happy birthday BPS + Sesame Street

There are days when all you can do is stop and
shake your head and wonder …

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1. Where the time has gone?
2. What in the world we were thinking?
3. Why have we been so blessed?

This is one of those days.

Thank YOU to thousands of people all across the world that have contributed in some way to the community we know as Big Picture Scrapbooking. I am so very grateful for all that we have learned and continue to learn together.

Use the code “happybirthday” and save 40% (10% for every year) on any or all of our self-paced project classes through 11/15/09.

Since we are celebrating our fourth year, I’d love to know your ‘top 4′ classes. If you haven’t taken classes or haven’t taken 4 classes, then tell me what topics you’d like to see  offered.

I have 4 packages of happy mail to send randomly to those that list my classes as their favorite that leave a comment by midnight tonight!

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AND … How about a BIG SHOUT OUT to Sesame Street too (thanks Kathy C for the reminder)
Happy 40th to a wonderful American institution and tradition.

Perhaps when you comment, you could tell me your favorite Muppet. I guess if I had to commit, my fav would be Cookie Monster. But then there are these two very funny fellows too …

Happy Birthday to US and to Sesame Street and Happy Tuesday to YOU!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BPS!!!! I’ve been with you for almost 2 years now and I’ve loved every minute of it (as you could tell by my long list of classes). What a great community, with amazing teachers and fantastic classes :) Here’s to many many more years.

    • I caught this post before it was complete. The 4 classes and Sesame stuff wasn’t there. So I”m adding onto my post.
      #1 Library of Memories
      #2 Photography 101
      #3 Design Your Life
      #4 ME: The Abridged Version

      Check out Bakeralla’s celebration of Sesame Street:

  2. I would love to see classes geared towards couples who dont have kids yet; my husband and I have traveled extensively and have thousands of photos, and although we dont have kids yet, have been married 16 months, we will some day. We are strongly considering adoption (docs say I wont be able to conceive) as we are both in our forties. Your adoption success with adorable addie has given me hope. Perhaps an adoption scrapbook class would be appropriate for adoptive moms. By the way, I am loving the changes you made to your blog, and keep all the inspirational messages! I for one can use them, and read your blog everyday.

  3. Top Four Classes:

    Get Organized, Be Inspired (really amazing class, Wendy!)
    Art That Happens to Be Your Life (how cool was it that Allison took the time to critique my photos? Awesome.)
    Yesterday and Today (still taking this one, but it has comepltely changed my outlook on story telling)
    The January 2008 LOAD challenge (not technically a class, but it was my first BPS experience, and it was encouraging and inspiring.)

    Thanks for so many wonderful learning opportunities, Stacy and the BPS crew. :)

  4. DYL , Me The Abridged Version, Everyone Can Write a Little….as you can see, I am a HUGE Cathy Z fan!! Have you ever considered having Becky Higgins do a class?

  5. Tracy Johnson says:

    Happy Birthday to you, BPS! I think I will try a self-paced class at your great discount.:)Thanks for that. I have just started to try a couple of online classes and have been eyeing your classes for some time now. I have read your blog for years;).
    Looking forward to many more years for you.

  6. I took a class from Stacy at camp cropping in Calgary two years ago. It was called ” scrap to the finish” and to this day I use that concept all the time in my smaller projects. Best class I ever took!
    Happy Birthday BPS

  7. Marge Johnston says:

    Happy Birthday BPS!! What a great asset to the scrapbooking community you are!! Always something new going on here!! Now if I could just be as active and productive as you are!!;)

  8. Top four, not in any order: You and the Power of 10, got me to really thinking about me. 28 days, this is when I started to relize that for me to be happy I had to be creative everyday. The Greatest Love story, wonderful class and started me on a wonderful journey of remembering what love is all about. Have more fun with you Stacy, 2008 wasn’t all good for me many reasons and your class was were there to lift me out of a lonely, angry place. Thank you for each and everyone of the classes you have offered!

    Spokane, WA

  9. Happy Birthday BPS! I’ve only taken May’s classes, but they ROCKED… I’d love to see more Basic classes out there, good way to send newbies to the site – Almost like a boot camp for Newbies! :)

  10. Happy happy Birthday! I’ve taken lots of classes, but the best four have to be:



    52 CARDS


    Thanks for four years of inspiration, ideas and scrappy goodness!

  11. I love, love, love BPS!! My favorites have been “It’s All About Me”, “Mini Memories”, “My New Year”, and “Colorful You”. The “Bigwig Bash” was loads of fun!!

  12. What a great day…BPS’s 4th b-day and Seasame Streets 40th! Congrats!

  13. Top Four classes… hmmmm… I would have to say (in no particular order) 28 Days with Gretchen Schmidt, Library of Memories with you, Design Your Life with Cathy Zielske & Write Now! with Amy S. That is just off the top of my head – there are more favorites where they came from (which is over at BPS – haha!!) Thanks for doing such a great job and for continuing to improve BPS everyday. You are so responsive to your customers. The classes get better and better.

  14. Sherrie M. says:

    My favorites (not in a particular order) were
    - Library of Memories which seriously changed my life, my scrapbooking habits, and made me happier person because of it.
    - Bakers Dozen – Let me be carefree, spontaneous in my scrapbooking while still being very productive. Please bring on another version!!
    -Challenge of Me – Loved the concept and finally brought ME into my scrapbooks in a wonderful, easy way.
    - Design Your Life – Cathy Z is an amazing inspiring teacher…what more can I say about her.

    Thanks Stacy. Happy Birthday BPS!

  15. 1. Library of Memories
    2. Design Your Life
    3. 52 Card Pick Up
    4. A Year To Remember

  16. Library of Memories
    Me:The Abridged Version
    Everyone Can Write a Little
    Yesterday & Today

    I’ve taken other classes but these are really the only ones I’ve worked hard on- so they are my favorites.
    I’m so glad I found BPS a about a year ago. I feel like I’ve accomplished and learned quite a bit in that time. Thank you.

  17. Happy Birthday!!! I would have to say that my absolute favorite class was/is LOM!!! I also really enjoyed Telling Stories Deeply and Glimpses!! I love the inspiration that I get from BPS and the immediate access that I have to something that will “jump start” my creativity!!! Thanks you for sharing this with us!!!

  18. Vanessa Lewis says:

    How fun! Today’s my dd’s first birthday. I had no idea she shared the day with BPS. :)

  19. Picking a Top 4 was harder than I thought it would be! Random Me from A-Z, Baker’s Dozen (Darci is soo cute!), Gift of Words, Everyone Can Write A Little – I think have made the longest lasting impressions. Scrap Your Scraps and Scrapping On A Shoestring were great classes for using what you’ve got and I use my scraps all the time now. 28 Days because a little dose of creativity everyday was great and A Grandparent is Someone Who was a lovely project for my mom’s birthday. I am looking forward to DYL – it’s my birthday present from my hubby this year. I would love to see a “class” built around challenges similar to Scrapping On a Shoestring. I LOVED those challenges and made some great pages because of them.

  20. Favorites so far? Library of Memories, Family Gratitude, Red Letter Days and A Year of Photos :) Happy Birthday!

  21. I have taken, am taking, or am signed up for 28 (!!!!!!) BPS classes. I love, love, love BPS.
    My top 4:
    #1 Library of Memories (2x) Can’t say enough about this one!
    #2 Creativity: A Daily Dose
    #3 Everyone Can Write a Little
    #4 Yesterday & Today

  22. Happy Birthday BPS! I can’t imagine not having BPS around – you have brought so much to scrapping and to me. My top classes are: (and I wish I could list more!)
    1) Library of Memories
    2) Me: The Abridged Version
    3) Have Fun
    4) Telling Stories Deeply/Point of View (had a sneak an extra in there)

    I sincerely hope you offer Yesterday and Today again. I just couldn’t swing it this year but would love to take it.

    Way to go, BPS! Looking forward to the 100% off on your 10th birthday! ;)

  23. Happy Birthday to BPS!
    As a new scrapbooker I was introduced to BPS through the Load challenge in 2008 and I will always be greatful for that. It changed my life. My first class was The Art of Becoming More with Kolette and that was an amazing class for me. Totally life changing. I learned so much about myself and how I interacte with the people around me.
    Design your Life is high up there and so is 52 Pcik Up. But, there is one class that stand out to me and that is A Bakers Dozen. I tink that one was the most fun.

