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I went to for this weeks lucky number and it is…. #3! If your name is CheriA and you made this commentBenedette M. – right here in my home town of Perkasie PA!, you are the winner of the Memory Works kit! Please send me an email ( and we will send your prize to you! Congratulations!

Look at the cute things you can make with this kit!



  1. Yolanda B. says:


  2. Top 4 classes –

    Cathy’s Me: The Abridged Version – it taught me that my kids and friends/family need to know more about the person they call father/friend/etc. than just that just the “public” me.

    Library of Memories – OK, if you want to call it sucking up, then fine by me. This is made our organization of iPhoto and everything else so much easier. Haven’t made a scrapbook page in 4 months? So what. Have we made the story at least memorable through our blogs, yes. So the story is always there when we want to piece it together.

    Design Your Life – This class was great in understanding the elements of design and why I am drawn to Cathy’s pages so much.

    Doin’ it Digi – The class taught me that it is OK to “be lazy” and still put together a page that looks like a paper page.

    Speaking of Sesame Street, you have to see what Bakerella ( has done with the characters. Oh my!

  3. Have More Fun was the first class I took – it was so wonderful. Taught me to let go of the perfectionism and just play!
    Library of Memories – I would not know where to begin but it is the best!!
    Product Playground – Mini Albums – learned how to organize my projects so that I can just come back to them when I have time. LOVE mini albums!
    My New Year – Sunny was very inspiring. Got her book and love it too.

    Thank you for such an incredible site! BPS is the best!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday BigPicture!!!!

    1. I loved Library of Memories, it was so freeing!!!!

    2. Design Your Life, gave me a better way to scrap, looking at design was something I didn’t understand, but Cathy was great at teaching it!!

    3. Me The Abridged Version with Cathy! Love going A-Z

    4. Wellness Journey. So nice to take a look at getting healthy and staying focused.

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