most.

  150. Aromatherapy Sticks – love good scents.

    Oh my gosh – the Spoon Sisters site has me in hysterics. The talking tattoo hand puppets are a hoot. Love Bath by Bettijo – can’t live without their shaving oil…amazing.

  151. Aromatherapy sticks are awesome. A few years back I had a peppermint. It was a great cure for headaches, but I haven’t found them yet in my new state.

    The bacon bandages definitely make me laugh and the other bandages are bright and colorful which makes my heart smile.

  152. I don’t know what a shower infuser is but I love peppermint!

  153. Kimberly Ann says:

    They both sound great! I LOVE your gift ideas – perfect for one of my girlfriends.

  154. those are some of the cutest gift ideas ever! although I am not sure about the bacon bandages!! HAHAHA

  155. Sue Carter says:

    Ooohhhhh, the aromatherapy sticks sound wonderful!

  156. peppermint shower infusers sound AMAZING!! Mornings are so hard, especially because I stay up too late!

  157. Ohhhh, I have always heard about the shower infusers and never tried any. They would be lovely.
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  158. Both sound wonderful, but lately I’m into time for me so I vote for the aromatherapy

  159. Kathy Meredith says:

    I would vote for the aromatherapy sticks. I don’t sleep very well, so anything to relax would be great! Love all the fun gift ideas. The spoons are so fun and made me smile right away!

  160. Melinda Wilson says:

    I would definitely use the aromatherpy sticks.

  161. The peppermint shower infusers sound wonderful! Just what I could use to wake me up in the morning in the shower!

  162. Denise Hunter says:

    What is a shower infuser? It sounds like an awesome way to wake up after exercising (I do mine before the kids wake up). Thanks for all the great gift ideas!

  163. Heather H. says:

    I think I’d like the aromatherapy sticks the best. Anything that I leave in the shower is at the mercy of my 4 darling daughters. I love your gift suggestions and look forward to them every year!

  164. You have the greatest ideas for gifts and such! Thanks Stacy! I would definitely use the aromatherapy sticks. Who couldn’t use a little help with energy or sleep sometimes!

  165. peg risley says:

    Love all of the ideas! Even the bacon bandaids – great conversation starter!

  166. I haven’t even heard of shower infusers! I love peppermint and I would love to try the shower infuser. Totally love the smiling spoon. So happy :)

  167. I would definitely gift the shower infusers to my daughters. They dance 3 hours a day 3-4 days a week and they are always hitting the showers. This would be a lovely pick me up for them.

  168. Kim Huschke says:

    I would totally go for the peppermint shower infuser! Love that stuff!

  169. Well, since I’m a mommy of four with an 8 month old who isn’t been letting me get much sleep, I’d definitely go with the aromatherapy sticks for sleep!!! Those band-aids are so happy…and I love the mosaic gel gems. Thanks for the list of great items….too bad I’m almost done with my shopping and the budget’s almost all spent!

  170. Phyllis R. says:

    The peppermint shower infusers! What a wake up that would be!

  171. Thanks for the awesome ideas! (I just ordered some jewlery from Hillary).

    I’m going to go with the shower infusers…they sound so energizing!

  172. I would LOVE to try the peppermint shower infusers! Thanks for sharing your gift ideas.

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