    And there is many more classes I have enjoyed. Thank you for making all those classes available for us forever. May you and your team continue to create more wonderful classes for us in the years to come.

  24. I have not taken any classes yet, but here are the four I/we are planning on doing and why:

    I just read Photo Freedom over the last three nights and have started jotting down ideas of how to change my SB process. Therefore, I look forward to taking Library of Memories the next time it is offered.

    My husband I are have been married 10 years and have a wonderful little family of 4 but have struggled in the past to find time just for us. I showed him the the Inside My Heart class and we are going to download it to start just after the Holidays.

    I won a spot in the Glimpses class at a SB Charity Event, so I will be downloading that in January.

    Finally, I am turning 35 in April 2010 and hope that sometime during that year I can do Me. . . the Abridged Version when it is offered next.

    Thanks and Happy Birthday to BPS and Stacy for her wonderful ideas and guidance!

  25. My top four would have to be:

    Library of Memories
    Design Your Life
    Me: The Abridged Version
    Yesterday & Today

    BPS Rocks!! Happy Birthday!

  26. These are my 4 favorites:
    - Library of Memories
    - Me: The Abridged Version
    - Have More Fun
    - Everyone Can Write a Little

    But I really LOVED all of them. Thank you for reopening the classrooms for past classes.

  27. Cathy Zielske. Anything she does is phenomenal.

    I’d like a Photoshop for Scrapbookers/Paper Crafters/Crafters class. I want to learn how to make tags, bag toppers, fold cards, photo cards, fliers, etc. etc. Yes, there are a lot of tutorials out there for free, but I would pay money ($60+) to have someone teach me how to do all of this.

  28. Happy Birthday BPS!! I’ve not done many of your classes but am planning on remedy-ing that over the next 12mths. I find this site so inspiring.

    The two classes I’ve taken so far are:

    Summer fun
    A-Z the Abridged version

    Two I plan to take next year are:

    Design your life
    Library of Memories class

    I’m sure more will end up on my class list though….

    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration.

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BPS!! I am so happy that I stumbled on to you. I am truly addicted.

    Favorite Classes: (no particular order)
    1) Me – The Abridged Version
    2) Yesterday and Today
    3) LOM
    4) Glimpes

  30. Happy Birthday!! My favorites ~
    Library of Memories
    Ali’s Yesterday and Today
    Cathy’s Me: The Abridged Version
    Gretchen’s Creativity: A Daily Dose
    Thanks for all the fun and inspiration!

  31. happy birthday!

    i took donna’s class ages ago…can’t even think of the name. but i’d love to take library of memories someday as well.

  32. Happy birthday BPS…and many more!! My gave muppet is Count Dracula!!

  33. My top four BPS classes are:
    Choosing Joy
    A year To remember
    life well crafted.

  34. Happy Birthday BPS and Sesame Street. I’ve taken 10 BPS classes, and they’ve been GREAT. I love it!

  35. Happy Birthday BPS and Sesame Street! (Man I’m old!)

    So far, my favorite classes have been . . . in this order:

    1. Library of Memories
    2. Great Photos with Any Camera (which has just started . . . but I’m LOVING it)!
    3. Have More FUN!
    4. Design Your Life

  36. Michelle Evans says:

    My top 4 classes (and I’ve taken alot, so it’s hard!)…

    Design your life
    Have more fun
    Yesterday and Today
    My favorite muppet….Bert (also my DH name!)

  37. Top four:
    1. Library of Memories
    2. Design Your Life
    3. Me- the abridged version
    4. Photography with ATJ
    love bps for so many reasons, a friend of mine from high school who lives 600+ miles away and I take classes “together.”

  38. Happy Birthday BPS!

    My top 4 are for sure
    1. LOM
    2. DYL
    3. MeTAV
    4. Everyone Can Write a little

  39. DYL and I’m taking it again this time because it was so good. LOM was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Don’t we all know that if we are loyal to your blog?

    Favorite muppet…I love Snuffaluffagus, but only when everyone thought he was just Big Bird’s imaginary friend.

    My top four classes would have to be…
    1. Library of Memories
    2. Yesterday and Today
    3. Have More Fun
    4. Giving Well 2008

    I’ve done several others and love them too. What a stinkin’ cool idea this BPS thing was! Way to go, Stacy!
    :) Sharon in Wyoming

  41. Sesame Street is my son’s school’s Big Band’s favourite tune. Matthew plays tenor sax.

    Library of Memories
    Get a LOAD of This!
    Bakers dozen

    I love all classes which get me doing lots of fun layouts.

  42. Lisa in Spokane says:

    My favorite class is the Library of Memories but I have enjoyed several other classes as well. I just took the Cut the Crazy out of Christmas class and think it will really help me not to be so stressed this holiday season. Thanks for all the great class options and I’m excited to go pick another class to take with the 40% off. And my favorite muppet is Cookie Monster as well :)

  43. My top four? 1. Library of Memories 2. Yesterday + Today 3. Have More Fun 4.A Baker’s Dozen. Definitely loved all of those. OK, so Yesterday + Today is only half way through, but I already know it’s a favorite. I wish Have More Fun could be repeated, but I totally understand why it won’t be.
    My favorite Muppet is harder and I don’t know if I can pick just one. If I have to choose, though, it’s probably Grover, my lovable furry friend. :-)

  44. Oh gee, pick only four?! That’s tough. I think those that changed the way I scrapbook the most and changed my outlook on my hobby are:
    1. Have More Fun (I’m still working on material from that class and enjoying every project.)
    2. Design Your Life (I learned so much about design from this class and the layouts I made are some of the my favorites in my whole collection.
    3. Baker’s Dozen (Talk about pure fun! I’d love to see an update of this class or one that is even longer. All my layouts came out great and everything came from my stash.)
    4. Childhood Memories (Perfect for getting more older memories and pictures on paper and in albums.)

    I’m in May’s class right now and it might end up being a favorite too.

  45. Happy Birthday, BPS! Well, I’ve only got three, but they were all good! LOL!

    1. The Big Wig Bash was a blast (LONG time ago! LOL!)
    2. Get a LOAD of this
    3. Scrapbooking in Season

    Right now I’m really interested in May’s Kit class! It looks like a great one!

  46. I haven’t taken many classes but I recently took Cathy’s Me: Abridged class and LOVED it! :-)

    For a recommendation, I would love a class on how to create digital elements to use on hybrid pages. I think that would be so useful and draw a lot of interest because scrappers would basically be making their own embellishments… and who doesn’t love that? :-)


  47. Happy Birthday BPS & Sesame sreet!!!

  48. hmm top 4 classes:

    Library of Memories
    All Boxed Up
    The one with the Egg box last year – your sister did I think.
    I’ve like all the self paced ones-too many to chose from

    I too love Sesame Street. And I have to say Elmo is my favorite. I love the color red and He’s just too cute. My kids have a tape of Best of Elmo and I love watching it with them.

  49. Happy Birthday BPS! Took Red Letter days with Elizabeth Dillow last year and LOVED IT — wish I had taken Me, the Abridged Version — hopefully it will be back and LOM is on my list — just has not been the right time so far. Love BPS — a great idea and so glad that you made it a reality! :)

  50. Happy Birthday! The only paid class that I have taken at BPS is Ali’s Yesterday & Today. And all I can say is AMAZING!! Give us more Ali! I am looking forward to using the coupon to check out one of the self paced classes, but haven’t decided which one yet.
    My favorite SS Character would probably be Grover :)

  51. *Everyone Can Write a Little
    *Love Story

    These are the only 2 classes I’ve taken, but in the future I’d love to take:
    *Yesterday and Today (couldn’t afford it this time around, but I’d love to take this class at a later time! Please bring it back!)

    … and my favorite Sesame Street Muppet is… ELMO!

  52. Terrie Faber says:

    The best class (on line or otherwise) that I have ever taken? Library of Memories. The fact that I keep getting invited back every year is kind of like the gift that keeps on giving!

  53. Jennifer A says:

    Top 4 – that’s easy!
    1. Library of Memories HANDS DOWN the best class I have ever taken!
    2. May Flaum’s recipes class
    3. May Flaum’s first kit class
    4. Lisa D’s product playground classes

  54. lynne moore says:

    Yes, it’s tough to narrow it down.
    1. I really enjoyed CZ Design Your Life. 2. LOM – I’ve taken it 3x now and it has changed my focus so much. Still does. 3. I really, really loved the Baker’s Dozen by Darcy. 4. Gretchen’s classes – I’ve taken 2 and can’t think off hand the names – 28 days or a Daily something or other. 5. But I also have to shout out to Lisa D. – product playground is always fun!
    Seasame Street – definitely grew up on those and I love Cookie Monster too. But I also remember the 2 little alien guys who hide behind their own chins.

  55. My fav is Karen’s journal deeply class.
    I would so have loved taking more but living in South Africa the exchange rate is not my friend.
    Will have to look into using the discount though…thanks ever so much for that and congrats on your Happy Birthday.

  56. LOM – still trying to complete class assignments
    Me, the unabridged version
    Crazy out of Christmas
    Many of the self-paced classes

    I love Big Picture Scrapbooking!

  57. Hi Stacy,
    i’ve taken a lot of classes & workshops and have really enjoyed them all, but if i have to pick 4, which is my favorite number, i’d pick these as my top 4:
    -LOM (2007 was the year i really did this, and i’ve loved following along in ’08 & ’09)
    -Yesterday and Today (in the middle of it right now, it’s so inspiring)
    -28 Days and Get a Load of This (Similar concepts and i got a lot done)
    -Emily Falconbridge’s Paint Class (This was a stretch for me, but i loved learning and was pleasantly surprised to learn how to paint on the internet!)
    Okay, so that was 5. i like that number, too.
    -Amy (Scraparoo on BPS)

  58. I have taken several classes with BPS but my favorite is LOM!!! (and I’m not just saying that!) I am more organized and scrapbook more ‘real’ stories. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that!!

    My favorite Sesame Street Muppet is Ernie. I love him and his rubber ducky!!

  59. Well, I’m hoping to take LOM this coming year but my favorite so far has been “Me the Abridged Version”.
    I love Grover!!

  60. Congrats on 4 years! I have taken (maybe) a half-dozen classes and by far, my favorite have been Elizabeth Dillow’s. :) She and I seem to think a lot a like and I can usually take away a good bit from her materials and thoughts.

    Oh, and my favorite character – most definitely Kermit!

  61. I’ve got 17 classes on my account at BPS, and they’ve all been great, but Library of Memories is by far my favorite. Thank you for changing the way I scrapbook!

  62. My favorite BPS class was LOM – great class. (But I’ve enjoyed all of the classes I’ve taken on BPS.)
    My favorite muppet is Ernie.

  63. Happy Birthday! My favorite classes have been many, but my first through fourth favorites has been and will continue to be LOM. I took it for the first time this past year and I know without a doubt that I will be taking it for the next several years as I continue to work on my philosophy and routines that you proposed, so that I may once and for all create a meaningful family history. Thank you!

    Favorite muppet? Yep, cookie monster.

  64. 1. Design Your Life 2. LOM 3. Doing it Digi with Renee Pearson 4. Yesterday & Today. These are all fabulous classes with talented teachers who go above and beyond to reach students and each has taught me new things, not just provided ‘inspiration’

  65. My four favorite classes have been 1. LOM 2. Design your life 3. Have more Fun 4. Creativity A Daily Dose (my first class at BPS, Gretchen was a great teacher) Right now I am loving Yesterday and Today and I will enroll in anything Cathy Z teaches. And not really a class, but I loved Lain’s LOAD Challenge.

  66. Oh, I’ve loved many BPS classes! I think my favorites are:

    1. Everyone can write a little.
    2. Design your life
    3. Have more fun
    4. Me the abridged version

    But really, they’ve all been reliably great.

    And my favorite Muppet is Big Bird.

  67. My top 3 BPS classes…”A year to Remember” with heidi swapp “28 Days” by Gretchen Schmidt (Can we have more daily project classes by Gretchen please????) and “Everyone can write a little” by Cathy Z (this is where ans when I can proudly say I have become a digital scrapper thanks to cathy’s easy to follow videos
    And my favorite muppet is those little doodlebugs that live in Ernie’s window box garden

  68. Eileen Van Dyke says:

    Hi! I LOVE BPS – Happy Birthday!! I started taking classes when BPS started and have taken over a dozen and have loved them all. I have taken LOM several times! BPS came into my life at the perfect time. We had just moved 2 1/2 hours away from family and friends to a small city where I was not fitting in and felt very lonely. BPS gave me a jump start to scrapbook even when I was feeling low, it gave me a community of women who loved to do what I love to do. I love that it was self-paced so I could easily fit the classes into my schedule. Again, I love BPS. Please keep sending us great classes! I would love to take another project a day class – hint, hint!!

  69. I enjoyed Love Story, Emilys Paint class, Heidi’s Lucky Me class, and, of course, all your classes! I hope to take Yesterday and Today if it’s offered again (at a better financial and personal time!)

  70. I loved Emily’s Paint Class, Heidi’s Lucky You class, Love Story and all my Stacy Classes—of course! I’m taking May’s class right now-and loving it as well. Hoping that someday I can take Yesterday and Today (if it rolls around in a better personal and financial time!) I also admit, Oscar is my favorite muppet.

  71. Jennifer Creech says:

    Happy Birthday BPS! I am currently taking yesterday and today, my first class with BPS but I definitely plan to take more.

  72. Favourite BPS classes?

    Well hands down the one that I’ve done three times now – the Library of Memories (06/07/08) is an absolute favourite.

    Two others I pick up bits from on a regular basis are “Design Your life” & UR2C8tive as the sketches hang on my LofM clipboard and the “I am creative” sign still adorns my desk.

    I’ve enjoyed “Get Organized & Be Inspired” which helped shaped my space, “Doing it Digi” which tempted me into buying PSE, “Product Playground” & the “Encylopedia of Ordinary Life A-Z” which made me rethink my supplies and the stories. Currently doing Ali E’s Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and enjoying that too.

    Still got some to finish of course…

    My favourite Muppet? Hmmm, I’ve just asked everyone this, while we watched the 25th Anniversary special so I can do a Muppet/Sesame St LO or mini album… DH’s is Oscar, DS’s is Beaker, DD’s is the Count and mine is Ernie. But I’ve corrupted some small friends into lovin’ Elmo who is another favourite around here :)

    Thank you so much for BPS and the last four years! Looking forward to the next four :)

  73. 4, FOUR, DID YOU SAY ONLY 4 – I can’t pick 4 as my favorites, so I painfully narrowed it down to a top 6 1. Summer Fun by Stacy 2. Product Playground TWO 3. Get Organized and be Inspired 4. Cut the Crazy out of Christmas 5. Crazy About Kits and 6. The Art of Becoming More. I am signed up for Inspiration Defined and can’t wait sounds very interesting. And on my wish list is Library of Memories – I really want to take this class, but things like a new baby, work, moving have made me postpone, because I understand the time commitment and I really want to commit and enjoy this class. SOON! Because all of you are Scrappers at BPS, you always get our needs in a class right! Keep up the good work – you have changed the world of scrapbook education! And my favorite Sesame Street Character is Grover, he is so lovey dovey.

  74. Hi,

    I liked LOM, A Year to Remember, Cut the Crazy out of Christmas and A Gift of Words. My favorite muppet is Ernie.

  75. I am enjoying the “lite” version of Kolette and Jason’s class…I know the full version would have even been better. I am taking “penny for your thoughts” right now, and have signed up for (but not started) CZ Design your Life. I’m also planning on registering for LOM.

    My favorite Sesame Street Character? I’m a cookie monster girl, through and through. That blue fur…those googly eyes…that gravely voice…those cookies!

  76. So hard to pick a favorite….Ernie makes me smile and Kermit makes me want to sin g along! Congrats on your birthday, you have such agreat site!

  77. I love BP, I’m so glad that you started teaching classes online. It has made creativity available to so many people, like ME! My favorite classes: 1. LOM, 2. Everyone Can write a Little, 3. Re-Purpose, Re-think, Re-Invent, and 4. Yeserday and Today. It was an especially good year of classes this year. I love the video format that recent classes have used too. Thanks also for forever access to the class materials.

    Grover is my favorite Sesame Street Muppet. I loved reading “The Monster at the End of this Book” to my kids when they were little. I recorded today’s episode to watch with them (they are 11 and 16) they might roll their eyes a little but I bet I catch them smiling too.

    Happy Birthday Big Picture and Sesame Street!

  78. Art That Happens to be Your Life
    Design Your Life
    Everyone can Write a Little

    Each one mind-changing in different ways….great stuff!

  79. hay there
    well…. i’ve LOVED everything i’ve taken at BPS – but tops would have to be LOM ( for getting organized and changing my mind set), Design Your Life – (for great design tips and fun with cathy ), Bakers Dozen ( loads of page ideas with Darci!) and 30 Days with Stacy ( Summer Fun last year, that got me looking at the LITTLE stuff!)

    thanks for the FAB service you provide that us out of USA’ers can join in on :>
    Happy birthday from a Sesame Street Fan


  80. Design Your Life
    Yesterday + Today
    Telling Stories Deeply

  81. I have no idea how I can really narrow my choice down to 4 favourite classes Stacy, I have taken over 70 at BPS! However, I can say I have always loved Kolette’s classes, LOM, Gretchens daily dose and 28 days (I agree with others, would love to take another one), Ali’s Yesterday and Today, Cathy’s classes, oh I could really add to this list!

    I love the mad drummer muppet, Animal, hee hee! But also Kermit, he’s so cute and Miss Piggy for her sassiness (see I just can’t make choices!).


  82. Oh, it is so hard to choose, but if I had to pick four classes, they would be:
    Library of Memories (duh!) – such a liberating class (and an awesome instructor)!
    Design Your Life – Cathy is an absolute hoot! And I love her style!
    Scrapbooking; It Matters – Lisa is so creative and talented!
    Yesterday and Today – Ali has taught me so much and the class isn’t even half over! I love looking through decades-old photos and telling the stories. And I am embracing being Beautifully Imperfect!
    As for Sesame Street – Cookie Monster is the best!

  83. Happy Birthday BPS (& Sesame Street)!
    I haven’t taken any classes yet — life is so busy these days. I am seriously contemplating signing up for Design Your Life and as someone else mentioned I would LOVE a Photoshop (for dummies) class.

  84. I’m addicted to BPS! My favorites are LOM, DYL, MTAV and Yesterday & Today. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. I have loved every class I have taken!! I do have favorites though:

    1) Have More Fun!!

    2) The Art of Choosing Joy

    3) Me The Abridged Version

    4) Scrapbooking…It Matters

    I am currently working on Yesterday & Today and am LOVING that one too!!
    Keep up the AMAZING work at BPS – it truly is a one of a kind experience (especially for those of us who have NO access to local scrapbook stores that offer classes)!!

  86. Happy Birthday to BPS and Sesame Street! I haven’t taken any classes from BPS, I’ve been wanting to, but can’t quite take that plunge… would love to take Design Your Life and Yesterday and Today!

  87. 28 Days, Family Gratitude and can’t wait for Reclaiming my Time to start in December! Oscar is my favorite.

  88. The BPS classes that have changed my Scrapbooking/Creative life???

    1) “Did You Know?” -Cathy Z’s 1st BPS class 1/06
    2) Library of Memories – 2006,2007, & 2008 w/ You!
    3) Donna, Every Week, All Year -2006 w/ Donna Downey
    4) Get Organized & Be Inspired – 2008 w/ Wendy & Aby

    My favorite Sesame Street Character? The Count!
    That’s 1 favorite SS character! ah ah ah ah!

    -Katherine M. / Csmoferret at gmail dot com

  89. Top 4-hummmmmm. Not in any order-LOM, DYL, Yesterday and Today, and then one of my all time favorite projects was by Beth Proudfoot years ago – “A year in pictures” or something like that.

    I would love to see Beth return with her class. Also anything, Cathy Z or Ali E do is fabulous!!!!

  90. KristiGilbert says:

    SO hard to pick my favorites, but I guess they are (in no particular order): A Life Well Crafted, LOM, Art of Choosing Joy, and Red Letter Days.
    And my favorite muppet is Snuffalupagus, but I don’t know how he spells his name!

  91. Absolutely, Stacy, your LOM is one of my top 4. In fact, I have taken it 3 years in a row and even though I would have to pay for it this time, I’m seriously considering it. I feel very motivated when it’s ongoing.

    My other 3, in no particular order: Design Your Life, 28 Days (I got sooo much done!), Creativity: A Daily Dose, and A Baker’s Dozen. (Sorry, couldn’t limit it to 4)

    Favorite Muppet, perhaps Grover. I don’t think he’s around much now, but he was so cute and I could do a fairly good impersonation when my children were little.

  92. My favorite classes:
    Library of Memories, Design Your Life, Yesterday and Today, Have More Fun!

    I never watched Sesame Street so I don’t have a favorite muppet.

    I would like to see an organizational class – not on how to organize what you have but more how to decide what you need to buy, what to work on next, what you have for specific projects, what skills you need to improve or techniques to try.

  93. My favorite classes: LOM and 28 Days. I’m already signed up for DYL and can’t wait. I also love the audio messages from the Halls. I’m a BPS scrapbooking fan–totally changed my outlook on memory keeping and telling!

    I love Grover.

  94. I love BPS and the community you’ve created. I also think you guys do an excellent job at customer service.
    My top four classes:
    1. A Baker’s Dozen
    2. Design Your Life
    3. Library of Memories
    4. Get Organized Be Inspired

    My favorite Sesame Street character is Oscar the Grouch.

  95. I have REALLY enjoyed the Reading Room this year.

    Big Bird is my Favorite muppet

  96. LOM, DYL & MeTAV have to be a tie, CZ Rocks!, Re-Re-Re-Jenni Bowlin and Ali’s Yest & Today are my favs.
    I love all the Sesame Street Gang, but Bert and Ernie are probably my favorites!

  97. I haven’t taken any classes at BPS (they’re beyond my budget) but these are some of the ones I’ve wanted to take:
    Library of Memories
    Design Your Life
    Get Organized & Be Inspired
    Yesterday & Today

    I turned 40 this year just like Sesame Street and I grew up watching it every day. I’ve always loved Cookie Monster and now that I have kids Elmo has become another favorite.

  98. I am a fairly new follower so I am still in the learning curve…

  99. LOM is definitely my favorite, although I did have a lot of fun with the Doodling class! My son is watching Sesame Street right now. La la la la Elmo’s world!

  100. I’ve checked out some of the free content on the BPS website, but haven’t, as yet, taken a paid class. I’m passionate about photography and am a “beginner” scrapbooker, so those would be major areas of interest for me. The old school Sesame Street characters are the ones I grew up with and Cookie Monster is my favorite. I have Cookie Monster socks. :-)

  101. So far I have taken CZ’s ME:TAV class and I loved it! I hope to take more, there are lots that interest me. But I have to have the time. LOL!
    Fav Sesame Street-Oscar the Grouch!

  102. I’ve taken 1 paid class, we made a handmade journal, and I loved it, sorry i can’t remember the name of the class. it was a series of different journals but i was able ($$) only to pay for 1.
    I love coming in and check the free classes.
    I heard about Jenni Bowlin’s class, and think it is worth the cost, but way out of my budget….

    I’d love more handmade journals classes; classes about design principles and if they are affordable it will be awesome!!!!

  103. My two favorite of any classes EVER anywhere anytime have been Stacy’s LOM and CZ’s TAV class. Then the others include CZ’s Design class and probably Heidi’s year long class a couple of years ago, can’t remember the name. Now, my favorite muppet, Grover.

  104. I have only taken Library of Memories (2009), and I loved it! I still have a long way to go, but it has completely made a difference in my mindset. I look forward to taking it as an alumni soon!
    It’s so hard to pick a favorite Sesame Street character! I turn 40 in January, so I’ve literally grown up with it. One of my favorites is Big Bird.

  105. Christine Mc says:

    I loved Cathy’s DYL class! And I love ALL the Muppets. Please don’t make me pick a favorite! I was at FAO Schwarz in NYC over the weekend. Did you know they will build you a muppet of your very own?? You pick the color and head shape, pick the eys, mouth, etc and then pick an outfit. So gosh darn adorable!!

  106. Start Here
    Mini Memories
    It’s all about ME!
    and Me:TAV (although I haven’t finished it!)

    The thing I love most is that the classes are there later if I can’t get to them right away. Thanks, Stacy!

    P.S. Snuffy. :O)

  107. rachel in Cali. says:

    I would really love to see a “scrapbooking 101″ class. The basics!! I have so much stuff, but I really just don’t have the confindence or know how of where to begin an actual layout.

    I have tons of layouts I like from mags and such, and I use my crafting stuff often for kids projects and things like that, but just can’t seem to create a page. I know I can always just copy the layouts I see, but then I find myself buying more stuff so I can copy it exactly, and then I wonder if that particular layout and product will even look good with my particular picture.

    What do I do with this patterned paper? cut… tear… layer behind…?? What size picture should I print up? more than one picture per page? black & white? color? Should I even start with my picture? stamps?? journaling?? etc. etc.

    How do I just get myself to actually do it?? I would love to complete a layout… help!

    Geez… after reading this and hearing how stressed I sound… I’ve decided I must be PMS’ing! lol ;0)

    Seriously though… “scrapbooking 101″… that’s what I’d love to see!

  108. Cyndy Bresden says:

    Happy Birthday! My fav 4 (out of MANY) BPS classes are: Art that Happens to Be Your LIfe, Me: The Abridged Version, Have More Fun, and Yesterday and Today…..okay, how can I really pick 4?!

  109. Happy Birthday BPS!!! I just discovered BPS last December and have been hooked ever since. My favorite 4 class thusfar are: Telling Stories Deeply with Karen G (LOVE her – looking forward to her Reclaiming My Time Class); Recipes for Scrapbook Success with May F; LOM (2009) with the beloved Stacey J; and last but not least Me:The Abridged Version with the hilarously talented Cathy Z!!!

  110. What a wonderful combination of things to make you smile – Sesame Street and BPS. I have done 2 classes – both of which were wonderful and would be on my top 4 – Design For Life was stunning and fun and I learnt a lot that I use every week. Me: the abridged version was a great project and I now have a lovely and thoughtful album. What would I like to see as a class? I’m mostly interested in learning technique – as in the design class so something using that same approach for writing and photography. The grouch is my favourite on Sesame Street – I also loved Miss Piggy in the Muppets Show

  111. Congrats BPS! The only class I’ve ever taken is Ali’s Yesterday and Today class which is going on now. I’m having a blast and learning way more than I ever thought I could. I’d love to take a class on using inspiration. I see beautiful images all the time, but I don’t know how to get that image to become a project of my own.

    • Summer — You’ll love Elizabeth’s Inspiration Defined! Registration is open now and class starts on December 31st.


  112. I have take two classes and both are by the hilarious Miss Zielske. Me: Unabridged and also Design your life.
    I see one in my near future with your great 40% offer!
    Thanks and Happpy Birthday BPS!!!

  113. Happy Birthday BPS! You have changed my scrapping in so many ways! I ♥ u!

  114. I loved my photography class with Barabra and Design Your Life with Cathy. I’m thinking of doing Cathy’s class again. My favorite muppet is Kermit. Love his outlook on life! Happy Birthday.

  115. Favorite BPS classes: Stacy’s LOM (2009) and Cathy’s DYL (2008). Having just recently “tuned in” to Kolette’s “A Life Well Crafted,” I wish I had been doing her workshop ALL YEAR, and not just this month. Sigh. You are ALL inspiring to me.

    Favorite muppet: Snuffleupagus. I have no idea if that is how it is spelled.

  116. I loved Tena Sprenger’s Handmade Book classes, and Cathy’s Everyone Can Write a Little! My favorite Sesame Street character is Snuffleupagus! :)

  117. happy birthday BPS! My favorite 4 classes (so far) . . . .
    1. Library of Memories :)
    2. Yesterday & Today, in the middle of this!
    3. Baker’s Dozen — loved that I was able to get pages DONE without having to think too much.
    4. Holiday Letters — from 2008. I am not one who sends out holiday letters, but this class gave some great ideas on how to make it fun. Last year, our letter was a hoot! Just ask me. :)

  118. There’s this gal named Darci (maybe you know her? ;) and I just ADORED her Baker’s Dozen class- please come back Darci and do another, please? Okay, I’ve also taken e.dillow’s, scrapbooker’s almanac inspired class (Red Letter Pages), Colorful YOU and the Gift of Words (great stuff!). Those were some of my faves so far!

    I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the tweedlebugs. I just loved their little postage stamp picture and matchbox bed. They are just such creative little muppets. Slimey the worm is also a BIG FAVE- love his bright ORANGE stripes!

  119. Ah, thanks to Kolette and “A Life Well Crafted” I totally and completely finished an album for the first time ever. And thanks to Wendy and “The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker” I really did get myself organized and inspired. Stacy – “Library of Memories” helped me find a way to see my pictures (and therefore scrap my pictures) more often. And Ali, I love having my old photos (now digitized – that was part of the Organized thing) in the mix thanks to both the “Family Gratitude Photo Spinner” and “Yesterday and Today.” I know that’s five, but maybe you can slide those last two together. Thanks for continually prodding me to creat with so many inspiring ideas! Happy Birthday, BPS!

  120. I haven’t taken many classes yet but I really enjoyed the Cut the Crazy Out of Christmas class and I am looking forward to the Challenge Of Me class

    I am also looking forward to signing up for your Library of Memories class

  121. Happy Birthday BPS!!!

    My top 4 are:
    Yesterday and Today
    Great Pictures with any Camera

    I am signed up for DYL next….can’t wait.

    I am very grateful to BPS…and I LOVE Cookie Monster, or just “Cookie” as we call him around here.

    Good luck to all, Leora

  122. Julie Mannering says:

    I have taken one Paid class and I have done some free ones.

    1)A Life Well Crafted (January, Full Version)
    2)10 Summer Photos To Take Right NOW!
    4)Mini Memories

    Thank you for the Birthday Coupon Code, I am going to use it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. I like the self-paced classes, but love Ali’s concept too!

  124. My favorites are Design Your Life and Me: The Abridged Version, and I also love the self paced classes because I don’t feel as pressured to keep up. I really appreciate being able to access the class archives after the classes are over since I am usually behind!

  125. My favorite classes (so far) are: Library of Memories, Design your life, Me the Abridged version, and Creativity-A Daily Dose.

  126. Happy B-day, BPS!! My favorite classes have been Stacy’s LOM (retaken twice!), CZ’s DYL & Wendy/Aby’s Organized & Inspired Scrapbooker. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Little by little I’m putting all the principles learned in those classes to work. Thank you for all the inspiration. My favorite Sesame Street guys are BOTH Bert & Ernie.

  127. Happy Birthday BPS AND Sesame Street! What a great day!

  128. My favorite classes:
    Design Your Life
    Me:The Abridged Version
    Library of Memories
    Product Playground

  129. I have taken Me: TAV and have really enjoyed putting my album together. It has been nice to focus on me for a bit. I am so glad that you offer free classes too. I love those. It is nice to pop on and work on a small project or assignment when I have a little bit of time for me.

    As far as Sesame Street goes I would have to say Elmo is my favorite. Mostly because my toddlers love him and that makes me happy when they get so excited to see Elmo.

  130. Congrats to BPS!!!

  131. Library of Memories was my favorite class by far! (and I’m NOT just saying that!! :) I took it the first time you offered it, and I’m still using it now! LOVE IT!

    My favorite muppet would have to be snuffalupagus (sp?). He wasn’t on that frequently, but I loved it when he was!

  132. Sorry – posting again – it posted before I could finish!!

    I’ve only taken one BPS class – it was with Lisa Dickinson. I really liked it, though, and need to take more!
    I am interested in Ali’s Yesterday and Today class, as well as Jessica Turners class.
    I think I’d like to see more specific-project based classes. Like a vacation album, a Christmas album, or something of that nature.

  133. It’s hard to choose only 4.

    Photo 101

  134. Happy B-day!

    Favorite class thus far: LOM (would NOT be able to do any of the other classes without this in place), Ali’s (current) Yesterday and Today, May’s Scrapbooking Recipes, A Banner Day (more of a project, but one I’ve used a few times).

    I’m signed up for Cathy’s class and am looking forward to that.

    *Bert and Ernie*

  135. Kary in Colorado says:

    Wow–only four?!? Okay–LOM (of course!), DYL, Heidi Swapp’s Year to Remember & Amy Sorensen’s My Word (actually all of Amy’s classes). I can’t believe it’s only been 4 years! The first BPS class I took was UR2 Crea8tive and I was hooked!

    Favorite muppet? Hmm…Cookie Monster!

  136. My four favorite BPS classes are:

    Have more Fun
    Design Your Life
    Recipes (May)
    Scrapbooking in Season (May)

    i also loved 52 card pick-up, so it definitely deserves an honorable mention!

  137. I have only been able to take some of the free classes so far but am looking forward to taking more classes soon. I did the kid perspective class and had my kids make their list of 30 things. It was surprising to see the things they listed. Love all the ideas and motivation I get from your site. Thanks for all that you do.

  138. Theresa Elliott says:

    My favs:

    1. LOM for sure!!!
    2. Anything by Cathy Z.
    3. Cut the Crazy out of Christmas
    4. Giving Well

    Muppets…hmmm…I like Ernie.

  139. Kathy in MN says:

    Just took Me the Abridged Version and LOVED it. I’d have to say hands down, my favorite class I’ve taken with BPS so far, although the Christmas letter writing one I took last year is a definite close second. And as for fav muppet? Grover.

  140. I love your blog. Thanks for the chance. Happy Birthday to BPS!!! You have the most wonderful instructors.

  141. I’ve enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken, but I really needed the photography one. It helped me leave the safety zone of automatic settings and learn how to use my manual settings.

    Favorite SS Characters – Big Bird and Ernie

  142. I have been with you since the very beginning and have taken over 30 unique classes with BPS. I have so MANY favorites! But if I can only choose four, I’ll go with:

    Library of Memories (3x participant) – Stacy Julian
    Organized and Inspired (2x participant) – Wendy Smedley
    Choosing Joy – Kolette Hall
    Me: The Abridged Version – Cathy Zielski

    I’m in Ali’s Yesterday & Today class now and LOVING it. Also, desperately looking forward to Design Your Life since I had to pass on it last year. Heck, they are all good!

    As for the muppets – I’m a classic – I love Kermit. And I love being green.

  143. Happy Birthday BPS! I have only taken one class, I must say, it changed the way I scrap. It was Library of Memories, and I have also told many friends about it, and it has changed their scrapbooking style as well. Thank you for teaching us, Stacy! Best wishes for many more!

  144. happy birthday bps!

  145. Marianela Urgelles says:

    Happy Birthday. I’m relatively new to this community and looking forward to start taking classes.

  146. Sara Padgett says:

    I loved the LOM class. It was a little overwhelming so I’m looking forward to taking it again in 2010!

    Fav SS character, Big Bird!

  147. Class faves:
    Everyone Can Write a Little
    Me TAV
    Yesterday and Today (so glad I signed up for this one!)

    I love Miss Piggy and Snuffelupugus!

  148. I am LOVING Ali’s Yesterday and Today class. Also Kolette’s A Life Well Crafted is awesome. I am excited about Cathy Z’s Design Your Life and am really seriously contemplating Library of Memories. If only I didn’t have those pesky bills to pay…

    I love that the classes at BPS allow for so much freedom and such great interaction. They have had such a (positive) impact on how I scrap and view scrapbooking in general.

    Happy birthday BPS!

  149. OK, Favorite Classes –

    Me: The Abridged Version – I learned that there is so much more to learn about be that my kids and friends wouldn’t know if I didn’t do this. All they would know is the “public” me and would miss out on the “authentic” me.

    Library of Memories – OK, this organization has help my wife and I just in our iPhoto library alone. But the system made the approach easier. So if we don’t make a page for 4 months; so what. Using our blogs to record or enhance the story that we decide to tell with a “striking” picture when it hits us is a much more enjoyable way participate in this hobby.

    Doing it digi – It allowed me to realize that even though I’m being “lazy” and doing a page quickly on the screen, it is no less a scrapbook page and is just another way to extend my capabilities.

    Design your life – This really was an insight into what my wife does every day in her job. and how that pages that are designed well can better relate the story/journaling to the pictures because they are laid out in logical locations to make the page easier to follow.

    And speaking of Sesame Street, have you seen what Bakerella has done. Go now to http://www.bakerella.com!

  150. I grew up watching Sesame Street and my favorite character would definitely be Cookie Monster with Big Bird as a close second!

  151. Kimberly Ann says:

    I haven’t taken any classes, but I would love to take LOM. Other topics I would love to see would be journaling prompts, like quizzes, or different takes on event layouts – weddings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Design classes would be great. Also, tips for journaling in Microsoft Word. It seems like there are lots of classes available to scrapbookers on Photoshop, but not on Word.

    My favorite muppet is the Count!

  152. I’m really enjoying Ali’s Yesterday & Today class. I also had so much fun with Kolette’s Giving Well class last year – would love to see it lean more towards the digi side. I’d love a heritage album class.

  153. I loved your LOM class!

    And I would love to see more classes on organization. So useful!

  154. Happy birthday to BPS and to Sesame Street too! :)
    I loved CZ’s DYL class. I’ve also taken her MeTAV class too… I haven’t actually DONE the assignments for that one, but I loved the concept and want to make an album of me in the future. I have to say, if I had time, I’d take a LOT more classes with BPS. Darned job gets in the way of my scrappin’!

  155. I loved the Library of Memories class and have learned so much from it. I am itching to take one of the photography classes and one of the organization classes.

    I absolutely loved Sesame Street growing up. I think my favorite character was Big Bird–not the new one with the whiny 6yo voice but the old one. The one who used to visit Snuffleupagus and no one else ever saw him. My favorite sketch was “Mana Mana,” and I have that in my iTunes library. My husbands favorite is the Alligator King. My family has a Sesame Street New Year’s Eve video that we have watched every new year since my 14yo was a year old. It was a gift to her from my grandpa the Christmas after her first birthday. He died that year, and we ended up flying out to his funeral the day after Christmas. I love knowing that he thought of her, his granddaughter’s daughter, in his last days. Every time I go through the old videos getting rid of stuff I come across that one and we just cannot let it go. I guess we’ll be watching it until we no longer have a working VCR.

    Didn’t mean to get all nostalgic on you. I really need to scrapbook my New Year’s Sesame Street page!

  156. I do have to say that LOM changed my life, it has made me a much happier scrapper – thanks so much!

  157. Love Sesame Street! Happy Birthday to you both!!! I loved LOM, Organized and Inspired and anything by Cathy Z!!!

  158. Happy Birthday BPS!

    My four favorite classes:

    1. LOM
    2. DYL
    3. Recipes for Scrapbook Success
    4. Wellness Journey or Cut the Crazy out of Christmas…my problem is that I didn’t finish either one just due to LIFE. So it is a tie.

  159. LOM, DYL, GOBI and HAVE MORE FUN. BPS is great. I would love to take the photography class for any camera. Crossing my fingers for a spot in the next class. I would also like another HAVE MORE FUN. That was awesome. My fav muppet is Snuffleupagus. Somehow I have a soft spot for that furry guy. Thank you for the BPS discount offer and the chance to win some goodies from here.

  160. I loved LOM. I would love to take any class from Cathy Z, a class on organization, and a class similar to the SS issue of Scrapbook Play. Happy Anniversary!

  161. LOVED LOM, GOBI and Me TAV! My fav on Sesame St is Ernie! I LOVE BPS! It has changed the way I look at scrapbooking for the better! I now scrap more and fret less! I have actually completed some albums in a reasonable amount of time.

  162. Happy Birthday to Sesame Street and Big Picture Scrapbooking! Stacy, I love your LOM and would love to have hubby or parents or someone or me get me a class!

  163. I have purchased your books and have thought about taking on online course, but have not. (I am scared to dive into that world right now!!!)
    All of the classes look wonderful and I love your blog, books and ideas.

  164. I had a lot of fun with a Doodlebug class taught by Darci. I haven’t taken any recently, just not enough hours in the day. Anything Cathy Zielski always appeals to me so as soon as I have a little spare time to devote I’d luv to take one of her classes. My favorite SS would have to be Big Bird. His sweet nature makes me smile even today in my 40′s.

  165. Stephanie S. says:

    My favorite classes that I have taken are Ali’s Gratitude Spinner class and Kolette’s “A Life Well Crafted”. I am signing up for “the gift of words” right away and I am considering the “wellness journey” – I could really use that one. The Challenge of Me also sounds really inticing – the challenge will be if I can actually find the time to do it! Thanks for such wonderful classes!!! And Happy Birthday BPS!

  166. My fave BPS classes (so far!) are: 1) LOM – best class ever – can’t wait to “take” it again next year as an alum! 2) Have More Fun – fun, fun fun! 3) A Baker’s Dozen – got so many cool layouts done during this class! and 4) Challenge of Me – not done with my album yet, but it’s tops of my list for early 2010. I’m really looking forward to “Reclaiming My Time” so I can fit in more classes ;-) Fave Sesame Street character would have to be Elmo – I’ll never forget my hubby looking all over for the elusive “Tickle Me Elmo” for me for Christmas the first year they came out and the joy we both had when we found it and bought it! And to think this was before we even had kids… Elmo still makes me giggle.

  167. 1. Barbara Carroll’s Photography 101–I learned more in this class than in any other I’ve taken anywhere and it has improved my photography skills immeasurably.
    2. Cathy Z’s Design Your Life–I also learned TONS in this class and my layouts for that class are among my favorites. I recently did a huge scrapbook of our cross-country trip and used so much of what I learned in this class.
    3. Your Have More Fun class–I recently went back to look at the scrapbook we did for the month of September and am so glad I captured a month of my new (at the time) retired life. I’ve used a lot of the “fast” scrapbooking tips from this class as well.
    4. Random Me A-Z I never finished these scrapbooks, but they are on my shelf and still on my mind. They WILL get done and I love the concept.

  168. Favorite classes: Library of Memories, A Baker’s Dozen, Design Your Life, and I’m currently taking Elisha Snow’s photo class which I think is going to end up being a TOP class! ( I certainly can use the help!) I’d love to see Darci do A Baker’s Dozen again…I got so much scrapping done in that class!!!

  169. Christine W. says:

    Happy birthday, BPS! If I had to choose a favorite Sesame Street character, it would be Grover!

  170. Laurie Cooper says:

    Library of Memories ( 3 years worth! :-D)
    Design Your Life
    Me: The Abridged Version
    The wonderful fun freebies that are anytime classes

    I love BPS, and the site keeps getting better and better! Thanks for all that you do!!

  171. Happy Birthday BPS! My favorite muppet has to be the swedish chef – I have fond memories of watching the Muppets every Sat night and laughing my head off at the same routine every week!

  172. Krista Larsson says:

    Happy birthday, BPS! If I had to choose a favorite Sesame Street character, it would be the Swedish chef. My husband is Swedish and he loves to cook….need I say more.

    Krista in Calgary

  173. Library of Memories
    Get Organized Be Inspired
    Cut the Crazy out of Christmas
    Me: the abridged version

    ….BUT, they have ALL been great! I <3 BPS!!! Happy Anniversary.

  174. Christine H says:

    I need to take some classes. I love your and Cathy Z’s books. Simple is definitely my scrapping personality. I should probably start with the organization related classes. That would be my biggest need. Happy Birthday! As for Sesame Street…..I’m partial to Oscar. Crusty on the outside, sweet and warm on the inside.

  175. LOM would have to be at the top. So life-changing in many ways. I loved every class I have taken thus far through BPS including Design Your Life, Be Organized and Inspired, Have More Fun (hard to top the September Album!).

    Favorite Sesame Street character . . .so hard to pick. Love so many of them. Ernie and Bert rank pretty high. Also love Kermit.

    Happy Birthday BPS and Sesame Street!

  176. I’ve only taken 4 classes from BPS, but Ali’s Yesterday and Today is definitely my favorite online class ever (I’ve taken a few classes from some other sites). I’m hoping to take LOM – all I hear about it is very GOOD things.

    Grover and Cookie Monster tie for my favorite Muppets.

  177. I wanted to thank you guys for the good work you do. BPS was a life line for me when I lived in an amazing, beautiful, isolated, very different from home place. We spent three years overseas and the first 6 months were really, really hard. Around that time I stumbled across BPS and you classes were great company and kept me connected to the scrapping world. That connection proved to be the life preserver I needed to refocus on the beauty that surrounded me. Being a scrapbooker you look more carefully at the world around you. The last 2 1/2 years flew by and I cried when it was time to come home. And thanks to BPS, and more specifically LOM I was able to bring home many amazing memories and have pages scrapped that tell the story. Thank you.

    I am a Big Bird fan!

  178. Thank you! I just downloaded the holiday newsletter class. Do you know if your site tends to work with google chrome?

  179. 1. Library of Memories
    2. Stacy’s Third Quarter 2008 class – loved the September book we made
    3. CZ’s Design class
    4. Me the Abridged Version
    5. Tina Springer’s class teaching 52 techniques
    and my favorite Sesame Street character is Ernie

  180. Happy Birthday!!!
    I’ve loved the past few days on Google with all the cute tributes to Sesame Street!!!

  181. Brushworks, Doing it Digi, Me: The Abridged Version, Gift of Words. Love Cookie Monster, too!

  182. Melinda Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday to BPS!!!!
    My favorite BPS classes were Graduation Album (I completed two of these albums and are they are WONDERFUL!!!), Glimpses and ScrapHappy. The one picture that comes to my mind every time I see anything about BPS is the “Big Wigs Picture of you!!!! I loved it!!

  183. I loved LOM…I need to retake it again to help me keep going.
    So many of the classes sound great when I read them. I think BPS offers a wonderful
    selection of classes…something for everyone.
    An organization class would be helpful.

    I was born the year Sesame Street started, I am SO a fan!
    Snuffleupagus would be my fave character.
    However, the story where Bert and Ernie each sell their prize collection to buy
    each other a Christmas gift is one of the best lessons of all times!

  184. Happy Birthday to BPS and Sesame Street. I really enjoyed Cathy’s Me the Abridged Version, LOM, Design Your Life, and the class with the 30 days hath September Album – such a wonderful snapshot of our family that month. I’d love a beginner to intermediate photography class. Don’t know why, but I’ve always loved Oscar, I think he just needs lots of hugs!

  185. My favorites so far are LOM, DYL, GOBI and the ones I am still doing- Me:TAV & Yeaterday & Today. Have More Fun was a very good intro to the longer classes that BPS has and I enjoy! Happy Birthday BPS!

  186. Happy Birthday BPS!!!! Oh, I was drooling over that coupon code in my inbox today. Wonder what I am going to use it on? Hmmmmm…lots to choose from. My only BPS class was last fall with Kolette Hall: Giving Well 2008. It was the most inspiring class, not from what I made with my hands, but what I learned about me. I need to give, it is part of me. BPS is awesome!

  187. Happy Birthday BPS! I have to say that I have loved all the freebie classes that have been offered. I have truly learned so much more than I ever thought possible. I had the most fun at the Big Wig Bash, last year. I hope you do that again sometime. I have such fond memories of my bright red feathery wig, and bright red lipstick. The pages I created that weekend, are still some of my favorites. I love the way you help me think outside the box, Stacy. It’s very inspiring to my creative self. Can’t wait to sign up for a few classes I’ve had my eye on lately. Thanks for the discount :)


  188. I seriously love your Library of Memories class. I always sign up when I get the alumni invite. Mine is still a work in progress, but isn’t that what its all about? I also loved Cathy’s Me: The Abridged Version. Hoping to fit her next one into my budget.

  189. I can’t believe it has been 4 years either!! :) I have loved every class I have taken at BPS…can’t wait to see what is to come in the next 4 years!

  190. Hi Stacy! I love BPS! I’ve actually only taken a few classes, but I loved the Digi class, the Family History and the Color class. I really would like to take the Library of Memories class and a photography class….let’s see more of those, please! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!
    Amy in CA

  191. I loved LOM, Me: The Abriged Version, Giving Well 2008, and Smart Cookie. My favorite muppet is Kermit. It’s not easy being green :)

  192. 4, only 4?? hmm, let’s see: LOM, DYL, meTAV & Yesterday & tomorrow, but I could go on. and on..
    fave muppet?, Ernie/Elmo, can’t decide

  193. I would have to say – Library of Memories, Smart Cookie, Wellness Journey & Just Between Us. I also love classes that have a kit to go with them!

  194. I haven’t taken any classes. Yet. But I’ll tell you what I need help with: organization. And can you teach me how to clone myself? Just kidding. (Maybe not.)

    My favorite Muppet might be Animal. Because sometimes I’d just like to bang my head around and make those noises too. I also like the dudes that have bike horns for noses. I wish my kids’ noses had horns. I’d never stop honking them!

  195. 4 years? Really? Wow! My favorite classes have been LOM, Me: TAV, Yesterday and Today. And I like cookie monster, too. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. Sharon Osborn says:

    I knew I had become a REAL mom when I had learned the names of all the Sesame Street characters!! I am taking a class right now from May Flaun about Scrapbooking Kits, and I am LOVING it :) I haven’t taken a class from you yet, but at 40% off, I am off to take a look!

  197. I loved LOM and DYL enough to count for 4 classes. They completely changed the way I scrapbook and the way I look at scrapbooking now. My favorite muppet? Grover!

  198. I have taken so many clases at BPS that it is hard to decide. But I know that my top pick is Library of Memories. That really helped me get my act together. I really enjoyed A Year To Remember with Heidi. Giving Well was very good and so was Design Your Life. I have to say that I haven’t taken any of the classes that I didn’t like and I just wish I had more money and time right now so I could take more.

  199. I loved LOM but am all ready looking forward to taking it again to keep working on my system.

    My favorite character was Oscar the Grouch!

    Thanks for the give away. I love reading your blog – it’s one of my favorite things to do each day.

  200. Happy Birthday BPS and Seasame Street. What a great day when two of my favorites celebrate turning another year older. I love the fact that I spent my childhood watching Seasame Street and now I get to share it with my kids, who love it just as much now as I did then. And I have to say that Kermit is my favorite muppet. Congrats Stacy and everyone at BPS on another fabulous year and looking forward to many more.

  201. Gosh, how can I narrow it down to just 4 classes? Well, number one is LOM that I took this year. Then I’d say May’s Recipes class, and her Adventures with Kits class, then I’d say Cathy Z’s Me Abridged class…but really, I have loved them all!

    And Grover, silly dorky Grover will always have my heart.

  202. I just counted and I have taken 75!!! classes and workshops! Oh my! Not sure I can only pick 4. Library of Memories (really!!) but I also loved the first class I took by Cathy Z. ,”Did you Know” . I’ve done those pages for all the family! I also loved Beth Proudfoots’ You and the Power of 10!!! Still love to look at those mini books! I loved Heidi all year long. I love my year in Pictures album. One of the funnest classes I took was Darci’s “A Baker’s Dozen”! I would love to do that one again! My Board with Photos gets lots of use even though I made it 3 years ago! i want to list them all, I have loved almost every class!
    Oh, and I was always a fan of the Count!

  203. Really want to take Cathy Z´s class and took the Take the Crazy Out of Christmas class. Would also love to take LOM! Need more time…..
    I love Elmo, he is just the cutest!

  204. Happy birthday BPS! What a wonderful resource it is…My top 4 are: Library of Memories, Design Your Life, Random Me A-Z by Kathleen Samuelson (one of the first classes I took and I just LOVE my finished album!) and 28 Days by Gretchen Schmidt.

  205. I ADORE sesame street! XD
    I’m going to check out those classes now..

  206. I have taken a few free classes and have puchased the vacation memorabilia self paced class yesterday.

    I love subject like:
    large vacation albums
    making an album about an entire year
    mini albums

  207. I like Kermit and the top 4 classes at BPS:

    Have more fun
    Design your life

    And your happy mail just rocks!!

  208. I’ve taken a combination of both self-paced and workshops. I love BOTH !! One of my favourites has to be the VERY first class I ever took with BPS which was a few years ago now – it with “Doodle with Darci” which focused on the just the doodlebug range. Then it was a few years later to now, where I’ve become more aware AND active with the classes. I’ve got Extraordinary Paper, Receipes for Scrapbook Success and the Reading Room. The reading room has been great has it’s given me a taste of other books that I would NEVER have found let alone read !! I know only FOUR but one I would LOVE to do is the LOM – bring it back. PLEEEASE!!!!

  209. Happy Birthday BigPicture!!!!

    1. I loved Library of Memories, it was so freeing!!!!

    2. Design Your Life, gave me a better way to scrap, looking at design was something I didn’t understand, but Cathy was great at teaching it!!

    3. Me The Abridged Version with Cathy! Love going A-Z

    4. Wellness Journey. So nice to take a look at getting healthy and staying focused.

    (okay something weird happened, when I first clicked here to comment my comment went under the next post down…so did about 4 other peoples..)

  210. I love Ernie! I’ve not taken a class yet, but I see MANY that are appealing!

  211. Jenny McGee says:

    I have only taken a free class. I do love the audio messages from Kolette and Jason each month. Eventually I do want to take a class. They all look so fun. But, sometimes to find the time and the money to do that is hard. Congrats on the anniversary though. OH, and I love Ernie and Bert too.

  212. tammy perkins says:

    I’ve taken several but I had the most fun with your “penny(can’t remember the correct title) class” anyway it was so much fun and loved the unusual ‘album’

  213. My favorite class was the Have More Fun class. I’ve also really enjoyed the Christmas letter writing class and Kolette Hall’s first Month class of her year-long class. They are all good.

  214. I have done the free classes at BPS and have enjoyed them. The economy keeps me from taking more! I would love to take Ali Edwards’ class, though. And my favorite Muppet is Oscar. I can relate to him! He thinks he is grouchy and tough but it’s all an act to cover up his shyness and fears.

  215. I know I’m late but I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BPS…you saved my life! I live in a rural area where there is no LSS. Since I discovered BPS I have taken at least 12+ courses, beside all the free ones. My favs are: Have More Fun, Library of Memories, 52 Cards {would love a 2nd class in this} and Design Your Own Life {returning alumni this year}. I have taken classes at other sites BUT BPS are the absolute BEST!!!!!!!

  216. I counted 22 on my list, but this is my TOP 4:
    - Your Library of Memories: now I know what I have and where I have it
    - Cathy’s Design Your Life: it changed my life: I now work as a graphic designer
    - Cathy’s Me The Abridged Version: helped me remember all the little details in life
    - Ali’s Yesterday and Today: helps me to remember all the big things and writing them down.
    (they are all my number one and recommend them to everyone).

    And I love all the others too.

    I was (and still am) so sorry that Simple Scrapbooks is no longer here. Thank you so very much for BPS.

  217. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have LOVED having the ability to take classes from my home. All of the classes I have taken have been so well thought out and have helped me in so many ways. My favs if I have to choose would include:

    * LOM
    * Me:TAV
    * YTR with Heidi
    * Yesterday & Today

  218. Oscar the grouch definitely! Love the trashcan, the worm….he’s my favorite! Oh, I like your podcasts from BPS – you are a very inspiring/motivating speaker. Cathy Zielske was right in her assessment that you definitely have it over Martha Stewart for inspiration:)

  219. My top 4 would be LOM, Have More Fun, Yesterday and Today and Cut the Crazy Out of Christmas. I’ve taken quite a few project now classes and love those, too. And now you just enabled me to add five more:) My favorite muppet would be Zoe.

  220. I am loving Yesterday and Today. I can hardly wait for the next lesson!

    I enjoyed Lain’s Fit-to-Be-Scrapped Holiday Letters. I had so many compliments on my Christmas letter last year. Even from friends that I thought would never care about something like that.

    I desperately want to take LOM and Design Your Life. Hopefully something for 2010!!

    So glad I found you and BPS!!

  221. BPS is 4 yrs old and Sesame Street is 40! Wow! Both making differences in our young minds!

  222. Susanne N. says:

    i just love your new website~so colorful and inspiring!

  223. I have only taken Telling Stories Deeply and I loved it. It has totally changed my approach to scrapping. I almost can’t do event pages anymore. I am totally anticipating taking Cathy’s class in the new year and I like the look of Elizabeth’s class. I am drawn to design classes and those that make the most of my story telling process. One day I would like to take LOM.

    I have always loved Grover and his “Around” skit when he ran around a door. It always made me laugh.

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